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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Most written and talked about topic, time. I remember older folks would say " the older you get the faster time goes by." I didn't think that it was possible that time could go any faster.  Everyone either wants to freeze, stand still, slow down, spare  or go back in time .  But obviously we can't do any of the above. It kind of leans on the topic of regrets or what I would do differently.  When I looked back at where I was and where I am now, I can't believe how many years have passed. Partly I feel that I spent a good bit of time trying to change or redirect the path. Well that too has to do with time. In many ways the struggle seem to oh yeah " waste time. "
I looked at this thing we call timing. When we meet a person and when a person exits our life. How long they stay and if they stay at all. Timing plays a crucial part in our lives. How we react and the choices we make are they dependent on timing? I would have to say yes. That just maybe we are a little different at various times in our life. With age comes wisdom and with wisdom a broader view of life. It is true as time goes by we can view the very same situation in a very different light.
I don't know how often I have heard the term " time heals." The expression that refers to easying of pain. We feel pain in so many ways and softening the blow is not always easy. Sometimes the feeling of hurt passes as time goes on or not . Honestly I don't think time does heal all wounds . On the contrary as we mature we take on a different view and this allows us to digest the ache and soften the blow to the heart.
This time thing is catchy so we have another phrase, " only time will tell." No matter our wants or needs , every story has and ending and "only time will tell". What is our place in the world? Where will our journey take us? What will we leave behind? " Only time will tell."
Then there is the case of the same scenario "time after time." When we have the same outcome no matter what we do. Which means the wise man knows which path to take because the outcome will always be the same. Maybe its the same because we are comfortable. Even when things aren't as they should be , we go about on a routine. I think this routine is familiarity because the unknown is much more difficult than knowing what is over a hill or around the bend . I guess it's a case of no surprises.
There are years that I just can't grasp as if I were" lost in time." It is a period of time you can't get back. So as we move on with time, I prefer to acknowledge my choices as the part of the journey that they are. There is a lot about time we have no control over and little that we do. So I take this time to tell you what you mean to me.

I wanna take this moment
to share my love with you,
as I tell you how I feel and
let that warmth come thru.

You are my sunshine
the warmth I feel each day,
you are my starry night
that makes each day like May.

I wanna take this moment
and whisper words of love,
to you my sweet angel
my heart speaks of our love.

You are my stars at night
shining so ever bright,
lighting the path to the
dreams I'll have tonight.

So now at this very second
where distance parts our souls,
Passionately reaching out to you
and let the energy unfold .

This is our time,
to the heavens I document ,
such sweetness and happiness
to you I have sent.

I will embrace the memories,
they took me by surprise,
I never expected our love
to challenge soul and mind.

Explore the impossible,
believe all there is,
remember that I love you
thru thick and thin.

....and love you I do.

Morning Daydreams

Love ...is truly a crazy thing indeed,
that is how you kept this hold on me,
wide awake when I should be sleeping,
it is a crazy thing indeed.

Love..it.has me begging for more,
as I knowing there is more in store,
I keep thinking about those yesterdays,
it has me begging for more.

Love... lifts me up when I am down,
that is how my feet lifted off the ground,
has me floating on the clouds above,
lifts me up when I am down.

You can tell your heart anything you want, 
but its what your heart is telling you. 

It is true I shoulda
and maybe I coulda, 
but with you I woulda
made all those dreams come true. 


How is it I am dancing and 
my feet are standing still?
It must be my heart 
in an emotional thrill. 

As I find myself 
in your arms once more,
waiting on the moment
you really walk thru the door. 

How is it I am singing and
no sound has left my lips ?
The music of the soul 
is a melodic kind of kiss. 

I've been living on dreams 
and waiting for to long, 
as it is true I spent a lifetime 
of simply loving you. 


Sunday, February 26, 2017

ugh ...winter



 I see much clearer with my eyes closed, 
    as visions of loving you makes itself known. 

The birds come and go,
they don't know what to do,
one day like hot summer and
the next winter shines on thru.

