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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Treasure Each Moment With You

Where there is a why, there's a how

The young fruits of the peach tree now document a time through memories. Glancing up beyond the branches I stood still and breathtakingly took in the blue sky. Was it that I was missing you or that the sky to was a reminder of what we share? Like an umbrella blanketing over the earth, I realized that all that which was around me was a moment waiting to be shared. I promised no tears, but feelings of despair weighed in heavily. What is truly the goal, what is it we seek? I continuously questioned myself. If I could run at this very moment it would be into your arms, to feel your love embrace like no embrace that I had ever confronted. I wiped away the tears and I watched the dancing of leaves that looked like a well conducted performance of the tree's of the hollow. Stop I shouted! and the wind looked surpised, I have someone special that I charted in my heart and my mind. I want him to feel my kisses tonight and I want my love to reach him from high. The wind responded with a roar through the trees and all of sudden he conjured a breeze "step aboard the clouds with ease and I'll blow you into his arms beyond the mountain of trees." I smiled and I laughed as the wind wonderful and warm brushed against my heart and raced like a storm. " I'm on my way to give him your love, to land in his heart from the clouds up above. Happy and wonderful the hills seem to bow and I knew at that moment where there's a why, there's a how.


The garden is a paradise in itself, with it comes an understanding and a respect for the lessons of Mother Nature. She teaches us about the calm before the storm, growth, blooms, heartache, faith, hope, desire and the lessons are ongoing. Today was a mixture of thunder storms, high winds and sunshine, it seem to stir a varied amount of emotions. After the storm we see clearly that the strong rooted and most healthiest of plants stood the storm better then the new weakened plants that had not yet grabbed root and collapsed with the pounding of heavy rain. The Peonies are preparing to bloom, I find the buds as beautiful as the blooms them self and have learned to respect all stages of its growth from the moment it breaks the earths crust to it reaches its full bloom.
I feel distant today, partly I find that I have done just a bit to much daydreaming and also that I am trying to bring some order to my thoughts and remind myself of my early in the year, New years Resolution and that was "to be honest with self through all that transposes. " I had wondered was life indeed like nature, all answers carefully hidden awaiting like a treasure chest to be found and the jewels exposed?
Bringing order into a life that had been in a disarray for many years is more difficult then one can imagine, I find my head spinning as I wonder what direction I should be heading. As puzzling as nature can be, I also find the heart to be a big puzzle, not necessarily in the same way. The heart is made up many pieces, just like chapters in a story, various kinds of love and those we love. I tried not to look at the pieces of the heart as a measurement of size but to find the place where they belong and accept the beauty of difference. It tends to lean towards organizing emotions, not lessoning the value of them, but understanding and also understanding that we cannot be responsible for the thoughts and dreams of others but only our own.
I looked back over the last thirty years and I see that much of it had teetered on the goals of the future that somehow collapsed over the years. I found myself treading in waters unidentified and somehow camoflauged but having the texture of quick sand. One foot in and I felt consumed by all that was happening. How was it these walls were built and was I responsible for mortering the brick? I had to question my part or the lack of it and the final outcome.
I looked at what it was I truly needed, or maybe what it was I wanted and I found it all to be clouded, with life comes death and with death an end. I looked around of that which had become my home the children rafting in the stream , the dog laying beneath my feet and the flowers from the garden setting on the table next to me. Enriched with a simplistic beauty and yet lacking something more , what was it that I truly needed to bring or fulfill the completeness that the soul so requires?The answers seem to flow like the stream into the river... in a partnership we seek friendship, I shall turn to you in time of need, but also in time of want to express and share my love for you. Respect, I will not fail to respect you and view life through your eyes as you view through mine. I will keep in confidence that which speaks without words but embraces with the heart. I will keep my mind open and listen to all that you have to say, who you are, your goals and all thoughts that make up your spirit. I will be honest with myself an allow that honesty to flourish within our relationship. I will promise to be better, for myself and for you so that we may enjoy all is we have to give of each other. I will continue to grow and experience and in doing so turn to you to share as we journey forward. I will express gratitude for all that you are and all that you are to me. I will find joy in each morning and a warmth each night and I will savor the smiles that we are able to give each other. The ever importance of touch, I will embrace from a distance further then the stars in the sky or the mountains that expand the miles. I will always love and recieve love and never question such beauty. I will see in you, what you see me, the bonded reflection of love

Friday, May 30, 2008

When love comes home...

