Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, July 31, 2006


Music played on heart strings, beautiful the melody.
Accompanied by the love of you and me,
the song of memories.

A little fascination , jumping and a racing to swing in the summer breeze.
The child in you, met the child in me and laughing and smiling are we.

The depth my heart would travel, rocky roads and gravel, bound to find
my way. The bridge built is stronger then steel,
as the foundation of love makes a play.


Pleasing to look at, difficult to hold,
beauty impressive, fragrance bold.
Close as your heart ,distanced by thorns,
not a possession to hide in the drawers.
Unrestraint a love appears,
soul released in the atmosphere.
Upward, outward, beyond the fog, beyond the haze,
and the sorrow of song.

Wake unto my arms, feel my breath against your cheek
.The seal of love secures and to the heart complete.
The dance of love my dear, a honey coated treat,
beautifully embraced with kindness of sweet.

Graceful as a deer, jumping quickly out of sight,
your love jumped into my heart,creating such delight



No sin in loving , no sadness or blues, only joy and magic and my love for you.

Just listen my darling and this you'll hear, the song of someone who definitely cares.

I need you to dance upon the stars, to hold my hand and brake the prison of bars.

Just listen my darling and this you'll hear, the song of someone who definitely cares


A top the mountain, beyond the depth of mind, the words shout the loudest, are yours and mine.

I love you... I love you.... Means little to some. I love you...I love you...Your my sticky bun.

Sweet and silly, my heart has succumb... I love you, I love you.. Our days filled with fun.


A top the mountain, happy and sad, warm and wonderful , our world is not bad.

I love you... I love you.. Means little to some.. I love you.. I love you...Your my sticky bun.

Taste like fruit of the sweet apple tree, tasty and delicious each moment we breath.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


The canvas of love, for in your eyes is paradise,
like the petals of a rose, the more they open,
the more beautiful they become.
As the wind dips into the hollow, the celestial heavens
penetrate the darkness with a iridescent ray of light.
The moment hot with passion, heavy in emotion,
ethereal as a delicate plume suspended upon the
clouds,transends the earthly embrace.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Vision

My king, I find not only pleasure in our dance upon the clouds,
indulge me in the rapture, to the dance of hearts on lovers isle.
Refreshing, sensual is the touch, titillating to the maiden, from
the one I love so much.
Passion infused embrace of the soul, delicately woven,
a vision to behold.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I wanted more and needed more, and the Lord did just that,
the Lord sent me more, he sent me you.
A glimpse behind, just to see,
city, country or sipping tea.
The room no longer empty,
as I carry you inside of me.
Sit and gaze into the light,
a reflection strong, I cannot fight.
Shadows dancing, now perform,
the duet of love pure.
Heaven do not tease me, when in my path you placed,
a friend that makes me laugh and my heart race.
Luck, fate or fortune, destiny or dreams, not a
orchard of many, but a pearl of one that gleams.
Mortals walk the earth, souls at night in flight,
hearts taking residence, in the tree of life.
The Lord has set in motion and blessed us with his grace.
Therefore I shall not neglect, what the Lord has put in Place.


Sunflower Dance

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Caress of Kindred Souls

Summer seduction, met with northern breeze,
inclosed with passion, sent your love to me.
Spider kisses... a dozen tell, of the magic of life ,
cast from the spell.
The traveling brook, of stone and pebble play,
a peace and calm, to see us through the day.
Monarda red, striking color breathes, a note of
of love, from you to me.
It is I
Not in my darkest night, or days of sun lit glory,
would I have imagined, a new chapter to the story.
It is I who thank the Lord, who set up this collision.
My heart your heart, for which there is no division.
The music that I heard, not a musician play,
a melody of love, for which there is no debate.

Meet me, my darling, in the mist of twilight,
where the sparkle of stars, illuminate the night.

