Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, November 30, 2007

Only you


When I say good night and I close my eyes,
I then start to dream, with you for all time.
When the rain falls and the keys of life is played,
the music that I hear rejoices through each day.
When the smiles you gave me exude from my
heart and the love that I feel combines to ignite
a spark.
When the darkness chases.. the sunlight from the
sky, I know it's our time..... oh! you dance so divine.
When I pull you close and I whisper in your ear, words
of love for only you to hear.
When you feel the magic from my soul to yours, then
you'll have felt love as it begs you for more.
If love be but an emotion and the spark a chemical response , then what of the energy that sends the soul to soar?

Our Forevermore.....

The closer I am to you,
the more of life I feel.
The deeper your in my heart,
the more of love there is.
Let the love infused magic find it's way to your soul and know that I am embracing with an everlasting hold. Let the dreams welcome.. your spirit through the door, my arms are here awaiting for our forevermore.

The Wind

I shall not allow the fear to dominate,
for you are always with me.
The Wind
The wind calling out your name,
the hills and hollow play a game.
The finches gone but the nuthatch
stayed, to celebrate a winter day.
Sunlight bright upon the house, cast
shadows of a thousand smiles.
Yesterday and today and a silhouette
of love gained.
You are here and so am I, souls
bonding make you mine.
Images can be seen of dancing down
by the stream.
Earthly this embrace of heavens touch
it can be traced, your love next to me
creating warm memories.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

.. to you

Sings> From my heart I send to you,
all my love in heavens blue.
From my soul an everlasting embrace
that holds both day and night.

Whispers>From my heart I send to you,
all my love in heavens blue.
From my soul an everlasting embrace
that holds both day and night.

Shouts> From my heart I send to you,
all my love in heavens blue.
From my soul an everlasting embrace
that holds both day and night.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How can I feel your sweet tender kiss that is parted by the miles? With the heavens clearly above me and the earth far below, I am standing on the cloud of dreams in a spectacular midnight show. Soul to soul entwined and smack upon my lips, I felt your tenderness emit the pleasure of a wonderful love packed kiss. Sweet as summer cherries ripe and ready to fall, and as deep as the river banks that steadily overflows. Inclosed desire and passion, respect and a lot of faith and holding my breath a little longer I felt the love of my soul mate.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Night!

Yesterday paved the way for today, so that we may
journey down the path of tomorrow..

Reaches out pulls you close and kisses you goodnight.
Let's go for a walk..........the gap closed by the love in your heart.


Complacent is not content, nor is existing life.
To feed the soul is to stroke it gently with loves embrace.
Unlocking the gates of ones own mind,
predisposes it to another place and time.
I need you to.......

Monday, November 26, 2007

You and Me

I was a little uneasy and a little unsure, driving down the road as I have before. Rain hitting on my windshield and traffic in town is four cars or more.
My mind taking in the view, the hills and valleys in a brand new hue. Skies once covered in a dark grey, shine with the sun in a blue, blue way.
Melancholy when your not here and still a little smile on my face appeared. Memories more then a few, took to the wind and in my heart they blew.
Grateful am I that the weather is warm and your by my side. Saw your reflection in the mirror
and I jumped back startled to feel you here.
Surreal is the dream that taught my heart how to sing, bellows from deep inside, sounds of love I can't hide.
Driving down the road and I left behind all the worries of another time, up ahead I could see a beautiful horizon and you and me.

The Doorway to Eternity

To give validity to the dream and place the words at the doorway of eternity..... everlasting love.

Let's uncomplicate the complicated......

Serenade my heart,
serenade my soul,
a serenade of love
took a mighty
strong hold.
Dancing under moonlight
dancing on the clouds,
embraced with your
love the dance
Sweet memories,
sweet dreams,
a sweet kiss
from you
to me.
Sometimes life is much more difficult then it needs to be...... for love embraces all of life with a simplicity that only man can complicate.

Morning Debut

Skies of blue in a morning d├ębut,
wake up darling I am here for you.

No denying it’s sweater weather,
you and I warming up together.

Daytime dreams strolling on a beach,
laughing and giggling to memories.

Love and joy is how we start each day,
a spillover from our magical place.

Skies of blue in a morning debut,
wake up darling I am here for you.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I love you so...

