Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, June 30, 2008

With all my love for you

To dream of love and see you in the stars above,
your smile warm and bright, shines down on me.

To sing of your love and race to the clouds on high,
where I meet with you and dance through the night.

To feel your embrace and know that God sends at the
perfect time and place, a love so kind it makes you mine.

To believe in the power, that recreates each blessed hour,
causing my body to tremble at the mention of your name.

Whispers>My soul sings to you, I'm there with you in all you do,
I promise to be true, with all my love for you, with all my love for you...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Darling, My love...

Sings> Something happened in the dark of night, my eyes adjusted with a new given sight and there my love, you found your way, my darling , my love, in my heart to stay.
Whispers of song fill the air, fear not, cry not, my love is here, beside me each morning and with me all night, my darling , my love, on a heaven sent flight.
Something happend in the dark of night, my eyes adjusted with a new given sight and there my love you found your way, my darling , my love, in my heart to stay.
The clouds of love are motionless indeed, they stopped for a moment so that we could believe, in the flight of angels, in the souls up highm in the dreams of lovers, taken to the blue sky.
Something happpend in the dark of night, my eyes adjusted to a new given sight, and there my love you found your way, my darling, my love, in my heart to stay.
Happiness found its way, it uses your arms from miles away, to embrace my spirit, to set it free, to cast the world through our midnight dreams.
Something happened in the dark of night, my eyes adjusted to a new given sight, and there my love you found your way, my darling, my love, in my heart to stay.
The gates unlocked and I could see, the magic of memories that brings you to me, I'm dancing on clouds, I happy as can be, with images of love and the warmth they bring.
Something happened in the dark of night, my eyes adjusted to a new given sight and there my love you found your way, my darling, my love, in my heart to stay.


If all the world were cast in darkness
and all but dreams disappeared, I would
ask for just one moment of loving you my

If the sea would over power and no more
land would there be, none of it would surely
matter, as long as you were here with me.

If all the days had quickly ended and time
had slipped away than earth would become
merely a mention of where dreams were
I felt a little sorrow when I took a glimpse back of all that could have been, but then I felt your hand reach out and something inside me began to spin. It took me to the heavens, it embraced me through the night and when the morning sun began to shine, it was your love that accompanied on the flight. We rose above the clouds, we rose above the dreams, and step by step we jumped aboard to be crowned king and queen.

The dance floor of life

The dance floor of life,
not of marble made,
invited you and I,
to dance the night away.
I closed my eyes,
once more to see,
through the heart,
the joy of memory.
The dance floor of life,
not of marble made,
invited you and I,
to dance the night away.
I felt your arms,
like a thousand suns,
warm my spirit,
with undying love.
The dance floor of life,
not of marble made,
invited you and I,
to dance the night away.
Kisses of passion, breathe
excitement into the night,
with a fuel of love,
to my soul new life.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Speak of Love

I speak of a love that transcends beyond all earthly time for when the angels call my name I'll leave behind the words, that link beyond all heart, soul and mind.
I sing of love, on heart strings played, the song written to describe, the moment you took my hand and dried my teary eyes.
I whispered in the hollow and the whispers echoed back, you have tasted love my dear and the favor, sweet can never be given back.


I'm not holding on to any dream

I’m not holding on to any dream, I know just how much you mean to me. I’ve got your love each and everyday and I plan on keeping it this special way.
I’m not holding on to any dream, I know you’re not a fantasy; the joy and wonder you bring, is more beautiful than the first day of spring.
I’m not holding on to any dream, I know I’m caught smack in the middle of a summer time breeze. I feel your love blowing inside and the passion caught me totally by surprise.
I’m not holding on to any dream, I know you caught my spirit by surprise.Your love collided like clouds in the sky and touched my heart where your love now resides.
I'm not holding on to any dream, Gregarious is a flock of geese, but all I need is you, because we already have the sky of blue.
I'm not holding on to any dream, I know I have you here with me, like the sun that shines on a gray day, you seem to find your way.
I'm not holding on to any dream, I'm not holding on to any dream, no! I'm not holding on to any dream, because I have your love in me.
Here is where I begin to dream,
your love side by side with me.