Meet me, my darling and cradle our dreams,
as your in my heart and my memories.
Meet me, my darling and kiss tenderly,
the earth you walked ,when you fell to me.
Meet me, my darling, embrace with your
warmth, seduce my soul , I'm falling in love
Vengalo a contatto di, il mio tesoro, nella foschia di penombra,
dove la scintilla delle stelle, illumini la notte.
Venga a contatto me, del mio tesoro e culli i nostri sogni,
come il vostro dentro mio cuore e mie memorie.
Venga a contatto tenero me, del mio tesoro e del bacio,
la terra che avete camminato, quando siete caduto a me.
Vengalo a contatto di, il mio tesoro, abbracci con il vostro calore,

seduca la mia anima, io stanno cadendo nell'amore.

Thy burden of distance only betrays thy body,
thy heart soars great distance to bring your
lips in line with mine.The caress of souls, leap
beyond the barriers of yesterday.

Pages tainted through the years, discoloring of the book.
A glance through the past , appearance, a antique look.
Tattered and torn and still the past unfolds, stories of
a lifetime, tomorrow and yesterdays of old.
Precious memories scripted to carry on, travel
on the back of the weary traveler.
A passage winding through the early years,
accumulates to weigh, heavily upon the
new frontier.


The pleasure of your company, the comfort of your arms,
the kiss of tenderness, the souls distraught, mourn.
Distance meets with sorrow, path of loneness unwinds
and our responsibility, to choice confronts the meeting
of the minds.
Off limits is the touch of flesh the body lay.
Heart and soul crossed the border, we have
discovered the way.
Feet locked from the forbidden
land,hearts soar, where souls now

take command.
Caress of Kindred Souls

Taunting the moment, when the blooms of life are full.
Sheer pleasure uniting, the caress of kindred souls.
No whispers in the night, a shout from within.
The legacy of lovers, is where the tale begins.
Leaping boundaries, set by time.
We explored the magic of the
consciousness of rhyme.
Every breath shared , suspense,

and dreams, mystical love ,
brings me to my knees.
Surrender, the maiden, to the king laugh,
breaks the field of distance, rerouting on

our behalf.
Detour through the heavens, your hand
in mine , hearts as close, as moonlight in
the sky.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fly Fisherman

A fly fisherman casting in the stream,
you hooked my heart and cast the dream.
Bopping, jumping, reel me in,
snared on the bait of loving.
Tugging, jumping, in and out ,
oxygen deprived, can’t do without.
Hold me for a little while, and
toss be back with that ornery smile.
Tiring from yesterday, you still have
the ability to make my day.

Wanting something new, I need to share
my tomorrow’s with you.
Flipping and flopping and I’m back,
caught in middle of your minnow trap.
Leave your line out, give it slack, hey!
Mr. Fisherman, don’t throw me back.
I like being snagged it's true, don't
throw me back to the water blue.
Hold me, hold me, for a little while
, a little cpr and you'll see a smile.
Gaining strength, I'm swimming
on top, no longer belly up and doing
flip flops.
A fly fisherman casting in the stream,
you hooked my heart and cast a dream.
Hey! Mr. Fisherman ya reeled me in,
netted my heart and set my world
a spin.
Out of breath, I'm giving in.
I'm in the arms of loving.
Please Mr. Fisherman don't throw me
back, my loving so hot , i'll need
a ice pack.
Jump on in and swim with me,
heat the water to hundred degrees.
Loving, living, wanting you, there
is nothing I wouldn't do.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

In the Hollow Green!

In this exploration of the meeting of the minds,
we have the ability to speed the hands of time.

Racing the seconds , we journey with a laugh,
and meet up in the clouds, to continue on the path.

Comforting, the warmth, always keeps you near
as we confront every thunder storm, to rid
the signs of fears.

Waking with a smile of thoughts of me and you,
a refreshing reminder of just what love can do.


Creating romance, creating friendship true,

a magical place where I can love you.

The trees now a tunnel,
-dressed in foliage green.
Laden with my nightmares,
-encircled by all my dreams.