Mountains a wall make, rivers seem to partake in distancing our love, so we escape above. The midnight review reflects what we can do, when we close our eyes and feel the love from inside. No ordinary smile, yours lights a million miles, the answer you see..... is to my morning plea.
To kiss each morning dear without one bit of fear, to feel your embrace in our mystery place. As sweet as it all seems, I have just one plea to let you know, how much I love you so.......

Saturday, November 24, 2007


All these words I have written for you,
my love for you to view.
I chose the clouds for us to meet, where
we are one and fully complete.
The songs of love my heart sing, soft
whispers of romance like a day in spring.

There is no falling for you and I,
locked sprit to spirit up in the sky.

Over river, mountains and seas, a
a reflection of love in the morning breeze.

When the cold hands of despair darken the night,
I close my eyes and hold you tight.
Smiles and laughter gently exude and nothing
that sadness could ever do.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Song of Desire

Wind whispered memories brought your love to me, songs of desire rattle every dream…….. I love you, I need you , I’m reaching for you.

Wind whispered memories brought your love to me, song of desire rattles every dream. I love you, I need you, I’m reaching for you.

Good Night...

I can't sleep unless I say goodnight...... in the start of dream a kiss of delight.

Surrounded by darkness in the start of the early eve, and my pillow seems to summon to meet you in a new awaiting dream. Given in to the moment with a hint of memory, an embrace fully tightens till the following morning.
It wasn't until I realized that I was trying to hold onto something that belonged to someone else.... that I accepted the reality of what is. In the process I found that honesty, respect and love nourishes, feeding both heart and soul.

An expression of the heart...

or soul filled emotion...... set free.

A little profession of love

You are.......

Dreams are made to catch your love and hold it near,
buffer the pain of life and rid us of all fear.

I wake up every morning with this impish smile,
warm as summer sun in a snowy winter storm.

Sings>The Magic

You are the magic , a dream come true,
a world of love seen through me and you.
You are the moment, sweet of desire, a
flame that burns in the heat of the hour.
You are the song, the love birds sing,
heard in the mountains and down by
the stream.
You are the love, that holds me tight,
a comfort each morning and every night.
You are the smiles that I display for all
to view in a God given way.
You are forever and forever will be, your
and heart and mine in a warm memory.

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Close …close

Heart to heart,
knee embrace.
Kiss to kiss,
face to face.

Soul to soul,
memory traced.
Dream to dream,
place to place.

To love as loved....... and the Lord sent you!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Touched Gently...

The trap took the physical and into a prison held,
but the mind set free... love to love meld.


No matter what I do, no matter where I go, I'm always there beside you each day a new plateau. I kept myself busy and still my mind drifts, to your arms my love.... the best of gift.

Caught up in a star bright shower, living and loving set the heart fire.
Closed the distance of you and I, drifting to another time.
High on the clouds, waiting for you to come around.
Cuddle with your midnight charm and taste sweet kisses while in your arms.
Magical indeed is the love of you and me.
The hollow holds the flesh, and the mind set free is a bit obsessed.

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hold on tight, in this dream we kiss good night.
I so glad you came into my life......

Happy Thanksgiving

Who holds the reigns of happiness?
Years back an acquaintance said to me "you must not allow your emotions to control you, you must control your emotions. I have found throughout life that people felt a suffering either of fear, anger, loneliness or hopelessness. Our quest to find happiness can be traced to our early ancestors. History shows a prevalence for jewelry, clothing, food and shelter went well above our needs to fulfill our wants. It is the temporary euphoria that keeps us hungering to feel the emptiness.
As I stood in line and watched the poorest of people gambling away their last dollar in an attempt to win a few more. I wondered would that moment of win bring them lasting happiness or just a temporary high? I gazed out the window, and I thought of the joy felt with each experience of life. Happiness is our own personal power to examine the trials of life and sort through them filing away that which brings negativity. Maintaining a positive state above all that we are taught is as simple as allowing all senses to devour the world around us. It is a bit cliche to say " is the glass half empty or half full?" I am not controlled by the ills of the world for I am above thy earthly pain and nothing shall weigh down the soul, neither circumstance nor experience or lack of it shall places chains on that which is free.
We are.. who we dare to be,
we feel what we dare to touch,
we choose what we dare to experience.
If I believe myself a victim, then a victim shall I be. If I give a platform to fear, then fear shall follow me. If anger be thy guide, then sorrow near awaits, but if I allow love within my heart , happiness is near and from the seeds of yesterday a bloom shall appear.
Ignorance breeds fear, fear partners with anger and despair and there within a field of negativity forms each individuals view of hell.

