Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, January 30, 2006

Front Page News

Front page news to communicate to you,
The warmth that I feel when I share with you.
This public proclamation is a little celebration,
announcing my love for you.

When you least expect it something amazing happens....


The animals in the wild burrow fairly deep,
to find a place to curl for a long winter sleep.
Bitter cold and paralyzing taken to extreme
winters magic to my heart intrigued.


Saturday, January 28, 2006


There has been so much written about “ the shoulder” . Friendship, romance , the strength and the comfort. Songs boast of it.. singing> put your head my shoulder.. whisper in my ear baby...
It’s remarkable the interpretation of words and what they mean to people. To me “ the shoulder” represents confidence in another, that your willing to share conversations , enjoy a moment , view the sunrise and erase all your troubles. It represents the essential ingredient trust in another. A shoulder gentle enough to dry away the tears , strong enough to listen and willing enough to care. Who could ask for more.
I have rested my head upon your shoulder.
You have dried the tears and a moment enjoyed.

Gazing into the sky ,the stars sparkling led me to ponder of all that has been written of the stars in the sky.. fairy tales, our first childhood songs, the creation of the universe , the celestial heavens. Further intrigued by life, as it reflects in the night sky and the mass of such a universe.
The stars belong to you and I.
There is comfort in knowing we are not alone. That someone truly cares. I've had tears behind my eyes my whole life not because life is so bad, because life is so beautiful and people fail to see the simplicity in it.
Touch my hand
Touch my heart
Touched my soul

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tranquil the moment and motionless are we at the hands of fate and this it was I see. Fallen stormless raindrops and a waveless sea as the calm of the moment settles I land within a dream. Arms of comfort ,no pillow do I need as I rest my head upon your body and rest so peacefully.
Tonight your mine and no one can change that...
Tonight your mine, kisses so gentle ,
I'm feeling sentimental ...
just to hold you with my mind...
I'm holding you one more time.
The beauty is seeing a smile on your face.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I wanna hold you forever.....

The mind the true last frontier , the capabilities enabled by the mind have yet to be fully explored. My belief in the old adage “ music calms the savage beast” initiates a atmosphere which the brain morphs to accommodate or allow stimulation to perform to it surroundings. The various styles of music create a setting that pulls at the various strings of emotion, it has the ability to ease tension, encouraging excitement or romance, sadness etc.
Which leads me to the next adage “you are the company you keep”. I have said many a times that I am fueled by contact with people, a energy that allows for creativity. The more fuel the further you can travel.
I wanna hold you forever, I wanna make dreams come true.
I wanna love you like no other and make you love me to.
Not only in my dreams....no no Not only for a day no no
I wanna create our eternity, where you are holding me

I wanna feel you inside me , I wanna dance the night away.
I wanna make you need me .... the way that I need you....
Not only in my dreams....no no Not only for a day no no
I wanna create our eternity , where you are holding on to me.
Not only in my dreamssss

Clear view...

It's clearer when you allow your soul to see what your heart has already envisioned.

Tucked inside

The beauty of literature is the reflection of the various cultures that have secured their place in history. Each bringing their own pleasing interpretation of a time. Folklore paved the way for unique creations of poetry and stories and music that are found pleasing to both the ears and the heart. The Celtic people mastered bringing laughter, romance and love into one equation and presenting it in a descriptive and merriment way.
The golden finch a flock fill the cherry tree.
Closing my eyes I listened to them sing.
Chirp sweet melody to my heart rings
the joys and love of life true happiness brings.