Where images are cast with ongoing
whispers of gentle laughs.

Farewell the dark, farewell the gray,
sun filled days have found there way

Now rise happiness mixed with joy
allow the infusion to your spirit toy.

Down by the stream, the cattails are caught up in the wind, dancing to your memory the stories heart safe held within.

Follow me, just take man and you will surely see, that this thing called love so gentle and soft is also earth shaking.

Underneath the blue sky

The hollow stood in silence,
no motion could I detect.
Creation of a landscape and
life at its best.

A breath of summer, a reach
beyond the dreams. Near
isolation to feel you next to me.

Recorded images of days long
gone by, replaced the emptiness
to paint a silhouette of lovers in
the sky.

Completes my memory, a taste
of desire, overworking dreams
brought life to the hour.

The stillness seem to vaporize
and there dancing was you and
I,underneath the blue sky.


I woke up to your smile like sunshine through the trees,
so warm and bright it brought your love to me.

It was amazing and as wonderful as can be, infused like
salt to the deep blue sea.

I felt the magic of what you do to me, lifting my spirit I’m
now up above the clouds and free.

I woke up to your smile like sunshine through the trees,
so warm and bright it brought your love to me.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Power of Words

I have always been amazed how the grouping of words can reach varied people with a wide range of interpretation. As I have watch people read what I have written over the years , I found that they could some how reach into the written piece and find their own story, memories, views and how this pulled at the strings of emotions. Today I realized how powerful the written word is and that I was capable of reaching into a person and pulling out either their weakness or their strength, without even being aware of it.
When I first began to write many years back, it was at a less then pleasant time in my life. I wrote to escape, expand on dreams, hold to faith and explore my own personal desires. The writing began to take on many forms and I found I was capable of exploring various topics and issues that affected many people. But I also know that like a good song, words could become not only my story and emotions but many peoples stories and emotions. Sometimes I felt troubled at being given such a power to bring tears, questions and even words of inspiration, might they be taken out of context.
Today reinforced how careful one must be when given the tools to reach so many people or just that one person who might read something else into what I write. I remember sometime back a steady reader kept relating each piece I wrote to their life, as if it was written with them in mind. At first I found it was amusing that someone could take one poem or many poems and make it theirs. I thought is this a good or bad thing, but then as I listen to some of my favorite songs, I realized I also took a few words from a song and read into it a moment that I was personally experiencing.
Life is wonderful and filled with many emotions that expand on all kinds of experiences. Each day we meet up with various challenges and surface with more strength then the day before. Tonight the moon will take it's place in the sky and I will rest with my eyes and closed and my heart open as I reach out for your embrace. Good Night!

...catch me in my dreams

I am guilty of allowing circumstances to weigh me down or maybe the heavy of not another's expectation but their world as they see it. Consumed by the darkness of gray comments, I did indeed want to escape over the last few days. The rain has kept its distance over the last twenty four hours and the sun is makings it way through the trees to light up the hollow. It might have been the peace of thought when I closed my eyes last night or the simplicity of music that reminds me how important it is to cherish each moment, day and hour. Grasping into thin air I feel a sense of amazing power, so strong are these emotions that they do lift me off the ground. A flow of visions, words and music had my heart dancing like never before, as if I some how gained the ability to overcome the surrounding barriers.
I have this renewed excitement today, not exactly sure what this feeling means, maybe that beyond all negativity the positive flourishes, that I will... because I can.
.. of love
A song of love,
the heavens up above,
a rose in bloom,
my love for you.
My feet dance,
my heart took a chance,
to feel your arms,
and enjoy charm.
The world so new,
colors of many blue,
dreams create, what
only love can make.
A song of love,
the heavens up above,
a rose in bloom,
my love for you.
Come on and catch me in my dreams...