Self pity sows sorrow upon unfertile soil,
which grows nothing but weakness.

Happy Thanksgiving...... for we are all blessed with opportunity, but only few will act upon the moment.
It is not upon the encounters of our own failure that we weep,but by our own lack of sight, that we blur the truth of circumstance.
I am not separate from the world around me, I am one with the hills, trees and the hollow. As time takes hold of the moments and professes to retain the memories of life, I shall rejoice in the glory of each new day.
Stroked gently by a memory....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sometimes we're up....

Everyday sunshine in the blue of blues, every morning I wake up thinking of you. A little bit of sadness in every drop of rain, I don't believe my heart will ever be the same.
Every night a dance upon the clouds so high, surrounded by your love I'm way up in the sky. No mistaken each step that brings your love to me, a little closer through my midnight dreams.
High atop the roller coaster I'm quickly speeding down, awaiting your kiss I'll soon be on the ground. No measure of time nor what you do to me , the excitement imploding brings me to my knees.

Brenda Holloway - You've Made Me So Very Happy - 45 rpm

You made me so...

I'm so glad you came into my life.

I lost that love before got mad and closed the door,but your sun shined just once more.
I chose you for the one, now we're having so much fun,You treated me so kind,I'm about to lose my mind...You made me so very happy,I'm so glad you came into my life

I think I can .. I think I can

Our ability to think and reason separates us from every other creature on earth. The quote " a mind is a terrible thing to waste" reminds me of my dear friend who fought physical challenges to surface a winner. We are all at times capable of looking for easy answers or for someone else to deal with the problems. I have been guilty of the doing just that, looking for someone else to pick up the slack. When I found the technical errors in my Internet program, one that was a thorn in my side for sometime, I thanked my friend. He responded " why are you thanking me?You solved your own problem, I did nothing." I said not only did you stand beside, but you motivated me to think. In addition to respect a certain amount of confidence is gained when supported on a social and intellectual level. I am so happy to have thought through the program to find the errors.

Not under me,
nor above me
beside me.

Yes I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful tonight by Damage

Monday, November 19, 2007

Let's Dance

I feel no joy nor sadness, ambivalent am I of the mountain created walls and the rivers of deep divide. Darkness drapes the evening and restless am I, to climb, swim or weep, or simply run and hide.
Dreams of seduction, a haunting of the hour, tempts the heart and soul to the clouds and even higher.
.......... if you let go, and I fall from the clouds, the heart will die a slow death.

Thou are worthy

Thou are worthy of loves embrace, the pleasure of sweet ignites desire,with compassion and trust fueling the fire.

....for this we love.

The sun rises bringing light to the morning,
as your smile brings joy to the day.
Sadness can only control the moment when a void of emptiness separates the unity of love.
We are one in the shadow of love,eternally bonded we exemplify the dynamics of the unity of two souls. Displayed throughout the universe in a naturistic beauty. I stand before you baring all
heart and soul in a daily celebration of our love. For the depth which you have touched reaches deeply to the center of my core.
Captivated by the beauty of love as it exposes itself daily.
My hand,
my heart,
my soul.
We danced without movement, we sang with out words, and in dark of night this bond we submerged.
We embraced without touch, high without wings, in the height of the dream, in the start of the eve.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

UB40 - The Way You Do The Things You Do

Love you....

Love is like a footprint it leaves
a lasting impression.


The inspirational story of Helen Keller has played on my mind allot lately. I thought what a dark world it must have been to live with out hearing or sight. Then it occurred to me there are those who have sight but cannot see and hearing but have never heard the voices of angels. I closed my eyes blocking all view of the world around me, silence dominated the night and my hand brushed gently against my cheek. The touch of love.. if you have never felt it , would your soul no what it was missing or hungering for? Again my mind taveling at speeds of a wild cheetah on the run. The Corinthians Chapter 13:
If I speak in human and angelic tongues, but do not have love I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal.If I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge and faith so as to move mountains but do not love, I am nothing. I could go on it has been one of my favorite chapters to reread. Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, (love) is not pompous, it is not inflated."
Troubled over the last few days my mind dwelled on that which I had missed a life time of , the touch of love, so warm and embrace that it heals all wounds of the heart. I felt this overwhelming need to understand the chapters of my life as they were falling into place. I have viewed love through the heart and I felt its embrace and it makes me hunger for more.
When you can hold the view of another and the world melts away and your hearts meld together in the most mysterious of ways, then you have felt the touch of love and the happiness shall set you free.
When distance controls the moment and darkness rules the sky, all you need to do is look beyond the highest high. Waiting atop the mountains, across the river deep is the one who loves you passionately all you need to do is to believe.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Morning and My Good Night

Where should I travel and what shall I see? There was never a place for me. A little lost as a ship adrift at sea, restless and tired I whispered a plea.Caught in the current I was daydreaming, spinning in the wind and feeling dizzy. Redirected and it brought you to me, for the first time I knew your arms were here for me.

