Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween ...

Love Bites
Revenge is Mine!!!!

Locked embrace

The tightly woven roots of the hickory created a braid that braced the edge of the hillside as its branches arched the creek bed in a gentle waft with the autumn wind. Silence mastered the moment, as the only penetration to the mind was the cry out from destiny. Battling the yesterdays of long ago, I sifted through the many images and retained the ones that held my heart in a full embrace. Teetering between my desires and reality, I had once again fallen into your arms. A sense of peace draped the day and with my eyes closed the truth masked the darkness with the sensation of sun lit warmth. Cradling your love on the clouds of passion I fell into a calm, soothing and free of the heaviness of the hour.

Locked into this embrace,
the dreams shall not diminish
as I retain forever your love.

Our Blue Sky

This is our blue sky, this is the perfection of love as it reflects in our blue sky. This is the moon that appears in the bright of our blue, it surprisingly shines as it reminds us of the magic of life........ "when you least expect it something amazing happens." This is the view I saw when I looked back on this journey and this is the view I saw when I looked forward to the journey that awaits....... Ditto "I Do"

Ray Charles Singers - Love Me With All Your Heart - 45 rpm

Love me with all your heart as I love you... don't give me your love for a moment,for a hour as you loved me from the start with every beat of your heart...... when we are far apart or you are near me.. love me with all your heart as I love you...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oui, oui mon amour...

The French language has always had a romantic appeal in the United States, world wide for that matter. This love affair begins with one of our first childhood nursery songs Frère Jacques , it has been sung in many languages and yet it is widely taught to preschoolers in the traditional French language. The Cultural influence of France can be seen throughout our architectures, fashion and arts. I could write on any topic but I chose, love, romance, the heart and soul and the spirit of living, for I believe this is the universal bond that binds one soul to another.

Oui, oui mon amour, j'attends ici vous.
Oui, oui mon amour pour faire nos
rêves venir vrai.

Yes, Yes my love, I am waiting here
for you.
Yes, yes my love to make our
dreams come true.

I Am

Life's Revision

Sharing my Pillow

Embraces gently as I brushed a fallen strand of hair from the silky softness of your face. The light of day lifting the darkness allowed me to gaze deeply into your morning eyes. Kissing you with whispers of desire, my arms holding close your love against me. Exploring all that you are my hands outlined your body from your lips to your thighs. Drawn to this everlasting embrace, I once more kissed you as I repeated my words of undying love.

My Friend

I didn’t wanna wake up this morning, I didn’t wanna get out of bed. Snuggling with my pillow, I heard a good morning hello and here I am with you.
I didn’t wanna wake up this morning, I didn’t wanna get out of bed. Dark as can be till you sent to me,the blue, blue skies through the trees.
I didn’t’ wanna wake up this morning, I didn’t wanna get out of bed.Warming to the dreams of those rerun scenes, under the blankets my friend.
I didn’t wanna wake up this morning, I didn’t wanna get out of bed. Trapped in a moment and we replayed a sonnet and that is all that was said.
I didn’t wanna wake up this morning,I didn’t wanna get out of bed. A whisper did I hear commanding me there and I rolled on over and said......I woke up this morning and I couldn’t hide the warm feelings, that you are here and I am there.... side by side my friend.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I love you here by me... you let my love fly free. I want you in my life for all time.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

If all the days had ended happy would I be,
for I have met with love and love has met
with me.

If all the dreams ever cast quickly disappeared,
happy would I be, for I have met with love and
love has met with me.

If all the yesterdays vanished like flames up
in smoke happy would I be, for I have met
with love and love has met with me.
The stars blanket the evening sky with a majestic sparkle of light, while your love infuses my heart with a fire a thousand times more bright. The silence now broken, a whisper do I hear and in the dark of night the words of love summon you here. Listen very closely its not madness that transpires, the sounds that fill your heart with love is pure unadulterated desire.
Sings>This stroll through life is constantly changing, like the leaves that have fallen to the ground. Step by step through each and every season, I have found the love that makes my world go around. Elevated to the heavens, in the magic moments of the heart, the further I travel, the louder the laughter can be heard. Elated am I from each day we've shared, we've sung under skies of blue, but when I felt your embrace I knew to life we gave a different hue... .
I wanted the perfect way to say I love ....... I love you.
I wanted you to feel what I feel....... touches back.


