Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Saturday, August 29, 2009

With each beat of my heart...

Unmasking the layers of the soul reveals an
intense realization of the depth of our being.


Two souls, one dream!

Home is in the arms of love.

Sharing in the completeness of our love provides us with a view of life as our souls would have us experience. The spiritual and emotional fire is ignited by the closeness of thought in the breath of a moment.

The more I have of you,
the more I need of you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sail Away

It is not a promise that ties my soul to yours,
it is reality that makes this love so much more.

I will stay forever in the eternal arms of love,
for no distance can erase the happiness sent from the heavens above.

Through your eyes the world takes on a different view, from the sun shining through and the dolphins paired by two. I see the colors of a rainbow, the mountains reaching to the sky and a view that shares with me the magic of your life.

Through your heart, I get a chance to see, just how wonderful love can be. Paradise in the making, a miracle indeed.Through your heart I see how beautiful life is when you are hand in hand with me.

Through your soul I see the heavens smiling, as they watch over you and I. The mystery was based on the timing and the distance that kept your soul from mine . Through your soul I see cast an image, the bodies of you and I as we embrace the moment in the blue of the sky.

Through the dreams I sense a new beginning, where all is as it should be. Through the dreams I feel your love as close as close can be.

I doubt there is any love that could ever compare to the magic created out of castles in the air. Heavenly the emotion, passionate the plea for you my beloved to step out of the dream. The impact amazing not of mere flesh is the force, the subtle movement in one direction created an explosion to document our forevermore. I challenged the revelation of such happiness and glee, until I realized the sacrifice was needed to surface to what is meant to be.

Summer Moon

The moon light inviting, the dreams surreal as I reached to heaven it began a new tale. The summer time moon captured my heart and directed all my loving from afar. Gaze upon the starless night and in the dark you will see, our love gave birth to the dream. Magnificent beyond belief is the magic of the moment which brought your love to me.

Sail away the darkness, sail away the gray, when I'm with you the sun shines all day. The current a bit rocky, it splashed against the rock and the waves would tell a story if they could only talk. Sail away the darkness, sail away the gray, when you took my hand it was one exciting day. Sail away the darkness, sail away the gray...

I was sorting through my memories, tossed a few to the sea, to find them return on a butterflies wings. Happiness had fallen its aim was to please, dusted with your love it set my soul free.

I will not allow sadness to enter the equation, nor greed the opportunity to be so brazen. The opportunity to love is so amazing and I will love for all eternity.

I had an image, glorious as can be, islands and oceans, mountains and shores and dreams of life where there is so much more. Down in the garden or the castle up high, the dreams were full of mystical surprise. There are chapters on wants and it was filled with greed and it wanted so much more that it battled with need. Need was aware it knew what to do, to tell you I love you all my life through. Want was angry it was begging for more, it saw the paths yet to explore, again need fell to despair as it reached for your love in thin of the air.

One moment...one lifetime.

Sings>I heard the waves as they rushed to shore, your voice a tease that had me beg for more. The flock of seagulls distant cry, your heart as it sings with mine. The symphony of music fills the air, with a magical sound of love everywhere. I heard the waves as they rushed to shore, your voice a tease that had me beg for more.

Simple etching in the sand,
grains of love, glorious and grand.

The image shall wash away
but your love will remain.

Simple etching in the sand,
grains of love, glorious and grand.

Ocean waves embrace the
sand like your flows on demand.

Simple etching in the sand,
grains of love, glorious and grand.

Like a kaleidoscope through the heart,
each moment creates a vision of love.

Unlock the Combination of Love

There are approximately 988968 words in the English language, of those words 500 are commonly used and of the 500 words more than 14000 various definitions. This is where interpretation comes to play as well error in translation as we transform one language into another. When speaking of love a very limited use of words are rearranged in a personal way to represent the emotions of love. The love of friendship, passion, desire, lust is spelled out and when separate the variations of touch, touch of soul, heart or flesh is exposed. In an occasional rare bond we find an inherent quality, one that cannot be separated and explores through the heart, soul and flesh.

The hollow has a eerie silence to it, almost as if the stillness of the season reigns. Picturesque in quality, the sun shades the leaves of the trees creating a blend of green, yellow and dark golden browns. The migratory birds no longer in song as the mating season has long passed. The waters low, barely trickle over the rock and in the silence I race to the dreams that brought the most amount of joy. My imagination gone wild creates images that have become an expression of my wants and needs. Before I knew it like a nymph that rises to the heavens, I began to sing and dance and the words, were of my love for you.

I want to share my life with you,making all our dreams come true. From the moment we wake up,
till the stars take to the sky, I'll be here waiting if only in my mind.

I want to share my life with you, making all our dreams come true. Climbing all those mountains both near and far, as I reach out to rest peacefully within in your arms.
I had always enjoyed the simplicity of life from the garden to canning to making something enjoyable for the night. I loved the silliness, dressing up to please and trying to put a smile on with happiness and ease. Life became very complicated, someone opened the door to greed, peered through the window of selfishness and removed the sense of peace. Standing at a crossroad, there were several ways to turn and each had its own lessons and struggles, like ivy in the fern. Weakened was the spirit, stumbling as I go until someone began to listen and my strength began to show. Pleasure wasn't scripted the road was long and wide but I knew I had to complete the journey, as the lessons described. I felt the heaviness and loneliness of the day, until I opened up my heart and found that had made your way. You were there when the tears first rolled down my cheek and again with smiles of happiness that made me feel so complete. I tremble at the thought that only heartache may appear as the images in silhouette quickly disappeared. Love is the creation in the outer hemisphere from the moment our souls together and to earth we reappeared.