Everything we do and everywhere we go,
all feels so perfect, all feels so fine for today
my darling you are only mine.


You are my morning and my good night,
the love that feels so magically right.
You are the song that blue birds sing,
my partner, my lover in every dream.
You are the warmth that cradles me
sweet, the embrace that makes
me feel so complete.
You are my earth, my heaven and fire,
the one of my hearts desire.
You are here with me and no longer
am I yearning.
The days are whimscal indeed, we're
dancing, we're singing by memory.

Leo sayer When I Need You


The combination of time and place,
the magic of life and uncommon grace.
Winter days with a summer sun,
life with you is so warm and fun.
Unlocking the hearts desire,
set the world in a blazing fire.
Call it chance or maybe fate, that you are with me on a lifetime date. Never shall I tire for you make the hour. I am resting comfortably with you my darling. Gentle, kind a wonderful embrace of your Teddy Bear Northern charm.
I have felt the agony of a win and defeat
in one breath of a battle.

Dreams Come True

It’s easy as can be all you have to do is follow me, down the path of memory… where reality a dream came true. Just me and you and we learned to turn the skies a beautiful shade of blue, with a warm embrace and a morning kiss or two, there’s nothing this love can’t do.
It’s easy as can be all you have to do is follow me, down the path of memory… where reality a dream came true. Listen with your heart, the whispers of love played upon a harp, a day in review where we have accrued, the words of I love you.
It’s easy as can be all you have to do is follow me, down the path of memory… where reality a dream came true. Hand in hand we walked even on the days when I was feeling a bit distraught, side by side with you, the days flew making dreams come true.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Heart and Soul

I embrace the morning as I do the night, passionately heart and soul.
I am not letting go because a day would be eternity without your love and eternity would be hell....

I love you..

If the eyes do not decieve us and the glimmer is the reflection of your love through my soul, then the doorway through which all can be seen is a mirrored image of all you are.......
........ take my hand, you already have my heart.

.......your love is near.

You feed my soul, you embrace with heart and
awakened the mind from the very start.


To integrate the magic with the moment, is to harness the energy of life. The more we consume, the more beautiful the bloom. Free beyond the mountains, high above the stars, a connection by infusion, a collision by the heart . The rain it keeps on falling, each drop to the earth a cleansing found and overflowing a bed of stone a river now blankets the ground. Soon the waters shall recede and a sediment will be all around,rich in happiness and joy, the heart and soul rebounds.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Dance with the power of your soul..... sing from your heart,

for time has stood still for our embrace.

Grey Skies

Burning Bush

I confided to the hills of the hollow all the secrets of my heart, the love I was given and how you ignited with a simple little spark.
The burning bushes now flaming, red as fire in the hills. The display within natures boundaries, a reminder of how wonderful it feels.
The wind no longer blowing and still movement can be felt, a swirl of memories exploding, continue to make my heart melt.
My mind is restlessly wandering and not sure if magic plays a part, the smiles they keep on coming and I know you've been beside me from the start.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The way you look tonight - Rod Stewart

This is one of my favorite songs... tastefully romantic and it stirs the haunting image of loves embrace.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I cannot possess...... what possesses me.I am not thy keeper of love, only a mirror image of loves reflection.
It is not love that I share but the end result of emotion stirred within.The words are only a semblance of a wide range of feelings.
No walls, no boundaries, no limitation of space........ my soul, your soul, our soul........together, bonded in time.
I cannot forget, nor shall I try. I will never completely understand nor deny. I felt the touch bitterly sweet, a craving for more is not defeat.
I have felt love, touched it and blew it to the wind......
and still it exist solely in my heart.
The tears fill the banks of the rivers only to divide,
the heart bridges from mountain to
mountain to keep you
closely by myside.
I understand....... doesn't mean I have to like it. It means I understand.

