Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, December 30, 2005

More Precious

It's not that I need you to feel complete, I know I can stand on my own two feet. Nor a partner of need I plea, It's the walk side by side that compliments me. I don't request that you need to deliver, because from the onset my heart start to quiver.

Love is not challenged by how much one can give, it's weighed by how deeply you're touched from within.

I felt it as it brushed gentle to the soul and I held it in my heart where it bound and took a hold. I saw it in the morning before my eyes awake and then again in the evening where it shook me like a quake. A duo with the nightingale a song I did hear, the words that broke the silence were simply that you care.
More precious then any treasure royalty could hold, more valuable then that of the most highly prized gold . Heavier then a mountain , lighter then the breeze , warmer then the sunshine and more beautiful then any dream. You can float it on the river, and hold it in your heart and when you close your eyes at night you can see it in the dark.It can comfort a distressed baby , wipe the tears from a broken heart , it can halt raging waters and cause a fire to spark. It can knot a field of flowers and at your feet a bouquet lay and when distressed and overwhelmed allow the child to play.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Real Love

Reflected in a rose, in the mountains, rivers and the snow.
In the song of a blue bird in a tadpole as it grows.
Gentle to the touch and felt in every breeze, beyond
barriers of time and a cold winter freeze.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Atop the Mountain

With hope atop the mountain
a climb but within our reach.
A journey barely started
a story incomplete.
A magic to the moment
a wonder filled with dreams.
A courting of the years that
tomorrow has yet to bring.

A prison they Portray!

The trees darkened in a coat of gray surrounded the hollow and a prison they portrayed. Till the awakening , the one within in my heart painted a scenery that diminished clouds of dark. The soul released beyond the dreams of a ethereal display, welcoming the mysteries that life sends our way.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Where the hills meet the sky and wild birds fly.
Where song the heavens play, let your heart listen
close to the sounds of joy, to you my serenade.
My love I gave, my dreams enslaved, hold close
the days long gone. As new as fallen snow and
delicate as orchids grow is the fragile soul of mine.
Hungers sweet embrace , to hold in place
what memories thou restores. Sweet butter a melt
the stories tell of that which runs through time

Hold close to me my thoughts and dreams,
till spring has crest once more. There is
no letting go what life set to sow. The joy
a part of me.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Winter's way of weep

The winter stage sat darkened to await the opening play,
until the kingfisher flew by rattling away.

Dormant are the trees whose branches look asleep.
Upon observation are leaf buds that simply wait for spring.

Where once it felt riddled with the season’s character of
sleep, wakened with a snowfall winter's way of weep.


Rhythm Of Love

I cannot sever what I see or the part that you became of me.
Woven in and out of all my dreams, you taught me how to dance with fantasy.
Sadness held me for a little while, till I closed the door and danced with you awhile .
I close my eyes to see that you are always here with me .. holding tight we’re gonna dance all through the night, calming the storms of life ..

It wasn’t box or shoe nor was it jazz or blue‘s. The steps I danced with you made my heart coo ... I felt you meld to me as you absorbed the air I breathe. Partnered in the clouds , we danced round and round. Barely any sounds other then two hearts found, dancing in the clouds with the rhythm of love .

It wasn't box or shoe nor was it jazz or blue's . The steps I dance with you made my heart coo. ..I felt you meld to me as you absorbed the air I breathe .Partnered in the clouds, we danced and round and round . Barely any sounds other then two hearts found... dancing in the clouds.......with the rhythm of love


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

8:45 and I'm on the ice

Eight forty five and we’re bridged through time
to find we crossed the miles with our mind.
Laughter , smiles and so much fun
Two visions align with a mock sun

The ice was cold and your heart warm
reflections shadow past any storms.
Endless dreams and unsung songs
skate to the tune of play along.

My ankles wobble and my knees shake
afraid I’ll fall and my heart will break.
Circle , circle round we go, feeling dizzy
you caught me so.

It’s eight forty five and I’m on the ice
bridged through time your hand in mine.
Lights a glimmer and the people fade
and for one moment I wouldn’t trade.

Hand in hand , your arms to hold
a friendship bonded out of gold.
Ice clear, the ice smooth and for
a moment my spirit soothed.

It’s eight forty five and.....
Holding your kindness to comfort though the night.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Do believe...

My imagination or a dream?

Convince me that your real
not fabricated or dream overkill.
Don’t deceive my heart, as you
were cast to play the part.

Was it out of need that I
wanted to believe ..
love would find away
making life happy
and wonderfully gay.

My eyes blinded by the fight
the heart to hold you in the night.
Imagine your with me ,without
words our hearts will speak .

Incredible as it may seem
you weren’t conjure up for me
I believe it's real and your heart I can feel.

It wan't imagination or a dream that placed you in my path it seems
Imagination caused a spark and dreams kept it burning high.

My Heart

Held my heart, then let it go
Frozen trapped of ice and snow
Can’t go forward, can’t go back
solid bridged without a gap

Struggling to understand
what this all a silly plan
Separate the smiles from tears
and let go of all the years

Winter holds a frigid scene
one that melts into spring
Hope and faith find a
way to honor a new day

Letting go of yesterday
paved a road of red clay
soft un-molded it does lay
chance to find my way
Quoting again .. "better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all"
Right or wrong is it plausible to believe that love that is fashioned upon the hills of life that seemingly challenge the heart and mind can exist in the distance. It would be denial to believe I was not touched in a way that sparks a desire to share ones life. I am midway between the top of the mountain and valley .... My mind conceives all that has happened and knows that to stand still would be to sink deeper like that of quick sand. Looking down through the valley yesterdays presentation and yet just far enough away from the mountain that I cannot see tomorrow. Deeper I fall .. still grasping and I try to hold from a distance what my heart and mind desperately felt. Stumbling I tumble ....... where are you?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Colored Snowflakes

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind... when you can lay your head on the pillow and justify your actions of the day, live within your means and accept what comes your way. When you can substantiate that your dreams are real and controlled by no other then but by your own hearts will. When you can accept the differences that meet at the cross road of life and realize the choices are not one of strife. Then you have met with “Peace of mind” and a rest there will be, when you lay your head upon the pillow and can peacefully be free.
Independence - freedom from control

Break my hands controls the writing
Break my heart and now its crying

Walls of indignity standing tall
until the battle when they fall

Chained and bound from yesterday
only holds the body at bay

Spirit longing, spirit free
no longer begging on my knees

Float above the raging waters
air above mountain high

Song of freedom courts
the moment beyond the
years where torment lie

Friday, December 09, 2005

Winter Sun

Strolling through my memory

Watch the fallen snow court the dream,
visualizing your here with me.
A compliment to the scenery, as we
stroll through my memory.
So close I can taste your lips, so strong
yet a gentle grip.
Comfort found in each moment shared,
how I wish that you were here.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

This I Am Sure Of!

