Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

with you...

My head upon the pillow as
my heart is there with you,
no matter the distance we
have conquered the blue.

I can't completely explain it
no matter how much I try,
even though you took my
heart and left a void inside.

I try constantly to fill it
with memories of sweet,
and there I am once more
right there in a dream.

Feeling your presence
I sense you by my side,
as my wild imagination
traces your soul to mine.

Silk or satin,
cotton or lace,
the same and different
as the time and place.

Tears or laughter,
happiness or heartbreak,
the experiences of the
heart in depth remain.

Call them memories
of what love can do,
they challenge the soul
to find its way through.

It took down the barriers
no miles between two,
I reached on out and
I found myself there
with you.


Eyes opened, eyes closed,
it is all simply just the same,
magical images of you and I
completely cloud my brain.

Song deep within the soul,
music from  the heart
as I sing of our sweet love
under the midnight stars.

My feet off the ground
to the clouds we soar
two as one together
in our forevermore.

Happiness was born
when you came into my life
and the path was redirected
like a strawberry cake with
its first slice.

Maybe I'm just dreaming but
I am glad they're dreams of you,
as I wouldn't change a thing
no matter what we do.

You're the love of each moment
that my friend is so true
as my every thought is filled
with sweet thoughts of you.

Monday, June 26, 2017

I say a little prayer for you

You sometimes meet people maybe even for a moment and it passes but the lesson that comes with that moment last a lifetime. I was trapped in a moment and I had no clue how to get out of that moment. It was a stranger that said" I am throwing you down a rope, it's up to you to climb up." In theory it all seems easy, but life don't always play out according to theory.
The glass is half full is kind of a survival mechanism. The past 12 months have come with a roller coaster of heartache but we somehow are able to gloss it over by saying....My sister was killed by a train, thank God no one else was in her car. My elder sisters house burnt down , thank God she got out a live her neighbor wasn't so lucky, Than there was an array of hospitalization in the family, thank God they survived. Than my son totals his car but was fortunate to walk away from the accident.  My tire blew out yesterday, thank God we had a place to pull off. It is what you do when there is nothing else you can do.
On a positive note we are on the upside of the green grass....The moment I wake up before I put on my make up...

So many choices,
which way do I go?
What path do I take?
How do I know?

It all seems easy
but foolish at times,
as I don't understand
my own mind.

Wanted stability
but at what price?
Suffered in silence
just didn't feel right.

My reasons a few
as I realized life
was not always under
sunny blue skies.

So many choices,
which way do I go?
What path do I take?
How do I know?

Friday, June 23, 2017

One Sky, Two Souls

Few could understand and even less would have survived. But as I reached for your hand to find you reaching back I realized that this was more than something special it was pure and unadulterated love.

I looked to the heavens 
one sky above us two, 
no matter the distance
there is me and you. 

I'll try to explain it
as easy as I can,
the joining of souls
in this crazy plan.

Our love is forever
like an eternal flame,
where nothing can 
extinguish the blaze.

Reaching on out as a
tear rolls down my cheek, 
the tears of happiness 
as I close my eyes to dream.


Mr. Inspiration

Inspired by the moment
with thoughts of you and me,
where passion plays a part
and we walk right through
a dream.

Memories are coated
with happiness and desire
and when I think them over
my soul feels the fire.

As long as I have you
nothing will ever change
as my heart is filled
with the love you gave.

Do Nothing Kind Of Day

I'd choose to spend each moment
in a do nothing kind of way
as long as I am with you
just go on and let it rain.

I'd choose you as my forever
when skies are dark and gray
I'd choose your love as it
brings sunshine my way.

On this do nothing
kind of day where there
is nothing but more rain,
I'd choose your arms to lay.

You can find happiness
in almost everything ya do,
bringing a bit of sunshine
and turning gray skies to blue.

I'd choose to spend each moment
in a do nothing kind of way
as long as I am with you
just go on and let it rain.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

...your heart.

My promise has always been to take each day to document our love. Allow life to breathe through words and express all the emotion that so flows from the soul. That somehow after we have left this earth our love will indeed go on.

Song birds in the morning
and flowers fully in bloom
all come with a message
of how much I love you.

Open up your heart
and you will truly see,
that love is all around
it's a blend of you and me.

It has no limitations
no boundaries between us two,
the love that we share
stretches beyond the heavens blue.

It's my morning wake up
my dance through the day
this amazing gift of of love
will never fade away.

It has the thread of patience,
with deep passion and desire
and the truth of kindness
that rules each and every hour.


