Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, December 31, 2007

A Validation of My Love...

With my honor I bestow my love to the one who holds my heart, confirming the validity I shout it in dark. High above mountains and drifting out to sea, no matter the reasoning we bonded out of need.

I feel no weakness in needing you,
no pain in wanting you,
no sadness even though
the river separates
the mountains.
Today I felt a happiness that eased my troubling heart,
as sharing in my being gave to life a refreshing start.
A newly written chapter that taught me how much
you mean, when you stepped out on a limb to bring
to life a dream.
Breaking barriers, taking down the walls, escaping
the madness of the rotten little troll ( Laughs Out Loud)
It is ok to laugh, smile and to be me......for beyond the realm of madness, is the joy of life waiting down the path of experience.
I feel your love in everything I do.... blows kisses!!!!
Shouts from mountains,
whispers in the wind,
sings in the night,
forever loves..

Tonight I celebrate my love

I celebrate what is ..my yesterday, my today and my tomorrow, my love.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


> Smiles ..... good night!!
Love creates a union that melds your heart to mine, a combination that blends the soul with the mind. A keen understanding in which I need not explain, for you seem to know my steps before I even recognize the footprints left behind were mine. Complete acceptance for no judgement have you made and the beauty is in the vision for the view is from inside.
Love does not stop nor does it fade
for it's the core of a beginning and
no end can ever be made.

Restless the soul for the path it seeks,
down love and respect leading you to me.
It all seemed a fantasy until I held the little bear
and then I knew no matter the distance for
sure you were here.

Sings> I can't stop thinking of you.....

I can’t stop from thinking of you, you’re always on my mind. Doing the dishes, I keep on making wishes that you were around.
I can’t stop from dreaming of you, you’ve been cast the lead on my cloud. Eloquently dancing, charmed I took a chance and fell right into your arms.
I can’t stop from singing a love song, you wrote the words. Gave it a melody and sang it with harmony from the strings of my heart.
I can’t stop from feeling your love, you tickle me from inside. Gave to me the laughter and my very own ever after from that very first smile.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Painting those skies of gray....

Dreams consciously or subconsciously tickle the heart, unite souls and tease the mind. Imagine for one moment that anything was possible and with a simple closing of the eyes, you could enter a world separate from anything you have ever known. In this special place kindred spirits unite and there is no question to the capabilities of the mind. Some might say this fantasy or escape from reality interferes with what is. We go to sleep to rest our body, we dream to rest our mind.

The Vision is Clear

When lips are still as the night and yet your heart hears my plight. To love you near and far underneath the brightest stars, as we dance through the night.
Darkness plays its silly games and shadows on the wall a fire make, the vision is clear that the flame burning here will remain soul to soul beyond this life.
Pearls on the dresser lay, atop of doilies hand crocheted, delicate and old the memories retold, of how we repainted skies of gray.
I love you is a combination of words, I want you is something the heart spurred, but this you will know that life it comes and goes, but my love for you has a powerful and everlasting glow.
The stories unfold and each one in my heart I hold, tender this embrace held in an uncommon place, as that's what they say when angels come to play and bring to life a vision so wonderful and filled with delight.
You could search your whole life to find, but this magic is stronger then the mind, for no matter where you are, all you need is just one star and you'll find I'm always waiting there for you, and you find ....always , always find, that I am waiting there for you.

I might stroll through life, and that can be awfully nice, but in my dreams running is the theme as I'm running as fast as I can to you!!!!!

The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand

I wanna hold your hand.

I am but a traveler on a long and winding path...... thanks you for holding my hand.

New Years Resolutions

It's the time of year that we scan the past and starting looking forward to a new year. As I reflect on past years resolutions, I find they have one common goal to be better in one way or another then the previous years. Unfortunately we set ourselves up to fail once to many as we try to obtain goals that are far from our reach. This year is very different, I don't feel the temptation to make a resolution of weight loss, or any specific challenge. This year I want to step forward in everything I do being truthful or shall I say completely honest with myself. What do I expect to find in this newly excepted wisdom? I believe that through this unveiling of emotion I will be capable of moving on without the additional stress that comes with fitting into everyones preconceived notion of who we are or who we should be, or where our life should lead.
This new freedom of thought shall be free of limitations, instead granting the potential to stand inside out and to obtain more of who I am on a even grandeur scale. I will sort my wants from my needs, love from lust, happiness from sadness and I will like the seeds of the dandelion blowing in the wind set free all that has restrained my soul. From this day forward I will express my own strength and weakness, not as a form of acceptance but to express, motivate and create my own path. I will not in anyway limit my own abilities, as each day I will use the untapped source of energy to not improve but to establish my being.

I promise that today I shall move forward and neither will I be restrained by circumstances, nor fall victim to those who seek to control. I am worthy of more and more is the expression of love that is seen in all of the world. More is respect, trust for I am worthy of being loved as I love. I will meet each days commitment with the excitement that life is deserving of. For the true gift was given at birth and it is up to us to seek and create in a knowledgeable way an expansion pack on the road we travel.My emotions may trigger my vulnerablity or lead me to the first path of truth.

I will not fear change for the more we learn the more we grow,
and the less inept we will be in meeting our challenges.
First truth ... I am afraid... except when your here,then I am as powerful as the mythlogocial Gods who rule the universe.
Second truth I cannot hate anyone but I do feel a sense of pity, for they fail to see the beauty in this wonderful planet we call home or the untimely birth of a newly born fawn or as I the view magic of a traffic jam .... oh I love bonus time!!!!!!!!!!!
Third Truth.. I can't sleep tonight because I am missing you.
Fourth Truth... I knew better and I still did... does it make me a bad person? I don't believe so, maybe a needy person lol

Friday, December 28, 2007

It is because we travel through the same perimeters of the mind that the expansion of happiness is felt so deeply. It is not for you that I rejoice, but with you that I celebrate the beauty of love.