If you closed your eyes once and held me with your heart. Held me with your heart and felt me in your soul. Felt me in your soul and held my hand , then we have journied where only two can travel into a realm of love that knows no boundaries.

My mind explored, my heart felt and my soul soared,as I am touched beyond the earthly wonders to the mystic that exceeded dreams.

I know!

Lay your hand upon my face and wipe away.
The sadness of yesterday and memories of gray.

I opened up my heart and let you in, rebuilding
from step one i'ts where we both begin.

I tried to erase the darkness of the night,
while your arms hold me tight.

I read between the words of yesterday and I know
you love me , even if you didn’t say.

What's Wrong with a Memory?

Where one’s memory originates from depends on whether it is a floatation device that holds you above the water or the anchors that weight you down. Those memories seeded by fear are a constant reminder of the weakness of the mind. Memories of failed choices if used as a road map to avoid the complications that come with repetitive behavior. Then of course there are the memories that bring joy.. weeding through the memories I grasped to hold a few....
the gentle kind days that I shared with you.
A soul lost at sea, memory, mirage or was it a dream?
Trapped between the earth and sky , boundaries set over time.
In the horizon a haunting true of arms stretched from me to you.
What’s wrong with a memory?
If I could pick and choose the memories that I hold
I placed the memories with you, they’re the bricks of gold.
I don’t like the counting , the measurement of a day
reminders how distant and how far away.

Memories those ghastly little reminders of what I don’t have!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pillar of My Dreams

Softly sings >
A tear fallen knows not why, my heart saddened began to die.
A joy felt for a little while ,remembers when you made me laugh and smile.

I tried to hold the memories.. when you were the pillar of my dreams.
Central to what life brings, is the walk that led to love's extremes.

The dance of fantasy brought you here , like the master of the wind you disappeared.
Now my heart alone again I fear.... as I drown in my own fallen tears....

Monday, December 05, 2005

Imagination working overtime

Step into my world , take my hand and pull me close.
The song of love fills the heart, my soul now exposed.
Fragile as the finest crystal, strong as winter breeze.
If you dare to open up , I’ll promise that I’ll please.
Place a smile upon your face, each and every morn
and give to you a winter rose without any thorns.

Merry Christmas! Through the eyes of a child...

When ever I like to think of Christmas .. I try to remember what it was like through the eyes of a child. Not much changes as we grow older ..
hope and faith and the mystery o
f life still dominates our being.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


The harder I tried to fight the madness
The deeper my heart sunk in sadness.

The tears a fallen a puddle did they make,a glimpse at the reflection caused the heart to ache.
The mountains surrounding did not impound the soul, It was in the mind that had a meticulous hold.Tense a panic began to set on in, the reign of fear setting out to win.Challenged with the moment, the breeze began to lift and there in the darkness I felt my heart a drift.
I found you in the warmth of the sun that set my heart a fire.
I found you a top the mountain where you gave dreams the power.
I found you in the field of grain where souls run free.
I found you in my arms if only in my dreams.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Built from respect are the bricks of love ....

A foundation of respect built the walls of love
housed by compassion contains rooms
for peace and harmony, passion and joy.
The gifts gain strength on rainy days as
they nourish the garden that blooms
flowers that grow stronger with
each season.

Merry Christmas!

SSnowflakes and snowboards and children sung heart chords
Frozen rivers and ice makes me shiver

One warm thought and there you appear
magic from one whom cares!

Flake by flake the snow a falling
Wind a bluster my heart a calling

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Memory Mirror

The growth of pine a foot a year
a shocking reminder, a memory mirror.
The reflection of time reminisce of fear
of life as it stands through trial and err.
Days of laughter , days of sorrow,
days that lead unto tomorrow.
One last glimpse of looking back,
to leave behind a cloud of black.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Taking a Deep Breath

There is only one way to survive in a world filled with negative energy and thats to take the negative and surge it up with the positive. Whether its family or friends.. the negative is always there trying to weigh you down. I had heard some people quote they like dark poetry.. I on the other hand love the fantasy and love and joy that comes from positive poetry. It is like the old adage " you are the company you keep" To read the positive has its own therapeutic qualities . Each poem a bit of me and the life raft that is tossed to me. I am reminded daily of the simple beauty in life. Sometimes the challenges that cross our path act as a detour.At the gateway of Love .. stands respect, compassion and joy and energized with the positive leads down the path of righteousness.
To close your eyes once is to falter, to close your eyes twice remain a fool,
to close your eyes for the third time is to slam the door on reality.
Even in the pool of silence you can hear the song that wakens the sleeping heart.
Singing> Bonded... your soul was bonded, the moment you engaged in my dream. Pleasure... cannot be measured, growing it rooted inside. Altered ..my life seem faltered... weak till I opened my eyes.
Look into your heart to see how beautiful life can be.

I am not a fool no no ! I know what make flowers grow.. in my little garden where dreams come true! I'm making love to you.

Softly sings......My Angel...my angel...I love you so!

I don't know if having 5 sons made having a daughter that much more special..but she is indeed a angel.. and as the saying goes anything worth having is worth the wait.. I cannot imagine my life without her. I hate to put the heavy on her.. but she is a extension of my Love

Softly singing>My angel ..my angel..I love you so! The river wind blown, with memories flow.
My angel.. my angel.. I love you so! Delight in the days, as I watch you grow.

The Lord heard , the Lord saw , the Lord knew my need
and the Lord sent a Angel to me.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

One September Day With You!

One September Day With You
The field of flower blue no longer tints the valley with a hue.
Spent and gone to seed the fields not of a youthful green.
The wind ripping through the mind selecting memories
that cross the time. The embrace of silence
left replaced with a song of joy
that could be traced to
the days laughter rid
the autumn dew.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

If I fall will you be there to .......