Autumn Sun

Autumn's sun filled temptation, spirit runs in a state of elation. Clowning around, rolling in the leaves, upside down, gazing through the trees. Joyous my emotions, races beyond the dreams.Faster and faster hearts are pounding in a place high above the trees.Leaves of gold reflect the sunlight, the oak are strong and green, spiraling to the heavens bring your love to me.
Sharing hearts,
holding hands,
racing moments,
feet in the sand,
trees of gold,
memories unfold...........and all while your with me.
No tears have fallen from these eyes and yet they drape the night, until I gently close my eyes and allow your kindness to be my sight. Appearing in the darkness giving mean to the hour and feeling me with gladness is love with all its power. Once was filled with loneliness and broken dream disease the heart now pumps with passion in the embrace that love conceived.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Very Rare

One little kiss for you my love as nighttime once more nears,One little kiss for you my love as my mind holds you here.

One little dream to see us through the dark of night,One little moment... in one little day and that’s all she wrote.


An impish little grin upon my face, like the nymph of the hollow a smile has taken place... heavenly wings to the clouds rise and meeting with you is no surprise. Love like ours is very rare, nothing like it could even compare.... passed the test of time and there is no doubt that your now mine. Silly, silly, silly am I , always dancing up in the sky, singing, dreaming and a smiling fool caught up in the magic while love unfolds.... la la la la la , la la la la la, la la la la la.

Loving you is so easy......

Sings> Loving you is so easy.....With you I feel the rain, the drops of life intrigue the flame. Clouds a dance floor made and your heart a warm embrace. Loving you is so easy, the way you take my breath away. Silly little school girl ways, make me feel like dancing.
I'm caught up in a dream and your are cast here beside me, day and night I sing of a love so enchanting.
With you I feel the rain, the dropsof life intrigue the flame. Clouds a dance floor made and your heart a warm embrace. Loving you is so easy, the way you take my breath away. Silly little school girl way, makes me feel like dancing.
Smiling everyday, nothing good feel more right, have you here with me, words of love and simple good nights.
With you I feel the rain, the drops of life intrigue the flame. Clouds a dance floor made and your heart a warm embrace. Loving you is so easy , the way you take my breath away. Silly little school girl ways, make me feel like dancing.
whispers gently in song.....loving you is so easy, the way you take my breath away..... loving you is so easy, the way you take my breath away............. loving you is so easy, the way you take my breath away.

Mamas and the Papas

Dream a little dream of me.....

When You're Smiling - Louis Armstrong tribute

When your smiling,Oh when your smiling, the whole world smiles with you...I love you.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Defining a season is to unravel the past while moving forward.


A breach of truth is a violation of the heart.

One Leaf

I found myself enthralled by the simplistic and majestic beauty and calm of one leaf trapped in the wind as it spirals aimlessly through the window of the hollow. The surfacing of emotion both brazen and placid softened my heart as it tamed the moment. Escaping the restraints that once held captive my soul, I shuddered as I felt the releasing of spirit. Breathless I stood without motion as I tried to deny what evidently was taking place. The nurturing of a seed displays its maturity in the coming of a season. Increasing in strength and clarity of vision, the energy instills a balance bringing harmony to the past and present as it dances on the stage of destiny waiting in tomorrow's shadows.

Heaven Lined

Traced your lips with my mind,as if I was transported through time.The pleasure all mine in this dance on clouds of heaven lined.

All you need is to believe and you'll be right here with me, the magic is ours and it gives to love the power.

Come on and dance with me, I turned the clouds into a ballroom overlooking the sea and you my king are more then a dream.

Traced your lips with my mind, as if I was transported through time.The pleasure all mine in this dance on clouds of heaven lined.

Wherever leads the path ...could be gravel... could be grass, I'll be there with you and will make it all the way through.

Forever and a day might sound a little cliche, new meaning does it bring when it bonds you and me.

Traced your lips with my mind, as if I was transported through time. The pleasure all mine in the dance on clouds of heaven lined.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Can Rock And Rolllllllllll

I feel like Making love to you

Forever and a Day

When we are ten I'll meet ya on the keyboard, when we are sixteen I'll meet ya in the clouds and every day after I'll meet ya on the sandy shores of life... where I feel the gentleness of your embrace keep safe our love.