Over fields and mountains their song forever sings.
Soon the clouds arriving a storm do they bring.
The birds a flight and alone stood I,until I
opened up my heart to see you tucked inside.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The color of love

A pallete of colors creates remarkably, a fantastic place where we can paint the scene. We’re in the garden..flowers all in bloom , carpeting the hills with a fresh shade of green... The sweet fragrance of apple blossom to test the sense ,buffers away the sadness and awakens with suspense. . Take my hand and follow , to a place where troubles need not be... step by step we both shall walk the lead ,where love is felt in a warm spun breeze. Seen in every raindrop, heard in every song , felt with every touch, as your in my heart where you belong. Don't open up your eyes , allow your heart to see , the world with all its flavors we're tasting that of spring. Your head on my lap, my hands through your hair.. a touch so gentle I was sure that you were here.....


If I could paint emotions a rainbow would I make , as each color everlasting would never fall and break....bowed like a arch, as we learn we partake to climb a little higher then slide to relieve the ache. The colors essential as it's a human trait and it's ok to touch upon each color, shake with movement like a quake. For touched are we by a thought that one can care, can love , can dream and can even sense a bit of fear... disarranged, but always with in reach are the emotions that taught the heart how to love and how to seek. Always close and a simple breath away is the love that keeps us stepping through each and every day.


It has been said that love that is unconditional is a perfect love... to see my faults and still love me or to see me and to see no faults. To know me and to love me or to love me is to know me. Does one need more or does one want more... understand that love feels deeper then any emotion as it leads all that is good and kind ...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Love ....as seen through my eyes

Tired, yet restless I fell mesmerized by the flames dance upon the bedroom wall. Flickering and stretching the candle cast shades that led to a entrapment of the moment. A calming and still
apprehensive emotion blanketed my soul. Simplicity sheds little light on the thoughts of others ,as I can only be responsible for the thoughts of one. A troubling sense of doubt had me questioning the path already toured. The flame reaching further shadowed like a work of art and its semblance of the dance of love that bonded our souls forever. Taking a deep breath and feeling you rush my inner spirit, as the tranquil moment rid all thoughts of evil replacing it with aura of kindness. I felt for a brief inner period a sense of well being .That tonight I lay in your arms. No distance, no time , no hell or heaven can part that which rest in my heart ... forever is merrily a gesture of my eternal gratitude for that which graces our path retains its rightful place within our hearts....

Bathe not in my tears , but rejoice in that I have chanced to feel and the emotions felt grace life , like a butterfly that flitters about.

When you wish.....

If you have not seen fear , then you might not recognize it .
If you have not felt fear, then you might miss diagnose it.
If you have not lived with fear, then you canÂ’t imagine what I held.
It is a multitude of fears that prevents one from dependency on another.
I have seen, I do know and I will.

There is a old adage "what goes around comes around." I regret nothing for bound and chained the body the ravages of deceit , the soul soars forever and always will remain free.

Its been said you cannot know hatred with out knowing love. Cannot know imprisonment without first being free.Cannot know Good without seeing evil. The list goes on.... For
we have been given the gift to feel, to see, to know and there amongst all of doubt stands the heart that knows the truth... love understands , feels and knows.

To a Dear Friend,
Singing> When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are.. when you wish upon a star your dreams come true . I believe that all that can happen will and in Gods time.
When I was little girl we lived close to the railroad tracks...nothing was more soothing then the sounds of a cargo train... I remember thanking God for the long ones.. they block all sounds, as if the music of trains wheels and the hum rocked the soul to a state of peace for a short moment of time. The train was timed through out the day like clock work. All I can remember is at that very moment , at that very second in time nothing mattered. In the arms of the Lord I lay.
No tears , no sadness , no violence , no breaking glass,no screams in the night.. It's at if that was the time I could yell from within and the world would hear.... To this day something special about the hum of the train.... the whistle blows , the conductor waves and the cry is heard in the silence of the night.

I’m can’t stop the falling rain,
nor the sounds of the cargo train.
The hum soothes the mind, blocking
out those tears of mine.
I can’t tell you what I see, life is not
built upon misery.. A little this and
a little that.. till I fell off track.
Trailing from behind , till I practically
lost my mind. A vision do I see that
places you next to me.
I think music is that which creates , soothes , exites, energizes and so much more... but I believe music that sings the loudest is less then conventional , as the music that reaches into my soul sings from your heart.

