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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

from the first time you...

On my run into town yesterday I stopped at a few of my favorite shops. One is a small two room consignment shop just off main street. It is the perfect little store where you can find a variety of treasures. Sitting on the shelf amongst an array of crystal oddities was this tarnished and aged copper box. No more than five inches across and decorated and embellished with what appeared to be turquoise. Without much thought I purchased it and placed in on my desk with my collection of emotional treasures from the last several years.Today I took a closer look at it and examined the markings. I was a bit inquisitive to what the name and numbers represented, who might have made it and what its intended use was. Holding on to the unlocked box, I opened it, it reeked of secrets still untold, it had a history wrapped in mystery. I became ever so taken with it, and was amazed it had stood through time and made its rounds and still survived. It could have held anything from tobacco to gems, but as I opened it I knew it held so much more. The more drawn to it I was, the more I wanted to research the history of it. The numbers and name were clearly imprinted into the copper, yet I still had trouble making out the name. I again opened it and closed it, here lies the secrets of yesterday.To someone who has not seen love, the box would appear empty, but I felt a stir of emotion from all the treasures it still held within it small compartment.

Little secrets, gems and gold,
a box now empty, a treasure holds.

Dreams and memories, one hour, one
day and now I added my gift to stay.

I placed inside just one of the smiles,
which traveled the distance of many a miles.

Little secrets, gems and gold,
a box now empty a treasure holds.

I placed the box back on the shelf just above my desk and sat back and glanced up at it as it sat next to my snow globe and other little reminders of my journey. It was rather a bizarre feeling, a bit of loneliness from missing you, to a feel of being caught and lost in time. What treasure is that of broken glass?you sweep it up and you throw it away, but there was something special about this moment which had made its way. Like memories created and retained to stay, in my heart and soul, forever and a day.


Marja said...

Hi rachel browsing I came on your blog I couldn't watch the video's because the kids used up the broadband so I started reading this post. It is so full of magic and your words so beautiful. I also have many little treasures which are souvenirs from life they connect you to many places in your mind. Have a nice day

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You Marja for your visit and kind words... smiles! Have a great day.