Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, December 30, 2005

More Precious

It's not that I need you to feel complete, I know I can stand on my own two feet. Nor a partner of need I plea, It's the walk side by side that compliments me. I don't request that you need to deliver, because from the onset my heart start to quiver.

Love is not challenged by how much one can give, it's weighed by how deeply you're touched from within.

I felt it as it brushed gentle to the soul and I held it in my heart where it bound and took a hold. I saw it in the morning before my eyes awake and then again in the evening where it shook me like a quake. A duo with the nightingale a song I did hear, the words that broke the silence were simply that you care.
More precious then any treasure royalty could hold, more valuable then that of the most highly prized gold . Heavier then a mountain , lighter then the breeze , warmer then the sunshine and more beautiful then any dream. You can float it on the river, and hold it in your heart and when you close your eyes at night you can see it in the dark.It can comfort a distressed baby , wipe the tears from a broken heart , it can halt raging waters and cause a fire to spark. It can knot a field of flowers and at your feet a bouquet lay and when distressed and overwhelmed allow the child to play.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Real Love

Reflected in a rose, in the mountains, rivers and the snow.
In the song of a blue bird in a tadpole as it grows.
Gentle to the touch and felt in every breeze, beyond
barriers of time and a cold winter freeze.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Atop the Mountain

With hope atop the mountain
a climb but within our reach.
A journey barely started
a story incomplete.
A magic to the moment
a wonder filled with dreams.
A courting of the years that
tomorrow has yet to bring.

A prison they Portray!

The trees darkened in a coat of gray surrounded the hollow and a prison they portrayed. Till the awakening , the one within in my heart painted a scenery that diminished clouds of dark. The soul released beyond the dreams of a ethereal display, welcoming the mysteries that life sends our way.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Where the hills meet the sky and wild birds fly.
Where song the heavens play, let your heart listen
close to the sounds of joy, to you my serenade.
My love I gave, my dreams enslaved, hold close
the days long gone. As new as fallen snow and
delicate as orchids grow is the fragile soul of mine.
Hungers sweet embrace , to hold in place
what memories thou restores. Sweet butter a melt
the stories tell of that which runs through time

Hold close to me my thoughts and dreams,
till spring has crest once more. There is
no letting go what life set to sow. The joy
a part of me.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Winter's way of weep

The winter stage sat darkened to await the opening play,
until the kingfisher flew by rattling away.

Dormant are the trees whose branches look asleep.
Upon observation are leaf buds that simply wait for spring.

Where once it felt riddled with the season’s character of
sleep, wakened with a snowfall winter's way of weep.


Rhythm Of Love

I cannot sever what I see or the part that you became of me.
Woven in and out of all my dreams, you taught me how to dance with fantasy.
Sadness held me for a little while, till I closed the door and danced with you awhile .
I close my eyes to see that you are always here with me .. holding tight we’re gonna dance all through the night, calming the storms of life ..

It wasn’t box or shoe nor was it jazz or blue‘s. The steps I danced with you made my heart coo ... I felt you meld to me as you absorbed the air I breathe. Partnered in the clouds , we danced round and round. Barely any sounds other then two hearts found, dancing in the clouds with the rhythm of love .

It wasn't box or shoe nor was it jazz or blue's . The steps I dance with you made my heart coo. ..I felt you meld to me as you absorbed the air I breathe .Partnered in the clouds, we danced and round and round . Barely any sounds other then two hearts found... dancing in the clouds.......with the rhythm of love


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

8:45 and I'm on the ice

Eight forty five and we’re bridged through time
to find we crossed the miles with our mind.
Laughter , smiles and so much fun
Two visions align with a mock sun

The ice was cold and your heart warm
reflections shadow past any storms.
Endless dreams and unsung songs
skate to the tune of play along.

My ankles wobble and my knees shake
afraid I’ll fall and my heart will break.
Circle , circle round we go, feeling dizzy
you caught me so.

It’s eight forty five and I’m on the ice
bridged through time your hand in mine.
Lights a glimmer and the people fade
and for one moment I wouldn’t trade.

Hand in hand , your arms to hold
a friendship bonded out of gold.
Ice clear, the ice smooth and for
a moment my spirit soothed.

It’s eight forty five and.....
Holding your kindness to comfort though the night.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Do believe...

My imagination or a dream?

Convince me that your real
not fabricated or dream overkill.
Don’t deceive my heart, as you
were cast to play the part.

Was it out of need that I
wanted to believe ..
love would find away
making life happy
and wonderfully gay.

My eyes blinded by the fight
the heart to hold you in the night.
Imagine your with me ,without
words our hearts will speak .

Incredible as it may seem
you weren’t conjure up for me
I believe it's real and your heart I can feel.

It wan't imagination or a dream that placed you in my path it seems
Imagination caused a spark and dreams kept it burning high.

