Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dreaming, Dreaming of you.....

Unexpected Love

Enthralled in the moment, as snowflakes gingerly fall
and the sun shining, finds a way through it all.

Past the thicket and the woodlands, the trail
twist and winds and soon enough the
path has us both entwined.

The water lay in silence, barely does it
move, crystal in nature, it seems
so awfully smooth.

Peering into the reflection, on the
glaze of diamond ice, a view of
unexpected love, stands the

image of you and I.


I was lost, till that day you found me ,
a kiss of life and joy all around me.

Walking like clouds beneath us,
covered with a sprinkle of love

Dreams are never the same,
quick, snap and save that frame.

I was lost till that day you found me,
a kiss of life and joy all around me.

Visions of happiness, traveling
beyond the abyss.

My heart heard the bells chime,
love songs all the time.

I was lost, till that day you found me,
a kiss of life and joy all around me


I woke to find your hands on my shoulder,
my straps falling gently to the floor.

Wrapped up in the morning moment,
my heart was begging for more.

A visual like no other, the magic of love
brought you here.
I could feel the comfort of your arms and trace
the smiles from the heavens past the tears.

Dancing hearts lovingly embrace, as the sunlight
reappears, never let go of the feeling, the love
that conquers all of fear.

Let the light live through you and turn
on in the outer hemisphere, the place where
you and I can meet, beyond the dreams
of the commoners ear.

A Winter Stroll

I was strolling, as the sun said its goodbye
and the moon took its place in the sky ,
feeling blue, without you.

Then suddenly there’s laughter and my
heart chased after, to find that you
were waiting for me, and this
was not just another dream.

With minutes behind me, the sun now
shining, as you melted every flake of
snow, with that love of yours ,
that warmly glows, over me.

I want you, to want me, to hold me
and kiss the breath of day.

I’m glad I am in your arms,
like setting off a love alarm, with you.


We don't have to paint the sky, the rainbows are in your eyes,
the dreams and magic are ours.

We don't have to dance alone, the clouds a loves zone and you
and I waltz there.

We don't have to pick a song, we knew the words all along and
our hearts now sing it.

We don't have to dream, our love reality and we can't deny it.

We don't have to shed a tear, I know how much you care....

Just look tonight, those stars shine bright
and all the world will be fine, as I have
you by my side.



Meadows and mountains, sunshine and moonbeams,
in the world of love, they’re the foundation of dreams.

Close your eyes and you will see, on this journey,
you’ve been right next to me.

I’m there when you wake up, to kiss you, my sweet
and when night falls, I’ll be the first in your dreams.

Unlike the petals of the ordinary rose, this bloom
more desirable, as each day it grows.

Everyday of the Year

Your my spring, my summer and fall,
your my love, when winter comes to call.

Mystical nymph in a winter storm.
dancing and loving, our world transformed

Love dipped snowflakes make a play,
flurry filled kisses blow your way.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Silk and Satin Dreams!

I tried to freeze each moment and hold the
frames of time, but you kept sending
sunshine to melt this heart of mine.


Why did ya go and make me love ya so?
Tamper with my heart and tie it up in a bow.

Why did ya go and make me dance and sing?
Tickle my heart and make my soul scream.

Why did ya go to such extremes, to paint
the hills with your memories.

Why did ya go and make me miss ya so ?
A hole so big, that a forest would grow.

Why did ya go and make me miss ya so?
Cause baby I'm missin you now!
I Do what I must!
I do what I must to be close to you,
as the swallowtail sucking on a
honeysuckle bloom.

Absolution divine, spins the heart
stirs the mind.

Temptation and a little tease,
excitable moments, when your
with me.

I do what I must to be close to you,
as the swallowtail sucking on a honey
suckle bloom.

So natural loves embrace, whimsical
and magical, the weave is laced.

Sweet kisses are such delight, strewn
though the stars and the moon at night.

