Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unsung Serenade

February Storm

Half way through winter
and spring at our backdoor,
the rain again is falling and
nourishing the earths floor.

Soon there will be flowers
to document each day,
like the love in my heart,
that forms a bouquet.


Some people like the sounds and sights of a storm. The thunder that awakens the spirit and the lightening which  reveals what's in store. Overwhelmed am I by the clouds of gray as I look for your arms and the comfort to make its way. My body starts to quiver as a chill takes to my bones and the wind changing direction brings with it the unknown. Gazing off into the darkness of the day, my thoughts are rather simple, " a morning and kiss while in your embrace."


When you can't see tomorrow
and the road before you fades,
remember who loves you in
in the unsung serenade.

I am here to hold your hand
and whisper the words of love,
from my heart the treasure
to be called on demand.

There to watch the sunrise and
catch the stars shining bright,
while I'm feeling your heartbeat
next to me morning and night.

When you can't see tomorrow
and the road before you fades,
remember who loves you in
the unsung serenade.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Touched My Heart

Sow the seeds of faith, 
 grow love, reap happiness. 
The greatest pleasure is
embraced by the calm,
surrounded by peace,
comforted by love. 

I do not emulate the dream...I live it. 
I anxiously await the spring time serenade, 
the music to the heart, when souls in love parade. 
I am in awe with the love  which
 embraces at a distance. 

Faith to guide us, 
trust to strengthen,
love to bring us peace. 

My Heart is Open

I can hear the pounding of the river as it hits up against the rocks and the loons call that never seems to stop. I can see the sun rise as it crest the hills and the cascading wild roses with a scent that is sent to thrill. I can see the dreams that placed you in my arms and I can hear the music from the heart that continues to charm. ~


Sings>My heart is open and there I find, the magic of love that makes you mine.The dreams that take me to you , the song of angels in the skies of blue.

I race to sleep each night, just so that I may get a glimpse of the sights, the silhouettes of you and I, the entwined embrace that rules the heavens high.

My heart is open and there I find, the magic of love that makes you mine. The dreams that take me to you, the song of angels
in the skies of  blue.

I hold my pillow and I think of you and with my eyes closed I let the dreams come through. We take the stars and set commands so each sparkle meets with loves demands.

My heart is open and there I find, the magic of love that makes you mine. The dreams that take me to you, the song of angels in the skies of blue.

River side,
you and I,
strolling by,
side by side.

Summer days,
clouded haze,
dreams of you,
that never fade.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet Morning Kiss

Rice flowers a special treat,
the scent of heaven at our feet.
Awakened by the morning sunshine,
only to find you are still on my mind.

Your there in my heart night and day,
the treasure of love never, ever fades.
Like the stars to the heavens, and the
heaves to the sky, you are always on
my mind.

High above the clouds, just a dream away,
release my heart and free my soul today.
Replace the sadness with happiness and
glee and all the joy of new memories.

Hear the voice of angels, whisper to you,
listen as they sing the songs of love true.
Sending sunshine on the darkest of days,
and the warmth of love to dry up all the rain.

High above the clouds, just a dream away,
release my heart and free my soul today.
Replace the sadness with happiness and
glee and all the joy of new memories.


This is rather simple, Oh! simple indeed,
the arms of love is all we truly need.
Like a rainbow after a summer storm,
because all we need is love so warm.

There is nothing I can really say,
that would change how I feel today.
Deep in my heart, forever you'll stay,
as I found the path to happiness in
the most unusual way.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ten Year Chapter

I never liked my picture taken and I was one of those people who would go out of their way to avoid it. Always behind the camera and rarely in front of it. Ten years ago something drastically changed in me. It had nothing to do with my exterior being, the changes were coming from deep inside. I wasn't afraid of being me and I accepted  my flaws and my assets and well I was okay with who I was. I found a happiness and a joy for life that I had never experienced. It wasn't anyone or  one particular event that caused this change. I think it was a part of growing.
From that point of time, many things have happened. I call them milestones, one being friendship, the big one my drivers license, confidence, self respect, laughter and dreams and stepping from the shadows and  the ultimate gone with "the wind "darling I just don't give a damn" attitude. I still teeter about trying to hold on to the positive and let the negative go. Partially that has to do with the heavy weights that are tied to hold one down. 
I can safely look back and say that a new chapter had begun in my life. I accepted the paths that opened before me and without complete understanding traveled through an amazing journey. 
I had the usual experiences that people encounter , loss of friendships, broken hearts, death of loves ones, financial trials and a slew of the unimaginable. But there is also positive memories. My daughter prepared to bring her senior project to a close and she was complemented on a well done report. I reminded her that she did well on it, not because she worked on a project, but because she lived it. Life is a culminating project, we just keeping learning and learning and through our experiences we build the necessary character needed to fulfill our intended purpose on earth.