Side by side,step by step,
through the mind direct
to the heart, as the
warmth of love
embraces the
Victim of circumstances or
challenger of time.

White Christmas

I was watching a holiday classic that I have every year that I can remember since childhood. This year I was amazed as it was the first time I had seen the remastered version. No longer shades of gray as they were transformed in varied colors of blue and orange. I thought how could that be since I was sure I knew what color everything was. I felt very much like a child seeing the movie for the first time as I absorbed the array of colors as it replaced my own images with those of a prefixed version.
You could say I was a bit antsy as I was enjoying the movie, my mind kept drifting to you. Imagining you beside me, relaxing, taking in the moment and appreciating the company of each other. Restless by nature, that I am sure of, as I can always remember wanting to run as fast as I could. The view altered as I looked within to feel the warmth of your love and a embrace that was so mind challenging that it allowed me to escape for the moment the barricade so well placed that it blocked the view of the world around me.
Fragile as if walking high above on the tight rope of life, teetering back and forth trying to find my own balance within it all. I was disturbed how I allowed those to control the height of which I could travel, afraid of the fall, I leaned forward and unlike anytime in my lifetime, I felt such a connection as I reached and you reached back.
An appearance of angels in many a form,
guiding us daily through the heaviest of storms.
Capable of igniting the flame of desire,
transcends from the heavens to encourage the fire.

Help Me.... I am missing you!!!!!

I fear on looking back do to its strong hold.... looks forward.

He who tries to control fate is a bigger fool then I,
for love is much more powerful and this
energy cannot be denied.
As reality takes center stage, the facts are simply this, no
matter what your thinking we both really do exist.
For love is never chosen, it's not something that can be
picked, it holds the world together and the heart cannot
Structure built not of wood or brick, the walls to restrain of
circumstance is mighty thick. Lack of courage and denial
stands very tall, but soon it will crumble as love will bring it
to a fall.
On the stage of silence a whisper will you hear, the song
of togetherness for that's what brought you here.
True it might be choices that rejoice or try to fight, but
if you set your soul free, you'll feel love lift you in flight.

I question neither the Lords motives nor his winding path,for it was I who asked for the experience to relearn to laugh. An though I found I have stumbled once to many times, would it be asking to much if you could shorten a few mountains on this climb?

Kelly Clarkson - To make you feel my love

To make you feel my love

Love...dare to believe

Every year at this time I look back and review where the last twelve months have taken me. I believe we meet many times at the crossroad of want, need, what is and what is possible. Does destiny conflict with our desires or does it enhance it? Are we destined at all or is it choice and chance that complicate our vision leading us in one direction or another?

Want.... freedom in the security of your embrace, need the necessities of life, reality in motion and anything is possible if the correct combination of choices are made.

Thankful that we surfaced beyond the journey of yesterday
to get a glimpse of what tomorrow brings.
All day in the clouds, all night in your arms, our dance in the heavens blessed as the angels smile down. Must be magic or maybe a dream, one things for sure it brought your love to me. Warm and understanding, so tender your touch, and yet so powerful that distance can't separate our love.
The world is filled with sadness and this emotion is simply by choice, if it be love verses hatred, I prefer to give love a voice.
It is possible that our lives are some what pretermined only in the concept that we can alter the outcome. Though collisions in time cause many souls to meet, its the depth one will travel and the strength of our belief. Capabilities are many, no different are we, the truth be it simple we dared to believe.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I wish you were here!!!!!!!!!

We Dream

I dance, you dance, I sing, you sing, I laugh you laugh, we dream.

When kindred souls embrace through powers of the mind.

It might be that we have been taught to walk around with blinders on, that we fail to experience all the beauty and love that flourishes, extending from the soul outward. It's not about hocus pocus or some magic sent down from the heavens, but an energy that connects in the spirit of the wind. So powerful is this love that it explodes with exceptance and the ultimate in trust to display passion beyond that of our daily desires. Expectations set by society and ourselves have taught us to limit or control the fuel that ignites the flame that allows life to take on new meaning.

Kindred souls

I felt as your hand reached out and pulled me close to your side. I gazed into the river of darkness and found that you had lit the love from inside. Waters deep at my feet and the stars above me shine and in the stillness of the moment your embrace locked heart and heart with mine.
I couldn't stop my mind from traveling, I couldn't stop from thinking of you, a day of holiday hustle and bustle and all I could do was dream myself next to you. Just to feel the calm of life, and triple it with the mass of the way you excite. To close my eyes and feel inside what you do to make me love you.

My morning, midday and night, my existence, my very life, takes on a different hue the colors of of life as I dance each day with you.

Sings>La la means I love you,
La la means I really do,
la la means I want you ,
la la forever and a day.
La la from mountain high,
la la in the blue sky,
la la day and night,
la la, I love you.....
La la means I love you,
la la means I really do,
la la means I want you,
la la forever and a day.

La la from mountains high,
la la in the blue sky ,
la la day and night.
la la I love you......

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Good Night

Moonlight shining through my window, cast shadows of love making on the wall, rivers raging through the mountains, like your love flowing through my heart.
I can't wait to hold my pillow, to close my eyes and dream you near. I could stay like this forever just to hold you here.
Tonight is like no other, your cologne I am smelling here, so close is your soul, an embrace with you my darling dear.