Running away always seems like a alternative to dealing with the stress of life. How confusing the emotions at all stages of my life . Always reaching and always struggling and a tug stretching me like a rubber toy. The tears behind my eyes never to dry. The smiles a camouflage of that hides the sadness . I am trying ... but the curtain of winter only heightens the emotions that try to make sense of that which I cannot . Knowing that I will strengthen with faith at my side , I teeter on the unknown . Balancing between what is right and what feels right, I find a discouraging arrangement that swallows me up.
Fantasy a dream like quality that expels me into a cloud of comfort only to fall into the hands of reality that crush around me.

Damn Pass over those Rose colored glasses!

Technology the new frontier. The first amendment granting free speech , I am not sure they had a crystal ball into the future. The internet with its ability to close the world gap , also has become the feeding ground for violence and pornography. I was writing to my own blog when I decided to take a trip around the world and view the words of others, there I was reading little bits of people’s lives that varied all ages and then I came across blogs that one might find morally offensive. What water are we treading in Free speech or abuse of the system? Its not as easy as a television set , you don’t like what you see you don’t put it on. But the internet and its poor way of cataloging has searches pulling up information that is less then pertinent to the issues at large. Should we feel threaten by a medium that gives freedom to all people regardless of their morale conduct code? Or should we take it as a lesson that where diversity appears also will the evil and good fight for the platform in which they can tempt you to side one way or another.
Take a bottle away from alcoholic and he craves the drink, take freedom away from a human being and he craves that very thing which was taken away. On the other hand the old adage give a man enough rope and he will hang himself.
The constitution itself was created as a set of rules in which we the United States govern. One that protects all people regardless of the age , race or sex. Who is responsible for world governing? Can we expect countries to view the world through our own eyes of Democracy. Can one world live under one governed state? Temptation of humanity itself will see that podium of leadership fought over in the near fight to protect the rights of the people . What will surface .. where there is power there are the traits of greed and this continues to trickle down. Our government with it checks and balances help to maintain equality for all people. There is no perfect system in the world we are human and so that allows for human error. But we do govern" by the people for the people"The first lesson I learned in grade school was to recite the preamble off by heart.
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the comm on defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
I do believe in numbers good shall over come . I do see a long road a head. In being a parent and knowing that our fight for a better world is the fight to ensure that all children will have opportunities to thrive in a more ultimate surrounding of peace with conscience as our own personal guide.
It seems pretty conclusive that to monitor the internet system would be to strip us of one of most amazing steps of technology that has made its way since the telephone . Can it be perfect ed ? There is always room for improvement. Hatred and violence pornography and leeches of society will always find their platform in which to tempt our youth. That is where eductation need surface and society cannot teach the morale conduct code that lesson begins at home.
The adage " don't do as I do , do as I say " has no place in raising children as children learn from what they see. We cannot expect any system of governing to raise our children and implement a morale code of conduct that is the responsibility of each individual who chooses to bring a child into this world . Now thats where I see a step for the government , simply because of a world as busy as ours some lessons may slip under the carpet in many homes. Adopt a dog and you are inspected to see if your home is adequate ,your income is reviewed to see if your able to care for that dog and then your followed up to see if your taking care of that dog properly. But a child can be born into any home . More education is needed not just to teach youth about sex and precautions but to teach them what it means to be responsible in giving birth to a child.
People need to know that giving birth is a life long endeavor that will bring forth the next generations of leaders. There is no job in the world that can compare to parenting and yet it is the one job that is given so little respect in the society at large. I volunteered at a mission and the women who worked there also worked for a animal organization she said there is more respect and more concern for a dog then for a human being. We don't have to like mental illness, sickness and the weaker part of society but we do need to help them. I don't believe helping them means giving them a free ride or adding another soup kitchen. Then comes the old adage" a leopard never changes its spots" Maybe we can't change people , but hopefully we can educate , give opportunities and help people regain self respect and find the necessary medical care and mental care needed with out attaching stigmas.
The hope for the world is where peace flourishes and Good sits with a smile on the podium of trust and respect for all people . Damn Pass over those " Rose Colored Glasses"

Friday, November 25, 2005

For Your Heart Only!

In the deep and dark corners of the mind beams the flame of passion that fuels the fire that encompasses the soul with a rage of warmth. The emotional desire to taste the sweetness of my beloved as you fondle gently the spirit that so embraces our love. Ever so close and cradling to the breast the pleasures ,the comfort endured only enhances that of your ardent love . The intensity which is felt to the depth that spans further then the surface of the heart and soul to a eternal space of infinite beauty that explodes within the caress of the devotion that is as timeless as the mystic of the heavens. The touch surreal to the mind is etched forever with a indelible script that seared the heart for all eternity.


At first I confused the sadness of the distance that keeps you away and then a smile lit form my heart happen to find its way. The hills can keep a body, can keep the physical touch at bay , but nothing can keep the love that magically found its way. It will never disappear it can never leave ...The moments that we shared are more then memories. Ignited like a campfire that burns outside its boundaries is the love that flames impossible to confound.

How blue a sky?

In a recent conversation over societal value systems and the right and wrongs and how ones cultural disposition varies ..I looked at life peering out from my own fishbowl. In adolescent times the majority of youth felt pressured to fit in with the mainstream that would fall under the title of peer pressure. Not quite in or out of any group, I thought I personally was not swimming in their fishbowl to find they weren’t swimming in mine. With the path of life shedding extremes in high volume , it seem evident to me that life was pretty simple you follow a path of righteousness and you simply wouldn’t meet up with the negativity that so weighs us down in our adult life.

No two situations shadow another , there fore similarities may exist and patterns may surface.
If I don’t walk beside you, do I walk alone? Or do we burst from within the fishbowl to see that someone just might comprehend that the head above water and the glass invisible to the eye restraints that which makes us unique in spirit. That which we don’t understand stimulates and drives a hunger from within. The immensity of that which intrigues the soul to grasp beyond time of day to find oneself outside the fishbowl.. breaking out doesn't mean fitting in. Its the exploration of a unexplored territory that starts within ones own thoughts.
I dare to see the sun rise on a dark and rainy day and to see a blue bird fly in a snowy month of May. To feel your love while time slips away and touch your heart each and every day.

I never felt such loss until I allowed someone to walk beside in spirit and touch me in ways that I didn't know existed to find them simply distanced from me. To see through my eyes and find a place within my heart .
On my darkest day the tears flood emotions that you so carefully cradled.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Less Then..