Standing in the darkness, the hollow’s silence reigns, as still as the windless oak weighted down by the heaviness of rain. Troubled is the heart, heavily it weeps, flooded with yesterday the anchor causes me to slip and quickly start to sink. Stillness of the shadows, haunting the embrace, as it tightens its grip I must stand tall or continue with this chase. Tears said the heart, sink said the mind, run said the soul you are running out of time. Clouds of darkness and I can hardly see as the choices mottled make it hard for me to breathe. An image in the distance, I don’t want it to simply fade, but the faster I run the more it backs away.


Hold me today, hold me tonight,
close your eyes darling and hold me for life.

The Daily Twenty Four

The hollow dressed in color and leaves upon the stream, a reminder of love and what it brings to me. Laughter in the morning and a smile upon my face and a travel hand and hand down the road of disbelief.

Wake up my darling and journey once more with me, the world awaits our love and we have a lot to see. I felt you beside me and my mind began to race, mountain smells and a vision rapidly took place.

Warm a feeling of a thousands stars and the warmth of your sunshine that touched my heart. The more your with me, the more I hunger for and I already have you for the daily twenty four.

The hollow dressed in color and leaves upon the stream, a reminder of love and what it brings to me. Laughter in the morning and a smile upon my face and a travel hand and hand down the road of disbelief.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I was bordering on a little moody today, I found myself fighting the darkness and the rain. Then I reviewed all that was covered. We needn't a person to make us happy, we should be happy with life. But sharing in our own personal found happiness only compliments the moment. If the end should near just the thought of feeling your arms around me reassures me that love is powerful and everlasting and spans further then our yesterdays and tomorrows combined. Time and experience allows and understanding of the reality of life. The tears shed were not those of sadness, but the tug at the emotions that were seemingly dormant.

I wanna know love, like I love....... reaches out and touches.
The rain had been falling nonstop with a soft melodic sound that is both soothing and melancholy. Teetering on the present and the past as I have many times before, I found myself adrift and unable to focus. One day, one life and one battle, to see, challenge and conquer. Standing central to the moment I felt a tug split my emotions, what is and what can be. The consequences of the day holding tight and your hand locked in mine, a gentle pull to safety. Met up in the morning, traveled through the day and soon it will be night time again on that cloud We'll lay.
I giggled, he stared , I shrugged my shoulders,
he shook his head, I smiled, he accused. An
outward laugh escaped ....... oh! tis a sin.

I'll meet you here

Sometimes I regretted the changing of the seasons, but I am learning to have a little more respect for the power of nature. Though we have had tornado's, and floods and a few of our own natural disasters in the north east. Traveling back home from the west, it wasn't until the hills welcomed me with a embrace that brings a certain amount of comfort and stability that I realized how fortunate we are to live here. Sometimes I allowed the cold winters to keep me house bound when I have to dig deeper and remember that the brisk wind that hits my face awakens me to your kisses and the snow that blankets the ground protects the roots of the gardens for the following year. Blessed we are with moderate temperatures that keep us alert and living.

My Surprise
Opened the door and to my surprise,
raindrops were falling from a sunny
blue sky.
Cornbread in the oven, dishes in the sink
and still I keep a daydreaming so much
I can't think.
Dogs barking at the wind, the leaves falling
down and all that I could do is dance around.
Jumpin like a grasshopper my mind is here
and there, the best is yet to come for you
and I dear.
Clouds moving in and daytime darkness does
not delay, but we are a little smarter the demon
we tamed.
Taught the rain a tune with each drop it plays,
silly little love songs on the damp wet day.
Fluffed the clouds placed them everywhere and
when you get a little tired i'll meet you here.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Good Night......

I don't think I could sleep, if I didn't say good night......
whispers of sweet nothing to the hearts delight.