Muskrat, splash, run and hide,
-fear is setting in.
A well travel journey,
-surprises from within.
Lucky stars
High above the mountains, in the skys of blue,
I travel with you friend,to share my love for you.
High beyond the clouds, a sparkle can I see,
bright and everlasting , your reflection on display.
Glistening from within , a smile it creates, and
with every waking breath, to my soul titillates.

I love the hills and the song they sing, love the feel of a summer breeze.
All the answers flooded suddenly, like your love pouring out of me.
Delighted by the kiss of dreams, devouring emotions, with your memory.
Pleasure felt embrace transformed my heart, into the shadows of a work of art.
I love the hills and the song they sing , to the soul a bit of a tease.
Visions of you are everywhere, replace the loneness and fear.
Singing and a dancing and you appeared, no longer was I in despair.
Step by step through cosmic air, loving you, the answer to my prayer.
I love the hills and the song they sing..........

In the hollow green, the hills surround, captured, cries out to thee.
My love, my love, the stroll through life, with you beside me.
No streams long nor rivers wide, no mountains beyond the trees,
The escape we made is in the mind, where you took flight with me.
In the hollow green, the hills surround, captured,cries out to thee.
My love, My love, the stroll through life, with you beside me.
Challenge, each moment of the day, challenge our nightly dreams.
Loves embrace, my soul felt, silhouette through the trees.
In the hollow green, the hills surround, captured, cries out to thee.
My love , My love, the stroll through life, with you beside me.
Continue on, this rocky path, stumble in your arms.
Believe me, I speak the truth, your love compliments me.


In il verde vuoto, le colline circonda, bloccato, grida fuori al thee. Il mio amore, il mio amore, la passeggiata con vita, con voi al lato di me. Continui su questo percorso roccioso, inciampate nella vostra armi. Credilo, io parlano la verità, il vostro amore lo complimenta.

Nel verde vuoto, le colline circondano, bloccato, gridare fuori al thee. Il mio amore, il mio amore, la passeggiata con vita, con voi al lato di me. La sfida, ogni momento del giorno, sfida il nostro nightly sogna. Gli amori lo abbracciano ritengono nella mia anima, siluetta vista attraverso gli alberi.
In il verde vuoto, le colline circonda, bloccato, grida fuori al thee. Il mio amore, il mio amore, la passeggiata con vita, con voi al lato di me. Continui su questo percorso roccioso, inciampate nella vostra armi. Credilo, io parlano la verità, il vostro amore lo complimenta.

The principal of illusion is to keep it in its place, to frolic in a field of dreams, while reality is on the chase.
Not a mockery of fantasia is this semblance of paradise, the indignation of realism, turns the heat to ice.
I wouldn't consider it the extraordinaire or a obsession with the mind, the fairy trip through sky castles,
completely make you mine. ~~

The flowers mark the days of the season on the run, racing to chapter life before its begun. Absorbing the suns energy to store for winter days, when life is cool and the skies are dark and gray. Renewal of strength takes us on a ride, overnight the memories , sadness shall subside.


I celebrate the moment you restructured time , days became hours, hours became minutes and before you know it our hearts had no limits. Ancient stories tell of romance that never dies, I rewrote the story the day you sent a chill up my spine. Your presence embroidered of the finest glitter of gold, as your image is stitched directly to my soul. Amazed at the bond that collapses the miles of distance and brings you so close that we become one existence. Beyond the laws of love, the emotions ae so explicit, as we bathe in loyalty, my love for you implicit.


Caress, thrust, accept.... I have felt loves embrace, the penetration of souls, seizing the moment I am the star that glitters in the night, the energy that lives in your heart.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good Morning Sunshine!

