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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Everyday is a holiday with you...

Holidays... hm overrated, though I can understand how some in a busy world need a little reminder to be ever so grateful for friends, life and the nourishment that is infused within the spirit. Okay! so there is a little sarcasm surfacing. The truth is every morning I am thankful for the memories, for the chance to create new ones and for the all over total experience, of giving and receiving the gifts that life in it self bestow upon us.
This past year has taken me down a variety of paths, each person I met, each turn and bump in the road in itself came with an eye awakening experience. I looked into the eyes of death, I felt the embrace in the arms of love and I felt a tremendous amount of growth which instilled in me hunger to know more , to be more , to give more. The journey entwined and surfaced with a broader view of life and the challenges of those who accompany us on the rocky road we call life.
Some would call them fond memories, those experiences over the years that surface throughout our life, but I see them as more than fond memories. The journey is the growth of the soul as it absorbs like a sponge all that we encompass.
Though the calendar might mandate we celebrate the holiday and allow family to join together in a one day celebration, I believe each day should be celebrated and thanks should be given in a daily reminder of how truly forunate our souls were to be given a chance to experience the walk on earth.
Today is the celebration of snowflakes, tomorrow the celebration of the winter sun, the star lit sky, the winter path, etc.

Rejoice! say I for we were born to walk a path where souls are torn. Close your eyes and you will see the bond of love for eternity.

The Winter Rose

The ice crystals had fallen and dressed the hills in white
and captured in the scene is a rose bud frozen tight.

Inquistive by nature, mysterious the sight, which
caused one little rose to stand its ground and fight.

It battled the heat of summer, stood firm through
days of fall and just one little rose bud standing
strong and tall, bloomed once more as winter
in all its fury made a call.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This kiss is not of the moment it consist of my everlasting love, and as I place it on your lips and infuse into your heart, our souls will bond one to one and never shall they part. Flames of passion the magic of love, sweetly coated with desire to my one and only love.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The snow has cast a light upon the dreariness of the day,
leaving my spirit breathless as my soul had given way.

Nothing could compare to the gift within my heart, It
moved like dominoes leaning one by one from the start.

There is a wave of emotion which floods like a river
in a stream,outside the perimeters and inside a dream.

A garden and than a kaleidoscope of colors through the
trees and now replaced with a blanket of white to keep
warm the memories.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

The first heavy snowfall of the season lay a blanket of pristene white crsytals, which seem to intill a warmth of memory. I closed my eyes and as vivid at the stormy winter wonderland, the images of a crackling fire, soft music and a inner feeling of peace and calm transpired. So surreal the sounds and beauty as I felt the union of our spirits span beyond the distance to a dimension where dreams and reality join one with the moment. My hunger and desire, worked its magic with true passion to bring through the power of dreams your sweet embrace. The silence was broken by the sounds of the beating of your heart, as my own heart raced to record the music of love. I dare not move in fear that I may break the spell which holds captive our love.

It's the silly things you do to me...

Call me crazy, call me a fool, dancing silly, oh!
you've got that hold on me, dancing like the wind
with the sea.

I feel ten and sometimes sixteen, laughing and
giggling maybe will graduate to twenty three,
dancing like the first day in spring.

Call me crazy, call me a fool, dancing silly, oh!
you've got that hold on me, dancing like the wind
with the sea.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sings>I don’t need a reason and I don’t need a rhyme, to tell you how much I love you, it’s all been soul defined. I don’t need a certain blue bird, to send to you all my love, I convinced the clouds to embrace from heaven above.

There is something special as I hold on to you, you chase away all darkness to only let sunshine through. I felt it in the eve, when the stars were shining bright, I felt it in my heart where you were holdin on so tight.

I don’t need a reason and I don’t need a rhyme, to tell you how much I love you, it’s all been soul defined. I don’t need a certain blue bird to send you all my love, I convinced the clouds to embrace from heaven above.

Hold tight the carousel is on full speed,
round and round we go.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Out of the Archives.. announcing my love for you!

Front page news to communicate to you,
the warmth that I feel when I share with
you.This public proclamation is a little
celebration,announcing my love for you.


from the first time you...