Vulnerable Are We

We as the human race lay vulnerable to the fury of natural disasters. Our decisions place us at times in extremely violent situations that occur by the acts of nature. The consequences are devastating leading too loss of life, financial loss and structural loss. One look at the California's fires makes you wonder how any human could raise a hand in a violent nature against his brother. When we need to stand strong in unity to support and protect human life. There is very little at times we can do until the devastation settles then offer our prayers, as we pray for very little loss of life. My prayers go out to all those who are combating the fires and to those who are direct victims of the flames of a hellish proportion.


I needed to feel the comfort of your secure embrace,
leaving this dimension for another time and place.
Some might say insanity must have set on in,
but once again I close my eyes and in your arms
I’m in.
An invitation from a field of flowers in the sun,
where we can laugh and play and simply have some fun.
The brook it doesn’t babble it whispers a tune of love,
heaven sent on the wings of a dove.

It’s not really magic that brings you here to me,
the powers in the energy of a soul set free.

Michael Buble' - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I was tossing apples and you were riding a bike,
I was clad in braces and you awkward with life.

If we had met at ten would you have looked my way,
or at sixteen given me the time of day?

I questioned the time it took our souls to meet and
then I realized we had a journey to first complete.

Life is many a lesson, with a test or two and builds
on top the mountains so we can reach the sky of blue.

Today, tomorrow and forever.

Pittsburgh is the city of my birth, the place that I called home.
Though the years have distant, I belong neither here nor there.
The place I treasure most of all is the place where we exist,
the space within my heart where your love is never missed.
We meet up in the dark of night when the stars drape the sky
and then again in the morning when sunlight hits your eyes.
I escape all the sadness, the heaviness of fear and when I am
overwhelmed I run to you my dear.
It's through the tears of life the vision becomes so clear,
that all the warmth I'm feeling is from the love we share.
Tonight I'll close my eyes and once again i'll dream on
this midnight journey it will only be you and me.
I'll race ya under the blankets, I'll embrace all thoughts of
you and paint the skies with a bolder and brighter shade of blue.

Friday, October 19, 2007


> smiles... I rearranged some of the characters, I figured it was only appropriate that the dog become the character of toto..... a tied down, baked red lobster wrecked on the beach with devotion lotion. That is so mean.. > sends water

Good Morning!

A very Important question was asked of me , could I have made the journey without the cowardly lion, scarecrow and tin man and not to forget toto? A journey is set in place and a cast formed way before we know it. The question more appropriate is would I have wanted to complete the journey without the most important characters in my life? Each one brought with them a lesson, an experience and touched on the many emotions of being human.
Lost within the realm of my reality I lacked the vision to see beyond the mountains. The journey starts the day we are born but the awakening started seven years ago. The need for companionship is as basic a requirement for life as food and water and shelter. On my first steps of this awakening, I relearned to laugh, to cry to feel and to enjoy life in away I didn’t even know existed. Who we meet along the path and why all begins to unravel as we look back at the scripts of life and review the magic and wonder of emotions and how it explodes with the growth of experience.
The further I traveled the more hunger I experienced. The absorption of the world outside my own came with the dance upon the woven threads of love and heartache. Acceptance of self, the sensuality of being added reason upon reason for our existence.
I saw the gentleness of life as it touched inside of me with a love in the most simple of form, the sharing of self in the sense of time. Each word, each song, each dance upon the clouds lifted the dark curtains of separation.
Reaching with the heart and touching with the soul braces us for that which will occur. Life is not always peaches and cream… as I write I realize that it’s not in comparison that the experiences feed, it is the energy expelled and absorbed.

To remove all that was is to erase all that is.
Regret is life without lessons and I regret nothing.
Like Dominoes that fall one upon the other, so goes the tigers tail.
Worse then not being touched is not touching back.
My belief is not endings but in beginnings for each day brings to us the joy of a new beginning.

Julie Wilson - 1957 - I'm Gonna LIve Until I Die

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

A little bit closer, that's it close, close. Put your arms around me, I have never felt such comfort and warmth.My head on your shoulder, my heart in your hands and dance love dance in this faraway land.

Shhhh the night embraces silence the way you embrace my love.

Coheed And Cambria Wake Up

the supremes and temptations-i'm gonna make you love me-1968

I'm gonna make you love me... yes I will.

The walls of imprisonment retain the body well,
spirit free and dancing breaks the restraints of hell.

My body indeed quivers, my mind a restless mass,
my soul accepts the challenge it knows the darkness
shall indeed pass.