From my heart the words
and from my soul a song
filled with sweet love
it could never do us wrong.

Like the kiss upon my lips
and the dreams that make it so,
our love is more than forever
as it continues to grow and grow.

Feel the moment
it belongs to you and I
and like a sea to the shore
love has touched this heart
of mine.

It calms me when I am restless
when sorrow takes me by surprise
and excites me with the dreams
that take us to the clouds in the sky.

If today comes with and ending
than tomorrow comes with a start
as I leave behind my love
to live on within your heart.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Forever Love

Interpretation, comprehension, the alternate outcome, expectation, realization , complication and the acceptance that comes with reality. In this world we continuously crave for more, it is in our DNA. I have come to terms that a gift is packaged in ways that we may not recognize till a day, a year or a lifetime later. It can alter a moment in such away that triggers the mind and reveals a different view. It is like going on with life and trying to please everyone but yourself. Sooner or later you find that a void remains. The gift of love, memories, guidance, caring, happiness, dreams, romance, life remain within us on a forever basis. Thus these gifts reveal themselves throughout the journey.

I am holding on
and not letting go,
for your sweet love
within me grows.

Like a mirror
on the wall,
the reflection
tells it all.

Flowers bloom
a season new,
as summer time
is here once more.

Beyond the dreams,
the heart can see,
what true love
can really bring.

The guided path
the joy and laughs,
engaged as one
this special love.

I am not the same
so some may claim,
as love has showed
me another way.

I understand the reason
your heart met up with mine,
for it reveals with each season
our love time after time.

Your the sunshine
that warms my heart and
the blue sky is where our
love got its start.

No matter the darkness,
the gray skies will fade
as I look unto each moment
and find your love replaced
the rain.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Touched My Heart

Here in the moment
where time rules the day
I look to the heavens
to find my way.

Wanting and needing
that is what I say,
to be in your arms
day after day.

Here in the moment
where time rules the day,
I look to the heavens
to find my way.

Your laughter intrigued me,
your warmth I engaged
as we shared in smiles
the love remained.

Here in the moment
where time rules the day,
I look to the heavens
to find my way.

My way to your heart
where dreams start anew,
my way to your soul
under heavens blue.

Here in the moment
where time rules the day,
I look to the heavens
to find my way.


Running without moving my feet,
I race to your arms to my heart please.
Feeling the magic, the joy that you give
as you once more gave me reason to live.

Wanting and needing a little bit more,
to wake in your arms like never before.
I spend each moment with thoughts of you
and wondering if you share in them too?

Touched my heart, held on to my hand
led my soul to quickly take a stand.
This I can tell you is special indeed,
it is starts with love and ends with the

This Gift Called Love

In the morn before the sunrise
or a movie with lover's highlights,
in a moment of sweet romance
I accepted the cloud dance.

Like the river flows to the sea
and the night sky in revelry,
my love for you goes on
like a replay of loves song.

This touch of sorrow for the space
that separates us from face to face,
but the joy remains deeps inside
as a reminder of our special time.

Silence is no longer here
as I know how much you care,
rhythmic in its own way
the heart celebrates each day.

For you are the gift,
the gift we call love,
magical and wonderful
on earth and up above.


I think of you each morning
and throughout the long day,
you are my every thought
in every kind of way.

I hold onto the magic
that brought you here to me
and that is how I start each day
in your arms through a dream.


All kinds of love,
but only one like ours,
for ours is wonderful
and warmer than a fire.

I can't ever deny it
what took a hold of me,
from the moment you said hello
I stepped into your dream.

On this fragile plane where our souls are united and divided,
 reveals the bitter sweet of love that has the ability
 to brake and mend the heart. 

Thursday, June 08, 2017


I found the impact of other peoples choices can be counterproductive. If nothing else it always feels like a derailment and you have to find away to get back on track. No pun intended with the reference to the train. Throughout life I wondered" what part in the choice making process did I have?" The fiber like network includes those that we share a stage both by fate and by choice. When you are a child you have no choice what family you are born into but you quickly realize you are responsible for the friends you surround yourself with. It always feels like climbing to the top of a mountain to find so many doors or my least favorite childhood game " chutes and ladders." Always nice to climb up but sliding backwards was never to much fun. The same can be true for life as they say " one step forward , two steps back."
The sun has risen early this morning and whether I wanted to be up that early or not I am. Laying here thinking about all the people who have come into my life and the part they played in a most uncertain journey. I kind of envy people who have a major plan that plays out well to the end. In my normal survival mode I find myself dwindling from circumstance. It is a scream in silence moment, where you are shouting as loud as you can but no one can hear you.

