Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Like a Breath of Air

 Each moment caresses a new thought and 
like the wild rage of a swelling river flows uncontrollably.

I understand more than I want to
and know more than I care to. 

The internal aspects of love is in its ability to fix all wrongs. 


Nothing is more compelling and arousing then the 
simple pleasure of being loved. 

I'm lying here in the dark of the night,
dreaming the dreams of you and I. My
heart whispers of the love we share as
somethings are more special when love
is in the air.

Like the dance under blue skies, while
 in your loving embrace. The song of the
soul that puts a smile on my face. The
moonlight that glows from the heavens
above,guiding our hearts with the joy of
So precious is that of love
and yet so wasted.

 Breath taking is the effects of love upon the soul. 

The chill that runs through my body equates with the
energy of your being as your love is infused into my soul. 


The path is blurry and the destination unseen 
and yet the restlessness of my soul hungers for more. 

My wants and desires are as simple as falling asleep 
in your arms and waking up in them each morning.
To embrace is to feel your love in everything I do. 
There is no strains of sorrow nor signs of tears
and yet the darkness reigns upon my being. 
Each day my love for you grows stronger
and my want of you overwhelming. 

So precious is that of love
and yet so wasted.

Love me...

It is instinctive to...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

♥♫ Put your head on my shoulder by ALDO BLAGA ♥♫

Our Song !
It has been a long time since I kitchen danced...here goes.

Put your arms around me and pull me close,
whispers words of love and don't let go.
Glide like angels on heavens floor,
step by step with a rhythm that only
lovers hearts implore.

Let your mind drift like an April snow,
a mounding wealth of love that melts real slow.
The warmer we get the more you hold me tight
as the music of our souls play the song day and night.

The steps are rather care free, there is no right or wrong,
spinning slowly in circles as I'm  nested in your arms.
I'm there in yesterdays light, awaiting tomorrow for the
dreams that give meaning to this life.

My body feels a quiver from head to toe and I go
ballistic feeling your heart beat rapid and then real slow.
The hum of angels, the song that lovers know captures
the moment and it has yet to let me go.

Spinning in your arms, our souls merge begin to and
like a yarn woven our hearts are entwined as one .
Inseparable the feeling, forever is this twine that holds
you close to me wraps you in my life.

This kitchen dance is unique to you and I, for no one
can come between us , there is only you and I. Our souls
had met our hearts have long been entwined. Our story is
written, our song is sung, our love is eternal and from two
it formed one.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainbow of love

If I should run, it would be into your arms. 
Seeds of sorrow are cast upon the garden of life. 

 What is the meaning of life, if life itself is dictated by time?

The tree frogs are singing, the owl is sitting on the tree as the moon lights the night sky, a silhouette can be seen. The swallow has taken flight, the fireflies now rest on the leaves as the stars in the heavens perform a twilight serenade. The fan is humming accompanied by the locust in the night and the darkness of the moment is something I can't fight. Tired and yet I can't close my eyes so  I just sit here day dreaming with you on my mind. The day is over and the night rules the sky as I say my prayers and thank God that I am alive.


Your love took me by surprise,
teased my heart and  played
with my mind.

Gave the night a light to shine
bright, to lead me to your
arms at night.

I scrunched my pillow
and I held it tight and I
whispered words of love
into the blinding night.

I begged the angels to
carry my plea, to the one
whom I love and the
one who loves me.

Soft and moist the lips, wonderful the arms, mystical the moment I was taken by your charm. Surrounded by darkness as the night ruled and teased my spirit to feel your tender hold. The tears trickled down my cheek as I tried to hold them back I heard my heart bellow out a scream. I love you and you must know,wherever you journey my love with you will go.

The chill to my spirit, the trembling of my heart shook my whole being as if I'd fallen from the stars. Reaching out for you, needing you so, I reached for your hand and refused to let it go. I saw the power of this most wondrous love  it rocked my world and throughout my life it shows.

~Whispers of the heart tease my soul so, 
for you and I are love and the haunting inside me grows.