The sun had already set, but it was one of those evenings where there was neither wind nor chill of night. It seemed almost perfect until the dogs became spooked by the owls that had gathered in the trees along side the winding stream. As I hushed to them to settle, I sat back to take in the rather calm and yet very much alive sounds of the hollow. It seemed to be a relaxing end to a rather busy day.
Today had the the effects of a question and answer session. How much does one person feel for another and how much would you do to share totally with a individual to complete a experience of passion and spirit. I closed my eyes and allowed the fragrance of the scattered Bouncing Bets to seep deeply, almost as if the deep hint of sweet floral were saturating the whole garden. Peaceful, I can't remember the last evening that ever had such a tranquil effect over me. What seemed to be the drapes of nature closing in to create a calm, was only complimented by the completeness I was feeling at that very moment.
I had never imagined a love so pure that it could conquer all evil, so simplistic it could see between the varied shades of color to bring definition to the moment. There I was standing alone, the trees appeared to inch closer almost as if I was cradled in their embrace. Somehow I felt an acceptance of being, beginnings and closures all seemed to mingle in a twine like that of wisteria growing tightly as it wrapped around everything in its path. I stood there not able to move in any direction and I absorbed all that is. At that very moment I realized the tears of a lifetime had finally dried and I no longer felt a sadness for the past. It wasn't a matter of acceptance that I combated, more of awareness and a deeper sharing of individuality as the bond of spirits, strengthens and finds the ultimate pleasure in sharing.
An ever so slight smile broke the stillness of night as my thoughts like many times before drifted to the warmth of your embrace. I stood there and I questioned nothing, love, so kind and wonderful had made its way forever into my heart and I reached into the darkness and I knew wherever you were and whatever you were doing you were reaching back.

All I know

Sings>All I know...

All I know is what I see,
blue skies in every dream.
Your arms around me and
life is how it should be.
All I know is how I feel,
spinning around like a kids
pinwheel. Fast and faster I
will go, I doubt my heart
will ever slow.
All I know is what I hear,
music that courts the ear.
Love and laughter every
where and songs of passion
fill the air.
All I know is what I taste,
life sweet and hearts that
baste, magic with a hint of
faith and memories that
slowly bake.
All I know is where we go
above the clouds is a romance
show, side by side we lay,
you and I everyday.
All I know is that your mine,
in my heart and by myside,
souls soar to find the place
where love can dine.

Wild Rose

The muskrat swims the resevoir, the turtles bask in the sun
and the wild roses cascade over the hills, while spiders webs are spun.
Magical the moment it placed me in your embrace and brought your
love so close, I feel like we are face to face.
So wonderful a feeling, overflows with joy, heart to heart touch forever
to be enjoyed.

Lost Charm - Beyond The Sea

Thursday, May 29, 2008


It is pretty amazing what you can sense in another person, through voice, response and lack of response. But this guessing game only promotes the building of a wall call misinterpretation. The imagination can be the tool for positive as well as negative emotions and only through communication can we rise above with the ability to not place ourself in judgement of another. If avoidance exposes itself and pain digs a hole and fear surfaces from what remained a soul, then darkness has gained and tumble shall we, to the existence of evil that keeps the heart from remaining free.
Allow the guidance of love to bring you closer into my heart
and the joy of happiness to place you next to my soul.
My heart is heavy, what it i sense...

Trust that our bond is...

Pure Bliss, our ultimate goal in life is to experience what we believe is our reward for our accomplishments. There is a balance necessary that is needed to attain stability. Exactly what is this stability? A form of peace that shares in the beauty of life and understands that it takes the same amount of energy to allow negative thoughts as positive into the heart and next to the soul. Negative sources create aggression, expectation, disappointment and result in building walls that restrict the soul rather then protect it. On the side of freedom we find honesty and love and laughter and fantasy all that allows free access to the heavens high.

Our similarities branch out as a mutual attraction and our differences create a format in which we gain strengths from one another by learning and experiencing. Our battles are to overcome those who by ignorance choose to destroy, with selfishness, greed and hatred. The equality that surfaces with the companionship of kindred spirits is strength beyond all earthly powers, as we are given a road map of love and peace and enough magic of life to see it through.

Greeted with the daily celebration of life, I found that through an optimistic spirit we are capable of painting the world in a different hue. The ache that would come from a separation of souls would be unbearable and I shudder at the thought.

It is cliche to say I'm happy when you are happy, but I am happy when you are happy and when I sense a sadness enter your world my heart also is weighted down by the darkness. It is our growth as individuals that unites us as we stand side by side to share in our experiences. The excitement that flows and flourishes.

Truly it is human nature to find this completeness with another, to tread in a whirlpool of raging waters and to float basking in the sun and always make it to shore. Trust that our bond is complete and that our travels will only compliment with a genuine warmth that extends beyond what is instinctive to many to enhance with a beauty that transcends all barriers.
If you can see beyond space and time and dive into the heart and review the soul and mind. Then you must know no words could equal what has been inscribed with the help of the spirits it all seems quite sublime.