The embrace of the heavens,
is the power of our love.

Sometimes I feel like the hawk focused on its prey and
other times I am the rabbit running to hide away.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Listen my love

The waves are calling as they hit against the shore, the splash a wake up to you the one I adore. The stars are shining brightly in the sky and the moon a cradle to rock you and I. The sea is whispering to you my love, to meet me in the heavens on the clouds above.

Listen to my heart beat, each rhythmic sound a joy, celebrating our togetherness filled the lonesome void. Watch the waters a tumble through the rock, creating a vision that looks like it could talk.

I can feel your love, can you feel my love too? It controls the mountains and the ocean blue. It calls on out to you, to let my love on in and it is more than a whisper it's the song of my love.

Listen my love and I'll sing my song for you, with words written by the angels and performed from me to you. Listen my love and I'll sing my song for you, with a symphony of magic and my dreams of loving you.
My soul spoke to your soul," why did it take so long?" " Were you looking in the wrong place or did you fail to hear the song?" I traveled to farlands, I saw you in my dreams and I knew when we met it was strawberries and cream. I'm not sixteen, I'm not twenty one, but the passion in me is filled with your love. My soul spoke to your soul, with very little words, instead it used the wind to blurt out my love.

I am missing you, begs to feel your arms around me and your heart beating next to mine. Good Night My Love


Five Satins - In the Still of the Night

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summers last hurrah!

There is something about this time of year that brings a sort of closure. One of both a season and a year in passing. You can hear it and see it and actually smell the change through out the hills. The tree and plants react to both the hot days and the cold nights. I found it to be rather sad some flowers dying back and others reaching their fullest bloom.

The sadness is in a lack of reaching all my goals and building on dreams that have yet to become reality. I found it to be a confusing time, as it stirred memories of days long gone and yet I lost no sense of the current moment. It was at that time where a greater sense of awareness had surfaced. Almost as if I could identify the piece that I myself was within the puzzle. As if turning it around and around and trying to fit into the wrong part of the picture. It is like when you are working on a puzzle, a certain piece looks likes it will fit, has the same colors as a particular section of the puzzle and even is comparable in size. You move it around a few times and than you lay it down and all a sudden you look at it again and it takes on a different view. The same piece, the same size, the same color and all of a sudden you can identify where it belongs.I myself have felt the desperation of spinning around and trying to work into the puzzle. Over the weekend, I realized that people all gave to me a worth, they trusted my opinion and I wondered if I might let them down. Was I true to myself, or was it a fluff of an image?

I seem a bit sensitive today and partially that had to due with working the long days and very little sleep. In reviewing the weekend many moments stayed clear in my mind. Conversations, smiles, the lonely child, the flirtatious cook, the stranger, music and sunshine. It almost becomes an on again off again charge, like being on stage, smile, talk, smile, talk, and than when its over the adjustment to a sense of silence.

...and so speaks my soul.

When all is said and done,
it will be known that I loved
and felt the glorious return
of love within my soul.

What may be merely words
upon a page is truly the final
documentation that gives
validity to a love that danced
with the angels.

Would you care to dance? What do you mean you can't dance! It is really easy, there are no certain steps involved, you have to open your heart and set your soul free and move a little closer, take my hand and follow me. The music is playing, candles lit low, this seem a bit common but the rest is wonderul you know. Closer and closer feel my breath on your cheek and our hearts in unison fluttering to their very own beat. Your arms are around me, oh" I am melting real slow and now the rest matters little to the right or the left, we'll take it real slow. A few kisses and a gentle embrace we are face to face in the dance in the heavens, in our own special place.

...just one more cup of tea.

I am at the core of my being and this is what separates me from the world around me. As the child ran through the field gathering wild flowers, I took to the stars gathering dreams.

Orange blaze Touch Me Nots as still as can be, I'm watching them out the window as if they're watching back at me. Documenting summer, whispering to me, we've made it through the rainy season in perfect harmony. One part dreams and one part memory, we've created magic as love meant it to be.

I shall not betray my heart,
it knows the love I feel,
released to the summer winds
is a softness in song that broke
down the shield.

Reach your hand high above,
now close your fingers in a fist tightly
filled with love. You and I were
meant to be, place it on your heart
and set our love free.


So ever gentle, it was wondeful as can be, his touch so soft was amazing. I barely felt his hands brush slowly through my hair and still I felt his kindness in a moment that we shared. Somehow he reached deep inside of me and I knew this was how love was meant to be.