Nothings gonna change my love for you

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sweet Kisses

Sings> Close your eyes and take my hand ,
dance like only you and I can,
in our happiness land.

Dream, sweet dreams of paradise for two,
in the skies of blue, with whispers of
I love you.

Follow me and you will see, how much you
mean to me, how you make my heart sing.

Close your eyes and take my hand, dance
like only you and I can, in our happiness

Good Night....... sweet kisses!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bridging Hearts

A rainbow is God's way of bridging hearts across the miles.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After
I said to my friend, all I wanted was to live happily ever after. He responded with “happily ever after is just a dream.” The theme happily ever after was kicked up in conversation and I realized that this phrase had many meanings, and varies depending on your view of life and what you refer to as happiness. Call me a dreamer, but I do believe happily ever after does exist. It doesn’t mean that you don’t meet with struggles nor will you not find various situations that will spawn emotions that travel from one end of the spectrum to the other. I believe it is acknowledging the challenges that surface and supporting, loving and enforcing a stable emotional well being that allows us to enjoy all of life’s experiences.
I am not foolish to believe in the myth of the princess finds her prince and he gives her a life that she deserves, a true happily after is about partnership, equal love, the same passion, desire and spiritual awakening that walks on the platform of respect. I never looked to be saved but to reach out and walk hand and hand through life, knowing that through it all good and bad someone would love me as much I would love them. Happily Ever After has nothing to do with perfection, for perfection doesn’t exist. Communication is the connection of heart and soul, exposing our weakness and our strength and relying on another soul not to crutch but to challenge life.
Few people will ever find true love, one seems to love more, to give more and the other take and not embrace as warmly. Realistically a true bond of two souls confirms the power of love in its most absolute form. The connection uses and adhesive of faith, respect, trust and love to create modern day super glue. A bond that is unbreakable and can withstand all storms proves that true love is real and not of dreams.
I believe life has many chapters, many beginning and many endings. I looked over the last ten years of my life and I began to question the people I had met and allowed to enter my world. Each of them was very different and had an awful lot to bring to the table. I could not compare them, for they were individuals with the utmost amazing characters, that some how crossed my path.
As I thought deeper about my life, I realized more then ever that we can only be responsible for self. Like looking at the reflection in the mirror, the image cast is one of not only the external being of a person but the internal thought process, who we are , where we are going and what we expect along the way. There are many trials an errors that we confront throughout our life, they are not of regrets. Looking back at the past and again at the present, I knew that everyone who entered my life took a piece of my heart and remolded it to create a more in depth personality and thus building a stronger character. A wise man does not live as one he morphs from the lessons of others to develop and expression of varied thoughts.
The gifts are bestowed upon us on a daily basis; it is up to us to use our God given talents to develop them. I confessed today to my friend, I told her that I still thought of running away, starting a new life, but that my ties or my responsibilities kept me here. I also knew that if I didn’t explore my inner self and find acceptance with who I am, I would just take all issues of life along with me, undigested. Sometimes our values and priorities are muddled with shades of gray that we can’t see clearly the visions of the heart and soul.

The journey is about keeping your mind open and your soul free and your heart willing, with these and that special person life is a book of happily ever after. Everyday will be a new challenge and I will cherish each moment. I could write chapters on that which I desire, is this desire the makings of fantasy or dreams? I believe not, I trust in the Lord to guide me, for only he knows what path I shall follow, but he has made sure I don’t follow it alone, he has sent me someone to love and be loved. With hands embraced I await tomorrow with the joy of passion, love and desire, walking side by side with my partner, companion and my best friend.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes we can...