On my run into town yesterday I stopped at a few of my favorite shops. One is a small two room consignment shop just off main street. It is the perfect little store where you can find a variety of treasures. Sitting on the shelf amongst an array of crystal oddities was this tarnished and aged copper box. No more than five inches across and decorated and embellished with what appeared to be turquoise. Without much thought I purchased it and placed in on my desk with my collection of emotional treasures from the last several years.Today I took a closer look at it and examined the markings. I was a bit inquisitive to what the name and numbers represented, who might have made it and what its intended use was. Holding on to the unlocked box, I opened it, it reeked of secrets still untold, it had a history wrapped in mystery. I became ever so taken with it, and was amazed it had stood through time and made its rounds and still survived. It could have held anything from tobacco to gems, but as I opened it I knew it held so much more. The more drawn to it I was, the more I wanted to research the history of it. The numbers and name were clearly imprinted into the copper, yet I still had trouble making out the name. I again opened it and closed it, here lies the secrets of yesterday.To someone who has not seen love, the box would appear empty, but I felt a stir of emotion from all the treasures it still held within it small compartment.

Little secrets, gems and gold,
a box now empty, a treasure holds.

Dreams and memories, one hour, one
day and now I added my gift to stay.

I placed inside just one of the smiles,
which traveled the distance of many a miles.

Little secrets, gems and gold,
a box now empty a treasure holds.

I placed the box back on the shelf just above my desk and sat back and glanced up at it as it sat next to my snow globe and other little reminders of my journey. It was rather a bizarre feeling, a bit of loneliness from missing you, to a feel of being caught and lost in time. What treasure is that of broken glass?you sweep it up and you throw it away, but there was something special about this moment which had made its way. Like memories created and retained to stay, in my heart and soul, forever and a day.

... as I celebrate my love for you.

I hummed a song of love and my heart danced with joy,
in a world of happiness which no one can destroy.

I felt the magic, it came by surprise and some say it's
the great deception or trickery of the mind.

The mountains of Laurel no longer stand to divide,
they accompany my spirit as it reaches to the sky.

The blue bird has taken flight and turned back just once
to find, what love was leaving graciously behind.

I hummed a song of love and my heart danced with joy,
in a world of happiness which no one can destroy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...and the snow falls.

I had mixed emotions when I glanced out my bedroom window at the newly fallen snow. Somehow it came with reminders of my yesterdays and the start of a new day. Like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth, I tried to make sense of all my emotions as they reacted to the memories flooding heavily in my mind. I felt as if I had now boarded the time capsule and was reviewing the changing of seasons.
Sorrow still battles with happiness on the stage of life and only time surfaces. I realized my life was not my own and for many years as I walked blindly down paths that felt uncomfortable and had a quality of eeriness to them. There were voids within my life that had not been filled and emptiness still resided.
The chain of events interlocked experience with faith and love and there from the deepest part of my being surfaced gratitude. When angels come to visit ,it sheds new light on all that we have and will explore. Somehow it all became part of a large tapestry that has yet to be finished. My first words this morning were It snowed!! to a response of so what it is cold and wet!. Yes, It may be cold and wet but each flake that falls gently to the ground came with it a treasure of memory. I shivered at the thought of our accomplishments and than I looked at the crossroads and the many paths that still lay ahead. The decisions that needed a response included many who travel along side me. The all so crucial timing surfaced, guide me I say, which path shall I take? I see darkness and sorrow, happiness and joy and still I see the struggles with which my spirit has toyed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

...so blue

I saw it for the first time, it made the sky so blue, it taught the mountains to embrace with all the love of you. I felt it from a distance and I felt it so very close and as the wind began to roar, I felt the beauty soft and gentle like the petals of a rose. I heard the whisper, not of words did it speak, but to my heart the sounds of love tapped to my soul a beat.
Each set of words a combination,
from heart to heart and soul to soul,
releasing all the darkness ,
so only love has a hold.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

In a World of Love


The fuel of negative energy can be quite strong. While absorbing the issues of others this morning, I felt my heart race in away that blurred all thought. Viscous words struck in anger creates an unsettling environment. Reaching out and holding on to you, the sound of your voice comforting, replaced all the tension and gave me a appostive outlook for the day.

