Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, June 29, 2007

Anita Baker,

The composer

One more step.. just a little closer,
words of love make us the composer.
Silly song and magical dreams,
yesterday creates our memories.
Background noise just a little
chatter, laughing is what
really matters.
Script written, we play the part,
filled with love, it's a work of art.
One more step.. just a little closer,
words of love make us the composer.



Why has the Lord sent your love to me,
as close as my heart and as far as the sea?
Dancing in dreams and holding you tight,
till the wind woke me in the dark of the

Why has the Lord given to me, a vision
so powerful that I can see? Atop the
mountain and down by the stream,
two embraced silhouettes from my

Why has the Lord taught me to hear,
the sound of love in the air? Song
birds singing, my heart beating
loud, to the rhythm of love in the
hills found.

Why has the Lord allowed me to feel,
the pull at my heart and the turn of
the wheel? Awakened when the
world is still asleep, only to find I

was courting a dream.

Always and forever

Stand real close, closes eyes and feels your breath against my cheek, slowly moves in motion your body to mine, heart to heart, soul to soul......

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I never quite heard the rain this way,
each drop fallen seem to sing your name.
Like a dry bed thirsting for a thunder storm,
my heart hungering to feel your warmth.
Overflowing with desire, passion seem to
rule the hour, as I dance with you... in the
lure of a summer shower.

An Abundant Supply

I thought you needed something to lift your spirits high,so I sent the sun’s rays to lead you to the sky.

I chose a puffy cloud of the most angelic shade of white, and placed it in the bluest sky just within your sight.

The stars have a message that we sometimes fail to read, and if you look a little harder this is what you’ll see.

All the questions and all the answers that you will ever need, are scripted from the heavens and all you need to do, is to believe.

Weeds along the roadside, flowers in disguise and upon closer observation , a view you can’t deny.

Place your hand to your lips and simply close your eyes and you will feel the gift of love, my kiss sent in an abundant supply.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Loving You

If dreams came true, I'd be there with you.
Loving, under skies of blue......

Cloud Surfing

Caught up in your scheme, I'm cloud surfing through a dream, stumbled and fell, when you placed that spell and in your arms I went tumbling.

Dancing from to star to star, it’s how you took a hold my heart, and everywhere I go , there’s a moonlight glow shining through the dark.

Laughter in silence dwells, like a field of daisy in bloom, exploding from inside, sparkles through the eyes, in the most amazing way.

Caught up in your scheme, I'm clould surfing through a dream, stumbled and fell, when you placed that spell and in your arms I went tumbling..... in your arms I went tumbling.

The Wings a Flutter

Butterfly entangled in the spiders web,
restless and fighting, there’s more life

Reaching to set free and leave behind,
the remnants of the spider and the
darkness he holds inside.

The wings a flutter fearlessly try,
to reach for you, to release what
is locked up inside.

Delicate as poppy growing wild and
strong as a mare running by your side.

Butterfly entangled, now broken free,
and with a little help, we control the sea.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was lost on the quest for truth, and found as I embarked on a journey that opened gates that remained locked in time.. Traveling beyond the earth’s boundaries to embrace a paradise of a dimension beyond dreams. The path woven of time aged memories teetered on the many struggles and a new found beginning of faith, hope and desire.


The touch hand to hand creates a physical experience that binds the outer shell of spirit. The touch heart to heart creates a explosion in the heavens that showers down to the earth a beauty that leaves a path through which our love shall follow.

Jackie DeShannon - What The World Needs Now Is Love

What the world needs now.....is love sweet love. It's the only thing that there is just to little of.....I choose to write Audrey, because love is the rope that was sent for me to climb and I am making it over the mountains.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Moyens de La de La je t'aime ! Soin des moyens I de La de La de La !
La La de La de La dans le vent mon amour, La de La de La vous apporte ici !

Moyens de La de La je t'aime ! Soin des moyens I de La de La de La !
La La de La de La dans le vent mon amour, La de La de La vous apporte

La la la means I love you! La la la means I care!
La la la in the wind my love, la la la brings you here.

La la la means I love you! La la la means I care!
La la la in the wind my love, la la la brings you here.

When darkness drapes the starlit skies with sadness
and firefly's take center stage, dreams of a lovers
madness, embrace sweet memories of you...