The silence toyed mercilessly with my mind, creating yesterdays, to pass the time.
How I longed to hear your voice, soft whispers of love for which I rejoice.
Sounds battle conspicuously, to tap into a fantasy, one that brought you to me.
The Sounds of Love
The sky aflame in colors of fire, lure the heart,to reach for desire. Silly,I spin,dance and fall and there I find, it's in your arms I crawl.
Listen to the silence break, as my heart cries out to you. Oh, my love I want you for the second, that creates the hours of my life.
Listen to the silence break, as my heart sings the beauty of life. Oh, my love I need you for each moment, as we build on infinity tonight.
Il cielo aflame a colori di fuoco, lure il cuore, per raggiungere per desiderio. Silly, filo, and fall di ballo e là trovo, esso sono nella vostra armi che striscio. Ascolti la rottura di silenzio, come il mio cuore grida fuori a voi. L'OH il mio amore li desidero per il secondo che genera le ore della mia vita. Ascolti la rottura di silenzio, come il mio cuore canta la bellezza di vita. L'OH il mio amore li ho bisogno per ogni momento mentre costruiamo stasera sull'infinità. L'OH il mio amore, ascolta il suono di amore che rompe il silenzio della notte.

Good Morning Sunshine! Good morning dreams!
The closer you are, the more magical it seems.
Dancing inside, I can’t stand still, the mystical
romance escaped the hills.
Good Morning Sunshine! Good morning dreams!
I am happy when your here with me. Smiling
with each day that we meet, the wonders
of life, just never cease.
Build me a Island
No pain or heartache nor sadness in the air, this island is
created with warm sun all year, flowers of happiness, warmth
and care. Magical and wonderful it's the answer to my prayer.
On the runway through life, your the star, shining bright.
Love that takes center stage, unlocked me from the cage.

Exhilarating is the feel of it, alluring I succumb to it,
pure and simple, I felt your love.
Beyond the city limits, silly songs and words of myths,
conclusive , I felt your love.
Anticipating all the magic, no ordinary hat trick,
surely, I felt your love.
A glimpse through clouds thick like smoke,
I saw this was not a joke,
I felt your love.

Unguarded heart of night, was captured by the dream.
A moment of surprise, detailed the stars sparkle through your eyes.
The pleasure I feel, reflects the energy,
the lure of love, when you
found me.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sweet Song!

I heard the notes, as you hit upon the keys.
The sound of rhapsody, to my heart tease
Your morning kiss, plays the song in me.
A melody that brings me to my knees.
I heard the notes, as you hit upon the keys.
Soulful vibrations triggered love in me.
Charmed by the words, Scripted in the breeze.
Sweet song, sung in harmony.

It is not of sight that was so bewitching of power,
it is your energy that set my soul on fire.
You possess the magic to embrace, with just one word or
the mention of your name. Place your mind right here next to mine
and allow your body to travel space and time. Feel my love stroke passionately your soul and allow your heart to tenderly take hold. Intense each breath I take, as your movement, a pleasure does it make. Flesh seated next to flesh, as I dream of you fondling my breast.My appetite devours the time, that I spend with you in my mind. Shaken I can barely breathe, as you sensually entwine with me, our presence set on fire, giving emotions all the power. One moment or a hour, matters little when your love, is all that I desire.
Vous possédez la magie pour embrasser, avec juste un mot ou la mention de votre nom. Placez votre droite d'esprit ici à côté du mien et permettez à votre corps de voyager l'espace et temps. Sentez mon course d'amour passionément votre âme et permettez à votre coeur de prendre tendrement la prise. Intense chaque souffle je prends, en tant que votre mouvement, un plaisir il fait. Chair posée à côté de la chair, comme je rêve de vous caressant mon sein. Mon appétit dévore chaque pensée car est la fièvre de l'amour ce que j'ai attrapé. Secoué je peux à peine respirer, comme vous vous enlacerez sensually à moi. Votre présence a placé sur le feu, donnant à des émotions toute la puissance.
Love Me, and teach eternity the meaning of passion!

I have chased dreams through mountains both big and tall,
and then again there were those that didn’t amount to much at all.
In this world where there are many, I have found that just one Penny,
amounts to more then any treasure that I can recall.
Cloak of Sadness

I shed the cloak of sadness, no longer am I the fool.
I stand before you bare naked, unveiling heart and soul.
The sounds of laughter break the silence, the visions
unfold. The beauty of loves embrace,
life’s most precious jewel.
The sparkle dust slips through the fingers, impossible to
hold. The treasure that I value dearly
is not of common gold.