Drapes of black rise and dissipate with fear,
the light of love now commands the air.

A warmth resides within me, lifts me above the
earthly soil of despair, for all the magic that
transcends crushes barriers of solitaire.

Met down in the hollow, sat down by the stream
and dare I open up my eyes to find a cast of make-believe.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Singing> I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, thinking of you my heart begins to race. I can't tell you how much you mean to me, no amount of words can describe the love you bring.

Dance... oh dance with me, I'm waiting for you in all of my dreams.
Dance... oh dance with me, I'm waiting for you in all of my dreams.

High on the clouds and the valleys low, I am with you wherever you go. Reach on out and feel me near, I'm the one who loves you dear.

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, thinking of you my heart begins to race. I can't tell you how much you mean to me, no amount of words can describe the love you bring.

Dance... oh dance with me, I'm waiting for you in all of my dreams.
Dance... oh dance with me, I'm waiting for you in all of my dreams.

High on the clouds and the valleys low, I am with you wherever you go. Reach on out and feel me near, I'm the one who loves you dear.


A not so ordinary dance to a not so ordinary song,
partnered on the clouds the day you came along.

Ping went my heart to the shiver of my soul,
a classic in the making the day you took a hold.

Tears no longer fall they have been expunged
from my life and all that remains is the love
that exudes with passion and delight.

Ping went my heart to the shiver of my soul,
a classic in the making the day you took a hold.
Just for You...

I climbed the hills of the hollow to reach the sky of blue and there is where I shouted the words of I love you... picked up by the wind it whistled through the leaves and as it made its way over mountains and rivers wide, it softened to a whisper that could be heard worldwide. Through the rays of sunshine, on the waves of desire the flame of passion was soaring even higher. Intimate the moment, gentle with embrace, the softness of the words gave to silence a chase. I climbed the hills of the hollow to reach the sky of blue and there is where I shouted the words of I love you

Monday, October 15, 2007

Good Night

There is something about the darkness it drapes my every eve with a curtain of uncertainty that I can barely see. Some may call it childish or an uneccesary fear, but I have to close my eyes to feel your tender embrace so near. Cradled like a baby, it's in your arms I lay and I can' t explain the emotions that toys with me night and day. I want to enjoy each moment like the ones we have already shared, I want to walk along the banks of the river that flows like the wind in the air. Mountains of crystal, fields of grass gone to seed and in this new journey all we need is to believe. Treasures in the hills, reveal your love to me, they cast in the twilight a whisper that ruffles the leaves upon the trees. The time is nearing and my eyes for hours shall close and as I lay my head to sleep, I leave for you one rose. A reminder of my love for you and for you alone, to the one who chose to hold me tight and this is how the story goes. Far from a distance a spirit reached out to me and lifted to the heavens upon a cloud like dream.

Smiled upon my mornings,
touched upon my heart and
partnered with my soul, from
the very start.

Good Night..Love is what warms you on the coldest nights from the inside out.......

i'm gonna make you love me LOTR

Yes I am.....

and for that I thank you......

Down in the valley where the river runs through,
I saved a place for me and for you.
Sit beside me and a vision you'll see, the silhouettes
reflect the love right out of our dreams.
Take your hand and place to my heart and what
you'll feel is every beat that you sparked.
The trees embracing the magic the magic of love and
all the colors are on the journey we have just begun.
I said Lord... why are the chapters in such a disarray?at first they sent sadness and colors of grey. Struggling, struggling I don' t understand over mountains and rivers to land in the sand.
Marbled the colors of life start to blend and always a beginning and never and end. Choices of yesterday surface to hold the hope and dreams as each day unfolds. Reaching and grasping to
find all is near and as close as the river with nothing to fear. Weep not the heart of a love gone by in truth you will find that I've been by your side.

Could have been

Could have been the sunshine, could have been your love.Shining brightly through my window from above.Warm as a summer breeze blowing through the autumn trees, landing right here in my heart.

Could have been the song the hollow sings or could have the been words from my morning dreams. Sounds of music are everywhere and you and I are dancing on thin air.