When You Say You Love Me Josh Groban

Ray Charles - I Can't Stop Lovin You

Monday, December 24, 2007

One can never be prepared for a good-bye.
Does tomorrow bring an end or a beginning?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Full Moon and the Magic of Love

Reflected in the holidays kaleidoscope of color is the memories formed that had found a warm place in my heart. I once again gazed beyond the heavens clouds to a dimension separate from human form.
Whispers in song> I heard the song of souls, stories of love yet to be told, magical an embrace it takes us to our special place. Wonderful and free, each night you meet with me and there in my heart is where love generated a new spark. The joy of love sent from God up above, took us beyond the dance of dreams far from the path of fantasy. Whimsical and full of delight the images ever clear and very bright, cast a view of a silhouette of the love of you and me.
I promise to love as I am loved, with heart and soul.


Don't go waking me up, don't go pinching me now, I'm still under the mistletoe and we're working our way to the ground. Don't go away, don't leave me now, I'm still in your arms and there's no one else around. La da da da da, La da da da da... I'm still under the mistletoe on our very own holiday cloud.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sharing Life

The order in which we meet is not nearly as important as the content of the meeting. The timing is by the hands of fate, and becomes clearer as we open our hearts to walk with our souls exposed.

Sharing pillows, sharing hearts, sharing dreams.
Racing into your arms, to feel the beat of your heart as the whispers of love surround us with true magic, that which empowers the universe to create the energy that is felt within each
wonderous moment...closes eyes to rest peacefully soul to soul..

Christmas Kisses!

Sends You Christmas Kisses.
The start of a new day, through dreams and faith, I'm sending you kisses each and everday.Filled with happiness and a touch of desire this ornament documents my heart on fire.

Let's sing

Sings>I don't know what happen,
the words just came to life
and in my heart I felt your grip
tighten and it felt so nice.
I started singing and dancing all
around, blissfully, ecstatic I was
drifting to the clouds.
I don't know the why or how you
made it so, but all of this loving
gave the world a special glow.
I don't know what happen, the
words just came to life and in
my heart I felt your grip tighten
and it felt so nice.


Michael Bublé - Feeling Good

Dances, laughs sings and holds you close....... and I'm feeling good!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Only when the moment is shared does it become special.
From my heart to you.... words of love, from my soul to yours .....thank you!

Power of Dreams

I don't need a gift underneath my Christmas tree, your love is all that matters it's the most important thing to me. It's true I'm a big girl now, but the child in me believes, in the miracle of Christmas and the power of dreams.
May the angels land upon you and leave behind my kiss, a reminder of how much your loved and how with every second you are dearly missed. Remember as you close your eyes that we both have been blessed and I wouldn't change any of it except to hold you to my breast.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Know

I know nothing matters as long as you're here with me, side by side through this dream. We climbed the many mountains, we laughed all the way, we put the sun in the sunshine and still we're caught smiling in the rain.
I know nothing matters as long as I can hear a few words from you my dear, calm as the ocean on on a breathless night, excited as a child at the gates of life, secure as the lock that holds us tight, is the voice of love that brings you here.
I know nothing matters as long as I can feel, the touch of you that in my life healed, all of my yesterdays, leading past the skies of grey to open new chapters along the way.
I know we will be okay, as long as I can say, I love you in the morning, I love you through the day, I love you forever and nothing will make this magic go away.
I know my life took on a different hue, you let a rainbow of color through, like prisms in the sunlight, shining down on my life. Creating a gem so very rare, the ingredients were simply love and care, cast across the sky of blue, from my heart direct to you.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Out of our struggles comes our courage to create change. Out of change comes our ability to stand strong in the face of diversity.
I have never regretted past struggles, I am just a bit more grateful for the adventures and experiences that have enriched my life. The reward for reaching beyond this entity to expand with the will of the heart into another dimension, to breach beyond the negativity to feel your source of love. The treasure that mounts higher then mountains yet touches the deepest of spirit is felt in each good morning embrace and in the sauntering of your soul next to me.
My reward in life is your friendship, for you keep me afloat in the harshest of elements.

Can't help falling in love- UB40

shall I stay, would it be a sin, I can't help falling in love with you.

UB40 - I Got You Babe

Feeling 16.....lmao

The Beatles - And I Love Her

and I love you.....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Temptations w/ Diana Ross

I say bring Joy.....

The entrapment is in the experience that guides us through life,
for it is interpretation that brings joy or pain.
It is not what I don't have that has found a place in my heart
but what I do have that brings comfort.
Your love,
our friendship,
one happiness,
our dreams.

Canvas the dream

Canvas the dream of you and I, the fireplace
blazing and the children outside.
All snuggled in comfort and a smile on my face,
to the magic of love in our special place.
The connection is a bond of spirit
... in this magic called life.

Forever and a day.

I imagined behind me, your arms around me tight, all that could be seen is the smiles glistening in the snow of white. I imagined the snowfall only for our eyes and this winter wonderland was a secret love surprise. I imagined forever, in your arms I'd stay, through all the seasons of our life, forever and a day.

Music Box

The music box unwinds as the melody chimes,
note by note to my heart from the very start.
Pearl like candy canes dress the window panes,
a holiday look to the day remains.
Sing songs of love and shares the joy from
above, cloud like dreams with you and me.
Not high or low, just right ya know, your
with me and all is how it should be.

I am wonderful and you are......