Passion, love and respect, intricate, yet bold. The weave,
like lace so delicate, knots a mighty hold.
Weakened by days long gone, I slipped on those of old,
to find that you were simply waiting, friend on patrol.
The wind dipped into the hollow to stimulate the trees,
the dance of summer love, felt in every breeze.
Yesterdays Shadow
Yesterdays shadow, no longer controls,
no longer the power, no longer the hold.
You had my heart, my love and soul.
You messed with the bond, life takes its toll.
I am here today and one by one,
I'm building my life and refuse to run.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Heavy weights of sadness anchored on the dock, until you broke the tether and the pains of hell unlocked. Upon the raging river, laughter set a float, to rescue me from reality, a drift without a boat. Feather light with happiness, skimmed the water top, met with choppy waters, caused the waves to Rock.Tossed to the depths, deeper then the sea and all that I remember, is a hand reached out to me.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Running on Empty

Running on empty, a little bit low,I can't get in gear and I'm really slow.
Need your loving , needing your smile, need your energy for that extra mile.
Running on empty, a little bit low, I can't get in gear and I'm really slow.
Desperate I'm on reserves...memories , dreams, to calm my nerves.
Running on empty, a little bit low, I can't get in gear and I'm really slow.
A wind blown kiss made its way, just enough to get me through the day.
Running on empty, a little bit low, I can't get in gear and I'm really slow.
Draining the tank of yesterday, I'm a little bit weak, but I'll be ok.

I have not lost in love, for thou cannot measure,
the weight of joy placed in my heart,
beyond the earthly treasures.


The sin that I have never felt your touch , nor I
the pleasure, to feel the breath of life, from lips to lips
a treasure. If thou shan’t forget me, when in my life
you first appeared and dried from inside, a lifetime of
No words need be spoken , across the field of dreams,
the hunger for those days of joy, forever remain to please.
Infinity, a fragment , where you and I have explored,
a place we can call our own and you can be rest assured.
When thou eyes are opened, I shan’t disappear, as we
have met the challenge and surfaced beyond our fears.
Souls entwined through darkness, sunlight reappears,
our bodies distant, our heart and souls joined in solitaire
The Mountains.
The mountains caress the valley,the river cries out to the soul,
hearts met in the clouds, let sadness be the fool.

Majestic in sight, the glory of our love in all of life,
creating the beauty of that of laced gold.

Distant in body, your love my heart shall wear and
everywhere a sparkle, the reflection, beauty to behold.

Heaven sent its pleasure, the moment we explored,
beyond the city limits, theaters and stores.

The hills in laughter, as they listen in vain,
nothing can stop the song of lovers,
dancing in the rain.

I have felt the bitter cold of frost
and watched it melt away.

I have felt the sun rays and this
to shall fade.


Weary heart, a burden lay, weeping tears, no dragon slay!

Shadow of river, mountains wrap, natures treasure, friends laugh.
Companion of life, park bench, soft clouds, hold hands, daydreams.
Smiles, laughter, warm hearts, hold, love , live.

~Whisper darkness of the night, sleep my love, souls in flight.
Reaching, touching, cradling dreams, brings your love close to me.
Beyond forever, beyond all dreams, cast in the stars your memory.


Canvas the hollow , canvas the dream, canvas of life in all of its artistry.
I walked

I walked in passion through thicket of the trees,
gingerly the fern brushed up against my knees.
I heard in the clearing music to the heart ,
come lay down upon the grass and gaze afar.

Capturing the moment, rolling in newly grown
hay, I felt the warmth of more then sun that day.
Moist and hot, brought your memory into play
, visions of love birds flit and flutter away.

Distant a call beyond the sun crest mountain top,
my love, my love please don’t let it stop.
Reaching, grasping to hold and keep you near,
caught me rolling in thorns that pinched my derriere .