Could have been the rain falling down, could have been your touch to my soul surround. Wonderful and magically divine you have reached me deep inside

La la la makes the blue birds sing

My heart felt the joy, my soul danced and searing the moment was the embrace of energy to the song of love.


Splash!!!!!!!!!!!!! coming up for air!

Eres Todo En Mi (You're My Everything)

Eres todo en mi ...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Until I met ......

Where the stream ends a river begins,
tomorrows tears of yesterdays sorrow.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I looked to the wind to whisper in song,
the power to remove all that is wrong.

Strength and courage with wisdom speak,
the masque of silence makes us weak.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The day is almost over and the sun has already set and as I prepare myself for the evening I reminded of the golden weave of thread.

All my emotions tied to my desire and all the magic that ignites the heart a fire. The dreams that you have given, from a simple stroll in the park, to hand locked in hand that holds me in the dark.

So the time is nearing where my head on the pillow lay and the time where my heart meets with you to dance the night away.

Soon it will be morning and i'll awaken from the dream to know that I am side by side with more then a memory.

We strolled down many a path, honesty and trust and the most fun is yet to come we added a little lust.

So smile my darling it's a reflection of all you are and the warmth that I feel from near and afar.

I wanted to say thank you... it seemed inadequate.
I wanted to say I love you...

I am happiest knowing love.....
for is brightens the darkest of nights.
If life be a game of chance then lucky are we to have collided for one moment that will last an eternity.

Phil Collins ft. Roger Taylor - You Can't Hurry Love

It is I who is the lucky one......


Holding a cup of tea warm between my hands,
I caught myself gazing into the tea at my own
reflection. I sipped at the hot tea and I smiled
as I pondered at the infinity of two souls, a
natural bonding, an attraction that embraces
all of life.

The key of understanding is found
in the acceptance of another soul.

Intense negativity does not sow the seeds of love.
The bud of a rose that never fully opens to bloom
never reaches its full maturity.
Life is only complicated by those who do not understand.
The exterior of my flesh feels the coolness of the season,
yet the heat of the flame still burns with passion.

Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose

The coolness of the morn holds still the late season bloom. Drops of dew speckle the petals creating natures artistic display of beauty. A deeper look and a unspoken message said goodbye to a season as it struggles to maintain a place in the landscape of tomorrow.

Happy Thursday

The sun cast a new day and each new day cast a new beginning.


The tenderness of loving, the feelings in the night. The allegiance ever strong, and filled with warmth that constantly delights. Intense each new beginning inlaid within the soul, exciting and amazing it has the most mysterious a hold.

Each song documents a moment through out our very life and the day brings with it reminders how wonderful and filled with sight.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Will

If in ten thousand poems one reaches your heart, tickles you from inside and ignites with a little spark. If the day end in loneliness and we're far apart, we'll bridge the distance under the magic of the sky lit stars. If you to dare to listen, I will dare to sing and if you dare to hold me, we will dance in every dream.

If in ten thousand poems one reaches your heart,
tickles you from inside and ignites with a little spark. If you glance out the window in the dark you'll see, I am smiling back at you and I give it my guarantee.

If in ten thousand poems one reaches your heart,
tickles you from inside and ignites with a little spark. If your hand you place upon your chest, the movement that you feel is the heart beat of love at its best.

I will

I'll keep on writing till I get it right,
the words of love each day and night.

I'll keep on singing till you hear my voice,
I am not stopping to give you a choice.

I'll keep on dancing till you arrive, I reserved
a place on the clouds in the sky.


Wake up

Wake up! Can you hear me? My heart sends a plea, to tell you my darling what you mean to me. Listen closely to the whispers soft and profound throughout the hills the echo is found.
Wake up! Can you feel me? I have sent my embrace to awaken your spirit as the heart starts to race. Faster and faster the world spins around but only stops when in my arms you are found.
Wake up! Can you taste the sweetness of life? I have packaged carefully sweet kisses on ice. The hot of passion, chilled in the wind to land on your lips as desire begins.


Monday, October 08, 2007

I lay down to sleep under the northern star, and my mind kept a wandering to where you are. Shine brightly stars up in the sky, beams of kisses in ample supply. Send to him a reminder or two of all my love for him to review. The trees still with no wind in sight, the hills filled with magic no soul could fight. Dance memories and partner with dreams and blanket his heart with my love.