Those that are placed on a,
pedestal fall the farthest.

You and I

It wasn't that I was looking, or that it was some big surprise, flowers all seemed to be blooming paired by two in the garden under the bluest of sky. I saw the ducks nested, the robins in the tree and in the hills I saw a reflection, I was sure it was you and me. I thought I must be mistaken, how could this imagery be, but than I felt your love flow from the deepest part of me.

The Carolina Wren

The North Carolina Wren has met with her demise, the predator a black cat had caught her by surprise. She was use to me each morning as I met her eye to eye and in the green house she no longer took to flight she just sat there by my side. The eggs now cool, will no longer have a chance to hatch and I already miss the meeting of the little bird that made me laugh.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When you wish upon a star...

Encouraging the child within to believe that anything is possible, it comes to you in many packages. It's magical and you can see it all over the hills and the reflection on the crystal cool water of the nearby lake. This magic is also brought to you by those special people that enter your life, for a moment , a year and some even hold your hand for the complete journey.
Memories they enhance the day and allow you to look back and smile and feel your heart overflow with the warmth that love brings. Several years back a dear friend sang this song for me, I remember it being a very special moment and a wonderful connection was made between two people on that day. He sang> "when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, when you wish upon a star your dreams come true." I can't tell you exactly how I felt that day, I remember the glass sliding doors were in front of me and as I listened to him sing, I felt as if some how we had broken the barrier of space and that the glass wall was shattered for one moment and that I had escaped the imprisonment.
Since that special day I have found many ways to escape the hollow, through photographs, conversation, friendship and yes daydreaming. I have felt love's embrace and the beauty of life as it stirs the desire to be and do so much more. When darkness blankets the night and the stars in the heavens sparkle bright, I realize how very close we truly are, as that which shines over my head, shines over yours each night.
If anything is possible and dreams can really come true, one day will share that smile, face to face along the shore, your hand in mine locked tightly and sadness will there be no more.


I Do

Partner...to appreciate, encourage and respect.
Companion... to frequent enjoy the company of.
Friend... comrade, to enjoy, cherish each shared moment.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


When night comes....

...to inflict pain on you,
would be to separate our souls and that is impossible.
When night comes... it is your arms that embrace the darkness to pull me ever so close

Sunday, May 25, 2008

...like spring, new growth with beautiful blooms.

Miss You more...

Running on empty, a little bit low, I can't get gear and I'm really slow. New your loving and need your smiles need you for those extra miles.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I found this invitation not on paper were the words, inscribed in the heavens and sent down on the wings of migratory birds. It didn't have a date, I didn't see a time, but for sure I saw the words were of God's design. Someday we are going to lay side by side in a field peer up into the blue sky to see what it reveals. I'm gonna feel your hand holding mine so very tight and I'm gonna know I'm safe, heart, soul and mind. I'm gonna rest my head gentle on your chest, listen to your heart beat and know that we are blessed. I'm gonna love you forever and a day and then as I tried to finish reading the invitation blew away.


This is my reality, I asked the Lord that I be loved as I love and the Lord sent me you!

Reality is the existence… my heart, met your heart, soul to soul, next to you. We challenged the gray sky, we made them all blue. We wake in the morning to a new sun lit day and hand and hand journey in the most amazing of ways. Over mountains we traveled, we turned them to dust and sprinkled them gently without any fuss. Exploring, supporting and seeing it all through, it is no surprise our hearts had come shining on through. Unrestrained the mind is now set at ease, as we conjure up images to the soul meant to please. Desire took on passion and a fantasy made, but clearly the merge of our spirits are the ones that create. Embrace of the heavens on a starry lit night and the moon full of magic that answers our plight. A sequence is forming and like dominoes fall and each challenges us to visualize the soul in the raw. Internal, external it all makes a play to share in the moments of our God given day.

Don't question the future, embrace it.

The Turtles - So Happy Together

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Covered By Gladys Knight - You and Me Against the World

Pearls of the Sea

I looked at the beauty of a string of pearls and again out the window at the sun as it found its way into the hollow. I looked at my life and all that surrounded me and again I imagined for just one second what my life would be like without you and a darkness draped the moment and I shook from the chill of such a gray thought. Tears swelled and as I tried to hold them back my heart reached out to once again feel your embrace and as I did, I knew like the pearls of the sea which were a semblance of my eternal love for you, nothing that man could create can compare to the beauty of love that God has graced us with. I love you...

Delfonics - La La Means I Love You

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

westlife - the way you look tonight (the sims2 romantic vid)

Can I have the next dance under the full moon tonight?