It started with a tickle and I learned again to laugh and then a little passion and my life before me flashed. Friendship had spoken and the gates quickly unlocked and though time is quickly passing my life has yet to stop. There is a tear for yesterday, you wiped it gently away and a smile for tomorrow that I am working on today. The road is not paved smooth like sheets of glass, therefore an occasional stumble might land us on our ... 

and so falls the rain.

To hold you,
to kiss you and to love you. 

 Bleeding Heart 

When passion meets with love and creates the undeniable 
pleasures of an eternal bliss...so burns the flames. 

I don't need to escape with the mind,
I am facing the trails of darkness and
I believe I have got it right this time.

The warm sunlight of the morning
the magic of the the moonlit sky
and than it is simple, it is you and I
Standing beside you,
holding you so tight,
I thank the Lord,
that gave us both
day and night.

Unspeakable treasures,
 though worlds apart,
from the moment
we wake up and
get our morning start.
I am frightened and not...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dearest Love

Sings>How can I tell you,what can I say? To
make you understand what  my heart feels
each day. The love I have for you , my need
of you and the way you make my skies so blue.

Magical the dreams that cast you the one,
my friend, partner, my dearest love. The one
who holds my hand and pulls me to a stand,
as we dance night under moon lit skies.

How can I tell you, what can I say? To
make you understand what my heart feels
each day. The love I have for you, my need
of you and the way you make my skies so blue.

Nothing can compare to the thoughts that
bring you near, as close as the air I breathe,
as wonderful as my nightly dreams.

How can I tell you, what can I say? To
make you understand what my heart feels
each day, The love I have for you, my need
of you and the way you make my skies so blue.
Snow melts,
snow falls,
 night calls
 and I engage
 in the dreams.

Rivers rage,
rivers still,
and the wind
whispers your name.

Tear drops,
ever after,
as I document
our love each day.

Heart beat,
while we face,
what comes our way.

When the day is over
and the stars rule the sky,
I'm surrounded by darkness
and a light of love shines.

When all seems lost
my heart cries out for you,
and I close my eyes and
I let your love on through.

If you ever been to an equestrian event, you know the various obstacles that are placed on the track to challenge the horse. Life is pretty much like that obstacle course. We are always facing changes whether they are the daily ones created in our mind or the ones that surface from life itself. Throughout the years I have met with many obstacles and I have felt like the horse that gets a good running start and jumps each one and sometimes fails to make it. It seems that we are hit with various levels and each one a little different with many complicated levels. It takes discipline, focus and the willingness to overcome the barriers.
There are those times that you become overwhelmed and you run and you jump and you find your self on the ground looking up. You ask yourself why am I here? Why this road? Why so many struggles? Why a certain path? Why so many walls and barriers? It is at the point of when you ask yourself all these questions, that you feel the warmth of a friend, the helping hand, the grateful customer, the stranger whose life you made a difference in. It can be a word or an action, the thought or a reaction, but it seems at that point we get back up and we are able to find the courage to again run and jump.
I have worked for years, studied and created something from nothing. I have met with personal challenges, lost a few battles, missed a few jumps. On a professional level I have also witnessed by own trials, my weaknesses and my strengths. It is the friendship that believes that I am " all that" and the customers who remind me that I have achieved something beyond my wildest dreams. It is comparable to being in a boat with a hole in it and you keep trying to bucket the water out, the faster you remove it the faster the water floods in. But than something amazing happens and that hole in the boat is patched.
Part of me looks at life and says "whoaaaa  wait a minute, time is going to fast and I have so much to do." There is another side of me that says, "when our time is up, it's up and little we can do to change that." I try to remind myself that one wasted day worrying about something we can't change is a loss of a valuable moment in time. It's at that time when I run and jump, miss and find myself looking up that I have to step back and analyze my mistakes. It is not always easy to admit our own failures.
I have tried to build on a more solid foundation, to create a safety net in hopes that I have the correct elements during a major jump and I am able to accomplish the goals in which I have set out to do. I am not always ready and I don't always have the answers, but as long as when I am reaching, you're reaching back, " all is right with the world."

It is not what we think,
it is what we feel,
not what we want,
but what we need. 

It is not what we receive,
but what we give, 
not how many times we fall,
but how many times we get up. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take my hand... my heart is yours!