Friday, August 21, 2009

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

I didn't think it was possible to miss anyone this much. I was thinking when I am busy and time is going fast and how you are missing me. Funny how things come around and bite you in the butt. I should be sleeping but I have these last minute things to finish for tomorrow, I am really not as prepared as usual. I have very little poetry prepared and absolutely no art work and I am not happy with the prints I had professionally done. Despite it all the music is soothing and I am enjooying the visual that come to mind as I close my eyes. I have gone over time and place, why we meet when we do, where we meet and the impact at that moment and how it plays into our life. I do believe we are subconsciously taught to he expectations that may or may not be good for us. There was a couple things in which I discussed with one of my sons. He asked why people go a lifetime with a person to at some point not feel the same towards them. I can' t speak for anyone else, I do know that when we are young we are hopeful, we believe that forgiveness brings new opportunity to right a wrong. Than as mistakes are made over and over, you realise that there is something wrong with hurting the person you claim to love and that hope fades like a star on a clouded night. I have learned late life what is acceptable of a partner, a lover and a friend and that in itself shines a new life on our way of life as we know it. I can't honestly say I have not been disappointed in my life and none if had to with errors in judgement, mistakes or hardship. We all have a vision of where we expect the road will lead us, when it doesn't necessarily turn out that way, there is a growing up stage we must face. I have felt the joy of helping one person to the excitement and laughter returned from another. I have been graced by the heavens with an opportunity to love and be loved, to feel that surge of excitement and to dream.

Sings: I felt your love take my hand and dance the night away, in a world where hearts and souls command both the blue and gray. We danced in the heavens, we cirled the earth and celebrated the moment our love was birthed. I felt your love take my hand and dance the night away, in a world where hearts and souls command both the blue and gray. Our hearts were touching, our souls entwined in a magical forever where I am yours and you are mine.

I felt your love take my hand and dance the night away, in a world where hearts and souls command both the blue and gray. We erased the mountains, we redirected the sea and sent a flock of blue birds to document the dream. I felt your love take my hand and dance the night away, in a world where hearts and souls command both the blue and gray. The moment will last forever no one can take it away for you have a place within my heart where you will alway stay.

No one is actually immune to the storms of life. In one way or another we all have the common factors, birth and death, happiness and sadness. How we respond through our emotions as well our actions separates us or brings us closer. The rigid walls of confinement create a limited view of our strengths and thus blankets us with a set of limitations upon the moment. As I again review the various chapters of my own life, not one of them is with regret. The fact is that I have learned so much from each experience. In my ongoing self analysis of my personality and how I myself had responded to the excitement for life, the pleasure of dreams and the world wide view that brought the most unique set of characters into my life.

The battle or confusion that surfaces has more to do with feeding the soul and calming the hunger for more and the continuing haunt that reveals itself through out my life. The day was filled with a rare blend of up and down emotions that spanned a lifetime. In working through them at my own pace, I went from radical thoughts to a calm that soothed my physical and emotional being. Nothing particularly changed other than I washed away the seeds of greed, cleansed my thoughts of negativity and allowed the peace of the moment to rise to the occasion.

I declared my love as real and warm and sensitive and that it does have the ability to reach out beyond the rigid barriers set by ones mind. I thought about what it was or what it is I really want out of life. The question didn't seem all that complicated and yet I had no real clear answer. Well of course I want what everyone wants and that is to be happy. What is this happiness we seek? I imagine it to be different for everyone. The heaviness that draped the last few days seem to disappear as quickly as they had fallen upon the moment. I took a deep breath and allowed my hands to glide over silky pillow beside me. I glanced into the mirror on the wall and in the reflection was indeed only one image of the flesh but two images of the spirit.

I am the blue sky, allow me to bring comfort to you both day and night. I am the ocean waves allow them to wake your spirit and prepare you the magic of love. I am the dreams that are both alluring and filled with desire, let them cast us the lead in every tomorrow. I am the air you breathe, take me into your very soul with each breath you take. I am love and I share this love with you, as my commitment to the bonding of our souls.

I am deliriously happy,
because I have awakened
from the dream to find you
had never truly left my side.

I hadn't heard in a very long time "how can you mend a broken heart" the song the Bee Gee's made so popular in the seventies. I listened over and over to the song and I couldn't stop the tears from strolling down my face. I thought compromise would keep him close to me, that if I settled for the moments, if I could just keep expectation at a distance, I would be able to handle it all easily. There is a ton of advice, " time heals, nothing can feel a void, don't detour, face reality, detach, keep busy, it is okay to cry, but better to laugh."

It seems that some people fall in and out of love quiet easily, or maybe it's just that they never fell in love at all. I think about all the people that have come in and out of my life, some like passing ships in the night, others a anchor which holds you steady. Each friendship, unique and wonderful and filled with fond memories.

Do we use people unconsciously to feel the void within us, need for them to bring us happiness? Like earth spinning on it's axle, we keep moving we provide our inner spirit with stability to face what the day brings to avoid the ups and downs.

I felt at times that had I in one perspective reached my goal, which was really rather simple. One that I would not have lingered so long in a state of purgatory. I had no outrageous demands and I felt a conversation in a honest setting would have brought a sense of peace to the situation. I also believe that we would grow together and that it would not have remained a stagnant one sided friendship but a multi sided look at the bonding of souls.

It has been many years now and as I look back at the woman who found courage and confidence, I realized I did it for the wrong reason. I wanted him to be proud of me, to know how much I loved him and to continue to grow through all of life's experiences.

Many people believe you can love again and deeply but never quite the same away again. I think that is true, we create shields, bring out the flags of caution and try to view in a more in depth way of looking at a person. The reality is every soul is different, what they offer, how they respond to life and their intended final goals.

I am struggling today, I haven't felt this heaviness in years. Partly because my mind is in several directions at one time and it is overwhelming. Work is dominating my life and I feel even with the time shared with family, separate and almost lost from them all. I am looking forward to seeing my son in S.C and that gives me a short term goal to work towards.