In less then ultimate conditions of a already un perfect world , a dusting of a virgin snow blankets over the soil concealing the wrongs and allowing the mystic of nature to soothe the somber song.
Rejoice in the season as it challenges the mind to hold on to the beauty of nature that bears forgiveness .The smile covers tears of time that drip one by one from the heart of sadness.
I believe that the cries in the night have not fallen on deaf ears. The silence echo's between heart and soul to tempt the mind to grasp beyond the physical world and hold you forever !

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
The holidays bring with them the warmth of togetherness, as faith, hope and charity make their way in to the hearts of many with the upcoming holidays.
Faith that the world will be a better place for our children .. hope that we one by one can make the difference and charity which shares with one another the love of the season.
Peering back into my childhood the holidays had a magic to them ..one that seemed to find peace, at a less then peaceful time. The master of escaping the sins of time , looking into the lights and sparkle renewed my faith that goodness and love that reigns over the evils of the world. “Through the eyes of a child” Lost to the day , I found myself daydreaming of the beauty that the world has to offer and finding my place within. A script of many lessons shows the trials of life which finds us stumbling on our own indecisive behavior . The waffling of a weakened state lacked the firmness of standing strong. Conscience the moral and ethical guide to which we aspire to follow lay a path that will see the child within through all of life.
I hope that as you share the holiday with family and friends that you will take a moment in your life to spread the joy of laughter and allow the unity of goodness to overcome the violence that has paved away into the societal norm.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yesterdays Tears.....Tomorrows Song

Yesterdays tears ..tomorrows song
words written of right and wrong.

Yesterdays tears ...tomorrows song
my heart you played for so long.

Yesterday tears.. tomorrows song
softly sings a melancholy calm.


Amazing little moments gone without much fanfare
until you opened up your heart and then began to care.

Snow covered field and mountain, snow covered dreams
froze the moment that you held me and I began to sing.

Encapsulating the memories condensed the many years and like the darkness of the night companions with the fear. Lead not with the grief of a solemn yesterday, tomorrows ambition has simply not made a play. Reflections through the eyes of sadness and despair reversed by the joy and laughter that we share.


Monday, November 21, 2005

I Love you!

I look back at the past that had such hope for the simplicity of life. That one would know when I cry with out tears and know that I need without asking. My old adage of the day " actions speak louder then words." How clear life seems and yet how misinterpreted are the days gone by. There is a trail that all people follow at one time or another , sickness , sadness and death but it is only complicated when betrayal , lack of compassion and the minimal desire to feel the needs of a companion. I find sadness in false hope , false promises . Unlike a slate board we can't erase the sins of time. Thus builds the wall , brick by brick I shall not waiver for that which shields the heart.
I want to close my eyes and wish the pain away
I want to close my eyes and open with renewed faith.
I want to close my eyes and start on a new page.

Who could hurt in the name of love
how foolish might he be
Who could not look beyond the day to see
to live on simple dreams.
The most beautiful experience is to feel with your heart through the touch of your hand.
To listen to the sounds of joy where silence laid the plan.
If my eyes allow my heart to see then you would be right next to me
If my soul allowed your sweet embrace...................

A hole of silence raped my heart of happiness. Holding on to dreams and days of simple bliss.
Trying to remember how I wished that life might be and there I fell to the hell of reality.
I can't hold tomorrow and I let todayfreeI can't begin to tell you what you meant to me.
Treason was the path that betrayed my heart and soul and there I grasp beyond thlonelinessss and cold.
Drowing on the years of tears...

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Strike once a lash upon my heart
the weep of sin a fray

Strike twice the fool
has scared and cannot fade away

Brick by brick a wall is built
the mortar giving way.

One more sudden blow
and tumbling with dismay

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Gentle as the snowflake that has fallen from the sky
is one lonely tear drop that has fallen from my eye.
Frozen to my face like frost upon the glass
with the clarity of crystal a reflection simply made a pass.
Spinning in the snow the child released from within
and if you look into your heart you can still see her spin.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Softly sings>

Softly sings>
I saw blue birds flying by...I saw rainbows in the sky...I saw dreams of you and I ..
only a fool would deny.

Gentle does the wind blow .. softly set my heart a glow ..songs of love you and I know...
only a fool would deny.
Dance upon the steps of joy ...dance my heart and please don’t toy ..life was meant to enjoy... only a fool would deny.
Caress the moment of the day .... in the most unique way...
listen as I carefully say...
only a fool would deny.
Reality...The reality is in essence the joy that you brought to me.
The way you you stirred the emotions and started my heart to dream.
Emotions as real as the song of life that plays in silence.
I felt a greater touch from within then the human body could ever feel.
No greater pain then distance, no stronger

The Fallen Rain

The elder trees tall and large without their autumn leaf protected the maple barely 4 foot three. There she stood with her leaf in pride to reach up to the sky,
where one day she’ll take their place and
nest the blue birds that fly by.
No doubt in my mind that something beautiful can come from something less then.
The pain felt inside is calmed by the beauty of the seeds that mature.

Surveillance of the daily travels and just where I might have been , and if you looked into my heart you’d see in life the sin. You can imprison the body and control it’s walk along the sea , but you can’t imprison my thoughts and my search to full fill my dreams . Stifled the many years, the silent tears unheard until the river overflowed its bank and something magical occurred. My soul released from entrapment and this is what I see " a hand of faith as it reached out to me".
The beauty of the fallen rain is its ability to cleanse the day and leave upon the pallet of life another chance to make our way.
The childs been running from the darkness and the grey and then one day she stopped
and to her dismay the monster wasn't in the dark nor in the clouds of grey.

Only a fool believes they can restrain what is ultimately free . Soaring to the heavens my love enraptured blows gently in the breeze.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sweet whisper of song!

The passage of a symphony celebrates the moment of the hold. The embrace of the encounter where the heart has met the soul. Sweet harmony’s pure pleasure comforts with a song a simple invitation to rid the moment of the wrong. Joyous the sounds echo through the mind and in the darkness where lay the loneliness I have now taken you along.
When righteousness sits at the alter of denial
then the battle begins.
For my heart feels and my mind questions
and my soul sits on the sideline with laughter!
I am but a mere puppet to the world of love.
You have stirred the emotions that continuously bloom!
To love is to see the smile in your eyes as they reflect through mine.