I don't like to think it is being over emotional but I have always been sensitive to my surroundings.   I believe that is why music is so important. I need to fix the speaker wire on my desk computer because I miss playing music while I work. I feel indifferent  and yet I have accomplished a good bit today. It was this decision that I made which said I will not let others control my moment. Easier said than done and before you know it I was encouraging others to get motivated and to not worry.
The sun has set and only the dance of the candle flame can be seen as it turns a darkened wall into a romantic stage performance. The music is playing in the background and I feel such a warmth. Rising from my chair and with my eyes closed, the magic of dreams places you into my arms. Swaying gently back and forth and feeling your love almost as much as I can feel the music. I am surprised that my heart isn't racing and that I feel the utmost sense of calm. This is our world, peaceful and wonderful and no one can intervene with the bonding of souls. Slowly rocking to the music, I twirl as if you were going to pull me so close that nothing can separate the merging of our souls . I continued to dance as the next song came on and my body felt a quick quiver. I am afraid to open my eyes in fear that reality will not be as kind as the dance upon the clouds. I placed my hand close to my own lips and felt the warm of my breath. The music had away of bringing you close and closer, so close that I reached into the thin air and  felt the embodiment of  your being. For a few brief moments I danced in the world of fantasia and you my love stepped magically into my heart, kissed with passion and embraced as no lover as ever embraced before.

I danced,

                            I smiled,

I quivered,

                      I embraced

                                  and  I live because I dared to love.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Injured wing ...

...reminders are everywhere.

I don't ever remember gazing into the February sky as much I have been doing this year. In part the weather has been unusual for February. The days have been warm and the night sky a little clearer. The planets were large and bright and I felt honored to be in their presence.
I found myself some what distant over the last few days. Almost as if I am part of the abstract, neither here nor there. Lost in the abyss, my feet neither touching the soil of the earth nor the clouds in the heavens.
To want, to need, to love.

Strip away the darkness,
view the intimate embrace
of you and I as we stand
heart to heart and face to face.

Words of undying  love,
drawings on the wall,
the painting in the clouds,
as the angels come to call.

Etched to the heart ,
seared to the soul,
the dreams of love,
the night has it all.

Dance my love dance,
wipe away the tears,
you are in my arms,
and this night is ours
to share.

I created a world with the walls of Jericho,
as they coming tumbling down.
I don't know where I belong,
my wings are grounded.

...when rain falls.

Drops of rain,
falling down on me,
wakens the spirit,
unlocks the memories.

The heart weeps,
tears fall from the eyes,
all the while flustered,
from the chill inside.


Monday, February 20, 2012

The Sweetest of Dreams

The threads of adventure,
the spirit of your soul,
ties your heart to mine
as a ribbon of love unfolds.

The cherished treasure,
not of silver and gold,
more precious the weave,
like silk spun over tulle.

Hums the wordless song of love,
the sounds my heart sings for you,
haunting to the soul the petition
request that you love me too.

No deception in the music you hear,
as the love responds to the sound,
from that which emanates from
deep in your soul and embraces
with a tender and loving hold.

It is the bonding of two souls,
 in their unspoken words. with
the sounds of silence each beat
of their hearts can be heard.


Upon a Star

Sings> Sunshine on rainy days,
            blue skies out of gray.
            Your love found a way,
            to touch my heart.

           Rainbows across the sea,
           star packed sweet memories.
           Happiness in every dream,
           when I hold you in my heart.

I was talking to the wind and I guided it to you, I packed it with my dreams and a kiss or two.Blow swiftly dear wind until you brush against his soul and reveal the love that flows like gold from a spool.

            Sunshine on rainy days,
            blue skies out of gray.
            Your love found a way,
            to touch my heart.

           Rainbows across the sea,
           star packed sweet memories.
           Happiness in every dream,
           when I hold you in my heart.

Stars that spell your name, clouds that do the same, midnight skies for you, with whispers of I love you. Gaze unto the night sky and remember what you have inside. I gave to you my love, you gave to me the dream.

            Sunshine on rainy days,
            blue skies out of gray.
            Your love found a way,
            to touch my heart.

           Rainbows across the sea,
           star packed sweet memories.
           Happiness in every dream,
           when I hold you in my heart.


I feel your love ,
I know it to be true,
I feel your love and
I hope you feel mine too.

Poetry is part passion
and emotion with a touch of insanity.
I wanted to run, 
and I started to hide,
I wanted to laugh
and I started to cry.

I wanted to live 
and part of me died,
I wanted to love 
so I took the sky.

I chose the best cloud ,
it was a fluff of white.
I took your hand to my
heart to dance all night. 

White chiffon caught
up in the wind and you
dressed in your finest and
now our dance begins. 

Graciously you bowed
 and sweetly I yes, 
one day or a thousand, 
we'll dance what we have left. 

I smiled with happiness and
 tears ran down my cheek. 
You wiped them so gently
and I stood staring in disbelief. 

The stars were shining and the
 heavens played a tune, while
we counted all our blessing 
underneath the full moon. 

Our hearts in unison beat fast
and faster with time, as I felt
your body pressing hard and
yet gentle up to mine. 

I wanted forever but time 
plays a game and offered
us this moment, where 
our hearts begin to flame.

Passion held you as close
as can be and it was my 
utmost devotion which 
dared to believe. 