I do what I must to be close to you,
as the swallowtail sucking on a honey
suckle bloom.
No time in our life do we absorb as much knowledge in such a quick period of time, as when we are children. It is at this time of our life that the groundwork for the future is being set.. Our beliefs mixed with hope and faith. surface through out our life to bring us through all the daily challenges. For me, life began at the age of ten, still a child and yet growing and understanding more about life then ever before. An implacable time, literally, one foot in childhood and the other leaping forward to adulthood. Awkward and yet we are examining our very place in the world. Our own self worth and acceptance. Always on the move, I was acknowledged repeatedly as the new girl in class. It made bonds of friendship even more important, or less important depending on howlong I stayed to grow roots. In many ways insecurity my very shadow and yet a insatiable
desire or a inner struggle for more.
Love is more..... I remember having a conversation with my mother, people don’t see like I do, I said, her response” God made someone for everyone, for every person born there is a partner”. Unfortunately I think we are imprisoned into small places of the mind,that we dare not allow ourselves to expand or explore beyond the backyard of our little world.
A squall of snow may blind the eyes of sight,
but even in a storm, the heart knows what feels right.

Singing> Whispers.......

Silk and satin dreams, places you next to me.
Soothing the heart and setting my soul free.

I can feel your love around me,
delicate your touch, surrounds me.

Silk and satin dreams, places you next to me,
Soothing the heart and setting my soul free.

I can feel your love around me,
delicate your touch surrounds me.


The rush of excitement, came suddenly to a stop,
a powerful explosion , love, thrust wildly,
ignited hot.

The impact of the moment, a force of reckoning,
a mishmash of emotion, conjured up the
mountain of gleam.

Brief the stimuli, the taste of nectar sweet,
the meeting of our lips, the start of every dream.

Wakens me each morning, holds my hand through
the day and when the darkness begins to fall , there
is nothing left to explain.


Stand tall, reach for the sky,
grey trunks with leafless branches,
cover mountains high.

Silence tries to play a silly game,
whispering magic, sounded out
your name.

Over the hills we run and play,
the child in us found a way.

Felt your arms hold me tight,
and love , love , love filled the
blue sky.

Tickling the sprit of my mind,
dance, dance, dance just you and

Stand tall, reach for the sky
grey trunks, with leafless branches
cover mountains high.

I never wanna get out of bed in the morning,
I don’t wanna end the dream. I’m walking
under the moonlit sandy beach and your
walking, right next to me.

I don’t wanna open my eyes, I don’t wanna
make you disappear. The embrace of
your love holding me tight, is
something I don’t wanna

Some say they’ve caught me walking,
or dancing in the air. A little bit distant, in a
a far away land, I was given them
a blank stare.

I never wanna get out of bed in the morning,
I don’t wanna end the dream. I’m walking
under the moonlit sandy beach and your
walking, right next to me.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snowflakes, Snowflakes

Snowflakes, Snowflakes

Snowflakes, snowflakes fallen down,
rainbow of colors, blanket the ground.
Purple, red, yellow and blue, a little
pink and some green came through.

Happiness, sadness and a little
desire, challenged a mountain,
set a heart on fire.

Yesterday fades away, as tomorrow
eagerly awaits. Here and now I
bow to thee, trust, faith
and hope set free.

Joy mingling with the winter
breeze, send my Love to thee.
Over the hills, my kisses go,
to the one, who I love so.
Snowflakes, snowflakes, fallen
down, rainbow of colors can
be found. Hunger, thirst,
quickly devour, the magic
of the hour.
Tender Touch
Sweet tender touch, from the start,
I felt it in my heart, like a classic work of art.
I giggled and you laughed,you had to know, that
I was all a glow, with you..
The hills began to sing and the sun to shine,
I was dancing all the time, you were always
on my mind.
This wasn't any silly fantasy, nor was I in a dream,
it was the Lords greatest scheme.
Date was set and you appeared, magically right here,
the answer to my prayer.
Sweet tender touch, from the start ,
I felt it in my heart, like a classic work of art.
Sweet tender touch, from the start,
I felt in in my heart, like a ....
La La La
La la la, said the breeze, la la la, I’m on my knees,
requesting you here, it’s just my morning prayer.

La la la, sang the bird, la la la, the music heard,
wishing you were here, so that we could share.

La la la, to the dance, la la la, I’m in a trance,
as I fall in love, under the stars above.

La la la, is the beat, la la la, of my heart,
as we compose, our love grows.