The fragrance of a heirloom rose is beauty to the mind,
as it triggers memories of innocent childhood times.
My escape into the woodlands to watch the wild birds fly and listen
to the bullfrog where on the lilipad he lies.
Natures acceptance a unity of one,
where all the trials of life can simply be undone.
The beauty surrounding cradles at its best,
rocking the soul... weary from the test.
Shhh... the tear for mankind weeps for those who cannot see beyond greed
or hear the song of joy from the birth of a newborn child and have yet to allow love into their hearts and feel the miracle of life in the wind.
One memory dipped in gold and polished to perfection is
the treasure that continues to bring a smile on the grayest of days!
When the heart and soul entwine to feel your
magic and without question calms the mind.

Sundays Clouds!

Many years ago I had a conversation with a friend and he said “ignorance is bliss” and I thought about those in various sectors of life who are unaware of the world around them. Did they not thirst for more knowledge or were they simply content living in their own little world. Bringing to mind the old adage “what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you”There were times in my life where acceptance was not a matter of ignorance but more of a comfort zone that was used as a prevention tool. Make it work within your own space to establish some safety and some measure of stability. Is it a form of denial to allow unacceptable behavior? Closing my eyes once to many, my heart felt the pains more then once.
I reviewed the lives of friends and people I have come in contact with over the years. Each with their own set of struggles. Where does right and wrong fit in with the personal destruction people cause to their own relationships? Frightened as I watched my world as I knew it collapse around me. Restlessness and disappointments battling the comfort zone. The promise of a picturesque future lay a entrapment of struggle that was more then the soul could bare. Feeling pressure, as if the room around me were closing in. I was once again faced with decisions. Asking the Lord to guide me .. I found the path ahead troublesome what I want , what I believe and reality swirl like a tornado of emotion that only clouded my hopes, my dreams and my desires.
Each step minimal as they seem to those around me are huge leaps that open doorways to independence. Am I fulfilling dreams or in a state of survival. Trying to analyze the boat that is filling with water, I saw that each person is on the same boat of survival. It is up to us to either pan out the water , fix the hole or jump ship. The smart thing would have been to not neglect the boat before it was placed in the water...

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Caught in up a day ... I find my mind drifting to where you may be and what you maybe doing. I know that Love no matter what shape it takes can only truly be kind and warm and understanding and want only the best for one that touches their life with a warmth of light uncomparable to the brightest sun shining day.
For your love .. I wish the sun to warm your heart as you have warmed mine. I hope that as you go about your day that once you smile at the joy we found in one moment shared. I pray that the Lord is generous and granting you a long and healthy life. When the chill of winter shivers deep in your bones may it only compare to the chill I feel when I think of you.
Romance ...... when one can feel the touch from a distance and breathe life into a day. Court the heart beyond the land of enchantment where the soul can soar away. When one can open up to see the beauty of life in each and every day and share it with the one they love in the simplest of ways. When Passion fills the air with the silence of song and joy lays a carpet for you and I to walk along. When you can feel lifes embrace and cradle it in all its glory, then you have met Romance and now begins the story...........

Forever my Darling

A whirlpool of emotion has me battling the wind. Faster and faster my heart begins to spin.
A tale of love, heartache and a dream made their way beyond the sadness of a day.
Written to my life like a script without a end, is the one who touched my life from very deep within.
The sun made its fool on a winter day. Deceiving warmth it did light away where my heart can see beyond the dark and grey, to the days we laughed the time away.
Alone my thoughts travel to hold you near, to kiss away the loneliness and shoo away the fear.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

To love is to feel...

Who am I but many varied faucets of a dream.
Gently I blow the remnants of the past, like
a dandelion that lays upon the green. The future
holds the secrets with more then a trace of faith,
as each day appears you can see its more then fate.
There is no pain in love ,
it strengthens through the trials
of life to embrace tomorrow.

Just another thursday without you!

Bitter cold, the winter chill has settled in right here.
Shiver like my heart of sadness since you disappeared.
Sadness found away to cradle and hold your memories near.
When I look back at my life a smile just reappears.
I just wanna hold those moments and feel you next to me
I just wanna feel your spirit a rush of winter breeze
I just wanna wake up and know that you are here.
I just wanna believe that you love me dear.
I just wanna to hear the song and play the tunes of joy.

Gifts my Way!

Silent tears and silent wrongs are the words of the silent song.
Melancholy, a little blue replaced by the warmth of loving you.
Joy and laughter friendship true left a path of little clues.
Step by step I journey through a unguided day of new.
Ecstatic in rapture sing ,silent laughter and silent dreams.
There you are to accompany, beyond the silent memories.
A smile that leads the way, past the valley of dismay.
One where you’ll hear me loudly pray .. Thank you lord
for sending such a wonderful gifts my way.
When you smile I smile!
Singing> Laughter beyond the many tears , listen and you will hear ... raindrops falling, wash away the blues.

I can't help I let you find your way ... now my friend a place where you can stay ... where you'll find the blooms of our bouquet... ones that open with each new day..

Laughter beyond the many tears, listen and you will hear .. raindrops falling.. wash away the blues.

I know I can...

Singing> Close your eyes... The darkness soon to fall and heaven makes a call.

The winter chill and breeze left trees without there leaves
Now stands my heart bare for you to see , what you've done me.

Close your eyes ... The darkness soon to fall and heaven makes a call.

A blanket of covers me ... filled with loneliness

Till I turned to see my angels follow me.


The human psychic a scary place to be.The challenges of a lifetime can be overwhelming and tiring. My grandmother filled with life had lived a long and quite healthy life. I wondered as she met with death of family and friends how she must have felt. The ability of the mind to cope with less then kind situations .. Then I realized how blessed we are , how many angels have crossed our path. How do you thank a angel?


I am giving the little engine some competition... I know I can....

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Good Night!!

The beauty of life in its simplest forms and there is where I stand aside the mass confusion that doesn't make sense of humanities failure to live in peace. I have listened to arguments on the various sides ... Is it out about defense, or aggression? Are we doing our best to protect the small world in which we live? For all the good the evil still finds away to thrive. Boggled by the destruction that is seen in every walk of life , from wealthy to economically poor and the educated and those who have yet to reach their full capacity.
Smile till it hurts.... That's the only pain I would like to share. The tears that fall are for a world of people who missed the beauty in a moment of a newly risen day. The gifts are as simple as a scent of a winter rose that forced a bloom and feels the challenge of a early fallen snow. The sounds of silence as they sing in your heart and the beauty of diversity that really is only a camouflage of one.
Each event I do there is at least one person who really stands out as exceptionally strong or exceptionally brave or exceptionally challenged. I feel a kinship of sort as I see our less then unique bond to one another, as it is nothing more then human bonding of hearts . Could be a smile , a hug or a word of kindness but the caress that is felt the longest is that of acceptance and understanding of the plight and struggle of one human being. People talk about change in mass views. If at the same moment each person smiled at the person next to them how many lives would be changed.