There are barriers of life built not of brick and mortar, stronger, taller and definitely more wider. They imprison the spirit, they anchor to the earth and in this stage of darkness the sadness has given birth. View the rise of sun as it cast the dormant trees in silhouette, surrounding us with memories that put us through the test. We are in the heart of winter and the spell begins to lift and in the silence of the morning I knew that we were blessed. We had conquered the demons that set to hold us down, to take our souls and to place to them a frown. The chains now broken, link by link we're free and thou cannot deny it as we stepped beyond the dream.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Goodnight Darling!!!!

It was a sweet way to go to sleep
and a even lovelier way to wake up.

Something happened in the dark of the night, standing down by the river gazing into the city lights.Strolling through my mind, I placed us on top of the incline, romancing till midnight. The river smooth like a sheet of glass, caught the whole reflection and even our silly laughs. Horse and carriage awaits to drive us pass the ice as the lovers skate. Mesmerized am I as I look in your eyes, passion and desire and the power of fire. I accept in this unsual way to meet you my till the sun finds it way.Strolling through all of life and creating a warm embrace that feels so right its the chosen place.

Goodnight darling, I'll see ya in my dreams,
cast you the king and I your queen.
Goodnight darling, I hold you all through the
night, cuddle under star lit skies, take the
day revise.
Goodnight darling, I'll see ya in the morning
wake ya up without warning, send your
soul soaring.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Inside Laughter

Inside laughter, outside joy,
a touch of romance and a
a little bit coy.
Embracing each and everyday ,
with you new dreams are made.
Inside laughter, outside joy,
a touch of romance and a
little bit coy.
Rain falling, stream is high, rapid
current and I feel spry.
Inside laughter, outside joy,
a touch of romance and a
little bit coy.
The last words before I sleep
and the first to greet me in
my dreams.
Inside laughter, outside joy,
a touch of romance and a
little bit coy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I’ll never betray a God given gift,
for my heaven is this stroll
through life.
Hand in hand,
heart to heart,
soul to soul .

It's a wonderful life

Spirits Free

It’s a wonderful life a classic about choice. One decision placed upon the moment altars life in ways that people rarely foresee. In retrospect we see the variable of choice and how they lead to a particular sequence of events. Then there is always our interpretation of such events both positive and negative that capitalizes on the moment.
There are those who have come into my life and have changed its direction in ways that I myself had never foreseen. Gates opened to life that was once locked on an unseen path. Laden with cobblestone and sometimes stumbling we see the extension of life labeled with the title of " experience and growth." To truly grow one must be prepared to experience outside the context of the rigid rules society sets upon us.
As the holidays approach I find myself reviewing the past few years and reabsorbing our trials and triumphs as we prepare to go forward. I had these trinkets that documented my life, each held all the emotion of the past moments through their abilities to freeze in my mind a memory. As I look forward to 2008 I am prepared to let go of yesterdays trinkets as I accept the new challenges that living initiates.
Like a modern day expansion pack I see that we are capable of reinventing tomorrow. The challenge that awaits us is our ability to move forward, running, grasping and treasuring all of life. With you there are no limits upon my soul, no restraints to hold my heart no locks upon the mind for we are merely an extension of reality set free.
I have put my emotions to words for many years, the experiences that come with each new awakening. Today I prepare to celebrate in this gift of love that has been granted to us, and it doesn’t seem like enough to tell you that I love you, to tell the world that I love you. I have toyed with the combinations of sharing my heart in the literary sense and seek to find the words of perfection that will span beyond eternity to rest amongst the souls of those who seek love.
Laced in gratitude, I thank you for excepting this challenge to walk each day in a new light……. Cliché! I love you!!!!!!!


No restraints to hinder set upon our soul,
stimulate and encourage are the eternal goal.

I held to the past to set in stone the documentation of when I was alone. Trinkets remain in Pandora’s box, yesterday’s reminder of when I was lost. Today I wake to find you here eternally fused without despair. Treading tirelessly above the seas, hand and hand clenched in the breeze.

It's A Wonderful Life

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You and I ...

Wind from the heavens, heed my plea the words of love are blowing through the sycamore trees. My head upon the pillow and your name on my heart, soul to soul dancing underneath the stars. Passion appeared, desire made a play and there in my dreams you and I laid.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


When night falls, when daylight comes,
when dreams are real, when the heart
dances to love, I know what I feel.
When you are here, when your with me,
when souls embrace, I know that the joy
back to you has been traced.
When I smile, when I sing, when I let
inside, all of the magic makes you
When days are short,when time is still,
when thoughts drift to you, I know your
the master of skies of blue.
When hills sing, when streams tempt,
when the wind finds the way, to reach
my soul and a spirit awake.
When you touch, when I touch, when
we embrace, the world becomes a
different place.
When night falls, when daylights come,
when dreams are real, when the heart
dances to love, I know what I feel.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Before you close your eyes know this, that I send to you my goodnight kiss. Love infused it brings to you, all the passion as in my heart you grew. Starlight enhanced, sparkle bright it cast a midnight trance. Laced with all my gratitude, is the embrace of all my love for you.

Stand By Me - Demis Roussos

To make sense of the senseless toys with the mind,
for all that I am sure of is we are for all time.
The moment was chosen on a pebble laid path and
the stroll hand and hand abundant with loyalty and laughs.
Restless the spirit misguided at first, leaves behind
the rock heavy mountains of yesterdays dirt.
Awaiting the sunrise, no doubts in my mind,
the warmth of your love was the very first sign.
Water is flowing and in the house not a chill,
for today we start at the top of the hill.
No longer reaching to feel your embrace,
the joy that you've given is on the smile
of many a face.

It is the tease of the unknown that
lay the heavy burden upon the soul.