I personally believe that people become a part of you and to deny that would be to deny the existence of energy which flows from one person to the next. The heart is expandable the more it grows, the more experience it absorbs, the more love that flows through it. It is very much like a chapter book, as we turn the page, we don't leave behind what we have already explored we add to it, this growth is not unique, living life brings with it the miracle of the new day.

I have written thousands of letters in hopes that one day he would write back and than God went and sent me this wonderful friend, who never avoids my letters and always writes back. I am not always sure of everything and I know I don't have all the answers. This I am sure of I don't know where I would be without him, he said that is what being a friend is all about.He has more than once wiped my tears, listened over the years as I tried to work through this challenge of the moment and calls each morning to make sure I am okay and each night that I may sleep well. This letter is for you my friend.

My Dearest Friend,

I hope your day is going well and you are doing fine and that you have tons of sunshine. I know you are busy today but it doesn't stop me from missing you. Sometimes I feel so strong and my head seems to be on straight and I know what the bigger picture is and where the road is leading.Yet there are days like today where I teeter so that I am not even sure where it is I belong. Almost as if I feel separate from the world around me, as if I am walking in a bubble. Sometimes I am lost and without direction or just stumbling over each step.
This letter is really meant as a thank you, as I look back over the years, I think to myself how can I be so lucky to have such a friend as you. You have stood beside me through the darkest of situations, you reached out your hand when I barely could reach back and you brought a smile to my face on days where I didn't think there was a smile in me. The more we share, the more I realize how much was missing in my life.
I was thinking how this is very much a duel friendship and I laughed through the tears at the celebration of the windows and your escape from the toxic dump and than the summer came to mind where we went out of our way to spend time together despite the reluctance of a certain troll. My nose is snifflely and these silly tears won't keep from streaming down my face, but believe it or not I am doing it through a smile. From the lucky stone, to the slime, I think God how does he put up with me. I think it really is pretty easy to be ten, but to be mature and a woman, sucks big time. Where do I belong?
I think about the first time we met and how you adhered to your beliefs, " apple don't fall far from a tree and the little quirks that people have that you don't see in the words"and well I have to remind you that my worst problem in public is knowing when to shut up. I am working on that, I have learned to bite my bottom lip, step back and breathe.
There were times I didn't want to do the market and you encouraged me to go and give it my best. I am ever grateful for the time we share, for the lessons you have taught me and for the kindness that you bestow upon me on a daily basis.
I am a bit out of sort today so forgive me if I missed any of the more ecstatic moments. Like lunch in Italy and the blanket on the beach, Thank you for being a part of my life, for believing in me and bringing out the sunshine on the rainiest of days.

With love and great appreciation for an on going friendship that has taught me what it is to be a friend and to have a friend.

I Love You


Bee Gees- How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Closer I Get To You

The closer I get to you, the more I realize,
what loving you is all about and what you mean to me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

xox forever

I love you

Intense is the light that shines through your eyes,
the depth of your passion caught by surprise.

The millions of people that cross my path, not one
of them has your charm or your laugh.

Documented in the heavens, scripted in the blue
our love will prevail in all that we do.

My heart sings and my soul shouts from up high, three
simple words that make you mine.

I took your hand on that very first day and you held
on tightly in the most loving of way.

Once scattered words sat on a page until I gathered,
sorted and tossed to the blue, three simple
words “ I love you”

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Sings>I called it fate, you called it chance,
you said it was the time, I thought it was a
little behind.

This meeting is heaven inspired, shook up
my life and created one hell of a fire. I
love you and you love me, it sure was
fate we were meant to be.

I called it fate, you called it chance, you
said it was the time, I thought it was
a little behind.

I questioned the time and all you bring,
and if it's selfish I wish we met at nineteen.
So many hugs and kisses too, we have
allot of making up to do.

I called it fate, you called it chance, you
said it was the time, I thought it was a little

I wanted to spend the next couple of days at the beach, taking in the much needed sunshine. For one reason or another my plan to get away didn't quite turn out as planned. My bedroom faces the mountain rock in the house as the house sets deep into the hills. Though two windows are on both sides of the room, very little sun light makes it way through. On a good note the room is a bit cooler than the rest of the house at least my ten degrees. With the fans spinning and no real need to work on supplies, I fell into a mode which seem to zap me into a world of daydreams.

The room likened to that of the night,
with no amount of sun and very little light.
I felt the need, the power of desire, the
magic of daydreams to conquer the hour.

Silence ruled for so little time, the song of
love tricks the mind. Fuels the spirit,feeds
the heart, through the soul ignites a

The park, shore or clouds above,
I was in need all of your love.
Taunted by your memory,
the heavens cast you in my dream.

Submit I say to my request of love
and meet where dreams are from.
You and I for eternity creating
moments that will never fade.

Lost in the moment I began to fear,
fantasy, reality or outer hemisphere?
Captured in the here and now, I
giggled and released a little smile.

No images or visions of love appeared,
yet I could sense your body near.
As if the mountians bowed to say,
the path is clear you are on your way.

I felt a quiver from head to toe, as
if the wind your love had blown.
It touched my heart, it gave such joy
and filled with love the empty void.

I played with the thoughts of sweet desire,
undressed and on the sheets a fire. I
wanted and needed, I begged for you
so and in the darkeness I couldn't let go.

I whispered to the hollow, I need him so,
butterflies, robins and blue birds go. The
invitation is to my sweet, tell him I
waiting with each heart beat.

Determined to share the dream, I
laughed, I cried in a silent scream.
Passion createsa a simple scene as love
embraces both you and me.