In your heart or mine?

To those who can't comprehend that the gift was placed in my hands and I don't lead with it ..It leads with me. I am only following my destiny. My intentions are to touch as many people as the Lord deems possible. Or to be touched by as many people as possible.. In your heart or mine?
The plan is not always easy to explain, as the Lord works with us through our own time.

The time is Now

Nothing is more beatiful then the cloak of respect that comforts the heart to insure the passion.
When desire meets at the gateway of passion and is invited in by the heart of love , then I shall exclaim! That I have felt love , experienced joy and danced in the heavens.

I have been givin the gift of sight for I can see in the dark of night.In the windows of life you see the eyes can't hide what the heart has seen
I may never understand everything or everyone but this I know that I am on the path and the time is now.

Ship at Sea

Ship at sea, confronts many a storm and as the wind blows in life it meticulously informs.
We cannot choose our standing in clouded dark of grey but if you close your eyes you’ll know that this I'll say. The weather sometimes calming left me content a float ,but It was not of my choosing to some how rock the boat. I left my heart open and allowed for it to feel and to my soul this loving I made myself a deal. I am standing strong my hands upon the wheel and as the waves of life brush up against the sail .. I can tell you this I refuse to allow myself to fail.Leary am I as I have chanced to see the darker side of what we call humanity.What you see as weakness is the soul now on display that gets stronger then emotion and leads me through the day.. I can’t set a time and I can’t stop the sail and I can’t set the limits for the heart to heal.

The Hopeless Romantic

No mountain high, no rivers flow ,
no stories written from long ago.

The song I sing ,the joy you bring.
Keeps us dancing ,as my heart begs
for more.

A glimpse at life, through your own eyes.
The beauty seen is from inside.

No whispering wind, no silence grins
no music played upon a old violin.

No sounds of trumpet or bells
a hoo-ha inside tells .

Close my eyes and what I see, is what
you have meant to me.

Gliding across the floor , to a love
written score. Wrap your arms
a little more and hold me tight
forever more.
A little bleak , a rushing creek
a love so pleasantly unique.
I touched your hair, I felt your cheek.
In the night your arms I seek.

Dress flows breathtaking in the wind, don't get frantic
it's just another hopeless romantic who dreams
you in her arms each night.

A waltz

Sometimes we laugh , sometimes we cry
to memories shared by you and I
Sometimes we dance , sometimes we sing
to symphonies played in the mind,
a waltz with you through time.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Dandelion set to seed , blowing in the wind.
Travels great distance, to you my dearest friend.


Packed with love and kisses made off with a dream.
To rest within your heart by warm felt love for thee.

The child within giggles , the women stands aside.
A journey barely traveled with you by my side.

A wish in the sparkle of the starlight.
Underneath the moon a newly guided light.

The breeze gaining strength ,a wisp of faith was born.
Letting go of yesterday, no need to ever morn.


It must be fever , delirious am I
to dream you by my side.
It must be fever, that caught me by surprise.
to see you with my very eyes.
It must be fever, of this I can’t deny
I feel so hot from deep inside.

The glass is half full, even the flu isn't all bad......

Saturday, January 21, 2006


A friend said to me along time ago all I want is for you to be happy " I 'm happy when your happy".The dictionary states happiness is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.I tried to analyze my own thoughts on happiness. What is happiness? I believe at times we look for happiness in others , a moment of gratification can come from a varied array of ideas , explored through sharing of oneself. So many phrases from the years come to mind. "To thy own self be true. "I have come to some round about conclusion that happiness is not something you can seek to find outside of your own inner being. A discontentment had me searching for that which I did not completely understand. The world sits undeveloped awaiting each of us to take our own personal reign of control and mold it to our own expectations. There awaiting beyond the uncertainty of life is the missing pieces of the puzzle. Would it be naive to think that in all of creation the seeds of beauty are planted and wait to be nurtured? Those who have fallen into the hands of tragedy from that of both nature and man might disagree. What can be gained from seeing a"glass half empty"? Happiness starts as merrily a emotion in the thought process of life.