My Heart

Held my heart, then let it go
Frozen trapped of ice and snow
Can’t go forward, can’t go back
solid bridged without a gap

Struggling to understand
what this all a silly plan
Separate the smiles from tears
and let go of all the years

Winter holds a frigid scene
one that melts into spring
Hope and faith find a
way to honor a new day

Letting go of yesterday
paved a road of red clay
soft un-molded it does lay
chance to find my way
Quoting again .. "better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all"
Right or wrong is it plausible to believe that love that is fashioned upon the hills of life that seemingly challenge the heart and mind can exist in the distance. It would be denial to believe I was not touched in a way that sparks a desire to share ones life. I am midway between the top of the mountain and valley .... My mind conceives all that has happened and knows that to stand still would be to sink deeper like that of quick sand. Looking down through the valley yesterdays presentation and yet just far enough away from the mountain that I cannot see tomorrow. Deeper I fall .. still grasping and I try to hold from a distance what my heart and mind desperately felt. Stumbling I tumble ....... where are you?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Colored Snowflakes

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind... when you can lay your head on the pillow and justify your actions of the day, live within your means and accept what comes your way. When you can substantiate that your dreams are real and controlled by no other then but by your own hearts will. When you can accept the differences that meet at the cross road of life and realize the choices are not one of strife. Then you have met with “Peace of mind” and a rest there will be, when you lay your head upon the pillow and can peacefully be free.
Independence - freedom from control

Break my hands controls the writing
Break my heart and now its crying

Walls of indignity standing tall
until the battle when they fall

Chained and bound from yesterday
only holds the body at bay

Spirit longing, spirit free
no longer begging on my knees

Float above the raging waters
air above mountain high

Song of freedom courts
the moment beyond the
years where torment lie

Friday, December 09, 2005

Winter Sun

Strolling through my memory

Watch the fallen snow court the dream,
visualizing your here with me.
A compliment to the scenery, as we
stroll through my memory.
So close I can taste your lips, so strong
yet a gentle grip.
Comfort found in each moment shared,
how I wish that you were here.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

This I Am Sure Of!

If you closed your eyes once and held me with your heart. Held me with your heart and felt me in your soul. Felt me in your soul and held my hand , then we have journied where only two can travel into a realm of love that knows no boundaries.

My mind explored, my heart felt and my soul soared,as I am touched beyond the earthly wonders to the mystic that exceeded dreams.

I know!

Lay your hand upon my face and wipe away.
The sadness of yesterday and memories of gray.

I opened up my heart and let you in, rebuilding
from step one i'ts where we both begin.

I tried to erase the darkness of the night,
while your arms hold me tight.

I read between the words of yesterday and I know
you love me , even if you didn’t say.

What's Wrong with a Memory?

Where one’s memory originates from depends on whether it is a floatation device that holds you above the water or the anchors that weight you down. Those memories seeded by fear are a constant reminder of the weakness of the mind. Memories of failed choices if used as a road map to avoid the complications that come with repetitive behavior. Then of course there are the memories that bring joy.. weeding through the memories I grasped to hold a few....
the gentle kind days that I shared with you.
A soul lost at sea, memory, mirage or was it a dream?
Trapped between the earth and sky , boundaries set over time.
In the horizon a haunting true of arms stretched from me to you.
What’s wrong with a memory?
If I could pick and choose the memories that I hold
I placed the memories with you, they’re the bricks of gold.
I don’t like the counting , the measurement of a day
reminders how distant and how far away.

Memories those ghastly little reminders of what I don’t have!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pillar of My Dreams

Softly sings >
A tear fallen knows not why, my heart saddened began to die.
A joy felt for a little while ,remembers when you made me laugh and smile.

I tried to hold the memories.. when you were the pillar of my dreams.
Central to what life brings, is the walk that led to love's extremes.

The dance of fantasy brought you here , like the master of the wind you disappeared.
Now my heart alone again I fear.... as I drown in my own fallen tears....

Monday, December 05, 2005

Imagination working overtime

Step into my world , take my hand and pull me close.
The song of love fills the heart, my soul now exposed.
Fragile as the finest crystal, strong as winter breeze.
If you dare to open up , I’ll promise that I’ll please.
Place a smile upon your face, each and every morn
and give to you a winter rose without any thorns.

Merry Christmas! Through the eyes of a child...

When ever I like to think of Christmas .. I try to remember what it was like through the eyes of a child. Not much changes as we grow older ..
hope and faith and the mystery o
f life still dominates our being.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


The harder I tried to fight the madness
The deeper my heart sunk in sadness.

The tears a fallen a puddle did they make,a glimpse at the reflection caused the heart to ache.
The mountains surrounding did not impound the soul, It was in the mind that had a meticulous hold.Tense a panic began to set on in, the reign of fear setting out to win.Challenged with the moment, the breeze began to lift and there in the darkness I felt my heart a drift.
I found you in the warmth of the sun that set my heart a fire.
I found you a top the mountain where you gave dreams the power.
I found you in the field of grain where souls run free.
I found you in my arms if only in my dreams.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Built from respect are the bricks of love ....

A foundation of respect built the walls of love
housed by compassion contains rooms
for peace and harmony, passion and joy.
The gifts gain strength on rainy days as
they nourish the garden that blooms
flowers that grow stronger with
each season.

Merry Christmas!

SSnowflakes and snowboards and children sung heart chords
Frozen rivers and ice makes me shiver

One warm thought and there you appear
magic from one whom cares!

Flake by flake the snow a falling
Wind a bluster my heart a calling

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Memory Mirror

The growth of pine a foot a year
a shocking reminder, a memory mirror.
The reflection of time reminisce of fear
of life as it stands through trial and err.
Days of laughter , days of sorrow,
days that lead unto tomorrow.
One last glimpse of looking back,
to leave behind a cloud of black.