Desire brought you closer, joy kept you here,
The magic of your laughter, is what I hold so dear.
Caressing and loving, deep within my soul, this
my love is what I shall always hold.

I cannot stop the heart, it loves.

Only a fool walks in anger, for he cannot see, the beauty of life walks through diversity.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The moment

Wind, wind, blowing by, dropped a seed from the sky.
Landing here in my heart,
the little seed found its start.
Nurtured with respect and care,
sprouted the love of you my dear.
Beautiful the bloom I see, the love that grows inside of me.

Not a whisper in the wind, the words of love shouted from within.
When all is said and all is done and roads of life come to a end.
We were here and we did love, felt the magic sent from up above.
Danced on clouds beyond a dream, as I held you and you held me.
Standing on the Edge accompanied by fear,
until I took your hand and mountains
Cool water, splash and grin,warm memories
setting in. Blue skies forever more,
the moment you and I explored.
Rivers deep and mountain wide
and blue birds never sleep at night,
Pillow talk and silly walks and
bees buzzing on holly hocks.
The beauty that you see, shines from
inside you and me, free to laugh,free
to cry and to reach beyond the sky.
The moment you took my hand.....
Remember This
Our love melts ice laced mountains into pools of heated rivers, and turns a snowy blizzard into the sun burst of a summer day. It blows with the wind to bring to you each morn a kiss of delight, a rose without the thorns. Each day you have touched my heart and caressed my very soul and bypassed the bridge where lives the little troll.
Startled by the kingfisher or was he startled by me, he took flight and for a moment I thought to flee. The waters calm and a reflection could I see, child, friend , mother and a wife, each with their own plea. The child begged to laugh and whimsically danced the hollow free and the friend happy that you held on to me, the mother that wonders if she was the best she could be and the wife who felt a emptiness always looking for the key.Quickly they all bonded and a women stood in glee, as tough as life appears love had met with me.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Set my Soul on Fire

You bring out the child in me, energize the woman in me
and you set my soul on fire.
I have felt loves embrace, the tingle through out that says I love you.

My Soul

Across The Bed

Laying across the bed and my body quivered so,
a day of summer heat and a caw of a crow.

I felt your touch, like the wind through the trees,
wakens the heart, to set our love free.

If you could see the imprint left by
your soul, you would know exactly
how you have this hold.

Every thought wakened and asleep,
every view of the world, have visions
of you and me.

I can’t run and I can’t hide, your always
next to me and in the clouds at night
your all that I see.

Is this passion, love that made its way,
or am I crazy for wanting you to stay.

Laying across my bed and my body
trembles so,you have this hold on me
and I’m not letting you go.

Knocking at My Door.

Divide my love by two, multiply it by my love for you .
Endless devotion soars, when love come a knocking at my door.

Duel silhouettes in view, making love is me and you.
Starlight twinkle in your eyes, magic puffs of clouds go by.

Blue birds singing on the window sill, love birds dancing on yonder hill.
Unlimited my love for you, when love come a knocking at my door.

Don't miss me my darling, our love never parts.
I'm as close as your memories, I'm right in your heart.
I'll never leave you, I can't walk away.
Obeying my soul, I'm here to stay.

So hold me with mind and hold me with heart and
hold me with love, this is just the start.
I'll never leave you, I can't walk away.
Obeying my soul, I'm here to stay.

Love me my darling, whether near or far,
I'm on the clouds dancing, I jumping cross stars.
In the middle of the night, I'm in your arms.
Obeying my soul, I'll never be far.

Rainbows appeared to join you and I,
they are the magic that lights up the sky.
Kiss me my darling in the dark of the night
Obeying my soul, I'm holding you tight.

I love you my darling, how else can I say,
that travels may part us, but you found a way.
I smile each morning, I smile each night.
Obeying my soul, don't turn on the lights.