Arms to comfort , a foundation lay.
Eyes to see beyond all grey.
The heart that feels , the mind that knows.
Beauty that continues to grow.

Happiness..... that which is seeded in your soul,
entwines around your heart, to be viewed
miraculously in the ever revealing
bloom called life.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Windswept in romance intense the moment held. The embrace so delicate, intrigued it cast a spell. No hocus pocus or wizardry to tell ,simply stated is how love befell.It’s not of giving that makes this magic spark, it was the moving in the heart that gave the emotions their start Graced with that of splendor a glorious view appeared,
one seen when that of the love of two
hearts are shared.

Forever touched

Forever changed

Forever felt

Forever cared

Forever seen

Forever lived
Forever heard
Forever Loved
True love is felt forever!

The beauty of life comes from being touched from within and touching back. That which Dances in the heavens and slides back to earth to find that dance never stops it only picks up speed. The song was written in silence but bellows loudly with the roaring of the winds. Eternal the kiss that lands in your heart.


All tears are not of sadness, tears that weep of joy for the chance to feel make life worth living . Nothing is more beautiful then loving and being loved. Nothing more powerful then touching and being touched. Nothing sung with more harmony then the song that sings from your heart.


If you have not chanced to taste the sweetnest of the greatest love that which opens the door through respect , slides down the rainbows of trust to land in your heart with greatest of passion.


Sharing my pillow, a gentle kiss only conveys that today I am here , today I felt , today I experienced. Tomorrow looks brighter because it will be the next today. Good night!


No No I can't get you out of my mind!

Slipped on a rock crossing the creek, jabbed by a thorn sticking out of the tree.
Oh My! I can't get you out of my mind.. no no I can't get you out of my mind.
My head a bit dizzy and I can't see, clouded my judgement and I couldn't think.
Oh My! I can't get you out of my mind.. no no I can't get you out of my mind.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Catch me ramblin

A image cast in darkness a shadow did I see,
when I turned to reckon the shadow summoned me.
A journey of imperfection like a soul lost at sea
and when I dared to question my
heart cried out to thee.

Weep not willow in early bloom,
as winter sets to deceive and
place the thoughts of warm
delight. The taste of early spring.

The gaiety of dance in the sunlight
reflecting on the land. Storing the
energy like fuel to meet demand.

To wish the seasons end and grasp upon
another, is to exchange one day, simply
for another.

Today I wake and grateful am I ,once
more to meet the challenges and
reach up to the sky.
To wake upon each morning and feel the breath of life.
Stand and meet each challenge and understand the inner strife.
To gaze out the window and watch the fallen snow and know
that where you travel a part of me will go.
Affinity is a fondness of that which is rarely seen,
a closer look reveals this is far from
routine. The words written sing to the soul
and create a touch so gentle to my heart console.
A artist that sets to layer one upon another
like the years that can't be separated
from each other.
Who am I?
I am many things to many people.
One soul that stands to meet the challenge.

Each morning we find ourselves bombarded with a slew of decisions. From what clothes to wear ,to grooming , to whether to eat breakfast or not. There we are making the simplest forms of judgment.
When it comes to major issues in our life , the decision no longer effects one but many and though I
believe any decision based on the good of all can’t be wrong and still I find such difficulty.
It is natural to want to feel the arms of comfort just as we like to be assured that what decisions we make are best.
It is not based on win or lose the decisions that I choose.
Nor a Victory gained by feeling another’s pain.
Yesterdays review simply states what is true.
As the path I chose prepares for the debut.