No conditions, the moments free
my heart and soul begin to sing.
Sings from the valley to the heavens
high, to touch your spirit and reach
your mind.

We conquered the moment, feel the flow
as love between us begins to grow. I love
you and need you and want you to know
that I shall never let you go.

The infusion of sweetness to the hour,
leaves traces of memories which inspire.
Passon, desire and heavens touch,
from you my love means so much.

When hearts meet and souls bond
the explosion of love is imminent.

I could write a million words, but not one could describe, the love within my heart and the dreams we define. One or a zillion like stars in the sky, each is merely a documentation that you exist by my side. This moment was scripted like the many before, composed in t \he heavens and left for us to explore.

My love, your love and life woven tight, together a bond which is stronger with each night. Forever entwined in a magical embrace from the memories of yesterday and the tomorrows that await.

My love, your love and life woven tight, together a bond which is stronger with each night. The angels smiled down on you and I, they must have been working a little over time. They broke down the distance, they bridged it by command and brought your love to me by the hearts demand.

My love, your love and life woven tight, together a bond which is stronger with each night. A dusting of calm blankets over me, as I am at peace with the one who loves me. My pillow is fluffed, lay your head next to mine and we'll talk of our tomorrows in this moment so fine.

Forever more I sing, words of love and
silly dreams. Composed by the soul and
placed in your heart to hold.

The words of love are for all to see, but
only you and I can view the dream, I was cast
to love and you the lead in heaven above.

Sadness is not allowed only love is on our
cloud. Step by step you'll dance with me
from night fall till morning.

Forever more I sing, words of love and
silly dreams, Composed by the soul and
placed in your heart to hold.

La la la I can see how much you mean to me, you built a castle out of a dream. Placed it in the heavens where we can visit and now and than and there is where we dance till time comes to an end.
La la la My darling, I waiting for you now, this moment is awfully speical it brings to me a smile. My arms open to you I await, like morning kiss of sunshine my kiss upon your face.

Sings> I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. You're the sun that shines on a cloudy day, the rays that melt the snowflakes away. You're the magic that combines the seasons into one, you did it so simply by adding your love.

I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. When the stars take to the night sky and twinkle like fireflies sparkling in summertime. The magic is for all to see, but only you and I know it's not a dream.

I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. From the first moment I open up my eyes, till midnight dreams bring you to myside. We're dancing at heavens door, awaiting what love has in store.

I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you > YOU ARE MY DREAM COME TRUE

Our quest is ongoing and always being altered by simple choices and the supreme awareness. Graph the heart to follow the dream, to follow the dream is to release the soul.

I don't care what people think nor what they may say, for destiny had carved the path and sent me on my way. There are those who were the moment, some stayed for a day and than there is the likes of you my love who has never gone away. So much to learn, the impact grand, for every step I take my love, I feel the interlocking of your hand.

The incredible awakening is difficult to describe, opens up the heart, to view from the inside. Lessons of life which reflect on heavens high, a celebration of our love that even the angels can't deny. The characters are many, the journey long and wide and as we travel through this life we allow the positive to reside.

Windows open and there is a lot to see, sorrow and heartache, happiness and glee.
Assessing all that happened, writing it all down, the reviews are of gladness from the moment you came round. Your loyalty is worthiness abound, you stood beside me when no one else could be found.


The tug of war is not between those who believe and those who don't,
its between the possibilities of tomorrow and the reality of today.
So many faces merge into one,
only a few reflect direction like the rays of the sun.
There are many who have the knowledge but not the faith... I will because I can.
The Lord never promised days free of heartache...
I questioned the path and those who crossed it, fragile spirits on the mend, weakness appears from beginning to end. Loosened threads now pulled tight, create a weave to net the flight.
I am the spirit in the wind and as my soul soars the heavens it celebrates the unity of love.
Eternal love cannot be doused for
it walks on earth and floats above.
I was lost without direction, unable to surface and to see,but friendship taught me the strength of love, which never waivers and stands tall beyond disbelief.
For the first time in many years I have
regained control over my own being.
My son said to me in anger that I never take responsibility. First I thought how silly is that, that I had taken complete responsibility for the children, finances, the home and to many things to mention. It occurred to me that there were situations on a more personal note that I did not take responsibility for. My actions, my emotions, I took responsibility for all that surrounds me except for my inner self. I found an outlet in writing and in my dreams an escape, but I had given control of my heart away. My weakness is to many their strength. I am not sure exactly what fell into order this weekend, maybe it was the time alone, nah I have been alone before, it might have been excepting the reality of what is.
In the business end of life, I realized a few things, you can't do business on a hand shake and a person's word is no longer a contract of good faith. I found that this crossed the board into friendships, the old adages " talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words" I guess this also is part of the great lessons of life, you have to experience to learn. Reminds me of parenting and how many times, I have wanted to spare my children from making mistakes. When I soon realized their journey, their mistakes are their periods of growth and learning.
I guess it depends on what we lead with, our heart, soul or the mind or a combination of the three. In retrospect I don't think it is a process of healing, I believe it is a sense of responsibility. In the many years throughout my life, I met with many challenges. The repetitiveness of them was quite confusing as I was a believer of " a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
in plain words lets not figure on how we get out here, let's not get in the jam in the first place. Sometimes things happen which are no fault of our own and we pulled at all our strengths to challenge and surface.
Destiny! is it all part of destiny? Do we really have a say and choices in the plan that is created from the roads that lay before us? I think it has always been a combination of both, our awareness, choices and ability to see that allows for us to travel down the right path and to gain from the experience.
It is crucial to continue to keep the path of learning open to take responsibility for actions, thoughts and yes dreams. I am here in the now, the dust on the mirror clouds the views, but as I wipe it clear I see a woman who has yet to remove all the webbing from her life and truly free her spirit.
There are many factors involved in building of a good friendship, respect, trust, honesty. I wanted to the hear answers for life spelled out before me, but the answers only come when we are willing to look inside and not accept but be willing to mend the holes which allowed like river water in a broken bucket to be weighed down.