Sings>I looked at my pillow and I pulled my blanket close, my hands a typing and my mind engrossed. I have yet to start the dream that places you in my arms, but I am content on believing that I can wish upon a star. 

I go about thinking of you and wondering my darling if you're thinking of me too. My mind starts to drift that I am lying next to you , my head upon chest whispering the words of I love you. 

I looked at my pillow and I pulled my blanket close, my hands a typing and my mind engrossed. I have yet to start the dream that places you in my arms, but I am content on believing that I can wish upon a star. 


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sweetness of your lips

Sings> I wanna wake up each and every morning and taste the sweetness of your lips. I wanna make the moment last forever, so I may pleasure you with my good morning kiss.

You are the stars that blanket the night and the love that I hold inside. You are the sun light in the morning, the warmth that eases my troubled mind.

I wanna wake up each and every morning and taste the sweetness of your lips. I wanna make the moment last forever, so I may pleasure you with my good morning kiss.

Frightened was I when sorrow had me blind, when all my yesterdays were lost and my soul felt the chill of the winters frost.

I wanna wake up each and every morning and taste the sweetness of your lips. I wanna make the moment last forever, so I may pleasure you with my good morning kiss.

I fell down on my knees and begged the night to set me free. Let me feel the arms of love as they hold me tightly.Brake the cycle that darkens my life and take my hand and make this moment right.

I wanna wake up each and every morning and taste the sweetness of your lips. I wanna make the moment last forever, so I may pleasure you with my good morning kiss.

...if all else fails, spritz's perfume.

My  seven year old granddaughter asked me about the ghost in the attic. I said " there are no ghost in the attic." She said " well yeah there are " I said " did you see any ghost in the attic?" she responded with " no but I heard them ." I told her it was impossible that I removed all the ghost in the attic and I gave her bottle of perfume to keep, that rids the attic and anywhere else of bad spirits.
The child who is afraid of something she cannot see is also capable of believing that there is some magical spray that will rid the attic of evil. It is instilled in us at a very early age to fear what we can't see. We create and build walls and barriers that prevent us from our intended walk upon the earth. The cautious attitude can be away of protecting ourselves or limiting the discovery of our very own journey.
Our emotions are sometimes feared as well,  as we try to replace sorrow with happiness and hate with love, fear with courage, unrest with peace. We can't always see our emotions but they live within us never the less.
What can remove the negative in our life and how do we replace the coldness with a more positive warmth. First and foremost you start with love and it will generate the positive and all good things will flow even when we think it is impossible.
Sometimes like the child who believes that perfume can make a ghost dissipate into thin air, just believing can bring about a positive change. Whether that belief is in a higher power,  prayer, love or a bottle of perfume all that we need is not found in others but right there deep within our heart.

If you have not felt my tender touch,
can you still not feel my embrace?
For I have given you my warmest love
and nothing shall ever take its place.

Be Happy,

You have the happiness and the dreams of love, my whispers sweet, in your heart from day one. Just listen my darling and the words you'll hear are like the song in my soul that brings you near.

Don't be sad, no darkness to claim, I'm giving you sunshine every single day. Just feel the kiss I've left on your lips through the wind it blows and like honey it drips.

Let yourself embrace the joy and feel happy as to you my love I deploy. My arms are around you, they have yet to let go, holding you close as the day goes.

Somethings don't seem to make any sense, like distance and time that creates a fence. The love so tender and sweet void of the flesh to heart a retreat.

Look around and you will see how much you mean to me. The dirt and the gravel beneath your feet and the stars in the sky will have you believe.

I am there in the morning when you open your eyes, I'm smiling down on you and touching you from inside. The nights seem lonely,
that maybe true, but I am there beside you in all that you do.

Be happy not sad,
I love you.
Be happy not sad,
I love you.
Be happy not sad,
yes I do.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

with every beat of my ...

I can barely keep my eyes open...

I am singing the song,
the song of my heart,
Loving you my darling,
on our very own star.

I can only write the words,
those from within my heart
and so I listen attentively
to our love which flows
from heart to soul and
soul to mind.

I am rambling...
I need you

I'm loving you, I dreaming the dreams under skies of blue.

There is a road I have yet to travel,
there is a dream I have yet to partake,
there is a love waiting patiently for me
and in your arms is  where I will be.

There is a mountain I have yet to climb,
there is a river that separates you and I.
We'll challenge the moment and break
all barriers of time and with this kiss I'll
make you mine.