Friday, December 07, 2007


It's not me being sexy, there's no pretend in the smile.The joy and the laughter, from you across the miles.It's nothing fancy, just everyday me, in a everyday stroll, down the path of my dreams.
To embrace each moment, to hold you near,
to dream of tomorrow with the love that we share.
We stroll with heart through each new dream,
to meet with soul as we create memories.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's okay, because your presence is ever so near.


I'll be holding you, till the sun chases
away all signs of the dark of night.

Dreams, Its been said that countries were built upon the backs of dreamers. It is our emotions or our desires to escape the reality of the day. A bedding of comfort to embrace and hold safe our thoughts in the night.

Both Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung identify dreams as an interaction between the unconscious and the conscious. I find that dreams are a step across the line of consciousness, an inner interpretation that leads to internal visions, as if the mind is transposing our subconscious onto the visual screen of our soul.

Native American Indians believed you could alter bad dreams with a handcrafted dream catcher and still others believe in aromatherapy and creating a positive atmosphere before we go to sleep. Whether dreams are a release or a hidden message is debatable. So much has been written as people try to understand the magic of the hidden tales.

Dreams can be appositive experience in which we welcome the night. I invite you to join in an everlasting dream.

Extraordinary the dream ,

that places you next to me.

Love of a magical embrace.

with ribbons and fallen lace.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I Know Not Why

Dreams to hold you tight and love to keep you here. Magic filled clouds of white, a bed of fluff is near. Eyes closed in darkness and a image appears, the silhouette of dancing hearts in the outer hemisphere. Surreal the moment that entwines our souls, bonded for all of life with love the tool.
I know not why the moment cast you in the lead
or why the Lord responded at this time, as I had
always been in need.
I know not why the sun shines brighter then it had
before, other then to cast a light upon what tomorrow
has in store.
I know not why the stars seduce my soul each and
every night , other then to remind me with a
newly given sight.
I know not why my heart beats like a set of jungle
drums, other then to release the passion before
the darkness comes.
I know no not why the heavens surround me
with dreams, other then to bring you close with
the magic of memories.
I know not why I feel such warmth upon my
morning rise, other then your touch of love
caught me by surprise.
I know not why the the midnight stars brought
such joy to me, other then to tease my heart in
the starlight symphony.
I know not why I deserve such love like a shower
through the day, except that this bond was created
in the most magical of way.
I know not why you took my hand and yet to let it
go, other then to stroll through life as our friendship
continues to grow.
I know not why I feel your kiss before I close my
eyes, other then to seal the night as we board the
mystic of the skies.
I know not why I share my pillow each and every
night, other then it feels so good to hold you so
I know not why we dance to steps perfect in the air,
other then your the answer to my daily prayer.

In this dream you are here with me,
snowed into heavens imagery.
Dancing under the moon and stars,
melting snowflakes with our hearts.
This winter wonderland took us
by the hand and spin us in to a
world of fantasy.
Dancing under the moon and stars,
melting snowflakes with our hearts.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wow ! A shared Chick Flick

Out of despair comes a little fresh air. There in the middle of rush hour traffic a car accident and traffic at a stand still. To some that may seem a bit discouraging, but to me the start of one of my fondest memories.. Here I was under the weather, my stomach in knots and watching a chick flick as you so quaintly refer to them . Today is so different then any day I can remember, I was feeling quite green and still you were beside me, comforting, embracing and still capable of brining a smile to my face. Emotional, tears of gratitude appear for you are the best friend anyone could ask for or for that matter imagine.

Through good times and bad times, your always so near,
in all of the seasons, hand holding here.
Laughter and song, dance in embrace, the joy that
you give is in the smile on my face.


Real McCoy • Another Night

Another Night, another dream, but always you!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are the sunshine of my life

I am so glad you .....

Winter now upon us and outside the window a scene, the more you view, the more you will believe. I saw smiles in the hills and joy was all around and in the silence I heard the laughter as the snow was falling down. Memories teasing, look out the window now! and the moment like a photo of dancing on the clouds.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Take my hand, my heart was yours the day our souls bonded.

I'll be home for Christmas-Thomas KinKade

I'll be home for Christmas, just you wait and see.....I'll be home for christmas if only in my dreams.

For the Moment

Imagine for the moment you’re here with me,
arm in arm through the villa strolling.

Lights in colors all on display, celebrating the
magic of the holiday.
Gifts of the night abound, through the heart and
soul our love is found.

Gaze deep into my eyes to see, a view of a love
permeated dream.

The reflections of love are no surprise, viewed
in the midnight stars and each morning sunrise.

Close and closer to the great design that dreams
were created to calm the mind.

Imagine for the moment you’re here with me,
arm in arm through the villa strolling.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


.............or is it from my heart to yours, or better two hearts colliding under the midnight stars.

Happy Holidays

Thanks for taking me on the stroll through town.......

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Softening the blow

A vision through the heart cast from memory,
the beauty of your love in a cloud like imagery.

Softening the blow that distance throws,
our magical embrace left a smile with me.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Only you


When I say good night and I close my eyes,
I then start to dream, with you for all time.
When the rain falls and the keys of life is played,
the music that I hear rejoices through each day.
When the smiles you gave me exude from my
heart and the love that I feel combines to ignite
a spark.
When the darkness chases.. the sunlight from the
sky, I know it's our time..... oh! you dance so divine.
When I pull you close and I whisper in your ear, words
of love for only you to hear.
When you feel the magic from my soul to yours, then
you'll have felt love as it begs you for more.
If love be but an emotion and the spark a chemical response , then what of the energy that sends the soul to soar?

Our Forevermore.....