What enriches a life and makes it full and complete? Talking with an accountant over the phone yesterday, we spoke of companies that are bought out and whether or not that financial freedom brought happiness. There I go again treading on the balance beam of happiness. I have been known to get caught up in thinking to much...hm can one think to much? The thoughts that consume in the quiet of the night... happiness! The death of family and friends becomes a reminder of our limited time on earth. I was not sad that my my brother had passed away, but I was bothered more by how he lived. Which takes me to the adage " we all have our own cross to bear" So again the reminder  is not of our limited time, but what we do with that time.
I wake up each morning to the crack of dawn as the sunlight cast a simple single ray through my window. I gaze out the window at the summer time foliage which blankets the hills in varied shades of lush green leaves. Perfection... that is what comes to mind. Here we are on this beautiful planet that is close enough to be warmed by the sun, far enough not to be torched. I think of the problems of the world, social, financial, political and none of it seems to have any bearing on this gift of life. Most of life if not all of life has some element of survival, no matter who we are or what our financial status. Which reminds me of the families living in the hills of Greene. I thought about their simplicity, the life they are accustomed to. Which brings me to another friends comment that " ignorance is bliss." I don't believe that is necessarily so, though each and everyone of us has a different path to follow, we are always learning.
I went back in time to my first experience with euphoria, the " dance upon the clouds." What actually stimulates the adrenaline and brings about the emotions and the energy that places a person upon the clouds? Self analysis... hmm  I  pondered as I  tried  to understand my own emotions. For me it was a growing period, a time of advancement through experience. To be wanted and loved  and to understand one another as the merge of one soul with another creates a bond  .
Our lives are layers of experience, through each experience we develop and grow. Sometimes it seems as if the experiences are negative rather than positive, but that is  not necessarily so. Everything we do has a reason and the outcome is all part of the trial.

"Dancing on clouds" is what makes the 
eyes twinkle and the soul ignite with fire. 

Raindrops a story tell,
like a song of the heart,
I know it so well.

Blue skies and sun filled
days,darkness and clouds
 of gray.
I focus all my thoughts directly on to you, for that is where the rays of faith coming shining through. There is moonlight in the evening and sunlight in the day and it all comes together as I take this time to pray. Thank you  Lord for this giving of time, each moment is so special and through my heart it shines. The love that I see in everything is like the mountains to the heavens and the river to the sea.
There is a rainbow that never fades away,
it reaches from my heart to yours
each and everyday.

Filled with colors of all my love for you,
I added golden rays of happiness and the
 sky filled shades of blue.

There is a rainbow that never fades away,
it reaches from my heart to yours
each and everyday.

Arching over the heavens a paradise you'll
see, it flows with a magic made of all our

There is a rainbow that never fades away,
it reaches from my heart to yours
each and everyday.

Reds and pinks, purple and blues and
a varied array of golden colors are the
treasure of memories of you.

There is a rainbow that never fades away,
it reaches from my heart to yours
each and everyday.

This is awfully special and wonderful
indeed, this rainbow of love that
brought you to me.
Can yo see the joy in my eyes?
Powered by love it reflects
you and I.

The beauty of love which I share
with you,  flows from my heart
directly to you. 

I shall not weep in sadness for ours hearts of two now one 
and like the galaxies above us eternal is our love.

Monday, June 27, 2011

An ordinary day

Watching the flowers in their summer blooms
and feeding the duck and chicks before noon.
Working at the market early in the morn,
wishing that the weather will be free of storms.

There is so many things that I could do, but I'd
rather spend my day here with you. Walking
down by the stream, watching the kingfisher
feed and holding still the moment, for winter
time is near.

The long days of summer are quickly passing by
and I am trying to store a few filled with rainbows
and sunshine. Remembering who made the sky so
so blue and spending my days loving you.

Ordinary day with a not so ordinary love 

Friday, June 24, 2011


 I worked my hands into the soil and allowed the earth to filter through my fingers and for a brief moment I was once again a sentimental dreamer. Thorns from the brier, irritation from the thistle and as I  gathered the plants  to clear a path, the time shot by like shooting missile. I tried to sift like sand from stone all my memories and again to make some sense of  life through all that experience brings. Sometimes there was sadness, heartache and despair and other times I saw only love and joy as happiness appeared.

I left my footprints in the season,
where the winter snow had fallen,
and when I look back to that day,
it was the dance of love that  first
came calling.

I spun around in circles till the
spring thaw made its way and
I watched the crocus break
through the earth and cast signs
of hope upon the day.

Waiting on the bluebird, I
looked to the north and
suddenly it occurred to me
their migration is from the
southern shore.

The rays of summer and the
sounds of falling rain blended
together to create a stage
where dreams are played.

Loneliness is when you can no longer see over the mountains nor feel the love in your heart and all that surrounds the moment is draped in  clouds of dark. But there is sunshine over the mountain and you live within my heart and when I close my eyes to sleep each night I hold you close within my arms.

