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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

On a clear day

Rose Colored Glasses prose

I hope to share some prose from the heart , the imagination and a life long journey. With this in mind enjoy the words of a women who has found herself waking up in the year 2005.
The wonderful beauty in life is that each day like the seasons of life shower you with opportunity. I believe the vitality of our country has never been better.
The age of electronic technologies at our finger tips our big back yard has gone through a development stage and is now bigger then ever.
I have found the more people I spoke with the more I saw the thread of humanity that ties us all together. I had wondered why would anyone be interested in reading the rambling of this women in the hills of Pennsylvania. I questioned where I fit in to the bigger picture. There are many wonderful artist and writers I said to a friend. Their response was there is only one you. Call me gullible, but that was enough and I found myself displaying and selling my love for writing. It's not until you have a freedom taken away that you realize how crucial the freedoms we have taken for granted really are. I looked at the prospect that fate or destiny had shown it's face or was it choice all along. We obviously can't control circumstances that molded our lives, but we are the decisive factor in what we do with the gifts that are given to us.
I welcome you to view through my rose colored glasses, as I am every bit the optimist ! Life is good! Are we all touched by tragedy , sickness, etc. ? Indeed we are! but the beautiful part of up hill struggles are those great rides down hill and a occasional leveling off.