Unlike a tree fallen down that begins to decay.
My memories of days gone by are like that of yesterday.
Rain to snow and snow to sleet a medley of surprise.
One where hope and faith mingle without all the lies
How simple is life .. touched by a gentle breeze that whispers of the beauty.
I cried, I laughed
I hid, I died
I live
My heart knows what my mind refuses to see and my soul already experienced.
Entwined like overgrown ivy whose roots
meld to become thoughts of one.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's crazy with a K

To hold you in my heart ,
with each breath of day.
To teach the wind to pirouette
and dance my love your way.

To slide upon the silk of life
and in your arms lay.
To fall unto the dark of night
and watch the sunlight fade away.

To capture all the beauty and sweep
the pains away.
To reason with the future and cause time
to delay.

To dry the tears of life might sound a bit cliche.
To bring laughter to the moment this I could only pray.

To tickle you from within and know that it’s okay.
To feel the joy of life and not have hell to pay.

The deeper one is touched, the bigger the fire .
The warmer the moment, more special is the hour.
The gentler the embrace, the more it empowers.
The silence of your whisper gains and becomes louder.
I covered my ears but the silence echoed.
I covered my eyes but my soul envisioned.
I coverd my heart but love I felt.

Friday, January 13, 2006

My Gratitude to you....

The buildings tall shadowed on the street.
Gulls in the park looking for a treat.
The wind blowing stronger with the day.
Warm sun made winter feel like May.

Hand and hand we share what comes our way.
Unlocking the mysteries to rid the skies of grey.
Fate of yesterday had placed me in your path.
A soul cleansing as if I had a bath.

Each day holds something new,
a helping hand to see this life through.
So I give my gratitude to you.
for turning those grey skies blue.

A Blue Bird

Your thoughts you shared, your heart you gave,the more I heard,the more I craved. A river deep, a mountain high, a blue bird taken flight.


The bars to break are harder then that of steel, as they were placed many years and to my soul conceal.Tiresome and troubled the path was twisted long and a shield doth stand to guard from the extremes of many wrongs. Thine eyes have chanced to see duel sides of humanity, where once claimed love, betrayal found engaged with insanity.

If time heals and scars strengthen and stronger are that of we,
then the majestic of the heavens will erase my memories.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Land

Kings and Queens were thought to own it and the highest of the hierarchy thought they held it in command, but they have all come and gone and left for us the land. Climbing to the hill top mesmerized was I to take a gander backward and see what was in the plan. Buildings and roadways of gravel brick and sand mattered little when you allow your eyes to scan. The beauty surrounding left caretakers of we,to leave our successors a place for body, soul and dreams.
The closer to the heavens how remarkable it seems
that we were chosen to be part of a larger mystery.
The clouds racing as if a time to meet and as I lay
upon the hill top I glanced to view that of a magnificent feat.
No separation between that of heaven and hell,
the miracle we are giving is on a grander scale.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sweet Smell Of Spring

Softly whispers> Life was meant to be, like that of early spring.
A warm wind, a sun burst,
a flower set to bloom
.Open up your heart and allow it to consume.
The magic of the season, the smell of sweet perfume.
Open up your heart and make me some room.

Love Prevails

Where sea foam meets the shore line and foot prints mesh with sand. A story carefully written, a timeline scripted within plan. The winds assessment gentle as it blows, recoils in regression for little does it know.The words were carefully written with faith upon the sail and as it drifts to sunset you’ll see that love indeed prevails.

I’m walking in the rain, yes walking in the rain.
Hanging on to memories to my heart a stain.
Trying to make sense of senseless events.
It’s my heart crying in the droplets of the rain.
I’m walking in the rain, yes walking in the rain
missing all those raindrops with you.
I’m not complaining , I simply am explaining
how you painted the view.
I’m walking in the rain, yes walking in the rain
a blend of melancholy and bliss that says adieu
Holding on to days to my heart a gay
walking in the rain with you.