The more you experience, 
the more you see. 

Happiness is sharing the simple things in life.

I shared my soul,
you bared your heart,
I opened the door,
you walked on in.

I reached on out,
you held on tight,
you whispered of love,
I shouted from high.

One cannot capture the beauty of life until they 
opened their heart to the beauty of love. 


On the Strings of My Heart

The melody  is played softly on the strings of my heart and
the song of love was there from the very start. From the
moment you came into my life and touched my soul
from early morning through each hour of the night.

This  is the moment where song fills the air, I celebrate in
happiness because I feel you near. You're the first thought
before my eyes open wide and when I rest at night its
you who is on my mind.

You're the dreams of yesterday and today, you're the love of my
tomorrow, the sunshine that never fades. Today I sit here thinking
of you , knowing that you are thinking of me too.

Hearts close and worlds apart. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I realized mourning has little to do with death and more to do with our own vulnerability. After a period of weeks and the reality that like a tree that lives for various periods of time upon the earth, we to will grow, flourish and parish at some point in time. But as I spent time in the garden today, weeding the three foot high weeds and taking in the beauty of  a variety of flowers and lilies of every color I felt a somewhat mixed blend of emotions.  I took a deep breath and slowly blowing it out brought a balance to my thoughts.Time is the most valuable commodity, one which we cannot alter in any way. But what we are capable of doing is using the time we are given wisely and that too varies for  each and everyone of us.

The more I see, the more there is to see, 
the more I know the more there is to know.

Follow your heart and find me waiting...

Sailing on a Dream

High above the mountains,
soaring in the blue, I sail
away on a dream where
I am with you.

In your arms secure in
your heart forevermore
on the path of life where
our souls explore.

Sadness surfaces when
I think of time for all I
really want is to freeze
each frame of you and I.

Sometimes I am lonely,
occasionally I am blue,
until I think of you my love
and  set my sails to you.

....my epitaph shall read... I have loved.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You and I

There were fireflies dancing atop the trees,
sparkling their lights to cast a glow against
the leaves.

The summer storm had quickly moved in,
thunder like drums and then the house
lights dimmed .

The sky became a stage where dreams can
be replayed and our love can be seen through
the magic of memories.

Hot and yet a chill to my soul, for you  have
my love to forever hold.When the storms of
life pass on by, close your eyes and dream
of you and I.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

... the road that leads me to you.

When I think of love I see infinity, without barriers nor an end.   

Earth is the time capsule which limits our experience. 
I stood atop the mountain and I gazed into the blue and down upon the waters as my thoughts drifted to you. No barriers between us, no cap on star lit skies, our love is but an energy from the universe through the mind. Sorrow stood to speak as the flesh felt despair, but it is the heart and soul combined that in this life we share.
Take my hand , my heart is yours. 
I see sadness only in our limitations,
for our journey was predetermined by time, place and circumstance.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Both Day and Night

Sings>A rainbow of lilies and summer time gold, a dream that bridges from my heart to yours. The day was lonely, dark and gray till I closed my eyes and you found your way. You are the joy, the thrill of my life, as you hold my hand both day and night.

Stars shining high in the sky a sparkling reflection as seen in your eyes. My heart knows what my soul came to say, that love like ours don't come by everyday. There is something special that fills the air and energy we share that shows how much we care.

A rainbow of lilies and summer time gold, a dream that bridges from my heart to yours. The day was lonely, dark and gray till I closed my eyes and you found your way. You are the joy, the thrill of my life, as you hold my hand both day and night.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Lips to yours...

Always trying to see clearly the right and wrong of life, except that it is never that clear...um I think I have heard that before "It is not always black and white, sometimes we have to...." The last seven months have revealed more than I first realized. That I can survive alone, though my heart and soul beg to be caressed. I have always been aware of our vulnerability that within a moment our earthly experience can be brought to and end. Yet the decision making process hasn't not become any easier. Yet the goals of life are still the same " to love and be loved" The essence of love can be felt through actions, beautiful, gentle and surrounded by a sense of peace. The years have found me restless and it wasn't till today that I really understood all the experiences on this long drawn out journey. What my mind perceives and my heart hungers for seem to be distanced by the circumstances in which I have little control.

The trees fan like seem to appear to dance with the breeze of summer air. The day a bit haunting as I beg to hold you near, needing and wanting to feel more than empty air. The rain is falling and with this day I share the hunger of my soul that begs to hold you here. Love's equation makes sense to me, your heart with mine for all eternity.