By My Side

The carpet of the woodlands blush of a lush well rained on green and the sycamore towers over with their branches wide and leaves full to drape the hollow as it stages the next new dream. Shadows cast images of lovers in the rain and a reflection like a rainbow pierces through the clouds with the heart the destined aim. Silence was broken when a whisper from the heavens fell and a message of love placed me in your spell. I dared not move, no words could I speak, but there was such a trembling that shook me from my head right down to my feet. As if time took a break and motionless was I, and something wonderful and magical was happening, as you appeared by my side.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Heavens already did...I love you

I don't need a rainbow, nor the sky of blue, to tell you your so wonderful and how much I love you . I don't need the sunshine, nor to count the midnight stars, all I need to do is listen to my heart. I don't need a book, I don't need a pen, I don't need to write what the heavens already did.


I love you

Sings>I couldn't find the words to say how much I love you, no matter how I tried. I couldn't paint the hills with laughter, until you were here by myside.

I am not sure just how it happened, how you took those clouds of gray, turned them into sunshine and sent your love my way.

I couldn't find the words to say how much I love you, no matter how I tried. I couldn't paint the hills with laughter, until you were here by myside.

My heart began to sing, and there I was dancing in a dream, holding on to you and listening to the melody of I love you.

I couldn't find the words to say how much I love you, no matter how I tried. I couldn't paint the hills with laughter, until you were here by my myside.

Titanic - L is for the way you look at me

take my heart but please don't break it...

BBC2 idents tribute (1964-2007) - It takes two

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dances with you

Spinning child like in circles, dreaming of your embrace.

I feel your love

The hands defines a melody,the heart rhythmic plays,
as love's embrace reaches out to me, each and every day.

Enter with your heart wide open,
allow my love on in.
Kisses directed to you my darling
with all I have to give.
Hope and faith, deep in desire,
dreams of passion that don't inquire.
Hold Me
Need is what my heart begs for each night,
love like yours to hold me tight.

Special Love

Like the branches of the pear tree arched and reaching for the sun, I find my spirit from the earth to the heavens searching for your love. The warmth I felt from day one, taught my soul to battle on and fight the distance of body to feel your special love.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Web of LIfe

A web created to stop you in your tracks,
and hold you close and allow you to relax.
I placed it strategically, I wanted to make
sure, that I could hold you in an embrace
of my forevermore.
You wiggled and you tried to set yourself
free, but I am the spider and the web
belongs to me.

A Dance With Memory

Cattails standing tall against the mighty wind,
reflect in the waters as a new day begins.
Mesmerized am I as deeper do I see, in the
shallow waters a dance with memory.

Allow my heart to feel the warmth of your embrace and
my soul to accept the challenge and meet
beyond the restraints of earth.


Claim those memories

There is a time when everything is clear and I know what it all means and why we were brought together and where the journey leads. Then the sun becomes shaded by the dark and dreary gray and I feel a bit befuddled as I try to find my way. Confused I hear laughter amid the tears of the day and my head begins to spin as I sort out the darkness from the light of day. There is tugging from inside, it pulls at my very soul, it questions all that happens and it feels so very cold. My spirit begins racing and runs like a antelope set free, jumping all the hurdles set to restrain and block what is honestly meant to be. So once again I glance at the hollow and the hills and I am aware that the season has documented another day another year. For all that I see changing and all that stays the same, there is still so much more waiting for the memories to claim.

Another moment under trees of green and
I start to dream and everything seems so
wonderful here with you.

Oh! what the heart wouldn't do, it knows the truth,
how much I love you, under skies of blue.

Another moment under trees of green and
I start to dream and everything seems so
wonderful here with you.

Oh! I can feel your embrace, your laugh takes
center stage as I fall in love all over again with

That is Life

I can still hear the water as it makes its way down stream and the foliage of late spring has a come to life time green. The red winged black bird perched high up in the three squawked a sound that sounded more like laughter then a bird in a tree. I spun around and viewed nature at its best and somehow I knew that it was all part of this life long test. So many questions unanswered in the breeze, warm and yet exciting I'm still not sure what they all mean.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Journey Forward

Wild Columbine Flowers

Expectation limits with the preconception of a narrow mind. Where as hunger devours and digest the moment each with a different days flair.

The season of love

God's Greater Plan

I believe love has tipped the scale and drained the well of tears from my own personal hell. The smiles once forbidden for all to see, escaped first thing in the morning, they stepped fresh out of my dreams. My heart began to sing and my soul to dance and I knew for certain our love wasn't sent by chance. Everything that happens is of God's greater plan, as there is always something more we yet to understand. Why mountains seem higher when standing alone and nearly disappear when we allow our love to grow. Like the river that once covered my head, is the same river that we now both tread. It all seems pretty simple and clear to me, love accompanies both of us on a redirected journey, it over came distance and the bumps in the road and through several detours gained speed and never stopped to slow.