With winter finally making its rounds, the winds brushed up against the hills of the hollow, dusting the landscape with a sparkling, glow of white snow. Here I am in the middle of the season, I stopped, I glanced back, a now quick glimpse of the yesterdays, compounded like a book in review. I felt the absorption of life through the magic of time. I explored the toying of my emotional desires, as I faced the reality of what is. This incredible journey filled with indescribable cravings, some obtainable and others only a sweet tease to the heart through the minds eye.
The tips of the trees silhouetted against the early evening sky, I braced myself for the dance with three brass horses, as the memories, slipped through their grasp exuding that of liquid gold.
Laughter deeply seeded surfaced, with bellowing passion. My eyes refocusing, adjusted quickly to the outline high above the clouds, my soul, your soul and the mystical bond that brought them together.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dance with Me

Delicate Embrace

I felt the delicate embrace of my soul,
as you tenderly touched my heart
and made me lose control.

Soft and elegant as fleece and lace,
you can wrap around me anytime
or place.

Melting like snow on a hot summer day,
you warmed my spirit and made the
sadness fade.

I know the difference between wrong and
right, and when you feel the winds kiss ,
we’re on a all time high.

Racing with a cheetah, is the beat of my heart,
and happens every time you give it a jump

Morning, evening and all through the night
I’m laughing, giggling and holding your
love tight.

I felt the delicate embrace of my soul,
as you tenderly touched my heart and
made me lose control.

For your eyes only......

The heavens smiled down the day you took my hand,
touched my heart, blew life into my soul
and taught my spirit
how to dance.

I would rather feel your embrace in the spirit of the
wind , then feel the emptiness
from the dark clouds
of hell.

I was once surround by meaningless bric brac upon the shelves,
cold dark, lifeless and empty. Like the wind on a blustery winter
day, all became a blur. For love had replaced the sins of time,
and replacing the chill is the magic of friendship.

There was a hole of need within my heart,
that hungered to be filled. Day by day you
placed your love, and quickly it healed.
Overflowing, the laughter exuded from
within and when I tried to hold it back ,
a explosion uncontrollably began.

My eyes lit in sparkle, music
filled the air and with the help
of the magic of love, you and I
were dancing there.

Numb and shaken, I looked on unto the clouds
and in the spacious beauty, the joy
of life was found.

Reflecting from the heavens, and held within
the heart, is the day you gave
life to laughter and
to love a spark.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

For the rest of my.........

If you filtered out the color and made transparent the heart,
you could still view the rainbow, its been there from the start.
The excitement from the moment that someone was listening
in and dared to sketch upon the canvas and set my life a spin.
You can see a rock with sharp and rough edges,
but held within the heart softens
with remarkable amount
of pleasure.

The Mountains

The Finest Weave

No more delicate a lace, then that woven from your soul,
breathtaking and refreshing, brocades a heart of gold.

Nurtured beauty, agitated from deep within, inlays the pearls
of love, intricately and without sin.

The rarest gems flung through out the world, could not
compare, with the beauty spun like a soft silken curl.

No limits set, on how for the emotions span, or the
distance I would go to simply hold your hand.

Twisted finery, molded into a filigree, creates a treasure
the best of you and me.

The Mountains

When the mountains come between us and the river overflows,
open your heart to passion and allow the magic to grow.

No dance upon the cloud nor a common routine to bond,
with your eyes wide open, allow your soul to command.

Each step closer, explores beyond the distance and unlocking
the gateway, delights with quite the performance.

Transforming from mere mortal, standing firm I brace
as the sketch of silhouettes, outlined loves embrace.

The energy was triggered when the explosion
took to the sky and ricocheting to the heart lit
something from inside.

Trembling with the moment, I knew that I had
witnessed, the angels gift upon us, the day
love was thrust within us.


What I wouldn't do

What I wouldn't do to be with you,
to watch you smile and hear the
laughter singing.
What I wouldn't do, to stroll with you,
and feel the evening air, tickling our
What I wouldn't do, to dance with you
and feel your arms around me.
What I wouldn't do........ to

When the Child in Us Plays.......

Ice crystals, winter dreams compete for your attention.
Love chasing, souls embracing. to hold you near.

In the magic of the moment, all sadness disappears,
Love chasing , souls embracing , I hold you here >

When the eastern wind blows...

