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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After
I said to my friend, all I wanted was to live happily ever after. He responded with “happily ever after is just a dream.” The theme happily ever after was kicked up in conversation and I realized that this phrase had many meanings, and varies depending on your view of life and what you refer to as happiness. Call me a dreamer, but I do believe happily ever after does exist. It doesn’t mean that you don’t meet with struggles nor will you not find various situations that will spawn emotions that travel from one end of the spectrum to the other. I believe it is acknowledging the challenges that surface and supporting, loving and enforcing a stable emotional well being that allows us to enjoy all of life’s experiences.
I am not foolish to believe in the myth of the princess finds her prince and he gives her a life that she deserves, a true happily after is about partnership, equal love, the same passion, desire and spiritual awakening that walks on the platform of respect. I never looked to be saved but to reach out and walk hand and hand through life, knowing that through it all good and bad someone would love me as much I would love them. Happily Ever After has nothing to do with perfection, for perfection doesn’t exist. Communication is the connection of heart and soul, exposing our weakness and our strength and relying on another soul not to crutch but to challenge life.
Few people will ever find true love, one seems to love more, to give more and the other take and not embrace as warmly. Realistically a true bond of two souls confirms the power of love in its most absolute form. The connection uses and adhesive of faith, respect, trust and love to create modern day super glue. A bond that is unbreakable and can withstand all storms proves that true love is real and not of dreams.
I believe life has many chapters, many beginning and many endings. I looked over the last ten years of my life and I began to question the people I had met and allowed to enter my world. Each of them was very different and had an awful lot to bring to the table. I could not compare them, for they were individuals with the utmost amazing characters, that some how crossed my path.
As I thought deeper about my life, I realized more then ever that we can only be responsible for self. Like looking at the reflection in the mirror, the image cast is one of not only the external being of a person but the internal thought process, who we are , where we are going and what we expect along the way. There are many trials an errors that we confront throughout our life, they are not of regrets. Looking back at the past and again at the present, I knew that everyone who entered my life took a piece of my heart and remolded it to create a more in depth personality and thus building a stronger character. A wise man does not live as one he morphs from the lessons of others to develop and expression of varied thoughts.
The gifts are bestowed upon us on a daily basis; it is up to us to use our God given talents to develop them. I confessed today to my friend, I told her that I still thought of running away, starting a new life, but that my ties or my responsibilities kept me here. I also knew that if I didn’t explore my inner self and find acceptance with who I am, I would just take all issues of life along with me, undigested. Sometimes our values and priorities are muddled with shades of gray that we can’t see clearly the visions of the heart and soul.

The journey is about keeping your mind open and your soul free and your heart willing, with these and that special person life is a book of happily ever after. Everyday will be a new challenge and I will cherish each moment. I could write chapters on that which I desire, is this desire the makings of fantasy or dreams? I believe not, I trust in the Lord to guide me, for only he knows what path I shall follow, but he has made sure I don’t follow it alone, he has sent me someone to love and be loved. With hands embraced I await tomorrow with the joy of passion, love and desire, walking side by side with my partner, companion and my best friend.

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Mark said...

I agree with your thoughts. True they are in every aspect. I love your vision, hold steadfast to it.