All You Need Is Love - The Beatles

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

The Power of Love

Love is a compliment of life.
When love opens door there is nothing it can't do, I heard it moved a mountain and made the skies the most beautiful blue. It's strength is uncomparable it parted skies of gray and gave a gift so wonderful it made the sadness fade away. So full of energy this little thing called love, it placed the sparkles in my eyes and warm thoughts in my mind. It challenges each moment to surface with joy and to battle each struggle without coming across coy. On this journey our bags are heavily packed and all we ever needed was a love filled sack.

Painted Memories

Once again I found the rain empowering; each droplet that fell contained a memory. The flood of detail had my heart churning, as all the memories stirred a deeper inner burning.

I started walking on a dream like cloud and then felt my soul drift to you. Your arms open and your love waiting, I knew I belonged here with you.

Sings> It's our song and our dream and your love cast spell. It's our dance and our embrace and your magic as well. la la la la... a song of love , la la la la... a dream, that's when I fell.

My heart reached out beyond the heavens, to feel the warmth of your love, my soul set free carried both spirit and dream to a place where only you and I can go. The doors are all covered with smiles, inside are painted memories and I laughed for a moment as my mind took me by surpise on a journey from shore on out to sea. The waves simply didn't matter, their rocking motion couldn't overcome the chatter, of my heart and my soul as they both sing for you, my love, my dream come true.

When two worlds collide in the explosion you will see,
the magic of our love in a mystical dream.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

...is when I first found you by my side.

Sings> When the heavens sent down those little rain drops and the clouds parted in the sky, when I began to dream of your love, is when I first found you by my side.

When the morning came a calling and the darkness no longer exist, when I first heard your voice my darling, is when I reached on over to give you a kiss.

When a chill shook me from inside and I questioned just what you mean to me, when I thought to hard all about it, is when I escaped into another dream.

When the day progresses and the sun finds it place up in the sky, when the smile a tear replaces, is when I know you reached on out beyond my mind.

When the heavens sent down those little rain drops and the clouds parted in the sky, when I began to dream of love is when I first found you by my side.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The thought of losing something as magical as love, scattered all my thoughts to the heavens up above. Hunger is not a feeling that waits to be fed, but the remaining passion when all has been said.

I crave to feel your body and to devour each moment of the day and process all the emotions as a new memory is made. The embrace is eternal, there is no letting go, for you are in my heart and like the river rises above its banks your love will surely flow.

The night surrounds with a darkness to the eye, but it's the window of the soul that gives a view to the mind. The rain gently falling creates music to the ear and it brings with it a magic that makes your soul apppear.

We cannot possess nor chain the spirit of the soul,
only retain the magic as our hearts the love will spool.
Oh! the wind changed direction and the sun faded away, as the hills felt a darkness that draped the new day. Something inside spans beyond fear, as I reach out to hold you and bring you near. Don't cry said the mountains, don't weep for today, the dreams created are here to stay.

Oh! the wind changed direction and the sun faded away and the hills felt a darkness that draped the new day. Befuddled by the silence, I begged for a train to drown the sadness, as my heart screams in pain.

Oh! the wind changed direction and the sun faded away, as I ran for cover I placed down my claim, to love and be loved as love would have it be, in the dance on the mountain under the willow tree.

...and I sing for you.

Sings>I'm gonna make a river out of memories and I'm gonna send my dreams all down to you. I'm gonna make you love me each and everyday, as much as I'm loving you.
I'm gonna build a mountain out of laughter and I'm gonna have it reach the heavens high, I'm gonna meet you daily on those white puffy clouds,on the big one that you see floating by.
I'm gonna love you forever, I gonna watch our love grow like the mountain vines. I'm gonna feel the tighting of our souls, as we allow our hearts to endlessly entwine.
I'm gonna make sure you hear me, I gonna catch a flock of song birds in flight. I'm gonna attach the words of my love for you, and direct them to fly nonstop until your heart is in sight.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Side by Side

I held my hand upon my lips and felt the whisper of the moment flow and as I listened carefully your name released to the winds now carefree blow. My love took to the mountains, with passion and desire and when I grasped beyond the fire the flames kept dancing well past the midnight hour.

The sweet fragrance of a red rose as it blooms in the gardens of May, reminds me of the blush to my cheeks when I share my inner thoughts with you. It was the entrance to my heart that tickled with delight, when you strolled on past the garden gates and held my hand creating the most wondrous of sight.

My soul took to dancing, my heart took to song and my arms took to your embrace which has never steered me wrong. Stand here as witness, as love takes to flight and the energy that mends the miles leaves a bridge to meet at night.