I followed the stars etched to the night sky, sparkling bright they awakened my mind. Like the flames of my heart and the dreams that await, I followed what both your heart and mine partakes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday was one of those days when it was difficult  to focus and you can't pull all those lose strings together. I'll be blunt it was a do nothing day. As I finished up on some projects this afternoon, I was pleased that my do nothing day only lasted one day. Partially I was overwhelmed by the many jobs that were needed to be done and a little melancholy over the unknown limitation which creates a circumference around us all. There was also and outer realm which has bombarded me with needless worry. I had to remind myself, what is ...is and that we are responsible for our own individual being and actions.
I must say the weather hasn't been helping. It is not that it is so cold, but that very little sunshine makes it way through the clouds. Everyone calls it one thing or another, seasonal disorder, blah, blah, blah. There is no doubt that light generates energy which in turn triggers the chemicals within us. For a few weeks I had been really on my toes, working out at the gym, but this week I just needed a break.
Yeah, yeah, yeah I like what I do, that is why I do it. I like writing, creating and developing, researching herbs and studying plants. Each year I think of one hundred reasons not to do the events and one big reason why I do it. I like it. I like the people and I like the stage in which I created a world  unique to me. There might have been one particular reason why I started, but that to has changed over the years. When I set up for an hour, a day or a week, I am simply me, doing what I love to do.
I am trying to categorize the poetry this week, work on greeting cards, framed art work etc and pick out some of the old favorites that people seem to never tire of. It is destiny, whether we like it or not we are destined to fulfill the journey. It is not always on our terms, but never the less there is the mystery, the excitement, the unknown which awaits us all in each and every tomorrow.

Yesterday and Tomorrow

The Idle Fir Tree

Like the idle fir tree that can see but cannot speak, I to stood idle without voice. Unable to move the world around me at a disarray. The years were filled with silent cries that had gone unanswered. The paralysis of emotion kept secretly tucked away. My stance was that of the fir tree, as its branches grew and reached out, I to was growing and reaching, with all of my life at my fingertips, I reached inward to find the strength, to uproot an find my place outside my minds existence.

The Hollow

It was not the trees, the rage of the stream, the hills surrounding or the silence bridged to the extreme. The walls  rigid and a burden to overcome. formed by doubt and at the time when insecurity had won. But something happened and at the time I didn't understand, the wall was crumbing and my spirit was on the run. Reaching and grasping to the heavens blue, I opened the gates and all my dreams flooded through. I thought each path I walked all had an end, until I realized they were all beginning and there really no end. Sometimes I felt tired and weary was I, until I opened up my heart and let your love inside. There are no hills of loneliness, the stream carries on with the dream and the hills filled with challenges now erased from memory. It doesn't really matter what tomorrow holds, for today I have the gift of love and from my soul it unfolds.

It isn't always what we think it is,
 but it always is...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My sister Gabriella loved to sing, sometimes I see her in my own daughter. Aging came to mind this morning and made me think of this one particular song she always sang. It was by Paul McCartney and Wings, " Treat her Gently." I loved listening to her as I do my own daughter.  The irony is in that she loved the song but never had the opportunity to grow old. In this particular song it is about aging and love. You know you have found true love, when they see the beauty in you even though you have aged.
I think growing old together has a beauty of its own. Rare as it is , it is like the walk on the beach, hand in hand , gazing into the sunset.

To love is to grow old together 
and love more with each  beat of the heart.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

I  gazed unto night the sky, 
the stars were twinkling bright,
as if they had our love in mind. 

The silence broken, my heart
accepted openly, the beauty of 
song, that sings of sweet dreams.

Reality reveals the heart a fool,
the soul silent and the mind troubled. 

We need not emulate love
for once seeded it grows
Spun in darkness, 
unraveled by light,
embracing love, 
trembles inside.

Cherished moments,
passion explored,
touched my heart,
with forevermore. 
If I should leave my footprint
gentle upon the earth, than to
you I leave my heart where
your love was quickly 

To cherish and to nurture, 
and secure with happiness
and glee, tapped from 
the the heart of faith and trust,
seared to the memory. 

Valentines day! another one of those Calendar mandated holidays. When I first began to write, it was to acknowledge the existence of love. My promise became that in the three hundred and fifty six days of the year for the rest of my life I would celebrate the emotions which taught me not only the need to be wanted, but the magic of love that rises a soul to the level of " Dancing on Clouds." Dancing on Clouds became a metaphor for the excitement and thrill that places you in an existence free of earthly struggles. It's the feeling as if your feet really are off the ground. When a person makes you so happy and you make them happy, that is a true dance upon the clouds.
 I use to say that everything in life is fifty/fifty, you give and you receive the love in return, until one day many years ago an acquaintance said that in a partnership it is a one hundred/ one hundred. Giving of yourself fully without thought and without expectation, only to find that when you least expect it you get it one hundred percent in return. I couldn't help but think of the current Valentines day holiday and a first experience with in grade school. Spending time as a child deciding who should get what card and finding out which ones you will get in return. The once a year holiday holiday of love cast shadows upon my thoughts. Like a glass heart shattered fragments pierced my being. Many believe if love is embraced equally throughout the year and celebrated, that we become numb and to comfortable that we fail to appreciate it. By giving holidays a special place on the calendar we more respectful of our emotions and it keeps us from becoming lazy in our actions. That is the error of our human ways, for love is so spectacular and wonderful in its ability to do good. Love, the tool of kindness, the path to peace and happiness which reveals no sweeter gift. When placed in the heart it grows and reaches the untapped resources of the soul.