Smiling .......simply smiling

Through your eyes the world reveals,
how the magic of life heals.

Through your heart I feel the love,
a joy I can't conceal.

Side by side you and I, side by side
day and night.

I have the pleasure of holding your


Smiling, simply smiling , fillled with happiness and glee, something inside dances with make believe .
Smiling , simply smiling, filled with happiness and glee. I'm a walking billboard advertising how love should be.
Smiling, simply smiling, filled with happiness and glee, the joy shining outward is your love in me.
Smiling, simply smiling, filled with happiness and glee, drying up those tears and allowing our love free.
Smiling, simply smiling , filled with happiness and glee, I'm in love with life and life took a hold of me.
Smiling, simply smiling, filled with happiness and glee, the gifts from the heavens was the joining of you and me.


Romance defined as romantic spirit, sentiment, emotion, or desire. I find it to be a blend of chivalry, sensual tease and a compliment of our surroundings as we create the perfect moment as we stage for the performance of emotions to explore. Music has always been a way to create and ambiance of pleasure, love and warmth. The interpetation of the words makes one song varied like that of fingerprints, as if the words were written for one person alone. It was an extraordinarily warm October and as I lay under the darkened sky, I gazed up at the brightest of the stars. The distance disappeared as I imagined you next to me closing the gaps in space and time. I laughed as the smile infused the heart and lit my eyes a sparkle. I had once thought of life as a puzzle and our search to find the missing pieces. The more I looked on at all the people who felt an emptiness, all I could imagine was people like swiss cheese with the soul needing to be filled.

I knew wherever you wandered, whatever life brings,
we share in the stars through the power of dreams.
Singing the Everly Bros song > I bless the day I found you, I want to stay around and so I beg you, let it be me. Don't take this heaven from one, if you must cling to someone , now and forever, let it be me.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

you through the dark of night.....

I placed a kiss upon your pillow,
I left it there for you.
I added all my love, to magically embrace
in the dark of the night.
I placed a kiss upon your pillow,
I left it there for you.
To include all my hopes and dreams
of loving you.
I placed a kiss upon your pillow,
I left it there for you.
A reminder of how much I care
and how I'm in love with you.


He who stirs the seeds of passion,
pleasures in the blooms.

We are the stars......

To consume all of your being as the beat of your heart lay next to mine. In the night when darkness drapes like a curtain, allow the mingling of our souls to embrace till early morn.

Renounce the exterior of our beings and allow the fusion of our hearts to exceed beyond the barriers of place and time. We are the stars that shine in the night, the wind that wisp gently lifting the soul. The vast space that was once filled with emptiness is now infused with a love that breaches the outer hemisphere to grasp and hold close the energy that explodes from within.


With You......

Reaching up to the blue sky, spinning around silly and I know why.
It's true I'm walking the hollow with you......

The sun and the moon in one place, magical a horizon from God
I traced. It’s true I am walking the hollow with you.

Autumn colors, orange, red and yellow, laced throughout the whole
hollow. It’s true I am walking the hollow with you.

Life complicated it sometimes seems and just downright mean.
That’s when I reach for your embrace to rid the sky of any shades of grey. It’s true I am walking the hollow with you....

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Seal the Night.....

Erase not our yesterday, nor refrain from choice,
my soul the vessel, my heart the voice.
Darkness drapes in the chill of night with
a emptiness inside, one I cannot fight.
Distance of flesh, the pain of desire,
the want and need of the remaining hours.
Energy drifts of a faded bloom and the spirit
withers undoubtedly to soon.
A conflict of the stars and the rise of the moon,
to absorb the weep of the current monsoon.
Listless to the maiden in the valley near,
struggles in the eve with very little fanfare.
Race with the moment to steadily brace
the memories of yesterday that have lost their place.
Insanity tolls loudly at the gate of despair,
for I stress at the moments when you are far from here.
If all but a kiss should seal the night, then close your eyes darling and my love do not fight.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad. ~Norm Papernick

If it be the latter welcome to sharing my straight jacket ....... I have searched and reviewed my own opinions on happiness. In retrospect I see a certain amount of personal control or a disposition for optimism and how it plays a part in the feelings of elation. A natural high to living life finds us at times reaching outside the barriers of our own existence to grasp at the true signs of happiness. I have never been more certain that life is predetermined or at least it would be safe to say that our genetic road map will guide us down certain paths, due to our personality traits and what we hope to accomplish.