The closer I am to you,
the more of life I feel.
The deeper your in my heart,
the more of love there is.
Let the love infused magic find it's way to your soul and know that I am embracing with an everlasting hold. Let the dreams welcome.. your spirit through the door, my arms are here awaiting for our forevermore.

The Wind

I shall not allow the fear to dominate,
for you are always with me.
The Wind
The wind calling out your name,
the hills and hollow play a game.
The finches gone but the nuthatch
stayed, to celebrate a winter day.
Sunlight bright upon the house, cast
shadows of a thousand smiles.
Yesterday and today and a silhouette
of love gained.
You are here and so am I, souls
bonding make you mine.
Images can be seen of dancing down
by the stream.
Earthly this embrace of heavens touch
it can be traced, your love next to me
creating warm memories.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

.. to you

Sings> From my heart I send to you,
all my love in heavens blue.
From my soul an everlasting embrace
that holds both day and night.

Whispers>From my heart I send to you,
all my love in heavens blue.
From my soul an everlasting embrace
that holds both day and night.

Shouts> From my heart I send to you,
all my love in heavens blue.
From my soul an everlasting embrace
that holds both day and night.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How can I feel your sweet tender kiss that is parted by the miles? With the heavens clearly above me and the earth far below, I am standing on the cloud of dreams in a spectacular midnight show. Soul to soul entwined and smack upon my lips, I felt your tenderness emit the pleasure of a wonderful love packed kiss. Sweet as summer cherries ripe and ready to fall, and as deep as the river banks that steadily overflows. Inclosed desire and passion, respect and a lot of faith and holding my breath a little longer I felt the love of my soul mate.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Night!

Yesterday paved the way for today, so that we may
journey down the path of tomorrow..

Reaches out pulls you close and kisses you goodnight.
Let's go for a walk..........the gap closed by the love in your heart.


Complacent is not content, nor is existing life.
To feed the soul is to stroke it gently with loves embrace.
Unlocking the gates of ones own mind,
predisposes it to another place and time.
I need you to.......

Monday, November 26, 2007

You and Me

I was a little uneasy and a little unsure, driving down the road as I have before. Rain hitting on my windshield and traffic in town is four cars or more.
My mind taking in the view, the hills and valleys in a brand new hue. Skies once covered in a dark grey, shine with the sun in a blue, blue way.
Melancholy when your not here and still a little smile on my face appeared. Memories more then a few, took to the wind and in my heart they blew.
Grateful am I that the weather is warm and your by my side. Saw your reflection in the mirror
and I jumped back startled to feel you here.
Surreal is the dream that taught my heart how to sing, bellows from deep inside, sounds of love I can't hide.
Driving down the road and I left behind all the worries of another time, up ahead I could see a beautiful horizon and you and me.

The Doorway to Eternity

To give validity to the dream and place the words at the doorway of eternity..... everlasting love.

Let's uncomplicate the complicated......

Serenade my heart,
serenade my soul,
a serenade of love
took a mighty
strong hold.
Dancing under moonlight
dancing on the clouds,
embraced with your
love the dance
Sweet memories,
sweet dreams,
a sweet kiss
from you
to me.
Sometimes life is much more difficult then it needs to be...... for love embraces all of life with a simplicity that only man can complicate.

Morning Debut

Skies of blue in a morning début,
wake up darling I am here for you.

No denying it’s sweater weather,
you and I warming up together.

Daytime dreams strolling on a beach,
laughing and giggling to memories.

Love and joy is how we start each day,
a spillover from our magical place.

Skies of blue in a morning debut,
wake up darling I am here for you.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I love you so...

Mountains a wall make, rivers seem to partake in distancing our love, so we escape above. The midnight review reflects what we can do, when we close our eyes and feel the love from inside. No ordinary smile, yours lights a million miles, the answer you see..... is to my morning plea.
To kiss each morning dear without one bit of fear, to feel your embrace in our mystery place. As sweet as it all seems, I have just one plea to let you know, how much I love you so.......

Saturday, November 24, 2007


All these words I have written for you,
my love for you to view.
I chose the clouds for us to meet, where
we are one and fully complete.
The songs of love my heart sing, soft
whispers of romance like a day in spring.

There is no falling for you and I,
locked sprit to spirit up in the sky.

Over river, mountains and seas, a
a reflection of love in the morning breeze.

When the cold hands of despair darken the night,
I close my eyes and hold you tight.
Smiles and laughter gently exude and nothing
that sadness could ever do.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Song of Desire

Wind whispered memories brought your love to me, songs of desire rattle every dream…….. I love you, I need you , I’m reaching for you.

Wind whispered memories brought your love to me, song of desire rattles every dream. I love you, I need you, I’m reaching for you.

Good Night...

I can't sleep unless I say goodnight...... in the start of dream a kiss of delight.

Surrounded by darkness in the start of the early eve, and my pillow seems to summon to meet you in a new awaiting dream. Given in to the moment with a hint of memory, an embrace fully tightens till the following morning.
It wasn't until I realized that I was trying to hold onto something that belonged to someone else.... that I accepted the reality of what is. In the process I found that honesty, respect and love nourishes, feeding both heart and soul.

An expression of the heart...

or soul filled emotion...... set free.

A little profession of love

You are.......

Dreams are made to catch your love and hold it near,
buffer the pain of life and rid us of all fear.

I wake up every morning with this impish smile,
warm as summer sun in a snowy winter storm.

Sings>The Magic

You are the magic , a dream come true,
a world of love seen through me and you.
You are the moment, sweet of desire, a
flame that burns in the heat of the hour.
You are the song, the love birds sing,
heard in the mountains and down by
the stream.
You are the love, that holds me tight,
a comfort each morning and every night.
You are the smiles that I display for all
to view in a God given way.
You are forever and forever will be, your
and heart and mine in a warm memory.