Winter Surprises

A blanket of icy rain, sparkling over the winter green,
freezing the moment you fist appeared to me.

The unexpected stories, the days in all their glory,
capsulated in rare form, crystals of love.

Tickling with laughter, placed me in a
trance, dazed from that day after, I dove in
and took a chance.

Erratic my heart beat, the smiles uncontrollable,
and beauty unimaginable, mysteriously unfold.

Unlocking the gateway to all that life holds, I
grabbed your hand and held it tight, as we
stroll creating memories of gold.

Envision a pillow fight, two children up all night,
until we tire and roll up tight, in each others arms.

Place a kiss on your lips, love like this need no
script, let your hands explore, as my heart

begs for more.

Close your eyes and feel the tease, that is
exactly what you do to me, every time I
start to dream, poof! there ya are again
with me.

Taking on the sky of blue, I’m hopelessly
in love with you, cloud surfing my way

to you.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

See ya in my dreams......


Dancing above the skies of blue,
on the clouds of love, I’m there for you.

Shear lace from my shoulders slip and
fall and bearing my heart,
await your call.

Day and night such sweet embrace, the
moment laughter found its rightful place.

Fluff the clouds, call the angels tonight,
whisper sweet darling, to you a goodnight.


I find comfort as I gaze out the bedroom window, knowing the stars that blanket the sky in my little world,will shine brightly over yours. Warmth reaches deep down into my soul, in knowing, that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I enter your thoughts through the heart. The fire that burns uncontrollably, is the flame of love which brilliantly glows releasing the magic that ignites each moment with joy.

The heart holds the secrets, the sparkle gives them away.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Mystery of Life

I thought I found a place where I could run away, the ultimate for the mind and soul to escape,
the further into the journey, the more distant you stood. Like a child in circles I was trapped in the woods. The thicket awfully heavy with brier bush all around, but with winters clothes, I kept closer to the ground. A few thorns made their way into the surface of my skin, just enough to remind me I wasn’t sleeping in.

Finally a top the mountain, where the land levels off , I tried to distant the memories, not to give them any thought. The sky draped like a canopy, repelled the saddening of the heart, sealing in the sounds of a song bird, the melody of the Lark.

Covering so much territory and still no where to go, the moments filled with mystery had finally let me go. Leaves of Oak that had dried and fallen on the ground, created a bed , inviting to lay the soul on down. For a few moments I curled like a baby in its worldly womb, secure without the darkness that most certainly can loom. Moments rushed to hours and I questioned where I stood,I was lost in my mind and still very little understood.

A treasure box opened, a glimpse of the inside,
an unwelcome visitor viewed the gifts of heart
and mind.

I saw the words of yesterday, folded and set aside,
an invasion into my thoughts and moments of
shared time.

The chill shook me like a stampede of rhino’s
running free, the pounding of my heart felt
the pressure from the weight of the deepest,
darkest sea.

The intrusion head on into the path of respect,
colliding with destruction, left nothing but a mess.

Weakened is the foundation that from
the start was poorly set, the first blocks
of life need love to be there best.

The structure that tumbles to the ground,
lacked the adhesive of trust to keep it firmly

Saddened am I for only one chance we
will ever get, to walk the earth in happiness,
without the worry of a threat.

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Dance of My Dreams

Your there when I wake up and when I go to sleep,
dancing to angel whispers, on a cloud driven dream.

I curtsied with a giggle, you bowed with a smile and
every step from there on , closed the gap in the miles.

A little bit of soft shoe, oh! you have the right moves,
the feel of your embrace, was way overdue.

Your there when I wake up and when I go to sleep,
dancing to angel whispers, on a cloud driven dream.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Searching Love

The top ten topics on and off the internet, travel, food and wine, health, sports, technology, music, entertainment, shopping and the local metro, and yet Love had not even made the list. The most beautiful of emotion the joy of living.

You could travel the world over and without someone to share the journey, you might as well stay in Porchville. The element of love is what makes the exploration so much more beautiful.

Food a much talked about subject world over, some have very little, others to much. For many it's a pacifier and may be even be used as a form of communication. making sure they have . A bottle of wine, if you have to drink it alone, or the smell of a apple pie baking with no one coming home, the absence of love, allows loneness to roam.