If everyone felt pain of heart once in their life ,They truly would know the joy of heart when they met with it.


Fragile as a China doll that sits upon the shelf !

I thought about my weakness and strength's that appeared over the years. Determination is based on decisions and there is a time and place for everything. I view life through a varied faucet of crystal ,it constantly morphs depending on the refraction of light. Therefore each interpetation of a situation is unique to the moment of quest that searches to understand.. The difference in which the mind conceives each conflict shakes the inner soul. The old adage "let your conscience be your guide" There were times that a curtain of darkness blackened my choices, a lapse in judgement found me drowning in my own indecisiveness. Frightened as the shadow behind me reminds me of how many times I stumbled rather then stood tall to face off my own demons. In my heart there was no doubt what I felt, how I saw life and the right and wrongs of choice . Challenging the tears that forever drip with sadness , I battle a lifetime of misinterpretation of my own reflection.Was it weak to not flee or was it stronger to hang on to what I knew till I was strenghtened with time.
No perfection in the movement of the rivers quake, the movement of the water dances to the memories of the past. I did not hold to yesterday nor see tomorrow, I was keeping my head above the water. Each semblance of decision as minimal as it seems directed a path that sent detours through life.Circling and circling till a gate opened and I stumbled on my own truth. The lessons of life carried their own burden ,as all is so dependent on the choice of the moment.

The China doll appears fragile but the polished bisque is stronger then one would imagine. Fallen from the shelf it lays shaken a fine hair line crack run along the arm of the weakened bisque. A curtain opens am I holding on to you or are you holding on to m?.The hands of the clock cannot be moved backward nor will the bisque ever be the same but it can be repaired. The choices were not evident nor was Simplicity the title of life.

There are many things I cannot change and many questions that lay unanswered. I am so sorry I wasn't stronger sooner.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Autumn Hue

Clouds stretched across the sky of blue cast shades of purple and a hint of rose to perfect the Autumn hue.A break in the clouds combat with battle grey, a etching of a heart where sadness heavily weighs.

Singing> Memories a mere review of the times I shared with you.
A web that caught me by surprise, snagged my heart and there I lie.
Intricate a tangled mess left me weaved into obsess.
My dreams no longer my own, at least I am not alone.
I hanging by tomorrows dreams of you.
To Love is to quiver from the chill of your presence no matter the distance!
I felt you in ways that only a heart can touch, embraced with hope!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Maybe two...

Not a trace of additional light source and yet the pitch black of the night appeared lit. My eyes accustomed to the darkness and there I stood alone in the eve surrounded by the silence. My eyes quickly scanned the stillness?No arms to hold nor breath of night , the stillness challenged my heart to fight.


I molded to perfection and placed you in my dreams. I forgot that clay hardens and brittle may it be. I’m afraid one day you’ll shatter and alone again I'll be. So next time I am lonely and want you next to me I’m gonna hold my pillow and create one fantasy!

The Attack of the "They Say"

It’s the attack of the they say people.. "believe only half of what you see and nothing of what you hear".I have found myself in a repetitious struggle for truth. Do we want the truth or do we just simply want to believe?I want to believe there is goodness in everyone and that a rainbow indeed ends and the golden treasure lie within the gift of friendship.I want to believe that there is indeed a reason for everything and everyone and that the lessons in life are not a attempt to undermine humanity, but to lay a foundation of growth and understanding and most importantly bares acceptance for the beauty of diversity.I want to believe that what my heart feels and my mind challenges is beyond surreal and touches on reality.I want to believe that the thread of humanity that ties us all together as human beings will only strengthen with time. want to believe you have felt my love , held it in your heart and embraced it through the night.I want believe that there was some truth to your words and that you really care.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Good Morning!!!!!!

I’m in the water and the river begins to swell
My head above ... and a story does it tell.
I see the blues skies surrounding me.
I see the mountains and they call out to me
I’m in the water and the river begins to swell.
The waters brisk sent a chill to waken me.
I see the blue skies surrounding me
I see the mountains and they call out to me.

I’m in the water and the river begins to swell.
Reaching for your hand ended the silent yell.
What's in a good morning?
The hope that each day grants you health to make it on your uphill journeys.
The faith that when you stumble I'll be here to hold your hand.
The trust that there is a downside to each mountain that picks up speed for the next climb.
The truth that friendship given will be returned with the utmost respect.
The Love that gathers strength of the suns rays to keep your heart warm and soul alive
The freedom to whisper beyond the sounds of silence.
Good Morning!

The Moment of the Raven

An explosion of color graced the hills of the hollow. Once again the season displays a canvas of beauty unique to nature. The silence replaced with the echo of life that once lay silent in the folds of my mind. The trail of sadness wind blown to the edges of insanity lead to the path of allegiance that clings helplessly to a new day. .
When doubt has shed its nasty thread and the only sounds are the heart that bled. A drop of sadness, a drop of fear, a drop that leads and I don’t know where.
The moment of the raven was not of despair,I could hear his call filling the air.
I knew times limitations had been set from the moment we had taking that first breath.
Its been said that those who expect find disappointments at the door.
I have fallen victim to my own expectations.

I miss the breath of wind that romanced my heart a spin. The song of morn that held you ever near. My heart cries for yesterday , my soul for the part you played ... my mind cries just to hear you say.. baby I love you...
met you in the autumn breeze, danced in my dreams ... held you in my heart and softy whispered please....listen to the song of joy you placed in my heart ..
Life would be easy if we really could have selected memory... and remember all the joy and place the nonsense to rest on a regular basis. Or better yet If I could take a moment and hold it forever near .........

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Good Morning or not!

Life is either embraced by Love or Manipulated by fear and no path shall they cross . Gentle is the hand that lay upon my heart of dreams. Cradled in the dark of night it is your love I see.

He who holds the reigns of fear controls the mind to set a scare.
I allowed my mind to feel what my heart knows is real.
Trading places you will see , I shan't lose the memory.
I trusted in the reflections of the past, that return for one last laugh.
I gave to you my heart and soul for you to make a lasting fool.
I shall not fear your weakness. The drivers seat am I.
The early morning chill sent a shiver
that awakened the spirit of the morn.
I'ts ok don't be afraid , no sadness found or scorn.
The light of trust reflects upon the early morn of gray
A glow that simply guides me through another day.
Good Morning!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lost in the Hollow

Lost in the hollow for many a day.
My heart to wander, my mind to stray.