The ultimate human experience is to absorb all that occurs throughout our life, devour and digest it, like a wolf eats it prey, fast and furious. We cannot avoid or escape the inevitable, whether we are destined to travel down certain paths or like a brick layer, place one brick at a time creating our own walkway, there is bound to be a few hills and bends that will call for special attention. So at this time we don’t look with regret of not choosing another path, but ask ourselves do we slow and travel on a curve or stop and again ask ourselves what it is this experience will bring to our life.
The last few days were filled with sequential down pours, one storm after another cast a surreal image of clouds where I found myself pondering over the future. As if the landscape of well matted trees were closing in around me and beginning to speak, bending and stretching with the wind, the sounds a reminder that the future is as unpredictable as Mother Nature herself.
We look to build security for our future, to create a measure of comfort, to only find that in this life every day is a gamble. We take a chance when we close our eyes at night and again when we awake. Like a number being pulled from the lottery our day to will come, and how we react to each situation is in itself an exploration of life. Images flashed before me and I saw journeys where mountains seemed to high to climb and rivers to wide to cross. Must this be the visions of insecurity?, I found myself speaking out loud, are we afraid of what we don’t know, or of what we know and believe we can’t do anything about. Every day that is cast in fear weighs down a soul, if cast with apprehension is as waste of energy that insures only anxiety, if darkened with sadness it will only drag the heart into a wasteland of sorrow.
Taking a gander at all that encompasses us on this journey, I remembered the words of wisdom passed down from one generation to the next, and “if you have your health you have the greatest treasure that can be showered down upon one individual. With that in mind I knew that we could accept any challenge that we would encompass us on a very uncertain journey.
With all the apprehension that can surface throughout the day, this moment came with nothing but share joy, for I know no matter where I go, or what I do, I’ll be holding your hand and when I close my eyes tonight, I’ll feel the infusion of your love as heart and soul embrace.
Braces for tomorrow with the warmth of your love, so that our souls will be enlightened with insight to accept, explore and treasure all the beauty of life. For God made mountains not to stop us but to challenge us, in that we may find the gifts of life which were instilled from the beginning and only intensifies with the sharing of hearts.

...follow me.

I was sitting down by the old evergreens, the ones I planted more then thirty years in spring. The memories of old kept a flow, they held the stories from long ago. Children playing on the swing set, the pup running through the grass and making a mess. Almost seemed like yesterday as I watched day blowing away.
I sat down and I started to dream, it was no longer built on memories, my eyes closed and you could hear sing, the birds atop the old evergreens. Falling in a trance, the spell of love was romance enhanced. You were now sitting next to me and we controlled the wind and the sea. Power like never before, the world awaits for you and I to explore, the earth and the blue sky and all the love between you and I.
Over mountains and across the miles, we took the long road and enjoyed the smiles, your heart beating next to mine and nothing else mattered not even the time. The images appeared were so fine, to hold you so close with my mind. Hand in hand we took to flight, sailing the winds on the clouds of white, directed straight to the blue sky, there is no stopping you and I.

Whispers of Love

The whispers of love found there way from your heart on a cold dark day. I heard them loud, I heard them clear, the whispers of love from you my dear. Little whispers began to chant you have my heart now take my hand and as fast as life would have appear the the little whispers disappeared.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


If I hunger for what I have not, than I miss all that I have.
Closing my eyes and from one friend to another I whisper in your ear of my love, the feeling of closeness that embraces the moment is incomparable to anything I have yet to experience.

To enter his world is to leaves yours and I fear both.
I am packed and preparing to leave for the day, mixed emotions surface as the travels distance us. Hold close my love and allow the dreams under tonight stars shower you with images of desire, for once loved, always loved.

Kisses in the wind..

The Sea

The sea has long been the gateway of stories, dreams and romantic desires, with its natural forces it has an incredible power to withstand all storms and then settle in an embrace of a peaceful calm. I allowed myself to sleep in an extra hour this morning, as I lay there with my eyes closed; I imagined an escape from the weight of the many years and the restlessness that comes from the unknown. The soothing sounds of the waves hitting up against the rock cast a distinctive image that sets itself apart from any other vision one could conjure. Toiling with my emotions, I felt the stage of happiness and the walls of melancholy create a structure of confusion. In the quickness of a moment’s time I held to the images of love both warm and inviting, to only watch them dissipate like kisses in the wind.