Kisses eternal, they're yours through the day.
They're there to bring love, when you think I've gone away.
So tuck them inside, when loneliness dares
Obeying my soul, love reappears.

Sorride Per Me Il Mio Tesoro!

Paradise is when I'm with you, gazing at the blue sky and a cloud or two.
Lay beside me in the park of green, hold my hand and our hearts will sing.
Paradise is when I'm with you, gazing at the blue and a cloud or two.
Opened up my heart and let you through, and quick as the ivy your love grew.

My love, I give to you...wind blown memories of us two.
Il mio amore, dò voi....memorie saltate vento di noi due.

My love, I give to you... the strength to see life through
Il mio amore, dò voi....la resistenza per vedere vita attraverso

La da da da da, la da da da da a song to the heart
Da di da di da di da della La, da di da di da di da della La una canzone al cuore

Creating sparks, sent them directly to the heart,
Generando le scintille, trasmesse loro direttamente al cuore,

La da da da da La da da da da , a song to my heart
Da di da di da di da della La, da di da di da di da della La una canzone al cuore

Smile for me my darling, smile for me my love !
Sorride per me il mio tesoro, sorriso per me il mio amore!

Allow yourself to feel my caress, lay your head tenderly on my breast.
Permettasi che riteniate il mio caress,ponga tenero la vostra testa sul mio seno

Smile for me my darling, smile for me my love.
Sorride per me il mio tesoro, sorriso per me il mio amore.

We shall not part with time , as I am yours and you are mine.
non parte con tempo, poichè sono vostro e siete mine.

Smile for me my darling, smile for me my love.
Sorride per me il mio tesoro, sorriso per me il mio amore.

Sorride per me il mio tesoro...........

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Petals of a Rose

We are the petals of a rose, Peace begins with self.

Recently I was in the middle of a discussion on what people would like to read. My question was what would you like to see me write about? Number one topic was world peace. Without going into my own personal political views. I responded peace starts with one. Only a fool takes power, greed and hatred to the grave.


I'm ok.... if your ok !

Yesterday I allowed my self to tread in seemingly still water.
Immersed in the yesterdays long gone, I felt the weight of
reality, that begged to hold you. Anchored by denial or
freed by acceptance, I gasped as I tilted my head
back to remain afloat. Like the mirage of the desert,
visions of you filled my mind, heart and soul.
I called out to you, a plead for our inner
beings to once again unite.
For one moment I believed that one wrong choice, sentenced me.
Road barriers and blocks, mountains, hills and it didn’t stop.
Traveled far and traveled long, many years without the song.
No dead end is in sight, the passage of righteousness to the right.
Paths in life that no one told of detours, yet to unfold.

It is a new day and this to shall pass!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Tonight Your Mine

Weep not heart of yesterday, tonight your arms I'll lay.
Our head upon the pillow sleep, our souls the love forever keep.
Whisper gently words of love, two worlds clash and now there's one.
A haunting through day and night, powerful emotions, I cannot fight.


The compound leaves of the locust tree, fan like in appearance,
wave gently, as they arch over the waters edge. Soothing,
the moment creates a oasis oftranquility. Captivated,
I fell into a state of one with the hollows canvas of motion.

Help Me
Wipe the tears from my eyes, tell me is this wrong or right.
Heal my heart and set it free, release the hold you have on me.
Everywhere I look I see, days when you were here with me.
I lied I don't understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


In God's smallest creatures are little signs of hope!
Singing>Cloud chasing, to follow your dreams.
Wild rhythm of the mountain streams.

Cloud chasing, brought you to me .
Drifting in the arms of your memory.


Have you ever felt the energy created, when a spark is ignited deep within your soul? This is not a mere emotion that dissipates through time, it grows stronger making you forever mine. Explosive a display generates a excitement that everyone can see, as the outer appearance sparkles and glows from mountain out to sea. Amidst the silence, a rumble and a roar or more the sounds from the hearts core. When all is said and done and the feelings seem no more, burst another firecracker, it's packed with so much more.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Angel I know......