Today the sky is dark and gray,
with snowflakes gently falling
as a stark reminder that the
season of winter still reigns.

I looked behind the clouds
for that bright shining blue
with a little hope and faith
to see these last days thru.


Deep than the Skin

When distance rules the moment
and silence takes center stage,
the voice of heart speaks loudest
through a memory a day.

Unlockng combinations 
the words begin to flow
documenting the moment
our friendship began to grow.

The simple revelation
reveals what we already know,
when hearts come together 
and the momentum doesn't slow.

Amazing the emotions 
that rise from deep within
as we share something special
much deeper than the skin.

When tears flow like rivers 
and sorrow seeps on in, 
I gaze on out the window
and allow the memories in.

Incredible threads of magic,
which bring you so ever near
as I think of all the moments
you and I have yet to share.

It might have been the caring
the honesty in which we delve
or the blessing from the heavens
that placed us in a spell.

Like flowers in the garden
that bloom anew each day,
your love burst in beauty
that causes the soul to crave.

You are the peace of sunrise
that comforts and warms my soul,
the infinite nightly sky
which blankets away the cold.

The image quite breathtaking,
like the unniverse bursting from the heart,
replacing clouds of darkness
with love brighter than any star.

I don't believe in accidents
as I chalk it up to fate
we didn't collide by chance
this unlocking of the gate.

Indeed the path is layered,
with bricks of hope and faith
and love , joy and passion
to get us through the day.

I wake early in the morning
and before I begin to move,
I says my prayers of gratitude
that you are here to see me

I quiver at the notion
that this might be a dream
and I will feel the heartbrake
if this is nothing like it seems.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Heart In Song

I hear the song when no one is singing,
it must be my heart that is in song.
I see the steps when no one is dancing,
it must be the dreams that placed you in
my arms.

I feel the closeness when distance parts us,
it must be the magic of the heavenly stars.
I know what few will ever know,
for I have witnessed you and your charm.

One Breath to Breathe

If I should have one moment to live,
one breath to breathe, one love to give,
I'd climb the mountains , drain the seas,
bridge the mountains from you to me.

If I should have one song to sing,
one step to dance, one dream to dream,
I'd create a rainbow, with skies of blue,
and slide on down to partner with you.

Rainbow (5)

Thursday, February 23, 2017


I can see the rainbow
arched across the sky,
bridging hearts together
your heart to mine.

I can feel the magic
just by closing my eyes,
packed full of love
the feelings can't be

I can see the rainbow
arched across the sky,
bridging hearts together
your heart to mine.

Spring in Celebration

The gift of spring is upon us
as its early arrival births a new day,
the season of life within us and again
I take this moment to pray.

Thankful for this feeling and the magic
that took me suddenly by surprise ,
from the moment you first said hello
and met up with this soul of mine.

Taking in the warmth of sunlight,
watching the flowers begin to grow,
childishly spinning around in circles
as your love deep within me flows.

The willow in celebration its
catkins bloom in black and white,
reassuring us of the season
that documents another day of life.

I gaze once more up at the heavens
the skies a deep precious royal blue
dressed in  a celestial finery
to the gray clouds it says adieu.

I feel your presence within me,
you are there safe within my heart,
you've been there from the beginning
when you ignited a passionate spark.

The days might be in passing
and distance may rule the day ,
but as long as you love me
the miles between us will fade.

Whispers of Rhyme

I can wait on tomorrow
if tomorrow you are mine,
I can feel the happiness
through whispers of rhyme.

I can appreciate the wind
gentle against my cheek,
touch of happiness awakens
like the first day of spring.

I can hear the  music
and the song of joy,
when I sense your love
the dreams are employed.

I can dance on clouds
as long as you are with me,
in a lifetime sweet embrace
of magical memories.

I can wait on tomorrow
if tomorrow you are mine,
I can feel the happiness
through whispers of rhyme.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Cities with buildings high and
clouds stretched over blue skies,
the view that everyone will see
is not the same for you and me.

There is nothing between us,
life is bridged by the heart
as you have been with me
from the very start.