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Close …close

Heart to heart,
knee embrace.
Kiss to kiss,
face to face.

Soul to soul,
memory traced.
Dream to dream,
place to place.

To love as loved....... and the Lord sent you!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Touched Gently...

The trap took the physical and into a prison held,
but the mind set free... love to love meld.


No matter what I do, no matter where I go, I'm always there beside you each day a new plateau. I kept myself busy and still my mind drifts, to your arms my love.... the best of gift.

Caught up in a star bright shower, living and loving set the heart fire.
Closed the distance of you and I, drifting to another time.
High on the clouds, waiting for you to come around.
Cuddle with your midnight charm and taste sweet kisses while in your arms.
Magical indeed is the love of you and me.
The hollow holds the flesh, and the mind set free is a bit obsessed.

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hold on tight, in this dream we kiss good night.
I so glad you came into my life......

Happy Thanksgiving

Who holds the reigns of happiness?
Years back an acquaintance said to me "you must not allow your emotions to control you, you must control your emotions. I have found throughout life that people felt a suffering either of fear, anger, loneliness or hopelessness. Our quest to find happiness can be traced to our early ancestors. History shows a prevalence for jewelry, clothing, food and shelter went well above our needs to fulfill our wants. It is the temporary euphoria that keeps us hungering to feel the emptiness.
As I stood in line and watched the poorest of people gambling away their last dollar in an attempt to win a few more. I wondered would that moment of win bring them lasting happiness or just a temporary high? I gazed out the window, and I thought of the joy felt with each experience of life. Happiness is our own personal power to examine the trials of life and sort through them filing away that which brings negativity. Maintaining a positive state above all that we are taught is as simple as allowing all senses to devour the world around us. It is a bit cliche to say " is the glass half empty or half full?" I am not controlled by the ills of the world for I am above thy earthly pain and nothing shall weigh down the soul, neither circumstance nor experience or lack of it shall places chains on that which is free.
We are.. who we dare to be,
we feel what we dare to touch,
we choose what we dare to experience.
If I believe myself a victim, then a victim shall I be. If I give a platform to fear, then fear shall follow me. If anger be thy guide, then sorrow near awaits, but if I allow love within my heart , happiness is near and from the seeds of yesterday a bloom shall appear.
Ignorance breeds fear, fear partners with anger and despair and there within a field of negativity forms each individuals view of hell.

Self pity sows sorrow upon unfertile soil,
which grows nothing but weakness.

Happy Thanksgiving...... for we are all blessed with opportunity, but only few will act upon the moment.
It is not upon the encounters of our own failure that we weep,but by our own lack of sight, that we blur the truth of circumstance.
I am not separate from the world around me, I am one with the hills, trees and the hollow. As time takes hold of the moments and professes to retain the memories of life, I shall rejoice in the glory of each new day.
Stroked gently by a memory....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sometimes we're up....

Everyday sunshine in the blue of blues, every morning I wake up thinking of you. A little bit of sadness in every drop of rain, I don't believe my heart will ever be the same.
Every night a dance upon the clouds so high, surrounded by your love I'm way up in the sky. No mistaken each step that brings your love to me, a little closer through my midnight dreams.
High atop the roller coaster I'm quickly speeding down, awaiting your kiss I'll soon be on the ground. No measure of time nor what you do to me , the excitement imploding brings me to my knees.

Brenda Holloway - You've Made Me So Very Happy - 45 rpm

You made me so...

I'm so glad you came into my life.

I lost that love before got mad and closed the door,but your sun shined just once more.
I chose you for the one, now we're having so much fun,You treated me so kind,I'm about to lose my mind...You made me so very happy,I'm so glad you came into my life

I think I can .. I think I can

Our ability to think and reason separates us from every other creature on earth. The quote " a mind is a terrible thing to waste" reminds me of my dear friend who fought physical challenges to surface a winner. We are all at times capable of looking for easy answers or for someone else to deal with the problems. I have been guilty of the doing just that, looking for someone else to pick up the slack. When I found the technical errors in my Internet program, one that was a thorn in my side for sometime, I thanked my friend. He responded " why are you thanking me?You solved your own problem, I did nothing." I said not only did you stand beside, but you motivated me to think. In addition to respect a certain amount of confidence is gained when supported on a social and intellectual level. I am so happy to have thought through the program to find the errors.

Not under me,
nor above me
beside me.

Yes I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful tonight by Damage

Monday, November 19, 2007

Let's Dance

I feel no joy nor sadness, ambivalent am I of the mountain created walls and the rivers of deep divide. Darkness drapes the evening and restless am I, to climb, swim or weep, or simply run and hide.
Dreams of seduction, a haunting of the hour, tempts the heart and soul to the clouds and even higher.
.......... if you let go, and I fall from the clouds, the heart will die a slow death.

Thou are worthy

Thou are worthy of loves embrace, the pleasure of sweet ignites desire,with compassion and trust fueling the fire.

....for this we love.

The sun rises bringing light to the morning,
as your smile brings joy to the day.
Sadness can only control the moment when a void of emptiness separates the unity of love.
We are one in the shadow of love,eternally bonded we exemplify the dynamics of the unity of two souls. Displayed throughout the universe in a naturistic beauty. I stand before you baring all
heart and soul in a daily celebration of our love. For the depth which you have touched reaches deeply to the center of my core.
Captivated by the beauty of love as it exposes itself daily.
My hand,
my heart,
my soul.
We danced without movement, we sang with out words, and in dark of night this bond we submerged.
We embraced without touch, high without wings, in the height of the dream, in the start of the eve.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

UB40 - The Way You Do The Things You Do

Love you....