Those tiny cluster of flowers a lifetime do they hold , their fragrance enraptures beyond the surface to waken the very soul. My eyes widen and laughter did I hear as depleted was the sadness, the heart had persevered.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Laughter and smiles are gained , friendship in everyway. A river overflows the banks as trust floods our way. The key to the magic simply need not be explained. You took the time to listen , you took the time to care and when you opened up your heart I stepped in my dear. Shortened the winter season made spring of every day. Shoo those grey skies and placed blue ones in their way In the dark of the night when your all alone , just close your eyes and you will see what we have entertained. We taught the sun how to shine and warm the coldest days. Turning raindrops into sparkles a dusting did they lay and with the beauty of life I scrolled in your name

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Image

A image cast in darkness a shadow did I see and when I turned to reckon the shadow summoned me. A journey of imperfection like a soul lost at sea and when I dared to question my heart cried out to thee.
Mysterious is the nightgale heard but rarely seen, soaring in the darkness like that of wondrous dreams . Thou cast a lead to partner and hold my hand has he and in the the black of the night he danced along with me.Fondling the heart, agitation was the key to stir awareness and then to set it free.
Who packed these bags and In my path they lay? Opening the satchel I could see the hurt had made its way. Carefully added was guilt of which I cannot say, though so very heavy it burdened me to stay. If not enough to deal with fear steadily made a gain and stood witness to those who simply chose to betray.Sorting through the luggage I tried to find my way , but I need a little patience as my mind has gone a stray.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tossing and Turning

Tossing and turning and I can’t fall a sleep and
the baby bird a singing couldn’t lull me to sleep.
Darkness falling and my heart a calling, empty arms
had my soul a crawling.
Reflections through the window glass, star lit
sparkle made a gentle pass. My eyes adjusting
to the midnight scene and in the black of the night
I could see.
Shadow moving and my heart a spin, a silhouette
appeared within. Traveling over mountain and
sea and the little song bird kept singing to me.
Accompanied by the song of joy , with my mind it simply toyed.
Hand and hand a wondrous path, until the morning light giggled and laughed.
Shining down I couldn’t see as the silhouette disappeared from my dream.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

One Life

It wasn’t a forest or a field of flowers upon the meadow green. One moment , one issue
one nightmarish memory. I didn’t see a pattern , the river or the road , but a hump in the banks is how the story goes. Looking back a mountain did they make and no longer could I jump the rivers and the lake.

In life many questions come to play .. why ? Why indeed, survival does not see all of life it's today , one moment , one second, one issue , one story, one heartache, one crime. For all that one can handle is one situation at a time. As life matures so compounds the trials of life and the many become the one. The story of one life.
There I wake to see tomorrow , to leave behind the days of sorrow.
Your sin for you to face, for my heart cannot keep pace.
The rivers wide but I can swim, the journey long the luggage trimmed.
Only a fool fails to see the gifts now washed out to sea.
My love I gave for you to hold and you betrayed and so unfolds.
A heart that heals , a soul that soars, a mind that now explores.
For what I gave was done in faith and my love can't be replaced.

I don't understand but this I can say that I cut the rope on that of yesterday. One life, one journey. Oh lord hear me pray , all I want is strenght to welcome the new day.

Foolish to believe the seasons come and go , as I gazed upon the hills they were layered one by one, blanketed by the snow. Times of laughter times of pain , times I stood crying with the rain.

No Rhythm ...No Joy No song without you!!

No rhythm, no joy, no song with out you.
Winter scene a reprieve , my heart grieving .
Hills calling.. time stalling to hold you near.
No magic, no dreams, no dance without you.
Arms empty, spring tempting to find you here.
Stream running , wind whispers I love you dear.

No tears , no fears, no cares is lying
Road leading, bends deceiving
a mirage reflected right here.

No bet ,No test .. I think I feel you
Heart falling , soul calling to hold you dear.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006