Traditional the angel that we view in our dreams,
but the angel I know hasn't any wings.
The shadow in the darkness, the flowers in shades of gold, the
rain that tells a story, a view of friendship unfolds.
Never in my wildest dreams nor my hearts desire,
did I know that when the time, the Lord would to me empower.
I met the child and he laughed, I met the young man and he threw me a kiss,
I met you and for the first time someone understood.


A rose, many petals, one dream,to hold you in my arms.
Today,tomorrow and forever!

The trees of the woodland appeared dark and grey, internal the bars , a prison they create.
The sun glistening, freckled through the leaves, nurtured the young oak, grown from just one little seed.
Branches reaching, roots grip to hold and there I find a new beginning was waiting to unfold.
A friendship so strong, it takes a stand to say, I'll confront the sadness and bring gaiety to the day.
Gazing into the thicked there wasn't any doubt, the nourishment of love, is what cause the oak to sprout.


I can’t miss what’s growing deep in my heart, even the distance can’t keep our love apart. A little melancholy, until I realized, no matter where our travels, your always by my side. Ingrained beneath the surface, is the first time you laughed and when the house is empty, I envision hand in hand our path.

Looking deep within you’ll chance to find, that I danced into your heart or you danced into mine. Silence does a duet with memories of the mind, whispers of merriment, pleasures undefined.

A tear still falls and I know not why, until I took a closer look and I saw
you and I. The reflection ever clearer, the facts are simply this, that our
bond was sealed with life’s kiss.

I can’t miss what’s growing deep in my heart, even the distance can’t keep
our love apart.........

Monday, July 03, 2006

Nuzzling the Notion

We've strolled through all the seasons, confident we need no reason.
Confronted all the storms, no longer lovers torn.
A season shared with the one I love,
the one I want, the one I dream.
A season with you!
Each a welcomes a lovers sun,
warm like you hug.
A season with you!
Colorful is the dream that I fell,
when you placed a spell.
A season with you!
Autumn.... a special time, you walked into my life,
I laughed and cried, followed by a bitter winter,
you made time fly by.
Spring brings the usual, hope and faith renewal,
celebrating just the same... Birthday parties,
first of spring, chocolate cakes and foolish things
and you and I.
Now we stand in summer heat, greet each day
like the treat, it's meant to be. Dancing night
and day, chasing grey skies away, just you and I.
High above the mountain top, where clouds seem
to fall and drop and we step free. Your caress is
met with mine,as the seasons define, loves guarantee.
Promising that I'll be here, each and everyday of the year!

The moment my eyes opened, there was so much I could see, how truly wonderful you have been to me.Today our forever, tomorrow a little more, ecstatic the feelings, we have yet to explore. Simply enchanting, joy simply appeared, dreams of passion and so much more in store.

The stage of the hollow, created a mystic scene, enthralled am I, as our world begins to sing. The sounds, the smells and the texture of everything, a impression of our love, the imprint of our dreams.

Master of illusion, distance the spell, to capture your energy and turn my heart to gel . Mountain framed,no words does it tell, the magic is the love, forbidding the farewells. Nuzzling the notion, that we shall never part, as you have found your place, forever in my heart.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


A Daisy with its semblance of simplicity,
is one of my favorite flowers.
Those not so subtle signs that summer has once again graced us with
its natural alluring charm of artistry. A explosion of color and sun
warmed days reminds us of summers of long ago and a pleasant
welcome to explore the beauty of today.
Yes, yes, yes......here we birth passion, the ultimate in my loving you!
The moment held me captive as it played the chords like that of a great love song that sings to the heart. Detached from the quarrels imbedded in the mind,the inner being reached beyond the depth of reality, as I felt a spirtitual embrace. Surreal the images, froze time, if only for a brief second I felt, heard and tasted the pleasures of your love. Our souls on a vovage, feel no separation. As in the beauty of a Daisy, we have expanded beyond the harshness of our surroundings, to unite in a magnifcent bond of existence as one.