Hold me tonight my love, hold me tonight
and let your kiss bond your soul to mine.

When the moon light fights the clouds of gray and
the stars sprinkle a dust to lead us on our way,
its when I fall into your arms and I sleep the
night away.

Hold me tonight my love, hold me tonight
and let your kiss bond your soul to mine.

Moyens de La de La je t'aime ! Soin des moyens I de La de La de La !
La La de La de La dans le vent mon amour, La de La de La vous apporte ici !


Hold my hand, you already hold my heart.... love, that which closes the gap in time to embrace the moments so vividly held with the embrace of souls.

My Heart

My yesterday is no different then my today, for you are with me, as I hold you in my heart.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

No Regrets

Hidden little secrets a message left to tell is not in the words, I hid them very well. You can see it in the sunshine, when it rises and when it sets. You can view it in the moonlight and it's signed All My Love, With No regrets.......

I am so Happy

I am so happy and giggling free, to laugh and dance and just be me. To feel the sun warm my soul, and feel your love cuddle a hold.
I am so happy beyond all dreams, to embrace this moment and in the hollow start to sing..
I am so happy can't you see, the shackles unlocked and I'm set
I am so happy come closer to me and allow my whisper to
chant softly...
I am so happy beyond the stars, we're dancing close, dancing
heart to heart.
I am so happy just you see, a rise above the dark stormy sea.
I am so happy, your in my heart and the joy is reignited with a little
I am so happy, to hold your hand and walk with you on the white
grains of sand.
I am so happy that you are here and we can dream to the outer
I am so happy like a child of ten, whose eyes are opened and life
I am so happy your arms i'll lay and enjoy the laughter that God
I am so happy, this time we share, one moment creates memories
to last a year.
I am so happy, to just be free, to laugh and smile and just be me.......

I can feel

Sings> Can't stop....

Can't stop a rose from blooming, can't stop the rain from coming down and I can't stop from loving you darling, you have found your place in my heart.

Can't stop a bull from charging, can't stop the seasons of life, and I can't stop from loving you, or is it I wont? You have found your place in my heart.

Can't stop the memories from coming, can't stop treading on the trail of desire and I can't stop from loving you darling my sweet. You have found your place in my heart.

Can't stop the sound of the train, can't stop the song to the heart, I can't stop from loving you, no I can't stop or the truth is I won't

I can feel the warmth of love... move in me , when you sing darling.
I see what life can bring... when you dare, to dream with me.
I know what tomorrow holds ... as long as I can hold your hand.

Everything will be ok, as long as I have you beside me.
Everything is fine when I wake to your voice within me.
Everything is beautiful, since the day you said hello to me.

I can feel the warmth of love... move in me , when you sing darling.
I see what life can bring .. when you dare, to dream with me.
I know what tomorrow holds....as long as I can hold your hand.

To Believe

Look into my eyes and you'll see, can't be denied if you look at me.A view through the heart will set your soul apart,it's how love started in me.
Take one look and you will see...
All the world as lovers see, majestic as the mountains to the blue sea.Take me and hold me close, brake the barrier of the devils rose and
you will see as lovers see.
This is not your average dream, one more look and you'll be next to me, as a eagle takes flight, we are set free in the clouds at night.No, it's not your average dream.
Let your soul feel deep inside, the magic of the midnight ride. Sitting close you to me, as we soar beyond hollows trees.Let your soul feel deep
Hold me for a little while, hold me close it has your style, breathe your life into me and spin around like a top broke free.Hold me for a little while.
Sing songs of love with me, to the sounds of our heart beat.
Sing songs of love with me , all you need is to believe, all you need is to believe.

Sillly Little Sadness

You cannot possess love, only share in it.

I envy the lovers hand and hand they walk,
gazing upon the other while the heart is all
that talks.

Music floods the hollow and a melody I hear
of the song birds invitation to dream you
so ever near.

Weeping like a mist of rain a blanket of dew
left behind and in each drop a reflection of
the sadness accumulated over time.

Stand strong said the oak whose branches
battled every storm, bend softly said the
willow the uncertainty is norm.

Memories in position to ignite within
the dream and sail upon the clouds of
love with comfort that rids the agitation
of reality.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Little hideaway

I am as far or as close as the mind can travel.
My Little Hideaway

My little hideaway where we can get away,
to spend a moment of each day.