It looks a little gray
but the sky is blue,
wishing on a cloud
to sail to you.

Sun shining bright
and the trees are still
as I dream you here
by share will.

Taking on the silence
my heart begins to sing,
accompanied by your love
on this late day in spring.

The verse haunting
and bewildered am I,
as I look to the heavens
and you disappear before
my eyes.

Lilliput moment
as I feel tied down,
my head in the clouds
and my feet on the ground.

Wishing and wanting
you here with me,
I am caught up in
a morning day dream.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Feel The Joy

Dionne Warwick sang it best " I know I'll never love this way again."  You can't help but think about the experience. Moments that make you laugh and sometimes cry and there is the time that makes you feel an array of emotion. When people buy poetry they don't necessarily relate to the story behind but the emotion that it triggers. I am well aware no two experience are ever truly alike even though there are only so many emotions that we feel from happiness, sorrow, anger, fear to contempt.  We will cross the path of these emotions many times but " I know I'll never love this way again"

I feel the joy
bubbling inside,
happiness and smiles
I just can't hide.

Your heart placed
here within mine,
reveals forever the
love of you and I.

I can't explain it,
no matter how I try
as there are no words
that can truly define.

My fingers keep typing
each and every day
searching for the combination
to send my love your way.

I look to the sun rise
and again to the night sky,
in hopes that a breeze
will reach you in time.

Packed filled with memories,
laughter and dreams
in the hope that tomorrow
it will arrive in the breeze.

Feel all of my love
for you and you alone
as you hold my heart
and have yet to let go.

Monday, June 05, 2017


The rain is falling,
gray skies everywhere,
an emptiness resides
without you to share.

Heartache, heartbreak,
wishes you were here,
to ease my troubled soul
when a heart stops to care.

The best that I can do
is close my eyes to see
and here you are my love
deep within me.

I can feel the moment,
the magic of embrace
as I lay in your arms
and a calm takes place.

Might it be a dream
that has yet to come true?
Chapters still not written
of all my love for you.

Sunshine breaks the darkness
as my thoughts all race to you,
and the moments we shared
coming shining through.

Sunday, June 04, 2017


Fireflies light the evening
as they dance in the night,
the reminder of a season
passing before our eyes.

Like a flip book before me,
all the pages form as one
and I know that somehow
this reveals our love.

One moment or a day
a lifetime it will make
as we record our forever
by the rules of fate.


Whispers, whispers
from my lips to you,
a whisper of love
all the love I have for

Whispers, whispers
from my heart you'll hear
given from the first moment
we stopped to share.

Whispers, whispers
of much I care
as time marches on
the heavens our love

Whispers, whispers
I hope that you hear
sweet words of love
meant only for your


I traveled back to yesterday
as if time travel set us on display,
your heart and soul with mine
made still the hands of time.

The visual was very clear that
I could almost feel you here,
reviewing the script of life
I knew that this love was
so very dear.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

...with you.

I woke to the morning,
to the sun shining bright
and all of my thoughts
raced to you and I.

Days that have passed
and the new that begin,
all start the same way
from deep within.

You're so close
that I can see you,
the visual surreal
as if life had suddenly
stood still.

Stuck in a chapter
and there is no return
for my love for you
continues to burn.

La la la sweet heart
la la la with you,
la la la  my darling
la la I do.


Friday, June 02, 2017

Bobby Goldsboro - See The Funny Little Clown 1963

Forever Set To Rhyme

I am not alone my darling
as you're just a dream away
while I close my eyes tightly
I share with you another day.

My pillow starts the chatter,
it knows both you and I
are all that really matters
we are forever set to rhyme.


I woke up in the morning
to the rise of the sun as my
heart woke up once more
to another day of your love.

I swept away the darkness
and the sadness and blue
as I laid here thinking
of how much I love you.

I wanted to tell you
as a whisper came to mind
that there is no separating
your heart from mine.

I lay here on my pillow
as miles keep us apart
and reach into the air
to touch you from afar.

I'll try to explain it as if
you don't already know
how much one can love
another and continue to

You don't know forever
until forever knows you ,
that is how I felt when
I first fell in love with you.

It's something quite special
that belongs to you and I,
connecting hearts and souls
together reveals forever's
rule over time.

One moment or a song
a rhyme or a wrong,
everything around me
knows your arms are
where I belong.

Speaking in silence,
shouting from the heart,
the love I feel for you
was there from the start.

One moment or a song
a rhyme or a wrong,
everything around me
knows your arms are
where I belong.