Darling listen, listen close, the rain falling is not what I chose. Whispers soft and whispers free, sent from heaven to you and me.

Darling feel, feel my love, tender embrace on clouds above. Gentle, warm and wonderful, morning and night my forever hold.

My feet barely moving, they can't take to the sky, but the release of my heart connects your soul to mine. The visions of love give to life its high, rays of golden sunlight which shine so very bright. Love in many colors, paints a different hue, from earth to the heavens shades of purple to blue.

Whispers... I love you, when the day is new , I feel your warmth as gets my spirit through, day to the starlight wonders, from earth the the blue yonder. I love you, I love you, I love you and I repeat the words from my heart to you...baby, oh my darling baby, Oh my sweetness, I love you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Speak of Love...

The song a bit silly, the song out of tune
with words of love from me unto you.

I found myself dancing , I was partnered
on air, cloud dancing heart and soul
with you my dear.

The song a bit silly, the song out of tune,
with words of love from me unto you

Brittle the raindrops from water to ice,
melts from the heat of our hearts
entwined at night.

The song a bit silly, the song out of tune,
with words of love me unto you.

I possess no kingdom, no treasure chest at sea,
but what I cherish most my love is the gift of
joy you bring.

No crown of gems is needed, no gowns of silk and gold,
as nothing reflects more beautifully than your love
infused into my soul.

Whispers Good Night

A winter day, a child at play and a song to be sung,
from the depth of my heart where you placed your love.

The morning doves have gone to sleep and the stars
take to the sky and the dreams so real tease the mind.

The wind blows, the trees dance and still there’s a calm
as I am drawn into the comfort of your loving arms.

I closed my eyes, opened my mind to find, your
love beside me through the whole night.

Monday, November 10, 2008

... and love surfaced.