I need not travel to know
our love continues to grow,
your the sunrise each morn
and the kiss goodnight and
the love of my life.

Reached for your hand 
and found your heart.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Inside View

I write as if only your heart can read
while whispering as if only you can hear. 

We can only play the hand we are dealt,
I think there is more than two jokers in a deck. 

Understanding is a part of acceptance...

It's like living with a snow storm 
"this too shall pass"


Sometimes you need that push, ouch! 
I didn't mean out of bed. 

Life is but a puzzle and we keep 
finding the pieces along the way.


If you are looking from the inside out, 
you'll find there is very little we need. 


Shouting in silence....

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I don't need a calendar
or a holiday to say
I love you even more
with each passing day.

The heavens document
for all the world to see
how very special you are
and what you mean to me.

You're the stars in the night
and the light of my life,
like the sun in the sky
you take me to a higher high.

I don't need a calendar
or a holiday to say,
I love you even more
with each passing day.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Energy

One gesture could explain
why my heart is not the same,
wind blown kisses I feel
just by thought and sheer will.

Brings peace when all seems lost
from the moment our souls crossed,
happiness from deep inside
released time after time.

The beauty of love in the interaction of souls...
I accept this love as the gift that it is. 

I woke up in the morning
3 am to be exact and I
gazed on out the window
as the moon was gazing

The same yet very different
as I think about the time
you first entered my life
revealing an unwritten rhyme.

The moment spellbinding
with so much in store ,
the magentic field of love
was steadily on course.

I could feel the difference
the energy we share
revealed how much two
hearts really do care.

It is quite obvious
when we take to the clouds
and dance in sweet embrace
till our feet are back on the

We can't always explain
though few would ever know
how a love at a distance
began to grow.

Another day approaching
and this much I can say
that I've experienced love
in the most amazing way.


Love endures in its most simplistic form 
the energy that brings us more,,,love.


Saturday, February 11, 2017


I find the dreams a comfort
though another world away,
as I wake to the memories
that each night replays.

As close as two can be,
that is how I feel with you
no matter the distance
we've conquered the blue.

I really don't wanna wake up
I prefer to stay sound asleep
as long as I can  dream
your sweet love with me.

My subsconscous the director,
with a script the heart writes,
details all my love for you
when I close my eyes each night.

Surreal the interaction and
simple pleasures of a day
where two come together
in a most magical way.

I carry your love with me
it is never, ever very far
as I keep you so close,
I keep you in my heart.

The images never fade,
they are with me all day,
it is as if my soul is
playing some silly game.

When I open up my eyes
and I reached out to the sky ,
I couldn't stop the feeling
that you were really by

I find the dreams a comfort
though another world away,
as I wake to the memories
that each night replays.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Thinking Place

Standing on the shore
as the water rushed on by,
the sound consuming as
it took on earth and sky.

One with the surrounding hills
as if nothing else could exists
a panoramic view of winter birds
prematurely setting out to build
a nest.

I still felt your energy
as if you were here with me,
gazing at my reflection I
saw two bonded entities .

The wind took to the oak
like an ensemble of loves melody,
as if the rush of winter leaves
were only speaking to me.

The flame within my soul
burns stronger for you and
as time becomes the past
the future unveils what
love can really do.

We are the earth and the sky
the power of the most divine,
for we are love and love is here
and that is what our souls have to

The colts foot in early bloom
as the mallards will be returning ,
a season that says goodbye as
another one soon marches by.

Here I stand beside you
gazing up at the sky blue
daydreaming each moment
one heart times two.

Monday, February 06, 2017


Scatter the petals on my bed sheets
as soft music plays to accompany,
imagine this moment so fine and
let your heart meet up with mine.

Feel the tenderness of such love
when two souls unite as once,
imagine this moment so fine and
let yur heart meet up with mine.

I have soared the heavens above
reaching out for your special love,
imagine this moment so fine and
let your heart meet up with mine.

Feeling your breath on my cheek
and your ams embrace so tenderly,
imagine this moment so fine and
let your heart meet up with mine.