Monday, June 16, 2008

La La

Sings>Whispers of love throughout the day,
warm and wonderful sends joy our way.
Beautiful images transpire, like thunder
and lightening and a bit of fire.
Dreams have me holding you and there is
nothing more I'd like to do.
To kiss you sweetheart in a tender embrace
and smile and dance in our special place.
Magic shows up throughout the day, with little
reminders how love found its way.
In ever rain storm I see sunshine and every
mountain a valley resides.
Your touch is felt both day and night and only a
fool would try to fight.
La la sings the heart when I'm with you, La la
are the words that makes skies blue.

John Michael Montgomery - I Swear - Dia dos Namorados


Sunday, June 15, 2008


The ten year old runs to you,
the sixteen year old kisses you goodnight and
a woman of maturity shares in your dreams.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A review

I reviewed love and lust and the energy between the two and how one touches the other to make the sky so blue. I placed trust, next to faith and I tossed it in the air and when they came back to earth your love was everywhere.

Listen to the whispers in the warm sun lit breeze, I tucked in words of love and a kiss sent from me. I placed it atop the mountain high and awaited the wind, to gather with magic all that I have to give.
Listen to the sounds of blue birds in flight, they are reminders of our love and how wonderful the dreams of night. Inspired by nature each moment a reality check, that somehow brings you closer when I turn down the bed.

Sing> I wanna feel your love my sweet darling and know that you care,
to tease your heart with lustful actions and cause such joy to

Tempt your imagination, to embrace from dawn to dusk
and wake your spirit with a deeper understanding that
seeds both the passion of loving and of lust.

Make each day a thirst for love and spring a smile on your face
And count the many ways I love you and hold your hand in flight
A must.

Excitement fueled by desire, places starlight in your eyes,brought
the magic of a new day and turns a lifetime to an hour.

Racing spirits, devotion the key,
you and I forever in your
heart and memories.
Imagine love so wonderful, mystical and free, your heart and mine beat so rhythmically. From the sounds of the heavens a song for you and I, courting souls to soar beyond the puffy white clouds in the sky. .
A flower blooms forever, a sky that never rains and a mountain that bows to you and I to make our way. Rainbows without beginnings, rainbows without and end, eternal spirals of love for you my friend.
Your arms so gentle, your smile a warm embrace one that speaks in whispers of love from place to place. My heart rattles with fear, that I might wake up to find you disappeared.

Powerful Visuals

Wonderful dreams are created, magically filled with desire,
crossed barriers of distance to reach a depth that sets the
soul a fire.

The youthful invasion is powerful indeed, breaks all the laws
of gravity to bring you closer to me. My body gently trembles,
my mind like mush resembles, as my heart beats with joy,
my body now your toy.

Imagination on a plan to invoke what only memories can,
uncovering the pleasantry I feel an immense amount of
energy similar to the days when I was barely seventeen.

Feeding my hunger through the touch of the mind,
a youthful explosion makes you most certainly, my
darling mine. My lips begin to quiver at one thought
of your kiss, romantically pressing tenderly,
one to one, lips to lips.

Images cast of lovers quickly come to life, floating in the
heavens, heart and soul combined. I crave for the touch
beyond earth and heavens dreams, to hold you ever close
as I gently trace your flesh, while your body lay here
next to mine.

Excitement penetrates the spirit to infuse the ultimate of
desire, and enough so that I could almost taste a mix of
bitter sweet with each moment I devoured.