How can the heart love more with each fleeting moment? Impossible a feat to consume more then life can hold, but your love grows faster then the hours in the day and fills my heart with joy in the most magnificent a way.


I know not how nor why the stream redirects it flow, except to escape the mountains and meet at the rivers run in a celebration of the freedom full of happiness and love.

He who views the heart and embraces it with joy has found the key to paradise and unlocked from inside, the magic and beauty of love that placed two souls side by side.

Monday, May 12, 2008

There's no tears of sorrow, no sadness peaks today,
all that surfaces is the magic that sends your love my way.
There's no heartache, no melancholy gray, you warmed
my heart and taught it to sing the blues away.
There's no more emptiness, no loneliness resides, I have
the love of you all day and night.
There's no brick and mortar walls, the trees of the mountains
they seem to tumble and fall and taking flight like a hawk in
the air, our soals are soaring and there's no compare.
There's no tears of sorrow, no sadness peaks today,
all that surfaces ithe magic that sends your love my way.

Put your head on my shoulder
and dance the night away.


If forever is the hold that embraces my soul,
then darling I forever love you.

Good Night

Sings>I can't tell you how much I love you, nor how much you mean to me, so I asked the mountains to sing of my love in a good old spring time breeze.
The wind blew through the trees so their branches would kiss the ground and the leaves floated down stream so my love could be found.
I can't tell you how much I love you nor how much you mean to me, so I asked the mountains to sing of my love in a good old spring time breeze.
The rain it seemed to spin in the rush of the wind and when it touched the ground something happened deep within.
I can't tell you how much I love you nor how much you mean to me, so I asked the mountains to sing of my love in a good old spring time breeze.
Touching down in my heart, something amazing happened and I knew it from the start, like a wild raging hurricane it's moving on its way to bring you all my love on a stormy spring time day.
I can't tell you how much I love you nor how much you mean to me, so I asked the mountains to sing of my love in a good old spring time breeze.
The wind touched the wings of a blue bird in flight and invited it to travel along to give you my kiss good night and as the stars twinkle up high in the sky , I'll be there beside you till the sun
begins to rise.
I can't tell you how much I love you nor how much you mean to me, so I asked the mountains to sing of my love in a good old spring time breeze.

When I dream...

Holding on to the dreams of youth
to create the paradise of tomorrow.

Carolina Wren

Oh! the green of the mountains has certainly filled on in, I can barely see the blue sky unless I'm standing on the outer edge. The flowers are blooming each week a different one and they document the moments of a day in the sun.


Oh! down in the valley where the rocky stream flows, you can catch the rock bass sunning in the current down below. This birds are all now nested and sitting on their eggs and in hopes of hatching next years migrating young.


Oh! my heart is longing to be by your side, to hold your hand and feel your love and dance on clouds of happiness the ones that make you mine. The dream is burning deep in my soul, so wild the flames the warmth has taken hold.

forever you and I

In this world that dreams created you are here with me,
a walk along the river banks our hearts and souls set free,
forever, forever you and I.

In this song that I sing the words come to life, accompanied
By roaring winds, they soar like a unattached kite, forever
forever you and I.

In this dance you’re holding me and I am holding you,
A everlasting embrace under skies of blue, forever, forever
You and I.

Judy Garland - Good morning

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miss You...

A blue bird without a destiny,a sea without the shore, my arms without you my love is an emptiness I dread to explore.
A day without your smile, a life without the song and a dance without you my dear gives a platform to the wrong.
A moment without your touch, a day without your voice and the sorrow inside of me begs for a different choice.
The tears of loneliness blurred my sight, so I took the opportunity to make the moment right.
I viewed the world from the window of my soul and a kaleidoscope of visions embraced my heart with a lifelong hold.

I cried, then I laughed as I felt from inside
the love of a man who dares
to be my myside.
I didn't know that I could miss you so much, so I spent the day dreaming and it did nothing but remind me that I miss you more, more then I thought possible.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Night

Until I know you feel it to I couldn't get to sleep and
so I wrote a few simple words so ours souls were free to meet.
High above the tree tops, beyond the mountains high, I climbed
unto a puffy cloud of white to lay down by your side.
I snuggled close with my head upon your chest and my legs
entwined with yours in a cotton soft lovers nest.
The stars were brightly shining and only darkness can I see,
until I looked inside your heart to only find that you were
looking at me.
So now the time has come and at peace I now can rest,
because I'm in the arms of love in a romantic dream like

Lips to lips

Oh lips to lips, what I wouldn't do to feel your kiss
and tell you how much I love you, I do really, I do
I really do.
Oh lips to lips, what I wouldn't do taste such bliss
and in a state of magic where our dreams come true,
come true for me and you.
Oh lips to lips, a dance on clouds, I couldn't resist,
sweet pleasure where I am hold, holding you in
an eternal embrace.
Oh lips to lips, I couldn't close my eyes without first
giving you a kiss, and infuse my love my love my love to
Oh lips to lips, this is not a final kiss, but more of one
I didn't want to miss, my good night to you, goodnight,
goodnight, goodnight to you.
Oh lips to lips, so sweet an tender image that we just
can't miss, branding the sky of to me and you, to me
and you.
Oh lips to lips, what I wouldn't do to feel your kiss and
seal my love so true, so true, so very true.