 I shall celebrate each day,
 and welcome in my heart,
the love and happiness you
 bring close and from afar.

 I shall always be grateful,
 and never ever forget,
the mystery and magic that
allows my soul to soar.

 Loneliness will have no place,
 nor sorrow or despair, for once
 you are placed in the heart, there
 is nothing left to fear.

 The web sometimes constrictive
 blocks the view, but all I need to do
 my love is close my eyes and review.

 The hands of time keep moving,
 the robin sings her song and my
thoughts now in passing,
 link me unto your arms.

 I pause as if to imagine another
time and place, where the burdens
 are less and we are dreaming
face to face.

 Sunshine at my window,
 the dance between you and I
 and a river sailing ships of love
 from your heart to mine.

 Calming is the moment,
 relaxed as if by the shore,
 I glance into the hills to see
 what life has in store.

 The season will pass, the day
 will fade away but like the buds
 hidden within the trees, our love
 is here to stay.

 These words are filled with emotion, 
and all my love for you and when I
 write I leave my love spiraled high
 upon the heavens blue.

 Eternity has spoken and accepted 
with glee, the heart felt emotions 
shared of our love so tender, warm
 and sweet. 

 I grasped into the darkness to pull 
 your love near and the tears of love
 flowed from my heart and sailed
 you gently here. 

 Weep not dear angels, though 
distance plays the cards, rendered
 love lives on each day, through 
each beat of our hearts.
You're just a dream away, 
my every waken thought, 
the air I breathe and the 
kiss of love to the heart. 

You're my sweet happiness,
the magic of sunrise, the 
star filled wonders of the 
night sky. 

You're the love that guides
me through out the day, 
holds my hand and stands 
against the skies of gray. 

You're the joy from the 
moment I fall asleep till
I open my eyes. 


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Prose of the Heart

The moon light glistens on the newly fallen snow and there in the night the child fails to let go. Sliding down the hill as fast as I could go, while my mine drifts to the love that in my heart continues to grow.  One single silhouette of lovers can been seen, high above the clouds through my every dream. Passionate the embrace that entwines the heart and soul all the while creating a bond that only time can hold.
I wondered about the decisions from early in my life, where they took me and if I made them right. But somethings simply are meant to be, like a map of life that directed you to me. I saw the stars in the heavens shining bright and the joy of love that gave to my heart the beauty of sight. I wasn't expecting nor did I hope to find the magic of the moment that touched your heart to mine.The season blankets the hills with a dust of white, the fallen snowflakes that give to the hollow a breath of life.
 Joyously the heavens were smiling down on us, sending in the angels to direct without any fuss. They sent us on a path that neither could avoid and taught our hearts to sing and celebrate with joy. The days would be awfully lonely and the nights unbearable, had it not been for your love and the magic which it holds. To takes an ordinary day and brighten with delight and just enough of the sunshine to make each day feel right .
The mountains replaced by tiny grains of sand and the rivers bridged by all of loves demands. We conquered distance, we challenged the day and we made the world more beautiful in the most amazing way.
When the night sky is quickly replaced with the first of the morning sun that is when I open up my eyes and see a new day has now begun. When faith has me reaching, I reach on out to you and there the dreams of happiness repaint the skies of blue. When all is said and done our love will still be here and through the words I write eternity is what we will share.
There were angels in passing,
a few left behind and one in
particular stands by my side.

I cried and I laughed as I
looked on with despair,
not understanding all that
we share.

The days are long and
lonely am I, as I lay my
 head on the pillow and
close my eyes and sigh.

I wish I could hold you
and kiss you goodnight,
that is what I  wish each
and every night.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ok...it's alright to open your eyes now.

The greatest gift one can give another is love.
Love never has to be forgiving,
it never holds a grudge in the first place.
Contentment does not mean idle, 
you can still grow and be content.
The greatest pleasure is not only falling asleep
in the arms of love but waking 
up in the arms 
of love.
One tear has fallen...ok maybe two.

One look at the heavens on a clear and cool night and you instantly become aware of how small we are and how much impact our actions have on the world around us.

The Five Keys - Glory Of Love

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Hearts Reminder...

When night falls and the stars shine,
and I am all alone. I close my eyes
and think of you and travel to you
with my mind.

No traces of sorrow, no sadness or
despair, our hearts reflect true
happiness as if you were really here.