Right and Wrong

Acquired, instinctive or social restraint, who decides what, is right and wrong? With less restraint upon the mind, there is more development of thought or an interaction with our own subconscious. Conflict arises when moral judgment, that which is taught at an early age interacts with a wider social level of right and wrong. Added to the diversity of our own moral code we have the combinational key of interpretation. Interpretation unequal to judgment proves only that there are many views through one window. As I look at the bigger scheme of things which exist within the world, I see choices and decisions are based on who they will benefit most at the risk of hurting others. Laws and rules were enacted to enforce right and wrong and to create harmony within our own human structure. On a personal note, I see that in many cases right and wrong are likened to that of the dark gray sky, no clarity to the view.
Many years ago before the enforced regulation of safety floatation devices aboard small water vessels, we had met up with a water patrolman. In his routine patrol of the waterways, he pulled our boat aside; he said” no safety vest?” We responded with the fact that we had a few cushion floats in the boat. He went about to tell us of all the possibilities which could cause a boat to upset and than he asked one question, “with four of you on board and the boat tips over, whom do you save? Instinctively the answer was the closest one to you. But the question always remained with me, as I realize that everything we do in life is for the greater well being. Every decision we make, no matter the rules and laws society have placed upon us, are based on our own personal thought process, we are given a choice.
The more I thought about what is right and wrong, the more complicated two words became. Why is it that we can’t find easy answers, to simple questions? Ahhh empathy, our ability to feel the pain of someone else leads us to make decisions based on the greater need. The question will always remain the same, but the answers will morph upon our own moral and social values. I questioned again why is it that the answers at times seem so marbled? My religious upbringing surfaced and I responded emotionally to the Ten Commandments, a guide of moral teaching which was instilled in me at an early age. I again thought of the boating incident and it took on a wider view, I spoke out loud “three are on a boat and it becomes unsteady in the waves, one falls overboard and is drowning, do we risk three to save one, or do we allow one to drown?” Are we bias in our decision making, based on human behavior? Since cognitive bias is a pattern of deviation in judgement based that occurs in particular situations based on individual verifiable facts, the outcome of judgement will be altered as will the outcome of any particular situation.The reality that many are practicing is torn between cognitive biases and our own human behavior. Whether stepping outside the box or maybe stepping inside the box, hopefully we will gain a wider perspective of our alternate choices in life and each individual outcome. It so reminds of the holiday movie, "It's a wonderful Life", just to imagine the changing of events and how that to will change history.
Bandwagon effect — the tendency to do (or believe) things because many other people do (or believe) the same. Related to groupthink and herd behaviour.
Base rate fallacy — ignoring available statistical data in favor of particulars.
Bias blind spot — the tendency not to compensate for one's own cognitive biases.
Choice-supportive bias — the tendency to remember one's choices as better than they actually were.
Confirmation bias — the tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions.
Congruence bias — the tendency to test hypotheses exclusively through direct testing, in contrast to tests of possible alternative hypotheses.
Conservatism bias — the tendency to ignore the consequence of new evidence. (Related to base rate fallacy.)[1]
Contrast effect — the enhancement or diminishing of a weight or other measurement when compared with recently observed contrasting object.
Déformation professionnelle — the tendency to look at things according to the conventions of one's own profession, forgetting any broader point of view.
Denial[verification needed] — the tendency to disbelieve or discount an unpleasant fact.
Distinction bias — the tendency to view two options as more dissimilar when evaluating them simultaneously than when evaluating them separately.[2]
Endowment effect — "the fact that people often demand much more to give up an object than they would be willing to pay to acquire it".[3]
Expectation bias — the tendency for experimenters to believe, certify, and publish data that agrees with their expectations for the outcome of an experiment, and to disbelieve, discard, or downgrade the corresponding weightings for data that appears to conflict with those expectations.[4]
Extreme aversion — the tendency to avoid extremes, being more likely to choose an option if it is the intermediate choice.
Focusing effect — prediction bias occurring when people place too much importance on one aspect of an event; causes error in accurately predicting the utility of a future outcome.
Framing — by using a too narrow approach or description of the situation or issue. Also framing effect — drawing different conclusions based on how data are presented.
Hostility[verification needed]
Hyperbolic discounting — the tendency for people to have a stronger preference for more immediate payoffs relative to later payoffs, where the tendency increases the closer to the present both payoffs are.
Illusion of control — the tendency for human beings to believe they can control or at least influence outcomes that they clearly cannot.
Impact bias — the tendency for people to overestimate the length or the intensity of the impact of future feeling states.
Information bias — the tendency to seek information even when it cannot affect action.
Irrational escalation — the tendency to make irrational decisions based upon rational decisions in the past or to justify actions already taken.
Loss aversion — "the disutility of giving up an object is greater than the utility associated with acquiring it".[5] (see also sunk cost effects and Endowment effect).
Mere exposure effect — the tendency for people to express undue liking for things merely because they are familiar with them.
Moral credential effect — the tendency of a track record of non-prejudice to increase subsequent prejudice.
Need for closure — the need to reach a verdict in important matters; to have an answer and to escape the feeling of doubt and uncertainty. The personal context (time or social pressure) might increase this bias.[6]
Neglect of probability — the tendency to completely disregard probability when making a decision under uncertainty.
Not Invented Here — the tendency to ignore that a product or solution already exists, because its source is seen as an "enemy" or as "inferior".
Omission bias — the tendency to judge harmful actions as worse, or less moral, than equally harmful omissions (inactions).
Outcome bias — the tendency to judge a decision by its eventual outcome instead of based on the quality of the decision at the time it was made.
Planning fallacy — the tendency to underestimate task-completion times.
Post-purchase rationalization — the tendency to persuade oneself through rational argument that a purchase was a good value.
Pseudocertainty effect — the tendency to make risk-averse choices if the expected outcome is positive, but make risk-seeking choices to avoid negative outcomes.
Reactance — the urge to do the opposite of what someone wants you to do out of a need to resist a perceived attempt to constrain your freedom of choice.
Selective perception — the tendency for expectations to affect perception.
Status quo bias — the tendency for people to like things to stay relatively the same (see also loss aversion, endowment effect, and system justification).[7]
Von Restorff effect — the tendency for an item that "stands out like a sore thumb" to be more likely to be remembered than other items.
Wishful thinking — the formation of beliefs and the making of decisions according to what is pleasing to imagine instead of by appeal to evidence or rationality.
Zero-risk bias — preference for reducing a small risk to zero over a greater reduction in a larger risk.