... sweet memories

The puzzle of life only becomes difficult
when a few pieces are missing.
... and a chill came over me and for one brief moment I shook as I reached out for your hand. The sun set and the room darkened and I felt separate from my surroundings. I battled to hold back the tears of yesterday that remained to taunt with me. My heart began to race and I closed my eyes to once again feel your love embrace my spirit.
Close your eyes and feel my embrace... I love you


...and hold I do, your love inside me.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

...to the one I love

Sings> In this dream you've been cast, in my arms you'll lay,
and I'll sing you a song, till the sun breaks the day.
In this world there is one, he who holds my heart, with
each and every moment a creation of God's work of art.


I'm here waiting for you my love,
to embrace the night my love.
This is really pretty simple, it's written specifically for you and all you need to do is close your eyes and allow your soul to see you through. Unlock the darkness let your heart be the light and you will find that I am with you and that I have never left your side. I was with you in the morning when a kiss of joy I placed and left my love to warm your soul and carefully guide you to our most magical of place. Don't open up those eyes, don't even think to peek, your spirit doesn't need to wonder if it's I you truly seek. I again was with you in the middle of the day, I journeyed on the clouds above until rain drops the clouds made and when they found their destiny and a pitter patter for sunlight trade, each droplet became a reminder your loved in a very special way. Now the evening is upon us no signs of sunlit warmth, nor rain or clouds of stormy weather as they began to quickly fade from this earth. Replacing the moment the stars now shine above and each one has the name of you with the inscription to you my forever love.

In my Heart

What is in my heart?

Many layers one upon the other creates a nest of hope and faith for each day is like no other. Woven tightly in a warm embrace love was first to be found, as it secured a place in my dreams, with desire laced more tightly by the hour. The closer you allow your soul, the more that you will see that what is in my heart is the most beautiful reflection, the bond of you and me.

I was on prison release today, that is surely what it felt like. The magic of Greene is that it hasn't quite caught up with the rest of the world. You can travel for many miles without another car in either direction. The rain steady, tapered between a light sprinkle and then a on again off again heavy pour. My windshield wipers kept this cool rocking motion as they cleared the pounding of rain upon from the front window. The highway 218 cuts through the hills leading deep into backhills of West Virigina. The whole ride I kept thinking of you saying ah I wish I had my camera, I want to share the landscape, the horses grazing in the valley, the orchards in full bloom, the peacock eating out of my hand and the sun struggling to break through the dark and heavy clouds.
It was a sense of peace and tranquility and a true pleasure as I conversed with the owner of the newly opened winery and carefree enjoyed viewing the various gardens filled with the most fragrant of spring flowers. There was a complete freedom, a joy that I had not experienced. I traveled alone a little more each time, expanding and exploring and most of all making decisions along the way. The magic of it all was that I was absorbing like a well dried out sponge everything that crossed my path as if my mind were truly photographing the moment.
I cried for a few moments as I thought of the struggles in life that were created by my own choices and then quickly they faded as I new just like the vehicle I was driving was moving forward, I to was moving in a direction that was both positive and exciting.
Again this feeling of confidence came over me and after and hour of driving, I turned around to head back home, as I ran up the steps I was anxious to share with you my moments in the day, as I began to write tears again began to fall, not of sadness ,but of an accomplishment in the exploration of a new days journey.

In my mind, in my heart and right here next my soul...awaiting your arms embrace... how could I not love you.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Heavens Blessing

I am on a second wind... Catches you on the cloud

When the clouds cooperate it's love on display.

The day was so perfect that the
heavens dropped down to lift us up.

To love...

Strolling down by the water I was caught by
surprise when stinging nettle rubbed up against
my thigh.
I stepped back to the clearing bordering near the rocks
and a bullfrog sunning make this huge plop.
Everywhere I look nature speaks to me and tells of
the script written specifically for spring.
The fish are spawning, they have settled for awhile
and soon they will travel another ten more miles.
Flowers in bloom, the finch gathered in a flock and my
heart beating faster then an over wound clock.