When skies appear to be gray and
thoughts are like a storm on a dark
day, that is when I look inside and
see that you my love never left my

No barriers or walls to overcome,
for the road to peace is paved
with golden bricks of love.

When I know not what to do,
or the time that we are spared
I dream the dreams in heavens

No weights to hold us down,
we'll dance and dance the
whole night through on our

When I close my eyes to dream
sweet thoughts of you, I say a
prayer of gratitude for all that
love can do.

Every thought,
and action,
are my feelings
for you.

Every dream,
each prayer
a reminder
of my love
of you

I was afraid of the journey, 
and fear led the way, until
that one magical day. 

I took your love and I placed
it inside and there in my heart
is where it resides 

I looked for the child
and found despair, I
looked for the angel
and found you there.

An open heart, is a wise heart, 
open to live, to love, 
to learn and 
to dream. 

I once lived to make everyone happy,
I wanna die trying to make myself happy. 
The only chains that hold us down are created
 of our own weakness to control our own mind. 

The universe is our greatest gift,
wrapped in love and showered 
down upon us daily. 
What we fail to see is clouded
by anger, frustration, fear and 
hate. Replace the emotions
with love, joy, faith and hope
and we will have unlocked
the secrets of happiness. 
Even the most difficult moments reveal 
our strengths and weakness... lesson upon lessons. 

We already have the combination to happiness,
choice scrambled it and it is up to us to rearrange it. 
I do believe that to know your partners next
 thought is more than a gift,it is a mirrored
 reflection of the soul. 

la la la

Sings>Don't go playing misty blue,
         no storms or grays skies are
         allowed through. All I want is
         your love and all I need is you.

         Don't go playing misty blue,
         no tears or sadness on this
         cloud for two. All I want is
         your love and all I need is you.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

For what it is...

The flames burning cannot be controlled,
ruling my heart your love took a hold.
The world is cold and I shiver at the thought,
of a life without you in it and the lonely walk.

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Sky is Our Dance Floor

When the day is over,
when the stars rule the sky,
when the dreams all take over
and you are in my arms and
not my mind.

That is the moment when
all good things come true,
where I am happy just
loving you.

When the day is over,
when the stars rule the sky,
when the dream all take over
and you are in my arms and
not my mind.

I was taken by the night sky, the planets seem so near, as if jumping from Venus to Jupiter and as we watch the bright light flares. Brighter than any star that I have yet to see, the planets reveal that life is not your basic dream. Brilliant Venus she lights the sky, the planet of love cast over you and I a sign.  I stood in amazement as I stared upward towards the heavens high, knowing that this very celestial image blankets both you and I. The full moon helps to lead the way, with beams of share magic to brighten this February ballet. Dance my love dance, stand close to me and  open your heart as you dare to believe. I am holding you my darling, so rest those weary eyes and remember this my sweetheart your loved more with each twinkling star in the sky. 
 The sky is our dance floor 
and you are my love, 
follow the dreams to 
the heavens above.

I'll be there waiting
just for you, as I 
send my kisses 
down from the 

Listen to the heart, follow the soul and most of all 
believe in our love...
I wanted to hold you,
 so I opened my arms .

I wanted to love you,
I closed the gap from
a far. 

I wanted to feel and 
so I reached out for you.

I wanted to whisper and 
I whisper I do " I love you"
This is our moon, 
it is shining so bright,
full it is seen in the 
dark of the night. 

This is our dreams,
so amazingly sweet,
placed you in my heart
for eternity. 

I laughed and I giggled 
and held inside, the 
love and the passion
that thou shall not deny.


 I saw her from afar as she looked back at me
while peering through the window, I thought
I saw a dream.  I felt the racing of my heart,
and the restlessness of my soul as I reached
to touch her and she disappeared before I
could get a hold.

 I tried to get there faster, to set her free, but
 as  I opened the window she once more
 disappeared like an unforgotten dream. The
 years have passed and I tried to let her go,
I hadn't thought about her as often, but again
 I think she knows.

Waiting at the station, frozen in time, she
keeps on running circles in my mind.
There is a bit of irony where the house once
 stood as I visualize and open door and the
little girl who was misunderstood.

I had suffered from a major headache most of the day, so I spent the better part of the day watching the old sitcom " I love Lucy." Her raw talent to this day brings  on the laughter and puts a  smile to my face. There was never really a time of simplicity, but as I look back I can see how life many years ago carved the way into the present. I like to think of it as the domino affect, as everything we do leans one situation upon the other and like x-rays becomes an accumulative part of our character.
Looking back at childhood I can see that it was a serious time filled with structure. Each day provided a particular time to fulfill obligations from the moment we started the day, till night rolled in and took its place with the blanket of stars. Time to clean, eat, pray and play, cry,laugh and sing and dance. As I grew up the first thing I wanted to do was break the rules. Sleep in, skip a meal, pray when I felt like it, cry when necessary, laugh often, sing daily and dance only  if upon the clouds.
I am tired and wanting to sleep well and have good thoughts, I drift off into a more positive mode. Closing my eyes I think of the warmth of your love, the beat of your heart and the joy of your smile.

