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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

...not of conquest.

I felt the wind unseasonably warm brush against my face and suddenly I quivered at the thought of your embrace. " Is the whisper directed from you to me... my love or am I standing here in the middle of a dream, on the clouds above?

Surrounded by the mountains, the luster of autumn begins to fade and the stream trickling down the run, awaits its fill from another day of rain. The woodlands overcome by thicket, so heavy it barricades, like the love within my heart, heavier by the day.

The ducks remain to forage, the frogs have gone to sleep, as another season passes it documents both reality and dreams. Suddenly a flutter from a hawk who was taking flight, caught my attention and awakened me to the view of the blue sky.

The day quickly passing from sun lit gold to twilight blue and in the shadows of the eve, I saw visions of love,which made me think of you. This was not a conquest sent to rule the heart, but the desire of passion which danced amongst the stars.

Mysterious the moment, beautiful as can be, reaching out to heart and soul, beyond the land of make believe. Eyes do not betray me, no trickery to my heart, as the clouds in the darkness were forming, a silhouette stretched from star to star.


Weave the threads of silk and suspend from sea to sea,

to close the gap of distance and give direction to my dreams.


I replaced all sorrow with your memory and

still I filled the emptiness with my nightly dreams.


"What is I seek?" I seek only to allow reality to rule the day

and fantasy to compliment when the dreams of night fade.


It is merely the ache in my heart which feels to understand the path sent to complicate with time left in command.


I question my emotions, only that I made understand the

why of a moment and the life a dream, as all forces succumb the memory.

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