It's a feel good moment....... I feel good ..so good ..

...............I got you.

Beyond a Dream

Sings> Side by side like mountains high, swift as the current in a breeze that tickles my mind. I feel your love... so tenderly, the warm embrace of having you right next to me, . Reach for the stars each and every night, holding you so close is a feeling I can't fight.
Side by side like mountains high, swift as the current in a breeze that tickles my mind. I feel your love...so tenderly, the warm embrace of having you right next to me. Dance in the heavens to a song a day, the words of love written in a variety of ways.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

As close as the water to the shore,
as distant as the mountains to the stars.

No Goodbye .... no hello

Jaci Velasquez Imagine Me Without You

I can't Imagine life without you, It would be death all over again.


Blossoms of spring viewed at the start of winter, reflects an internal faith. Each day the petals swirl, showering down from the heavens in a glorious display. He who cast rays of sun into the heart of another shall feel the warmth returned. Emotions churning, thicken like butter allowing the cream to surface.... the sweetness of love seen in the glint of the eye is a glimpse of the soul.
Touch, Feel, happiness, contentment..
the once hidden smiles released from
within races to your side..
The image hasn't faded it has become more clearer.....
forever and ever.
Tears of Joy
Dry thy tears not from thy face, but from thy soul. I am home....... and your embrace is of utmost comfort.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not so distant, standing strong in your arms is where I belong... No longer running, walk shall I to meet you nightly in the star lit sky.

Friday, November 09, 2007


I think of my friend Nancy allot in life, she has been gone a little over two years now. I can't tell you that I don't miss her... I do, very much. As the days rush by and the holidays are in sight, I think of the many conversations over dinner we shared. She taught me much about life and not necessarily one lesson was more important then another. But one of her favorite sayings " When God closes a door, he opens a window" with that thought in mind, I think of the doors that have closed in my life and the windows that have been opening.

I feel a sense of contentment one that is quite comforting, as I prepare to close my eyes for the night I repeat......My eyes tightly closed and the vision of your being secured within my heart exudes outward giving light to the darkness. The merging of body and soul enhanced the pleasure of exploration. The softness of flesh intensified with each breath. Released from the boundaries of earth I felt the power of conjoined spirits. Secure yet free the embrace of love masters each moment of desire..

For the dreams that inspire life..... I thank you.

Complete Pleasure

My eyes tightly closed and the vision of your being secured within my heart exudes outward giving light to the darkness. The merging of body and soul enhanced the pleasure of exploration. The softness of flesh intensified with each breath. Released from the boundaries of earth I felt the power of conjoined spirits. Secure yet free the embrace of love masters each moment of desire.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

In your arms......

I feel the presence of your love within all my waking hours, I embrace the warmth of your love through my nightly dreams and I celebrate the union of our love as it melds into one.
You cannot lose what bonds two souls,
the infusion is everlasting.


The pleasure not of a single touch, nor words written on a poets lunch. The events leading from your heart to mine caused a motion that is love defined. It put a giggle in every step, it dressed the hollow in its autumn best. Complacent in the clouds, I'm not concerned with falling down.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The magic of a season is felt through loves embrace.
It's a relapse I am ten....

Dolly Parton Sleigh Bells Ring Romantic Winter Video

This silly celebration is in honor of my first snowflake of the season.. smiles tosses you a snowflake kiss, everyone that misses you melts in sadness so catch snowflakes I packed them with all my love.... bonus points if you catch them with your tongue.

Dedicated To My Best Friend

Desire is heightened by loving the one you lust.
I really had to talk myself into a five mile walk today. I took my camera and forgot the chip. The wicked winds steadily blowing and the crispness of the cool air could be felt as it cut through to the center of my bones. Hill upon hills is what Greene is made of, no sooner do you make it over one then another appears to challenge the physical being. Free of the heaviness that felt so encumbering over the last few weeks, I left behind a barrage of emotion. The boundaries only limited by my own physical ability. No luggage on this journey, today I travel free, I reached beyond the mountains and past the evergreens. Taking in the sites, for you and I to share, I clicked the images in my mind as if you were standing here.
I feel no fatigue only the joy of life.
My Best Friend... one who knows me inside
and out and loves me anyways.
I couldn't sleep till I kissed you good night! Good Night!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Weep not.....