No tears to fall tonight,
a smile bridges you and I.
I am holding your love
and you're holding mine,
and that's why this is so
special in the dark of night.

Like the stars in the
heavens shining bright,
your love my darling
is the star of my life.
Sparkling leads the way,
to the clouds in the heavens
where dreams are made.

Close your eyes and fill
me near, I love you darling,
and this life we share. I
love you darling and I want
you to know that I'll be
with you wherever you go.

I see the many faces,
swirling around, no
names nor places,
but I the moment is

The images that
seared to my heart,
erase all shades of
darkness as they
set off a spark.
I am feeling needy,
needing you so,
needing your love
by the grove.

I am feeling needy,
to feel your embrace,
lips to lips a smile
on the face.

I am feeling needy,
for a simple hug,
a touch of your hand
and a bit of your love.

I am feeling needy,
if these pillows could
talk, they'd whisper of
loneliness on this life
long walk.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Newly Fallen Snow

I am tired...so I close my eyes 
and whisper I love you.

To never wake in the arms of love,
or fall asleep with that special one.
That is loneliness and  full despair,
imagining the emptiness without 
you here.

Why is it that choices are never easy? 
I think it has to do with the outcome.

I wanna believe that everything is possible...

I saw the dock,
boats in a row,
snow covered,
rocking slow. 

The river calling,
the wind strong,
as waves race to
meet the shore. 

Season passing,
days gone by, 
hello my love
and goodbye.

Darkness teasing,
the black of night,
creates a mass,
that I cannot fight.

I don't how I got to this point,
but I do know there is no going back.

Screams in silence,
for that which will never be. 

Shards of glass,
splinter the mind,
reminders of yesterday,
and happier times.

The fragments so small,
pierce the heart and soul,
leaving upon the spirit,
a chill that takes it toll.

The winter has been gracious so far. There have been  no bouts with major storms in the area. The wind has not roared and we have had no accumulation really worth reporting. Matter of fact the weather temperatures have been unusually warm that I couldn't help but look forward to spring. The snow that is falling reminds me most of a March snow, here today gone tomorrow. The days lighter cast their rays upon the newly fallen snow and the sparkle creates a shimmer affect that catches the eye.

I couldn't help but think of times of comfort and happiness and wanting  them to last forever. It is inevitable that with each new day a new experience will arise, unless of course we choose to hide from life. The snow untouched has a pristine glow and upon  a closer observation it looks like antique lace woven into natures most magical tapestry. I felt child like wanting to make that first footprint in the snow and  at the same time wanting to hide under a warm blanket. My mind drifts to happier thoughts and I find myself embraced by a calm.

My sister called late last night, it was close to midnight. It is very unusual for her to call so late at night. I quickly asked if anything was wrong but I could instantly tell by her voice that she was agitated. She asked me "why  have we made or continue to make the same choices?" There was no one answer, at times upbringing played a part, she called it " brain washing." But no matter how you look at it our response to life does come from our early experiences. Though I do think there are many reasons we make the choices we do. Sometimes its being selfish or unselfish, confident or insecure, filled with hope or in despair. She rambled a little, I listened and at the same time I knew she was trying to find her own answers. She fell into the trap of the " I shoulda, coulda, woulda." After all was said and done and almost two hours later she said, "if we only knew then what we know now." I pondered a little while longer on that statement, " if only we knew then what we know now." I felt a sadness come over me, the person whom I had looked up to all my life, revealed her own weakness, her sorrow, her mistakes and a journey as she saw it without hope." I thought to myself it's not over, we are just in another chapter, new roads, opportunities and cliche" places to go and people meet. " I tried to emphasize that you can't go back and that to live life to its fullest you just keeping going forward. It just reminds me of one of my favorite writings from Shakespeare. Everyone of us as a part to play and as time goes on and other vulnerabilities surface we realize that our time of exit is really out of our control.

 Shakespeare's As You Like It, 1600:
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon's mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

While I Am Here

While I watch the snowflakes fall,
I'll be grateful as we can lose it all,
time of weakness and that of strength,
a reminder that we sit in the hands of fate.

While I am here and the time so short,
I'll count my blessing as my soul retorts,
not of anger or vengeance shall we go,
it is with love's embrace that guides us so.

I'll write our names in the heavens blue ,
seared forever with my love for you.
Happiness traced and all will see just
how much you really mean to me.

While I am here on this earthly plateau,
I'll complete the journey before I go,
for I have loved and loved received,
and secured in my heart for all eternity.