Discontent I search far and near and what
I found was in one tear.

In the reflection looking back I saw my heart
begin to crack. No arms to hold , no kiss at night
the sadness is I lost the fight.
I saw the path a walk alone, how much further does it go.
The sun betrayed my heart it seems, as the darkness replaced the dreams.
Who can hear the call at night, the swallows they have taken flight. Silent cries in the air, just listen close and you will hear.
Confused alone my heart does plea... a vow was made
a perplexed decree. I question with most
certainty was this God’s plan for me?

Tired I lay my head at night ,
my soul to weep has taken flight.
Hold my hand we’re almost there
where I feel your warmth and care.

My Love Now ............

The carousel of time keeps playing with my mind. Round and round it the goes, the image never slows. I saw your heart that day, you couldn’t hide away. I know what people say, that my heart you made a game. I still feel your touch, your distant love a crutch. Afraid of letting go I’m spinning don’t cha know.
The carousel of time keeps playing with my mind. Round and round it goes, my tears haven’t slowed. The carousel of time keeps playing with my mind. Round and round it goes , my love
now exposed.

Simplicity of LIfe

I question with wonderment. What has the future in store for me? Have I seen over the horizon or has life really just begun? I anticipate each day that lay before me .I have tested the bitterness of the past, reasoned with the present and anxiously await the future
Beyond the darkness a hint of light.
With each day I am given sight.
The brisk chill, the upward hill,
a river that is overfilled.
A little further, a little more
hold my hand for us to explore.
The treasure of each moment played,
a path of golden lay.
A hand that reaches, a mind that sees,
a heart that knows another's needs.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Autumn Snow

When two seasons come together it is natures celebration that unites the past with the future. A sweet remembrance of days gone by with a hint of what's to come. A sweet and sour blend holds close the many memories that formed the season...In the deep darkness of my mind lay all of the emotions trapped within the season... The feel of joy and sadness join to follow a new path, one that leads with the unpredictability of autumn snow.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chocolate Bar

If I could make you smile with every wake of morn.
Tickle your spirit and watch it simply soar.

If I could share a moment of your every
blessed day.. I'd spend my life painting
blue skies from gray.


Friday, October 21, 2005

Autumn Dreams

A explosion of color grasp my mind and set a fire. Autumn season at its peak, nature's plan to inspire. Surrouned by the trees I visualized the dream .. so surreal a vision that it placed you next to me. I could see the world with just you and I .. I could see a break of blue from the sun lit sky . I could hold you in my arms and never say goodbye.

Autumn Rose

So fragrant is the Autumn Rose, so sensual the bloom.
The petals graced my memory unfolding stories true.
The song bird prepares to journey but not without one last song
The sweet sounds of joy flowed graciously along.
The season’s celebration marks not a time that past.
The wondrous beauty surrounding is having one last laugh.
The foliage enhanced with colors bright and gay,
enhanced the menagerie of animals as they run and play.
The path through the hollow leads to the other side,
where a journey begins and another simply hides

A place in my heart!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Hands Of Time!

The hands of time are spinning faster with each day.
Second by second they count how many ways.
How many ways to love you , how many ways to
dream , how many ways to tell you what my
heart has seen.

The hands of time are spinning faster with each day.
Second by second they measure the times of the day.
The times you made me smile, the times you made feel,
the times you touched my heart and made my soul a deal.

The hands of time are spinning faster withe each day.
Second by second I can hear them say.
enjoy the moment , enjoy the day , enjoy the magic
that placed you in my way.


One heart beats with the speed of joy , warmed by a smile , touched by your love and led from the start to follow the dream.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Like the Giant in the child’s story book “ Gulliver's travels” I to felt bounded by restraint. Weakened by circumstances, the ties difficult to break. In any situation it is impossible to over come everything at once. The restraints are removed through time, one by one. The
emotional independence being the most difficult .

Life comes with no regrets only lessons.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

He Who Armored ....

Many times in life I have questioned right and wrong. What is to be, choices or circumstances?
I guess this is the optimist in me .. As I believe there is a time and a reason for everything. As I have been commissioned over the last few months to write about death . I find that we all are met with challenges , pains , misunderstandings. The human emotional structure is weighted down with varied responses to life's struggles. The stitch that ties up together as people.
There is a old adage ... About walking a mile in some one else shoes. Each pain is real to the person who traveled that path. But the glory of a new day is that each brings us a new opportunity to reinvent the future , to take our own personal control. I love adages a friend many years ago said to me ... "Nothing is sadder then those with the ability to make change refuse to, to have intelligence and do nothing for the good of the people or themselves"
When I look into the eyes of the people I have met over the summer.. I know it's exactly as one of my clients said. "Believe that you are just where God wants you to be. "
He Who Armored

He who armored me with Faith knew what it was I was to meet. Strapped with Courage upon my back I shall not show defeat.

Traveling down the path of time, the season's made their mark. A well drawn out plan that left me in the dark.

Allied with the darkness, was the enemy of past, but I traveled far and the memories no longer have their grasp.

I traveled beyond the fears who partnered with restraint. I met with time and posted my complaint.

Morning brought the sun of gold, the rays that light the day and now I challenge whatever comes my way.

One last battle and the victor shall I be, the begining of a journey, an untraveled path, a fire thats lit within, the glory of my wrath.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You will hear me say that I love you....

Singing>Someday when your old and gray, rocking your life away, you will hear me say that I love you ..love you with all my heart.
Someday when I am old and grey, rocking my life away,barely through a day . I will hear you say that you.............

When did hell stop and heaven begin?

The day that I met you!
No sadness at my door , I have heaven to explore..
Waking up to loving you... I'm smiling once more

Round and round on a merry- go- round , walking in the park with you.
Making all that sunshine on a once lonely road. Making all those smiles
where a frown use to go.

No sadness at my door , I have heaven to explore
Waking up to loving you. I'm smiling once more.

Waking up to loving .........


Monday, October 10, 2005

Simply because it's so!