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise man grows it under his feet. ~James Openheim

I thought about life and most of the times I would consider myself happy and then I looked at the times that I felt sadness. My heart ached at the loss of another, at the loss of control over my own personal situations. I gathered all the memories and like a bouquet watched them bloom all the moments that we shared dancing through life under a midnight moon.

This is my "depressed stance." When you're depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand. The worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you'll start to feel better. If you're going to get any joy out of being depressed, you've got to stand like this. ~Charlie Brown

Laughs out loud, holds head high....

Pleasure is spread through the earth In stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find.~William Wordsworth, 1806

Though I must say that I think William Wordsworth said it best. Love, life and the magical gifts occur throughout the day are abundant, for those who have the insight to catch them. For happiness is in the morning that I wake up with the smile from memories and the warmth of the sun that reminds us what is truly our basic needs.

To feel the suns rays warm against the face and taste the water pure and in life gently bathe. I shan't shame myself into sorrow for that which has not occurred, I have dreamt the life of king and queens though a pauper I may be, but with your friendship by my side, I have the wealth from the star lit sky to deepest parts of the seas.

Happiness is a form of courage. ~Holbrook Jackson
You dared to hold my hand, I dared to hold yours...... courageous alone, powerful joined.

We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. ~Frederick Keonig

I have treasures upon treasures of beauty to see, in my flower garden blooms all that you need.
Love and friendship, courage and joy and the magic of tomorrow that nothing can destroy. Here in my heart , next to my soul, always on my mind the happiness I hold.

As I go about my day and think of all the wrongs in life, I rejoice in all that pleasures I have been granted.

To walk side by side on this most wonderful day,with respect and compassion leading the way.... that is happiness Rachel Charlotte Miller

>Still Smiling....

I woke up with a morning smile, walking the plank nearly a quarter mile. Down to the bottom of the deep blue sea, a great big splash is all we left for the captain to see. Locked in a kiss all the while, surfacing on our own beautiful isle.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Frank Sinatra - Strangers in the Night

Can I have this dance?

Romance it is the simple little gestures that entice the heart into a meeting on clouds of magic. Close your eyes and envision the room lit by a low light candle and music of love softly playing.
Bring yourself as close as your mind will allow and embrace the energy that fuses souls. Imagine a dance of marble beneath your feet and our bodies in unison. The deepness of your voice as you hum the song ever so lightly. Embrace the moment, I'll follow. All the steps are perfect, there is no error in judgement, the room consist of only you and I.
Sings > strangers in the night, exchanging glances...... something in your eyes, was so inviting , something in your smile was so exciting, something in my heart told me I must have you....
Childish the dreams that believe in paradise, a moment with you sharing life. Rays from the heavens shine down and in the garden by the stream, doves in flight remind me of what the heart can see. Cool the water and green the hills and all of it now yesterday where memories the
are sealed.

Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake (Opus Arte)

Dreams of love, dance of hearts, you and I. Magic tooks us for a ride high above the mountains and there you'll find us each day. Dreaming in the most wonderful of way....

Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake (Opus Arte)

Balcony seat, you and me, could this be a daydream. Darkness falls and curtains wide,hand and hand your by my side. One day you and I, strolling down by the riverside, ballet or in the park, nothing can compare to the magic overflowing from the heart.

Shirley Jones

Till there was you!!!!!!

Reflections of Love

Come with me and we'll take a walk, hand and hand and allow our hearts to talk. Perfect the world when you are here with me, reflections of love from the blue sky to the valley.

Angel of Passion

Angel of passion to you I empower, to place on his pillow the kiss of the hour.Sensual, soft, sweet of desire, encourage the soul to soar even higher.

Beyond the horizon and the stars in the sky, to a meeting place of the heart and the mind.Allow the wind to touch from inside with the breath of my love as the ultimate guide.

Lead him directly into my earthly embrace, a pleasure encounter of love face to face.Warm affection irresistible to deny, interlocking the earth with the stars in the sky.