From the archives...his world, my world or a world in between.

Poetry a combination of words
to express the passion for life.

It is not how high we soar...

It is the simple pleasure found in sharing that brings the most amount of joy ....lit by happiness,channeled by love, seen through a smile.
What fascinates me the most is the common bond between two souls.
I write so the world may know the power of our love...
for the words were released at the mere thought of never knowing such love.
"I love you" the words are very simple and sometimes over used and occassioanly they lack the impact when they are not soul infused. We always want to hear them, we want to know they are so, so I repeat these three words so all the world will know that I love you, I love you, I love you, and I celebrate it so. Every second within a minute, everyday within the hour, I thank the heavens that caused a collision whose impact was that of fire.

The Great Concerto

blue sky,
strong arms,
warm smile,


Here in the hollow is where I sent my soul to dream, where I heard the concerto as it played the strings on me. From my heart a love song, with highs and lows, to my spirit a tune that sings I'm never letting go.

Here in the hollow is where I sent my soul to dream, where I heard the concerto as it played the strings on me. It all came together in a fashion rarely seen, from the heavens dance floor direct to you and me.

Here in the hollow is where I sent my soul to dream, where I heard the concerto as it played the strings on me. Sounds of love fill the air as the magic of life brought you here.

Here in the hollow is where I sent my soul to dream, where I heard the concerto as it played the strings on me. From the mountains to the blue sky, from the river to the shore, from the heart of the one I adore.

Here in the hollow is where I sent my soul to dream, where I heard the concerto as it played the strings on me. Plucked a little happiness, strummed a little glee added a little melodyand gave your loe to me.

Here in the hollow is where I sent my soul to dream, where I heard the concerto as it played the strings on me. With rays of sunshine and morning drops of dew it all comes together in a song of I love you

Sweet sounds of the love bird at the break of dawn,
the dew dancing on jewel weed makes it sway to the song.

Accompanied by all life has to bring and there
in the sunlight is a view of my dreams.

When the words won't come together and my heart tries to hard to see and the river stands still and I can feel each breath within me. When distance creates an ache and only memories prevail, it's the moment when love sends your soul to me.
To fall asleep in your arms is glorious,
to wake in them is true magiBBc in the making.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lullaby... my baby

The simplicity of love can be heard when the
heart whispers to the soul and the soul
responds in song.
The kindness bestowed upon me has indeed
revealed the existence of love in its most pure state.

The lullaby orginally created from sounds, hums and sometimes words that were used to soothe and cradle children and infants to sleep. There is almost something magical about the rocking motion and the comforting sounds that place a calm over the moment. To this day to have a goodnights sleep, I try to make my last thought of the day to be those of pleasant memories.

My fathered use to make a sound that I found quite soothing it was not necessarily words or a hum, but a sound that provided a contrast of both a high and low note. My mother on the other hand liked to sing songs to ease a child to sleep.

As adults we all have a regimen in a way of soothing or lulling ourselves to sleep. Some like to fall asleep to the tv others to music, the sounds water or nature etc. It is the way we calm our soul and bring peace to the moment. Tonight when you close your eyes, allow your soul to hear the sounds of my love as I sing of our happiness.

My lullaby

Sings> I open my heart to only you,
you are free to step on in and dream
the whole night through. I will hold
you my sweet, in a tender embrace, as
I brush the worry from your face.

From the moment you close your eyes,
it is in my arms you will lie and I'll hold
you till the sun takes to the sky.

My love is always here for you, no matter
where we go or what we do. Close your eyes
and you'll see, we have unlocked the gates
to our most precious dreams.

Go ahead my love and close your eyes, allow
the blanket of love to warm you inside. I give
my love through the heart to remind who
inniated spark.

Drift off my darling and go to sleep, step into
heavens dream and dance through the night
with me.

What A Beautiful Day For A Picnic

The blanket is in the grass, come sit here next to me, as I tell you of my love and how much you mean to me. Put your arms around me and let me whisper in your ear, of the day you brought the sunshine and dried up all the tears.

I dreamt of the sweetness of your most tender kiss as I hungered to feel your love gentle upon my lips. A smile escapes the images of you and I, entwined in an embrace that will last for all time. From earth to the heavens, to the stars and beyond, our love is found and grows so ever strong.

The blanket is in the grass, come sit here next to me, as I tell you of my love and how much you mean to me. Put your arms around me and let me whisper in your ear, of the day you brought the sunshine and dried up all the tears.

I can't see the mountains and the stream has all but disappeared and there are no walls of separation that can keep your love from here. I feel it every morning it holds me every night and the comfort of your love is all that is in sight.

The blanket is in the grass, come sit here next to me, as I tell you of my love and how much you mean to me. Put your arms around me and let me whisper in your ear, of the day you brought the sunshine and dried up all the tears.