Know that I love and love you I do,
under gray skies and under blue,
imagine this moment so fine and
let your heart meet up with mine.

Time After Time

As long as there is a song to sing
and music to touch my heart, 
as long as I can dream the dance
you'll never be very far. 

You're in my heart forever,
where you've been from day one
and I feel the magic daily ,
the joy of your sweet love.

The calm of your voice,
the passion of two souls,
as I courtesy to the heavens
in this dream that unfolds. 

No matter the reason, day or time 
you will always be forever mine, 
like the moon rules the night 
your love guides me home.

In a field of flowers or
untop a mountain high, 
home is where we are 
your heart in mine. 

I take this moment each and every day 
to thank the Lord when you first came my way, 
it doesn't matter if the hair begins to gray 
for I will always love you more with each passing
You make me sing songs of love
and dance on the clouds above, 
that is what you do to me 
my one and only dream . 

I take this moment to tell you how I feel
 as I send you a kiss by sheer will. 
From a distance , over mountains high 
my kiss will find you time after time. 

Simple Things

I find myself dreaming night and day,
as music in the background softly plays.
Each thought enhanced by your memory
as I dance with you in each and every dream.

I am constantly trying to distract my mind,
it never fails my heart charges in each time.
Surely it doesn't matter what I do or say
everything reminds me of you in different ways.

I feel your love shining like the rays of  sun
warming my heart and soul with your precious love.
From the moment the light shines through my window
I sense your being brightly like the sun as it glows.

It is the simple things I wanna share with you
like waking up and having breakfast for two,
with the candle light between you and I
as our hearts unite for all of time.

Your every song I sing and every poem I write
it's no surprise that you are the center of my life.
My heart changes beat at the sound of your name
and with each moment you are more deeply ingrained.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

words, words, words

Can't see beyond the doors, nor unlock the gates, 
as yesterday is gone and we await a new day.

Take my hand enter my heart,
free your soul or is free your heart .blah blah blah. 


You are the sunshine 
of my very morning, 
the stars that shine 
bright in the night. 

You are the love 
that set my soul free,
you are the joy of 
my life. 

Looking out the window 
the darkness blankets the night, 
the stars at a distance are a reminder 
of a love that breathes into me life. 

My heart opens to you
and song fills the air
as I think about you
and the time we have


Once more to close my eyes
and allow the calm to reside,
peace is what I find when
you are here and by myside.

The whispers of the night
comfort me in this life,
the silence disappears
as once more I stop to share.

Words, words, words
written on a page
meaning nothing at all
until the emotions get in
the way.

Infused with passion
dripping with desire,
wanting to hold you
and waste away the

Words, words, words
written on a page
meaning nothing at all
until the emotions get
in the way.

Inserting all the dreams
and a few memories,
give to the words
more than a meaning.

Words, words, words

written on a page
meaning nothing at all
until the emotions get
in the way.

Love filled moments
consume my day
just thinking of you
in this uncommon way.

Words, words, words
written on a page
meaning nothing at all
until the emotions get
in the way.

Seen through the heart
and spoken by the soul,
the words I write are
of this love that still unfolds.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Can't Sleep Thoughts

I watched as the night fell 
and again as the sun found its place above the hills. 

...sometimes I think its all a bit crazy 
and than I think well this is life. 


I have found that in the silence 
a shield appears.


....It is true less is more. 


Listening is a skill 
listening to self is an affirmation of the soul. 


They say there are two sides to a story, 
I think the sides to a story are endless. 

What appears as strength is really 
a facade of weakness.

My heart aches for so many reasons,

It is true a heart breaks 
the soul tires...

There are so many hurdles....

Life can be difficult 
but it doesn't have to be. 

When the world is heavy
and I'm feeling numb,
I challenge my spirit
to reach for your love.

Sunshine each morning,
starlight shining bright,
these are a few of the
gifts you bring to my life.

There is no void
when you are here,
I can feel your love
as pure as precious air.

I place my hand over yours
closing the miles and opening doors,
what seems like a blank stare
is the way I bring you here.

There really is such a thing 
as a broken heart.