The sun warm and bright is high up in the sky, prepares
to set as it says goodnight.
All a sudden my mind began to drift and up in the
clouds I felt my soul lift.
There you were awaiting, your hand stretched out to me
and all I could think was this must be some dream.
Entwined like Ivy hinged upon a wall, love strengthened
for and unexpected fall.
Slipping off the edge down in a spiral we go in a forever
embrace that never seemed to slow.
There we locked your heart and soul with mine and all I
could think was this dream is mighty fine.

Beyond Earths Hold in Time

The sunshine of your soul

Underneath the arbor in the fresh green grass I lay,
peering through the wisteria the blue sky made its way.
Content to begin dreaming, I placed you next to me
and felt your arms caressing tenderly.
The sun warm and shining was blinding to the eyes,
but like your love its filled with surprise.
Underneath the arbor in the fresh green grass I lay,
peering through the wisteria the blue sky made its way.

... is the love you gave

The love of you and me...

Sings> The clearer the water the more we can see,
your love and my love in a newly cast dream.

The bluer the sky, the more that you'll know,
love like ours makes everything glow.

La la la la ... la la la la the more you'll know what
you mean to me.

The clearer the water the more we can see,
your love and my love in a newly cast dream.

Wild with Passion

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I Am So Into You - Atlanta Rythm Section

You hold the camera

Allow your heart to photograph the memories of the mind
and your soul to view step by step a love sent from heaven high.
Dancing in the moutain stream the waters reveal, that I
am never alone your love my heart can feel.
Allow your heart to photograph the memories of the mind
and your soul to view step by step a love sent from heaven high.
Not like Van Gogh a painting on the wall, more a Rouseau of the
wild that won't let go.
Allow your heart to photograph the memories of the mind
and your soul to view step by step a love sent from heaven high.

i like dreamin'

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Your heart and mine...

Pure and Wonderful

On the path of life... many journey's become one.

Walk with me...

I could hardly wait for the rain to come to a cease fire. The day was long and I felt caught between the path of reality and the questions of life that stir within. Slowing to a calming sprinkle I chanced a stroll through the woodlands out back. The train nearly a mile away could be heard as its hum competed with the mating birds of spring. The further I traveled the more questions I had and the more Mother Nature revealed. There were many signs of man’s destruction and nature’s uncanny ability to forgive in the most strangling of situations.
Wavering on which direction to continue, the indecisiveness had me at a stand still, almost as if I was somehow lost in an area that I frequented often. The stream overflows into a small pond half filled with cattail and surrounded by many small flowering trees. I found myself mesmerized by the reflection of the dancing dogwood. I felt a connection or comrade with nature as both she and I struggle with our surroundings. It wasn’t necessarily succumbing but overcoming that triggered self doubt. Where the road will lead and what is at the end toys with the spirit creating a refuge for fear.
Once again I strolled around the pond taking in the beauty of the rebirth of spring. Still unsure of what troubles the soul; I found self following the path back towards home.
Here awaiting deep in the hollow is the comfort zone that ask very little of me or is that it ask for all of me, body and soul? Everything seemed near perfect, the Chinese Wisteria matured into its glorious blooms and the seedlings that I planted in hopes of the future had found their place within the landscape. The hills and the trees seem to complete the frame of life, yet something drastically is missing.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Love is beautiful in any language, it is the heart that speaks and the soul that listens... te iubesc

My Love

Deep in my heart, always by my side,
our soul to soul embrace has the stopped
the hands of time.
Whether near or far, all you need to do,
is close your eyes and feel my love, my
gift to you.

Lionel Richie - All Night Long

All NIght Long

I feel it in the chills traveling through my soul,
a touch of love that has a mystical hold.
My body shivers from the memories,
a warm and wonderful view of a life long dream.

Call it a river an ocean or sea,

imagination, dreams or fantasy.


Love on a sailboat caught up in

the breeze, drifts in a cloud of

your memory.


Waiting on the sunshine and the

skies of blue to create the stage

for me and you.


Dance all day, dance all night,

can't wait for when you hold me



Call it a river, ocean or sea,

imagination,dreams or fantasy.


It is one of those mornings when your memory consumes and I drift to magical places where I am loving you. A smile on my face, my heart overwhelmed with tears and I gaze out the window in chance that you are here. The trees of the hollow surround with dreams, but it's your hand in mine that brings to me such glee.


Pulling and a Tugging

Sings> I felt a pulling and a tugging all night long as I awoke in your dream. Your arms holding me so tight, I knew I was right where I belong.

I felt a pulling and a tugging all night long as I awoke in your dream. Your whispers so sweet, I felt like I was the song.

Oh! baby I felt a pulling and a tugging all night long as I awoke in your dream. Your love all night long and now your here with me.

I felt a pulling and a tugging all night long, as I awoke in your dream.