Love is like a footprint it leaves
a lasting impression.


The inspirational story of Helen Keller has played on my mind allot lately. I thought what a dark world it must have been to live with out hearing or sight. Then it occurred to me there are those who have sight but cannot see and hearing but have never heard the voices of angels. I closed my eyes blocking all view of the world around me, silence dominated the night and my hand brushed gently against my cheek. The touch of love.. if you have never felt it , would your soul no what it was missing or hungering for? Again my mind taveling at speeds of a wild cheetah on the run. The Corinthians Chapter 13:
If I speak in human and angelic tongues, but do not have love I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal.If I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge and faith so as to move mountains but do not love, I am nothing. I could go on it has been one of my favorite chapters to reread. Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, (love) is not pompous, it is not inflated."
Troubled over the last few days my mind dwelled on that which I had missed a life time of , the touch of love, so warm and embrace that it heals all wounds of the heart. I felt this overwhelming need to understand the chapters of my life as they were falling into place. I have viewed love through the heart and I felt its embrace and it makes me hunger for more.
When you can hold the view of another and the world melts away and your hearts meld together in the most mysterious of ways, then you have felt the touch of love and the happiness shall set you free.
When distance controls the moment and darkness rules the sky, all you need to do is look beyond the highest high. Waiting atop the mountains, across the river deep is the one who loves you passionately all you need to do is to believe.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Morning and My Good Night

Where should I travel and what shall I see? There was never a place for me. A little lost as a ship adrift at sea, restless and tired I whispered a plea.Caught in the current I was daydreaming, spinning in the wind and feeling dizzy. Redirected and it brought you to me, for the first time I knew your arms were here for me.

Everything we do and everywhere we go,
all feels so perfect, all feels so fine for today
my darling you are only mine.


You are my morning and my good night,
the love that feels so magically right.
You are the song that blue birds sing,
my partner, my lover in every dream.
You are the warmth that cradles me
sweet, the embrace that makes
me feel so complete.
You are my earth, my heaven and fire,
the one of my hearts desire.
You are here with me and no longer
am I yearning.
The days are whimscal indeed, we're
dancing, we're singing by memory.

Leo sayer When I Need You


The combination of time and place,
the magic of life and uncommon grace.
Winter days with a summer sun,
life with you is so warm and fun.
Unlocking the hearts desire,
set the world in a blazing fire.
Call it chance or maybe fate, that you are with me on a lifetime date. Never shall I tire for you make the hour. I am resting comfortably with you my darling. Gentle, kind a wonderful embrace of your Teddy Bear Northern charm.
I have felt the agony of a win and defeat
in one breath of a battle.

Dreams Come True

It’s easy as can be all you have to do is follow me, down the path of memory… where reality a dream came true. Just me and you and we learned to turn the skies a beautiful shade of blue, with a warm embrace and a morning kiss or two, there’s nothing this love can’t do.
It’s easy as can be all you have to do is follow me, down the path of memory… where reality a dream came true. Listen with your heart, the whispers of love played upon a harp, a day in review where we have accrued, the words of I love you.
It’s easy as can be all you have to do is follow me, down the path of memory… where reality a dream came true. Hand in hand we walked even on the days when I was feeling a bit distraught, side by side with you, the days flew making dreams come true.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Heart and Soul

I embrace the morning as I do the night, passionately heart and soul.
I am not letting go because a day would be eternity without your love and eternity would be hell....

I love you..

If the eyes do not decieve us and the glimmer is the reflection of your love through my soul, then the doorway through which all can be seen is a mirrored image of all you are.......
........ take my hand, you already have my heart.

.......your love is near.

You feed my soul, you embrace with heart and
awakened the mind from the very start.


To integrate the magic with the moment, is to harness the energy of life. The more we consume, the more beautiful the bloom. Free beyond the mountains, high above the stars, a connection by infusion, a collision by the heart . The rain it keeps on falling, each drop to the earth a cleansing found and overflowing a bed of stone a river now blankets the ground. Soon the waters shall recede and a sediment will be all around,rich in happiness and joy, the heart and soul rebounds.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Dance with the power of your soul..... sing from your heart,

for time has stood still for our embrace.

Grey Skies

Burning Bush

I confided to the hills of the hollow all the secrets of my heart, the love I was given and how you ignited with a simple little spark.
The burning bushes now flaming, red as fire in the hills. The display within natures boundaries, a reminder of how wonderful it feels.
The wind no longer blowing and still movement can be felt, a swirl of memories exploding, continue to make my heart melt.
My mind is restlessly wandering and not sure if magic plays a part, the smiles they keep on coming and I know you've been beside me from the start.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The way you look tonight - Rod Stewart

This is one of my favorite songs... tastefully romantic and it stirs the haunting image of loves embrace.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I cannot possess...... what possesses me.I am not thy keeper of love, only a mirror image of loves reflection.
It is not love that I share but the end result of emotion stirred within.The words are only a semblance of a wide range of feelings.
No walls, no boundaries, no limitation of space........ my soul, your soul, our soul........together, bonded in time.
I cannot forget, nor shall I try. I will never completely understand nor deny. I felt the touch bitterly sweet, a craving for more is not defeat.
I have felt love, touched it and blew it to the wind......
and still it exist solely in my heart.
The tears fill the banks of the rivers only to divide,
the heart bridges from mountain to
mountain to keep you
closely by myside.
I understand....... doesn't mean I have to like it. It means I understand.