Embrace my soul, my heart in need,
to feel your love so tenderly.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

You Make Me Feel Brand New - Simply Red

The Windmill Spins A Dream

...less yea be judged.

Shades of many colors, darkness in varied hue, silhouette against the horizon and cast images of you. Restless was the moment, battling my soul, until I gave into the moment and allowed your spirit to take a hold. Whispers of the heart, embrace soul to soul in a magical moment which leaves no trace of cold. Pleasing is the calm, when at first your love infused and left within my very heart sun lit shades of yellow to erase the blues of old.
The greater sin is in living a lie...for betrayal takes on many forms.
Dust the cobwebs, remove the old,
a wandering heart, a restless soul.
The blinded heart and the stumbling soul
on a misguided journey without any rules.
It appears to be my footprints,
yet I don't recognize the fool,
for I have traveled many a years,
captured both heart and soul.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

...not of conquest.

I felt the wind unseasonably warm brush against my face and suddenly I quivered at the thought of your embrace. " Is the whisper directed from you to me... my love or am I standing here in the middle of a dream, on the clouds above?

Surrounded by the mountains, the luster of autumn begins to fade and the stream trickling down the run, awaits its fill from another day of rain. The woodlands overcome by thicket, so heavy it barricades, like the love within my heart, heavier by the day.

The ducks remain to forage, the frogs have gone to sleep, as another season passes it documents both reality and dreams. Suddenly a flutter from a hawk who was taking flight, caught my attention and awakened me to the view of the blue sky.

The day quickly passing from sun lit gold to twilight blue and in the shadows of the eve, I saw visions of love,which made me think of you. This was not a conquest sent to rule the heart, but the desire of passion which danced amongst the stars.

Mysterious the moment, beautiful as can be, reaching out to heart and soul, beyond the land of make believe. Eyes do not betray me, no trickery to my heart, as the clouds in the darkness were forming, a silhouette stretched from star to star.


Weave the threads of silk and suspend from sea to sea,

to close the gap of distance and give direction to my dreams.


I replaced all sorrow with your memory and

still I filled the emptiness with my nightly dreams.


"What is I seek?" I seek only to allow reality to rule the day

and fantasy to compliment when the dreams of night fade.


It is merely the ache in my heart which feels to understand the path sent to complicate with time left in command.


I question my emotions, only that I made understand the

why of a moment and the life a dream, as all forces succumb the memory.

Much Like Spring

I was running in circles, running all around, trying to catch one leaf as it was falling to the ground. I laughed and I giggled, daydreamed like a child, as I reached on up to the white puffy clouds.

The weather a joy, it felt much like spring, tempting my spirit to again dream. I dreamt of your love, of your tender embrace and it left a sign aglow on my entire face.

I couldn’t hide the sparkle; it escaped through the eyes to reflect on the mountains like the sunshine. Wonderful was the moment, beautiful as can be when I felt your love reach out to me.

Smiles and holds close the moment...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Go Vote!

As my daughter and I were driving down the road, my daughter commented on my choice in music. She said " it's a song with out words" and I quickly responded to her the music indeed speaks to the soul. Not uncommon for my mind to race, I thought of an article I had read, not that the subject really mattered so much, it was every one's response, that caught my attention. None of the comments spoke to the question. My spirit was laden heavily with all that I had on my plate to deal with and the dwelling of it just darkened the moment even more. I turned the music back up louder, it is the gateway to memory, stirring emotion and thought of all that which touched my heart. Tears of emotion surfaced and yet a calm surrounded me. The voice of music it touches on our yesterdays,our today's and highlights our tomorrows, ahh this is desire on the wings of faith. I questioned nothing at that very moment, I knew the strength from within was concreted at the very thought of your love. Some how distance is bridged and love finds away into our hearts to remind us how fortunate we are to be able to explore such beauty in an all so troubled world. I thought once more about the article and the question that was placed for all to respond, there is no answer, for time maybe the great healer, but the emotions of a soul never fade. The embrace of what is allows our being to absorb each experience and step upon it to another moment in time.