I had taken the day to try and sort out my emotions with little success. My mind like that of a massive jigsaw puzzle tossed to the wind.
I can't deny my heart felt the touch of love within my soul, nor the images that have permeated from my minds eye. It is in the silence that I hear the haunting of whispers taunt repeatedly through the dark of night.
Have I failed to see or have you failed to believe?
The sacrifice so great the sentence life.......
I miss you...... may the angels smile down on you.
It's to early to meet with darkness and yet the stars tempt me to once again close my eyes to feel the presence of your being... The dream cast you in my arms and the warmth of many suns chased away the cold embrace of distance. I am mistaken for tonight it cast me in your arms, snuggled close, I can almost hear the beat of your heart....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Colorless the moment when your not around, shades of grey is all that can be found. Sending smiles in every hue, brilliantly displayed from the heavens through my heart to you.

Without your love life is empty of color, for you are the rainbow whose prismatic iridescence penetrates my soul with the joy of life.

....way up in the clouds

I was caught.. way up in the clouds, till you invited me to come on down. Sit beside me for a moment in the day and make all our worries fade away.

I was caught.. way up in the clouds, till you invited me to come on down. Sing and dance and merry are we in the dreams of life grounded by the sea.

I was caught .. way up in the clouds, till you invited me to come on down. Living and loving the way the Lord meant it to be, I thank him dearly for sending you to me.

I was caught.. way up in the clouds, till you invited me to come on down. Skipping through life like children at play, but when it comes to love there is no better way.

I was caught.. way up in the clouds, till you invited me to come on down. Laughter warms my heart and touches tenderly with a magic of hope in every dream.

Friday, November 02, 2007

He who fails to see the reflection of life in their own soul
has prematurely opened the doors to their own demise.
Enduring Hearts, love infused, soul embraced.
You and I yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Stronger Everyday

Vast is nature on display, bouts of beauty in a simple way. You have brought it all to life, the heart and soul makes it all feel so right. Uplifting in a magic way, you took the hills and taught them what to say... I'll love you even if the stream runs dry, and when the stars blanket the evening sky.

I cannot make thee love nor create an everlasting hold,
for you are much deeper, now a part of my soul .
The song with no beginning, was waiting to be found,
the words were always there, they just needed to be jotted down.
This dance is not of a moment that shall quickly fade away,
fused a bond of love is stronger everyday.

A Lighter shade of blue

Sun bursting through the
clouds of white, rays create
a little morning light.
One more dance with you
and soon the dark will be a
lighter shade of blue.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Smiling as we dance to the crack of dawn....

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Just a little reminder..I am there every morning and everynight... smiling 24/7

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I Try

I try not to miss you, so I took from the start
all the memories we created direct from the heart.
The love that you have given, the joy that you bring
the energy felt that makes hearts dance and sing.
The hollow mature in the season of color, soft
with red, orange and yellows.
Embracing in silence and still a call heard, to
listen to the voice of the soul speak without words.
Erase those tears that separate lands and allow
your love to set the demands.
When sorrow a river floods, the bridge of happiness
will keep us above.
Embrace not the body, for the mind takes a hold
and through the heart takes a gingerly stroll.
I am here in the morning when doubts set on in,
and in the night to whence we begin.
Melancholy tries to control, it deepens and darkens
with its negative hold.
Battle the rivers, the rage of the storm and level
the mountains as the landscape transforms.
Heavenly spirit's send unto me, the power to
hold what others may only dream.
Embracing with heart and kissing with soul,
the view is of love as it tenderly unfolds.


I am a little bit frightened and I don't why,
I know that you are always
here by myside.
I rolled on over and your image had appeared
with the smell of your cologne, I knew that were

Barefoot in the sand, your hand locked in mine

and traveling through these visions, I felt the
grip close the gap of time.
Halt the tears of yesterday, release and set

them free for today you are my King and I
shall be your queen.

A rose without thorns is like love without Pain,
tender to touch and beautiful to see.
If I am the rose, then you are the stem that gives me strength.

Every Rose

I see your love in every rose that blooms,
I hear your laughter at high noon.
The steps a little out of time, but I don't
care if you don't mind .
Garden dancing or in the clouds, as long as
I have you around. I'm happy as can be

in this life with you and me.
I see your love in the skies of blue, I
hear your voice coming through.
Looking forward to each day and
how you chase the grey skies away.
I'm gonna hold you tight, I'm not
gonna let you slip tonight.
I see your love above the mountains high as
they reach up to the blue sky and the
sounds of your laughter from my
very own everafter.