Happiness took as partner the sensuality of a dream and
recreated life as life would have it be. Powerful the visuals,
my hand upon your thigh and mischievous a smile that
knows how dreams can make you mine.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Romancing Life

Romancing life is very much like making love, it is devouring each moment with passion and is best when shared. In a summary it is the developing an exploration of all the senses that our surroundings bring, sight, taste, touch and the music that life plays.
You cannot create a moment, a moment creates itself, to totally enjoy the pleasure of love, it takes bringing two separate indenties and allowing them to merge into one. With my eyes closed and my head tilted back, I imagined you in front of me, our hearts beating in unison and your hand gently brushing against my face, our lips meet and I quiver at the mere thought, passion draws us closer and the moment is consumed by desire. Pleasure is in the sounds of our breathing and the taste of your lips. The occassion is celebrated as the most precious gift you can give, the pleasure of your inner and outer self. The gentle embrace becomes and exploration of life an explosion of joy that bonds both heart, soul and mind. The emotional bond heightens the awareness of the sensuality that surfaces when we bare our inner spirt to another.
I look at life as a journey and through our travels we explore and absorb all the gifts life showers down on us. The journey starts each morning with the first appearance of the sun and continues on through the dark of night when dreams are first spun. I see our trials and tribulations through the test of our lives and might I stay a little longer in a chapter for review, it's because I want to memorize that day through and through. To treasure every moment, understand the why and to make sure that we are prepared to reach out beyond the blue, blue sky. I value all that surfaces, all we share and all we do, but most of all I don't want make a mistake because I so much value you.
It’s very simple for everyone to see, your love I feel so much a part of me. You placed joy deep within my heart and its reflection can be seen from worlds apart.

In the mountains you can sense it strongly, a dance in skies of blue, flows gently through cool waters and it's headed directly to you.

Morning Dream

I sit here waiting in a morning dream,
to feel your arms warm embrace of me.

I sit here singing, songs of love with
words of joy to the man I love.

Hold on my darling and I’ll show you
the way, step by step to bring you closer
each day.

I am here dancing, I’m dancing away, on
the clouds of love sent your way.

I am happy, happy as can be, I have your
love secretly tucked inside of me.

Mountains and rivers,
blue skies and streams,
daylight and night you’re
always here with me.

Cinquefoil in bloom it's petals yellow like the sun,
a reminder of our love and the memories of fun

Humming birds are flying, honey bees all in the hive,

just like our love both on the in and outside.

Friday, June 06, 2008

The Castle

Your smile is so wonderful and magical indeed,
it turned the darkness and cast it out to sea.

Your laughter warm and gentle as can be,
stirs emotions which remain a part of me.

Deep inside our love was born a dream ignited
by a summer storm.

By the Sea

I see the castle built by the sea, created of stardust and yesterdays dream. I stepped on in to find, you waiting there to be mine. Take my hand and pull me close and kiss me good night as my soul sail coast to coast. The whispers of love from star to stars, create a song to soothe the heart.

This moment special, as I feel entwine your heart and your soul directly to mine. Let it go,allow yourself free, your body matters little, your mind is with me. I felt the impact of a star lit a fire, it ignited the magic that now transpires.

We are all that is and all that can be, we're love inside and out and in every dream. No directions needed, I don't need to tell, because I felt the love but you cast the spell. It calls for daydreams, it calls for fun, it calls for the magic of a white winged dove.

Higher and higher to the heavens will go, I'm holding on and I'll not let go. Look on down to the rivers and streams, I tossed in my love for you to see. Powerful currents, winds of faith and hope and desire in your I heart place.

I think life is sad if souls never embrace and
if we never chance love we become cold and
dark like the vastness of space.

I am frightened of the darkness, I am not sure just where it leads, or what the future holds for me, it needs little of memory. It fully controls tomorrow and the months yet to come, so instead of racing towards it, I look to the morning sun. I am here at this moment, I am absorbing your heart and soul, I need to feel your strength, on the hottest day I'm cold. Help me through this moment, lie here next to me, let me break through the dream so that I can understand the scheme of things. I am afraid to stop and enjoy what's surrounds the day, the beast of the moment devours the living as fear makes a play.