I had battled down a day of troubling thoughts and simply by closing my eyes and remembering all that we had shared and all that we will share, seem to cause the negativity to dissipate and allowed a positive light to appear, one which it gives direction to the day.

I have traveled the many seasons,
I have seen them all come and go.
From a child without a worry,
to the woman, whose heart your love grows.

When the storms have all subsided
and the darkness disappears, one glance
into the bright of light finds your love
was always near.

I dear not count the moments,
I beg not to stop the hands of time,
for every second with you,
is to my heart divine.~

I find myself in a dance upon the clouds,
only leads to earth a greater fall, hold my hand tightly.
To my left, to my right and here in the middle... I question not!
I felt your love, I knew it well,
and in my heart is where it dwells.
I felt your love, it stands aside
and allows the combined beauty
to touch the mind.
Like a tumble weed in the desert,
so goes my restless soul.

I'll Still Be Loving You

Monday, November 03, 2008

My spirit misses the dance in the heavens... follow me.

Sunlight through the window,
shadows on the wall and the
distance of your being,
to my heart call.

The panoramic view engaged
with the dream, to unite our
soul’s for all eternity.

I closed my eyes to feel from deep
inside,the warmth of love, which
spirits can’t deny.

Gentle an embrace, beautiful
the place, where we meet each
day in loves hidden space.

My heart raced, my soul explored
the images from memory of
yesterday born.

Tears fallen, stain the day, since
you my love are far away.

Some might call it heartache, others
the blues, but I call it love, my love
for you.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Heart Spun Dream

No longer do the songs birds wake with the rise
of the morning sun,they’re in flight to find a warmer
place in the south where new days are spun.

Left behind a landscape of twisted trees of old
and the outline of a hillside,where once the wind
danced to shades of green and summer gold.

I watched once more the rise from far off in the east
to again watch the sunset fade to my spirit a disbelief.

A season stands not in battle, but to accept the moment
of change, as it braces for the cold storms ahead to
which winter is not the blame.

No tears shall fall, no sorrow shall we weave for in the
tapestry of life the thread of love is seen.

If the moment cast a curtain and darkness is all abound,
I shall not fear what I can’t see as your love is all around.

Gentle the moment, uplifting to the soul, memories of
pleasure to see me through the seasons of cold.

I couldn’t give my spirit, I couldn’t give my soul and my
heart was always yours my love, for you always had a

Weakened only by the distance and strengthened by
that still untold, as faith has kept us together on
the threads of life which to my heart are spooled.

Set love free

It takes a lifetime to move a mountain
another to drain a sea and just one
moment to set love free.

The further I travel, the more I see,
it is one long chapter staring you and me.

The clouds moving quickly, the sun no longer bright
and in the darkness, your love gave light.

Trees now barren, no leaves left to fall and
I'm surrounded by a mountain and it
can't block your call.

Words of love whisper out to me, just hold my
heart and follow your dream.

...as the song plays, I Bless the day I found you

I woke up in the middle of the night and the vision of your being filled the darkness of the room and the words flowed from my soul of the joy you bring.

The warmth of your heart,
the touch of your soul,
and the spirit of love
in a life long hold.

The comfort of dreams,
In a dance of memories,
The moment brought you
Next to me.

As I looked at a collection of poetry and art work from the preceding chapters of my life, I realized how each moment built upon the next to create such warmth of memory which I will forever cherish. I thought about life and the touch of love and how important it is to savor all that magic, as it is the energy which will see us through a day. In my journey the travels found me overcoming road blocks, detouring and sometimes at a stand still as I struggled to find the correct path in which my soul need travel. The days had been documented and like a script written from the soul, each moment was filed securely away in the heart to be retrieved at any given time. The magic is in how the love can surface beyond all the darkness to enhance the dreams. I am not sure exactly what placed this netting of calm around me, it seem to be a combination of sweet memory, accomplish and the beauty of the moment.