Sings> I felt your love take my hand and pull me close like the waves to the sand. Powerful are the summer time dreams which brought your love to me, which brought your love to me.

Caught in the moment of desire, I rushed to heavens to the clouds of ours, where you and I dance and sing, where life is as it should be.

I felt your love take my hand and pull me close like the waves to the sand. Powerful are the summer time dreams, which brought your love to me, which brought your love to me.

Man of the mountain, listen and see, the sun and the rain are cut from a dream. Rays of happiness to warm the heart with each drop of rain a kiss in the dark. I feel him, he is here, he is holding my hand, in a field of flowers, a walk on the shore, in the clouds of the heavens and there on earths floor. Behold his magic, he set it all free, he released my soul to create a new scene. The curtains were falling and a view could be seen of the embrace of two spirits over the sea. They floated like clouds in the skies of blue, the spirits of love in a miraculous do. Dancing and laughing, just let it all go, we challenged the moment, we made them believe and at the top of mountains he stands with me.

I give thee all my love so that your
heart may see what soul feels.

I heard the music as the man of soul sang his song and felt the drift to the one who opened up his arms . The dreams of yesterday, a prayer each morning you will stay with me forever times a day.

I heard the music as the man of soul sang his song and felt the drift to the one who opened up his arms. The dance in heavens high from the moment you caught me by surprise, ignites the dream of the hour with the magic of love that set my heart a fire.

I wanted to see you and so I closed my eyes and the visions appeared in the heavens high. Magical and wonderful, spiritual indeed, as I reached for your hand you reached back for me. Laughter was waiting, it whispered with song, to embrace only happiness with our love so strong.

Paradise is the souls creation as envisioned by the heart.
One of my children had recently taken to gardening and questioned how the same seeds grew with different rates of success within the same plot of soil. It was obvious to the eye that one plant flourished as it had over grown its intended space and there were a few that had barely grown at all, stunted, weak and barely able to survive the season. I explained to him that the garden soil was not implemented evenly with nutrients which certain plants needed to grow to their full capacity, thus producing stunted growth.

After reading stories in the news of unnecessary violence and hatred, all which were to close for comfort. I thought about the concept, if we are all born of love, than why on a social,physical and mental level are many stunted? The answers varied as they do with gardening, some seeds never germinate, stunted from the beginning, others fell victim to the climate, to hot or to cold and still there was the ongoing nourishment that is necessary to become a viable part of the garden.

It would be safe to say, to obtain a reasonable chance of success we would have to be capable of growing and developing on a platform that both nourishes the mind and the soul. The feed necessary to nourish the spirit is free from greed and hatred, with pureness in thought, we have obtained the first step towards growth.

The end results provide us with an even wider scope of thought. It is not enough to sow and reap the harvest, our continued journey provides us with on going lessons. The lessons both educate and encourage the expansion through the body and mind. It has been said we are a "product of our environment" I both agree and disagree with that particular statement. I believe we have free will and the choice to travel on the same rails or to jump track and move in a different direction. It is also true we take on our travels our knowledge and experiences to that point. Though I would say it is the continuance or our ability to enrich our lives as we add more nutrients to the soil in the garden.

You pulled me close,
we walk side by side,
laughed, danced,
sang and cried.

You held me close,
you wiped each eye,
no tears, no sorrow,
only happiness resides.

You sent the sun,
warm and bright,
on rainy days,
only love in sight.

You lit the darkness,
you gave it light,
and held me close,
all through the night.
Draw that curtains it's in the air,
the love you give is everywhere.
It is okay, we are going to make it... we have seen the heavens, danced in the blue and held on tight through a storm or two.
I am so ever grateful for all that you bring,
but it's your faith in me that means everything.

When our wants conflict with the reality
we must listen to the truth of the moment
and engage through the dreams to surface
above our spiritual conquest and soothe
the heart and soul.

I am caught in the moment and the moment whispered your name.
The splendor of the glimmer of light is
nothing in comparison with loves return.
There is expectation and than there is reality.
There is a connection unseen to the eyes
and felt in the heart and embraced by the soul.
I don't write for approval, only that the heart may be heard.
I only know what you tell me,
for my heart has been known before
to play tricks on me.

Every thought is a seed nurtured by dreams and fulfilled by reality.
Difficulty was written into the script, to define
love in its entirety and appreciate it for all is.

It is not what my ears have heard,
but what sings to my heart.
The embrace of love upon my heart was so unexpected.

I love you, a combination of words that have
the power to move mountains and heal a heart.

Monday, August 10, 2009

...where angels sing of love.

Side by side,
strong and tall,
reaches high,
hears the call.

Skies of blue,
trimmed in pink,
precious sentiment,
makes me think.
The more I share in your love,

the closer I am to the heavens.


Sings> Love, love , love, day and night , your heart to mine is a bond wound tight. The joy of the moment, the pleasure of a day, when our souls dance in a child like way.

I heard the angels, the angels sing, they sang about the love of you and me. Recorded by the heart, stored in the soul, released to the heavens, to celebrate loves hold.

Love, love, love, day and night, your heart to mind is a bond wound tight. The joy of the moment, the pleasure of a day, when our souls dance in a child like way.

Finches in the orchard,tiger lilies in bloom, paint the hills in a golden hue. The sun has arrived,summer is finally here and I welcome you to dance in my arms dear.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More Than You'll Ever Know (picture Clips Version)

... and I felt your love.