The silence begins to chatter through memories of the mind . Emotions explored as we travel side by side. The wind that blows is stronger everyday, whimsical it made the leaves dance and sway. A invitation leading to my heart to comfort and love and never set apart. I don’t need to look into your eyes. What my heart has seen cannot be denied.
I repeated this blog by request of the winds.. the trees could not imprison what the mind already has .. look beyond the hills of green to where the dreams of blue arise.
I allowed my heart to feel your touch, My soul felt the embrace and when I reach into the night my heart began to race..

The Fire From MY Dreams

The rise of morning birthed a new dream , one that battles time and memories. A prelude of what is yet to be, please.. please I beg you to listen to the whisper of Autumn breeze, as it blows your touch deep inside of me.

Leaves of lemon yellow blend with vary shades of green and speckled with flames of red like the fire from my dreams. The wind traveling beyond place and time gathered up the secrets buried deep within my mind. High abreast the mountains a journey side by side where you hold my hand and I began to sigh... a kiss upon my pillow , your arms through the night and your confidence and love make everything feel alright.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Good Morning!

There is no such thing as a bad dancer ..
only a bad partner. Love always knows the next step.

Good morning rain.. Good morning misty blue.
Good morning dreams of Loving you!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One More song left To

The limestone bed lay silent, the hills and trees so quiet the water no longer fills the stream.The beauty of the hills inviting, a bit mesmerizing, as I saw you through the partially sun lit trees.


One more dance atop the mountain , one more song left to sing.
My eyes are closed, but the Lord knows..... Lord knows I can see.

One more dance atop the mountain, one more song left to sing.
I placed my hand over my ears, but my heart heard you singing with me.

One more dance atop the mountain, one more song left to sing.
Reaching with my mind .. my soul set free ..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Harvest Dream

The Harvest Dream
Autumn leaves are falling a bedding on the ground , gazing towards the heaven the sun was beaming down. The leaves speckled like the freckles on my nose
have their own magic like a autumn rose.

The season shares the simplicity of a harvest dream .. Look how far you traveled, just look at what you‘ve seen. You climbed the many mountains ... you swam across the sea, you freed your soul and walked right through the dream..

Say goodbye to yesterday ... thank him for the ride ..but tomorrows the challenge that I do not deny.. My heart felt the moment ... my mind argues well and if you listen to the wind a story will it tell.

I placed my life within your hands and ask for you to guide and when I wake upon the leaves please don’t let me lose my mind.I can see the visions beyond the mountains crest .. I can see that life is one on going test.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Limbo Under Leaves of Green

Singing> Limbo under leaves of Green
Under blue skies and dreams

Felt your touch in the breeze
Made my heart stop to sing

Limbo under leaves of green
Under blue skies and dreams

Felt your touch in the breeze
Made my heart stop to sing

Limbo under leaves of green.........Felt your touch in the breeze

Monday, September 26, 2005

Wake Up!

Strolling through the hollow the rain began to fall ... I could hear each raindrop to my heart a call..Wake up! said the mountains beyond the tree tops green...
listen to your heart, listen to it sing.Wake up! in the morning.. Wake up! in the night.. wake up in a dream holding you tight.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Sun on a rainy day !

How many storms have yet to find their way?... how many raindrops have fallen through the day?..... How many stories have yet to be told?.How many answers have yet to unfold?

Each storm is awake up, how vulnerable are we... The raindrops hold the secrets of many lives and many dreams. Endless are the stories ...there's alway one more path and the answers lay before us fragile like weathered glass. ~~~~~~~



Sentenced to life ..... I am breaking free! I can see the tree tops that crest the sky of blue. I can the see the river it winds beyond the mountains hue. I can feel the wind gently lift my soul ..... Hold my hand and journey long... goodbye lily pond .

Don't ya weep Mr Willow tree ... seeded in your branches are apart of me. Ya have to let me go... just like your branches need to grow. I visioned beyond the evergreens a world more then mountain and trees. .. hold my hand and journey long.... goodbye lily pond.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


If there is one lesson that has indeed been the most valuable in life, that which teaches and holds most answers .... Is the old adage that a "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" I believe this holds true to all aspects of our life .That does not mean that we don't take chances in life, but that we review our own conscience and the simple moral of right and wrong. From the simplicity of birth to the learning stages of life. Unfortunately experience comes with very difficult lessons and it is not until you are forced to open your eyes that you find the answers were always right in front of you.

Rose Colored Glasses..... I have been here before.
That with which I have drawn most of my experiences from seats comfortably with the 10 yr old child within who dares not to let go. The complexity of the multi- personalities that form are from the hunger within that strives to grow and experience life. Structured to contain the physical ,my spirit takes flight . A separate entity grasp beyond to accept the reality and mold it into the dreams of tomorrow.

Autumn leaves are falling , bedding on the ground.

shhh... a silent whisper, each leaf a story found.


Break the silence ........and listen to your heart ..

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Train hummed...

The train hummed along the tracks. Soothed the soul and took me back,to yesterday where dreams meshed with memory.

The fog lifting from the early morning left the pond glazed in a crystal mirror image. The reflections that transpired blended the rising sun with a single image. Alone I stood, mesmerized by the suns reflection on the window of time..Recapturing days shared a single tear had fallen upon the water, ringlets began to form becoming larger as the waters welcomed the dance of movement. A shiver weaved its way through my body.The silence questioned the choices. Are the answers as transparent at the shallowness of water that lie at the end of the pond or do they linger deeper within like the center depth that fails to reflect that which remains hidden?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Right to Dream

Fight say I!

Restraint has captured body and holds it in the hollow.
Fight say I! Fight say I! I simply will not follow .
My heart has felt the love and my soul has risen free
and In the darkness of the night I still have the right
to dream.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Gentle Breeze blows~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Love ...the emotion that moves mountains and stops the rolling sea . Whispers of song and dance set to memories.
A gentle breeze blows so warm and tenderly to lay upon your cheek my heart felt love for thee.To awaken you each morning and hold you through the day and when nightfall arrives it's in your dreams I'll lay....
My mission

To weave
a rainbow out of hope, faith and dreams and send it
over mountains direct from you to me.
To teach a crow to sit upon your window and chirp the
sounds of love like a heart sick sparrow.
To hold you in my arms and cradle your fears away
and wipe your brow.... everything will be ok.
On top the mountains where the hawk has made his stay,
I’ll teach the wind to blow my love your way.
Placing a kiss in every drop of rain, I'm sending
you a storm for each and everyday.

My mission.... To hold you in my memories to cradle you in my dreams , to dance upon the mountains with you right next to me.