If strength exist within each soul and my soul is locked away,
who holds the key to release and set my troubled spirit free?
Hold me... as the darkness gains control of the night and the stars battle to find their place, rest your soul next to mine till the morning sun again reigns. Love is all powerful and wonderful indeed and if you close your eyes once more you will not only find the ability through your heart to see, but you will have attained the magic that will allow you to sense what others can only dream. Whispers through the night....Hold me close, hold me gentle, hold me forever in your thoughts and in your heart. I love you!


Here is my hands I open to you,
rest your head and I'll caress you.

Here is my heart open for you,
to reside under skies of blue.

Here is my soul right next to you
forever my darling I'll be there
for you.

Here is my dream, simple and kind
it cross the rivers of long lost times.

Here is my love breathtakingly warm
it surfaced after lifes rolling storms.

Here is the words that God gave to me,
to tell you how much you mean to to me.

Explosive our love creates a display, more beautiful then fireworks and more exciting everyday. Lights up your smile, brings hearts close from across the miles, and makes me hunger for the day, that in your arms I’ll stay. Powerful some may say and wonderful in many away, targeting your heart to bring joy your way.

Already in my soul, always here for you to hold, whispers through the night with words of love that brings sight. I close my eyes to see that I am mesmerized by the dream, you are here holding me and our spirits are now set free. Your presence is everywhere, from earth to the outer hemisphere.

Love like this is so grand it gave to me your hand, locked in time, our hearts and souls now span the mind. I now simply rest, my head upon your chest. Listening to your heart beat, I know we escaped the dream, because your now here with me.


Close to you

Sings> As If my feet could do some talking, I ‘m dancing as I’m walking close to you. Feeling kind of chipper my heart began to quiver as love makes its debut.

As if my feet could do some talking, I’m dancing as I’m walking close to you. Smiling and singing and I heard the bells ringing in the blue.

As if my feet could do some talking, I’m dancing as I’m walking close to you. The heavens parted and we stepped aboard clouds charted for two.

As if my feet could do some talking, I’m dancing as I’m walking close to you.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Can't Live Without You - ( With Lyrics )


Whispers> I vow to breathe life into your very
day, hold you close no matter how many miles

Share all the stages of our life and embrace the
memories through the dark of night.

Dream like tomorrow will never come, spooling
laughter just for fun.

I vow to breathe life into your very day, hold
you close no matter how many miles away.

Remind you how much you mean to me, shout
it from the mountains and down the winding

Dance in the most warm embrace and kisses
that could never ever be replaced.


The clearer the vision the more I can see,
the path that was laid was not from a dream.

Life is but lessons on the scrolls of time,
unraveling mysteries that occassionally blind.

Awakened by the heavens with a whisper of
love, directing my heart from the coordinator

Embrace, rejoice and never let go as our hearts
meet up in the strong winds that blow.

I see that my heaven was cast in a dream,
magical moments that bring you to me.


Sings>If I gotta be different, I’m glad I’m different with you. You can take a gray sky and make it a beautiful blue.

If I gotta be different, I’m glad I’m different with you. You can dance the soft shoe on the clouds for two.

If I gotta be different, I’m glad I’m different with you. You can sing a song of love with a whisper of I love you.

If I gotta be different, I’m glad I’m different with you. You can hold me tight and as I hold on to you.

If I gotta be different, I’m glad I’m different with you. You can make a dream, make a dream come true.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Amy Winehouse-To Know Him Is To Love Him (Napster Live)

and I do, and I do

Early each Morning

Sings> The soul identifies what only we could
know, it makes the world our own private show.
Send kisses early each morning, embraces through
out the day, whispers of love for you, in the most
magical of displays.
The soul indentifies what we could know, it makes
the world our own private show.
Paints scenes with color, turns mountains into grains
of sand, warms my heart in bringing you my way.

Love is...

Love is but a flower that awaits
to be nurtured to fully bloom.