I once thought we were defined by our choices, to only realize that we are surrounded by circumstances as well an affair with destiny. There is small period of time, when people and places come together to create a path. Though choice does surface as a major guide, there are events that will occur regardless of the decisions we choose to make.
How we relate to an experience and the knowledge gained becomes the circle of truth in which we travel. The triangle of life which consist of heart, soul and mind guides us on the path which can be altered at any given moment.
There are endless posssibilites, like that of a chapter book with alternate endings. It is called vulnerability and just like that of a butterfly in the wind, we are redirected forward, backward and all around.
No regrets, it is not comparison that I view the past and present What I see and feel is the development of spirit and the reality of a moment. I have many times felt misguided and occassionally lost on a journey that is at times overshadowed by the plight of the various characters.
The moments of pleasure are multiplied by how many times we embrace the beauty of life. Every step I take with you beside me is encompassed in a sense of peace and harmony. I run to your arms through every dream as I feel your love and the happiness it brings. It is the sun in the morning and the stars at night, the magic of the moment which gave me a friend for life.


I do hunger for more,
more of your sweetness,
kindness and charm,
more than the embrace
of a dance in your arms.

Sings>I felt your kiss in the morning breeze, like magic your love ascended on me. From the angels in heaven to the song of the sea, soft gentle whispers sung out to me.

The sun take its place beyond the mountains high, rays warm are love defined. The secrets found deep in the heart, reflect in the hollow the size of the spark.

Ever since I can remember the hills from the first spring blooms to the winters newly fallen snow was the ultimate escape. There was a certain amount of excitement that could be felt watching a hawk soar through the ever changing seasons. Nature has a unique way of balancing or compensating for the underlying storms that appear throughout the cycle of life.

The variables which affect our sight and strength teeter on the fulcrum, causing either one to rest peaceful or snap the spirit in two. Agitated my mind scrambles through the limitations set on the choices of the moment. There is an old saying " if your not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem." The ability to step away from the current issues and see from the outside in comes and goes as does my strength in cutting through the web like blanket that smothers my existence.

I wanted to run,
I wanted to hide,
I reached for the clouds,
I reached for the sky.

The stars were shining,
the moon full and bright,
and there in the heavens,
a remarkable sight.

I laughed and I cried,
surfaced beyond despair,
as I reached for your hand
and you pulled me near.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The start of a new day, cluster maps, celebrate

This is a year in review, every time someone came to visit it was like pinning the map. We have visited almost every corner of the world or is it every corner of the world stopped by to visit me.We reached each continent from Asia, through Europe to Africa and more. I felt the excitement of a ten year old as I began to share with the many.It truly emphasises how love expands the world to unite as one in the simple beauty of emotion. Still on the number one search " Cara mia ti volgio bene" my darling I love you. It just proves that we all want to love and need to feel the return of love. I celebrate with you today the joy of love and its power to make the world a smaller place and a much more beautiful place as we unite through words one heart to another.

I thought about the first time I decided to share what was in my heart. It felt as if I had kept all the emotion inside I would have exploded . I am not exactly sure why I began to share my spirit and turn my heart inside out for all to see. Here are a few of my thoughts on it. When all is said and done and this life comes to and end, I want people to remember that we loved and our love didn't need the exterior worlds approval, that it had the heavens. I love you and I will always love you and I celebrate each memory, dream and the tomorrows that await us. Evil and hell does exist that's not drama that is a fact, but you taught me that heaven and love and happiness also has a fighting chance."

There are many things people write about to try and make a difference in the world, this is the part they play in the molding of the future, no right nor wrong, just variance. The more I began to write,not just on the blogs, but also for the people who requested that I put their emotions in to poetic form. The more I realized the power of the heart. These emotions don't control us, they compliment us.

As time goes on I have been able to expand on the beauty that life showers us with. The friendships that endure and the magic that is created out of dreams. I some times think about my journey,where it leads and why and all the people we come in contact with. I never imagined learning so much, or doing as many things as I have. Each day a new door is opened and a new experience is revealed. I gasp in an amazement of life and people.

In one week many things have happened. From a accident that could have been much worse, to a peaceful day on the river as I was selling my skin care products. Today I feel a sense of peace, it has to do with many things, the joy of a good nights sleep, the acceptance of the love I feel, the lifting of hunger and appreciating the opportunity.

If in sharing my heart brings joy to another then my life has indeed not been in vain. For I would not want to be remember for anything less than love. Love it takes on many forms and is seen throughout family and friends and life itself. I am honored to have had the opportunity to have shared in so many peoples lives and they to have shared in mine.

I celebrate the beauty of life, the joy of living and the warmth of friendship that dares to hold my hand and journey beside me through all we shall endure . I am ever grateful for the distance we have covered and for what lay ahead. Life comes with no guarantee and no map and so as we journey to find our place within the unique miracle of life, I accept the mountain of detours, the rivers wide and the long and winding roads that lead us into tomorrow.

For those who read on a daily basis and still others who return throughout the year I thank you for allowing me into your heart. Those who have emailed and still the few that encourage with comments on the blog have all become a unique thread in the canvas. I may write of my emotions, but as you begin to read them, you also journey down the road of life through a view as seen through my heart. In one perspective we stand alone in another we are united by love.

Through the magid of a moment, my sincere thanks!

Rachel Charlotte Miller