Sports, either your the spectator or the participator, but rarely are either one of these competitive in the arena of one. Without at least a second person, the challenges are minimal and if no one is viewing who would know of your accomplishments. It is the love of sports in group events that keeps people excited and coming back to the sharing of a segment in their day.

Technology and Gadgets as one on one an experience and yet it is stilled filled with respect admiration for others. You enjoy the talent of the creator, without it the world would be a much larger, empty and filled with a wide group of untouched people. Employers love the control it gives them, children love the power that they are given and the list goes on.

Music and entertainment covers a wide range of enjoyable moments, our respect for the musician, writers, commercials, radios, television, is found in our purchase of products and allowing it into all the crevices of our life. Music is so widely spread through out our lives that we don’t even think about all the places in the day that it appears. Remove the sounds of music from our life and the world will be much quieter a place but not necessarily a warmer place. The sounds of music and laughter are the beginnings elements that touches the heart and soul. Music, literature and all fields of the arts create a variety of ambiance stirring all of the emotions, including the warmth of magic, the nesting place for lovers.

Whether you choose to shop locally or hit the metro, travel, share a luncheon with a friend, prepare a special meal, bake, listen to music, create your own magic, wind down with a drink, all these moments in your life are heightened when you are able to share your world with another. Everything we do falls under the title of living and loving life.

Nothing can compete with love, love is the
ultimate emotion that prepares the soul
for total enjoyment of living.

A walk, while the cardinals cluster in trees,
or a stroll hand in hand
in the wind blown
winter breeze. A touch of the heavens,
a embrace of
the earth, the magic
your feeling is love
giving birth.

Life has a few aches and pains but the end result,is what love births.The joy that grows from the heart is more beautiful and stronger, then a thousand white horses set free upon the mountains and entwines heart to heart more rapidly then wildly grown ivy as it entangles through a overgrown garden. This is love in all its glory as it continues to bloom.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Most Magical of Space

A brass hinged gate swung open wide
and you and I entered, to see what was inside.

A hidden treasure, a friendship of gold, the
secrets of life, that have yet to be told.

Once in the garden, we laughed and we
played, sharing simple joy, we were
released from the day.

Entwined with the feel of hearts in embrace,
with two on lookers, Duck Mabel and
her life long mate...

They Quacked a few giggles, blushed a
red faced, as they watched love,
beautifully taking place.

Nature has a few secrets of love and
care, but I have a better one, it
magically brings you here.

Close your eyes my darling and
allow your mind to race, into
the secret garden , our most
magical of space.
Once yesterdays Hideaway

Cobwebs in corners, spiders down
the wall, dust on the boxes and
scattered memories fall.

Letters of love, books and
childhood dreams, tears of
yesterday, taken to extreme.

Sudden joy and laughter
is shared
and the darkness
of the day, just disappears.

The presence of love,
warms my heart and
lit the room , giving off
a emotional spark.

The Gables in silence, now
filled with song. Hearts

have met, where only fear
once belonged.

Wooden floors, now marble lay,
and the walls of darkness
have no debate.

No king nor queen in this fairytale,
or stories of magic or unneeded skills.

For two hearts a fancy and two
hearts play, in my corner...... once


With the distance has come a sense of healing, making light of emotion is the avoidance of heartbreak. In understanding the heart and mind as it clings on to memories and moves on to new beginnings. The teetering effect eventually balances to strengthen the spirit. With your patience and loyalty you have seen me through the trials of injustice to surface the heart above rough waters.

I laughed as we salted the slug and squashed him into history. The closing of one door leads to the opening of another through each days reflection. I understand more then ever that life is a set of Dominoes , each leaning upon the other, builds a sequence of events to promote growth through a structure of experience in the trails and triumphs of life.


Frost covered path, a blanket lay,
to ten mile creek, on a cold winter day.

Train whistling on down the tracks,
steaming with a load of coal on its

Courted by the birds in the spiraling
trees, I started singing to your

Dancing across a fallen branch,
holding your hand, I was taking
a chance.

Allow your heart to mesh with
mine, knotted a braid that will
never untwine.

Life is a work of art, museum
quality, can’t duplicate the spark.

The closer you are and the more
I see, how wonderful life was
meant to be.

Every morning and every night,
I thank the Lord for making
everything right.