Heaven Sent

Dreaming of you..

Gathering my thoughts and sorting them through,
with the underline message to be honest and true.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Silly as can be...



You can call it desire, love, lust or fire,
but passion is the word for me.Strengthens
by the hour to give to desire, an emotion out
of control like the sea.

Crazed devotion makes me crave for loves
potion, a taste of life that brings you to me.
Internally inspired I’m breathless as can be,
deep in thought it brings me to my knees.

Images of love making are up for the taking,
to satisfy an erotic need, and when I closed
my eyes it was no surprise, It was you right
here next to me.

Dominated by the pleasure of a sensual dream,
I don’t wanna wake up, I want forever to believe.
Passion is the word that first appeared, it started
in my heart and my soul felt it take to the air.

This loving emotion is magical indeed,lights up all
the heavens through the actions of intimacy. You
can feel it inside, it beams through your eyes and
forever in your smile, smiles no lie.

You can call it desire, love, lust or fire, but passion
is the word for me. Strenghtened by the hour to
give to desire, an emotion out of control like the
sea… If only you dare to believe.

I'll be there

Forever My Dear

Sings > Hold my hand and feel my love,
enter the dream on the clouds above.
Close your eyes and I'll be there, I promise
forever my dear.
Sending kisses is the thing to do, to remind
how much I love you.
Hold my and feel my love, enter the dream
on the clouds above.

Aboard the Cloud

Impatiently waiting...

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Hollow

The sun shines brightly through the trees,
reflecting love memories cast of you and me.
The children asleep, the dog down by the
stream and flowers blooming accompany
the dream.
Sit here beside me and share a day with me,
It takes just one small moment to form a
perfect memory.
Imagine my head resting next to you
and with a dusting of magic I'll feel you to.
A blanket on the grass, a bee buzzing flies
and my eyes closed tightly as I picture
you and I.
Perfection took the day and froze it in
my mind, repainted the hollow and
made you only mine.


I am happy for each moment I share with you,
magical dreams that may one day come true.
The hills and the valleys are here to remind,
that life is so special when your by my side.

Our Souls At Play

....where our souls drift away.

My Spirit Set Free

Standing on the edge of the ravine, I watch as the mountain waters join the stream. A cool chill
met with a warm breeze and touched my spirit and set it free. Looking down from the heavens, I knew life what as I believed. Your heart reached out beyond the mountains to meet up with me.


One, two... I love you

Sings > One, two flowers in bloom,
I love you, forever times two.
One, two let the sun shine through,
a day with you, under skies of blue.
I poured a glass tea for you and I
and a smile escaped from deep
down inside.
Reaching on over to give a kiss
and I imagined our locked lips.
Sunshine beaming down and
a silhouette of lovers dancing
on the clouds.
The magic is in the sky of blue, it
gives to life a different hue.
I poured a glass of tea for you and
I and a smile escaped from deep

Colors of a Dream

Colors of a dream, magic of love,
an amazing view of happiness,
where the key is your touch.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

For Once In My Life

Your Heart

Sings> May your heart feel my love this morning and your dreams consist of totally two. May you wake up and the first thing you think of is my kiss landing on you.

Da da da, da da da, I love you, Da da da, it's not very difficult to do, a smile on my face and my soul begins to race to be there right next to you.

May your heart feel my love this morning and your dreams consist of totally two. May you wake up and the first thing you think up of is my kiss landing on you.

Da da da, da da da, I love you, Da da da, in my arms morning and night, a dance to embrace and put us in a place thats only for me and you.

May your heart feel my love this morning and your dreams consist of totaly two. May you wake up and the first thing you think of is my kiss landing on you.

Good Morning

It's the spontaneity of the moment, song softly playing in the background, the room still darkened awaiting the first glimpse of a sunrise and my eyes are closed and I am dancing. The moment is filled with passionate thoughts and desires and a willingness to connect. Kisses you good morning.


over and over again...I knew it was real