Precious the time that makes you mine,
sharing whispers of love.

I close my eyes and to my surprise, I
can feel you right here by my side.

It’s my runaway into your arms
to lay, as we brush the sorrow
from our day.
Selfish am I, that I cannot deny,
wanting to share more of what
life has in store.
My feet on the ground and still
I hear a sound, calling out your
name and nothings been the
I thank the Lord, for this time
to explore, beyond the broken
fence and many locked doors.
It is our special time where
you jumped inside and
took my heart and I felt
it jump start.
The rafters morph and I can see
the walls of hell tranform and
at that moment your at the
center of my core.
This place is special so, it has
its own glow, bringing you
to me ,to build new memories.
A wave to shore, the sun to the
morn, and you to me that's
how it's meant to be.....
In my little hideaway.
Life without you, would be an existence without life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

As Lovers Do

We share the suns warmth each day, and race to the moonlight to play,dance if you may with my heart next to yours.

We walk as lovers do, under skies of blue, day dreaming with you, I'm locked heart and soul with you.

On your shoulder I lay, my thoughts of the day, to shoo the gray and allow only your love near, as I band those little tears of fear.

I promise to you my love, to meet up above and dance each dance in life with you..........

You Had Me From the First Hello

I think our souls have always known that love existed, Hello again........

Angel of Friendship

I don’t know where the storms come from, the rain falling and the wind hums. Standing strong as a oak tree, the branches gently bend in a stormy summer breeze.

In the heart of the hollow a melodic song, birds of many return to sing along. All that is and all that will be is found in the journey beyond the blue sea.

Mountains tall and rivers wide, help to create the horizon with the sun burst sigh, calling out to me, is the angel of friendship and a new dream.

Povestea noastra - live - Directia 5

I have been looking for this version.... It is beautiful.. can I have this dance?

In the Night You Belong To Me.....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Your Love

Weep no tears for lips that have not met with the pleasure of a physical embrace. Rejoice! in the stars of all the galaxies both near and far, your soul joined my soul in a enlightened journey,one that found its start in our hearts . For this love is like no other, it is eternal beyond formal emotion, as it reaches with greatness, to bring beauty to all that our eyes shall see.For I have been given vision to view in the depth of the darkest night and in all the days that shall follow, your love.

Close as the beat of your heart

So haunting a fragrance, so sweet and so fine, titillating, temptation stirs memories of yesterdays climb. A few cut flowers and the vase is full, with the colors of love, as a rainbow unfolds. Sky of shades of rosen to blue and mountains of grey with many a green hue. Dew drops sparkle like the gem of the morn and the tears of a maiden whose heart had been scorned.

Where there is a tomorrow, there is a dream.
Close Your Eyes!
Close your eyes my darling and allow you heart to breach time, embrace our love and close the gaps of the mind.Enter the dream where lovers explore a world more beautiful then ever before. Lasso the heavens to leave at your feet, a step on the clouds to dance so close and pleasantly sweet. Distance endured as you planted the seeds, in the garden of love, where we can be free......

Friday, June 15, 2007

No Loneliness

Allow no loneliness to reside,
whispers of love to your heart

Branched upon a tree of high,
waiting the wind to come on by.

Take my breath and feel it near,
the breeze that blows is not to fear.

I have sent in the current above,
all the magic that exist in Love.....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Midnight Blue

Sings>No words can speak for the heart that hungers, it feels your love in everything I do.

The tears of madness behind me, as I reach out and pull the magic through.

Sweet taste of pleasure as close as our lips and yet so many miles away.

I ask that you stand beside me through this awakening of midnight blue.

Don't know which way the sun is shining, nor what's beyond the hollow's hills.

The wind whispers songs of love and a touch of faith and dreams.

I promise to hold you my darling and kiss my love into you.

No matter where we travel, I'll always be there with you...I'll always be there with you.

Paula Seling-Ploaie in luna lui Marte

Te Iubesc

Blinded by Hell

Blinded by hell, without hope and dreams,
until I felt your arms embracing me.

The joy you bring lifts the spirit to be free,
dancing like children full of laughter and gaiety

Close the door on darkness and open the gates
of life, hands reaching and I reached back
with all my love.

Pulled from the darkness, to cast in the sky of
blue, the magic of friendship, walking side by
side with you.......

Singing.. You awakened the dream and gave to me the gift that only friends can bring......

Bring Me To Life ( Snow White )

Your love the fruit that awakened me to the gift of life, to breathe in the beauty of your friendship, to view the heavens on earth and to feel the passion that crosses mountains to bond souls forever.

Dancing Free

It was a dark place, until our hearts crossed the seas to meet in the clouds. No written words could express life as it starts anew. Your dreams, my dreams dancing free....

Directia 5 - Am nevoie de tine

Directia 5 si Paula Seling

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Game

This game the Lord doth play, is trickery indeed.
He touched me with your love and separated it
by the sea. Placed the key within your heart to
unlock and set free, the emotions tucked deep
inside releasing the best of you and me.

Bolt of lightening

A bolt of lightening lit up the sky, heart shaped, I let out a great big sigh. Wake up dreamer was the common response of nonbelievers chanting so nonchalant. I know what I see and more then that, I know who left on my soul such a impact.

Your here everyday, in the most unusual ways. You make the earth move and the stars shine, you put the twinkle in my eyes. The embrace, a comfort felt, the one of love that makes lovers hearts melt.

A bolt of lightening lit up the sky, heart shaped with an arrow piercing inside. Foolish romantic was the end result from those who try to bring love to a tragic halt. I know what I see and more then that, I know what I heard when the loves bird song kept coming back. Magic or mystery, reality or dreams, the music to my heart is haunting.

My morning sunshine, my moonlight smiles, my dreams floating on the river nile. Happiness curtains the grey to bring laughter to the forefront
each night and day.

A bolt of lightening lit up the sky, but it was your love that lit the fire inside. Everywhere I turn, I see how deep your love is burned into me.
You make the trees a beautiful green and the river send your love to me, upstream, downstream in a whirlpool of dreams is the capture of my heart when you caught me.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I’m making contact from you to me,
every little smile creates a new dream.

No hiding what’s on the inside, the
sparkles from my heart shines through
my eyes.

Little tell signs everywhere, stepping
to magic in the outer hemisphere.

Zap went the energy that makes lovers
melt, zing to the moment that your
spirit I felt.

I’m making contact from you to me,
every little smile creates a new dream.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beyond the storms

The wind powers the magic,
to bring to you my love.
The clouds of darkness gather in fury,
casting a storm over the heavens.The
sun standing in stillness appears like
a silhouette of hope.

Reflecting in the hour is the love
that rises above to reach and
hold you safely in my

You are the ray of light that guides me through each day...
It is not need that turn the gears on dreams,
It is desire that fuels the heart.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How vulnerable are we to circumstances, finds me quoting " you don't know what you have, until you have lost it." Time the most precious of elements as we cannot speed it up nor stop it. Why so sad, when the world is bowing down to invite you to travel yet another day?

Wind Dipped Memory

I want to hold my yesterdays, and keep you so ever near, but today you are a distance and the loneliness a spear. I closed my eyes to imagine the
happiness and glee and to prepare a daydream that conjures up the love of life beyond darkness and disease. To gaze into the sky of blue and feel the penetration of desire, as the hunger for contentment battles the igniting of a fire. The tears fallen no longer moist with dreams, dry as the dessert brushed by a wind dipped memory.

A rose depleted of moisture lay like paper thin and dry, lacking the color and the fragrance that once reflecting its beauty against the sky. For all the yesterdays I failed to say I care, remember the rose I placed inside it blooms within you my dear.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Diana Krall

You always have my unspoken passion.....I just want someone that I can talk to I want you just the way you are.

Frank Sinatra

Much more then this ...I did it my way....well I am not ready for the end yet, still more to see and do..... as long as I have you with me.

Monday, June 04, 2007


I kept on driving with the wind in my hair,
my mind a bit distant wishing you here.

The further I looked back, the faster I'd go,
traveling the back hills of the rain slick roads.

The sky calm after the storm, as I reached
for a life with a little more of the norm.

The day was hazy, till freedom was born
and then I saw cleary how love takes
on a storm.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Soul to Soul

Closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and allowing my senses to absorb your love through the world around me. Rambling wild roses drape the landscape and the humid heat compares not to fire that is ignited deep within.I can taste the nectar pure and sweet upon my lips and feel the embrace of desire as it melds soul to soul....