The tears fall,
a chill rattles my senses
and my heart weeps,
for time passes by and
leaves us victim of our


Head on shoulder,
hand on heart,
spirit on clouds,
soul in a dream.

Erase the darkness ,
hold me close ,
for if tomorrow is in passing ,
your love I will not lose.

The barefoot dance with you...

Sings>I can feel it like the rain that's falling down, like the sun hidden behind the clouds, the chill within my soul and the magic that has a hold...

I feel your love, I taste it sweet, like a honey suckle summer treat. I hear the song our hearts deployed filled with happiness and joy. I see the magic of surprise, when I open up my eyes and I see our love come shining through.

Early in the morning and late at night, I lay here awake with you on my mind.  Reaching out to hold you, to keep you close under skies of blue.

I feel your love, I taste it sweet, like a honey suckle summer treat. I hear the song our hearts deployed filled with happiness and joy. I see the magic of surprise, when I open up my eyes and I see our love come shining through. 

Don't go stepping on my toes

Heart to heart we dance and I know that we have a chance,
 to make our dreams come true, barefoot dancing with you.

Heart to heart we live our lives, it's what gives my soul the drive,
 as I feel your heart  beating warm and wonderfully next to mine.

Heart to heart we share in song  as the day passes along, I find
myself singing songs of love, as I sing of my love for you.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fireflies Celebration

The night was dark and the moon new hung in the sky and lighting up the hills were the illuminating fireflies. They looked as if they were choreographed and dancing down from the trees, the fireflies were in celebration that summer has indeed replaced spring. I sat there for what seemed like a midnight, just watching the night sky an dreaming away the hours. There was love in my heart and a joy inside of me, just reminiscing on how beautiful life can be.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful and as I was in town I met this woman, whose hands were crippled from arthritis. She said it is all through her body and she aches all the time. My heart went out to her as I held her severely crippled hands in mine and she said " Oh it's not so bad, each morning I wake up to see the sunshine"
As I tried to put the last week of events into perspective, I realized the importance of everyday life. That we wake up each day to see the sunshine and that everything else is workable.

The willow branches arch battling the winds against the sky and the sycamore stands like barriers to embrace the mountains high. The sky a bit hazy blankets the blue, but deep inside I know what our love can do. It can bridge our hearts with just one dream and send a few clouds to take us sky surfing. I don't know where we are going or why, but I do know that it feels right just you and I. We are the sunshine in the morning, we are the stars at night, we are the passion of the spirit and the love that holds each other tight.

Monday, June 06, 2011

To climb a mountain, to swim a sea,
to jump a puddle, to make believe,
to live each moment , to hold on tight,
to embrace sweet love for the rest of my life.

To close my eyes , to feel your arms,
to rest at night and wake in the morn,
to dance in the heaven, to sing from the heart,
to walk through the dream and surface from the dark.

It is not what I see in your eyes,
 it is what you see in mine. 
We do not give and receive love, 
we just acknowledge it's existence.


Sunday, June 05, 2011

When Tomorrow Never Comes

I am still feeling a bit numb from the recent death of my brother. I was waiting for my son Nicholas to finish up with his recent deployment so as to go to dinner and take pictures, but it is true sometimes tomorrow never comes. I found myself reminiscing childhood and  reviewing our relationship as adult brother and sister. As a child he was a very good big brother. We moved allot as children and so didn't really have many toys, mom said " you take what you can carry." It was the mid 1960's and my brother was home for a weekend from the military. He walked me up street and into a little shop that was kind of a general store of that time. He said "pick a doll any doll you want". I remember looking around and on the top shelf a little doll about seven inches tall caught my eye. " I'll take that one" My brother said" are you sure you want that little bitty doll, there are some really nice ones that walk and talk?" But the doll with freckles across the nose and curly light brown hair was just the right size to carry around. I still have her , I carried her with me through out my life , when all I was allowed to have was what I could carry. She has gotten weathered and she no longer has her original clothes. One day while viewing an auction I saw a new mint in box brand new vintage doll exactly like the one I had carried for forty five years. I thought I had to have it as if I could capture a moment in time.  But as I held the new doll something was missing, pristine yet it lacked the memories of my childhood and in its perfection it was absent of the love that my old tattered doll possessed.

There are so many things in life that I have wanted to do and to say and I have put it aside or procrastinated. As I was driving down the road today, I felt this comfort behind the wheel of the car. Out of something really negative a positive came out of it. My mind bounced around like a ping pong ball. I thought of my mother and an the words she recently shared" he was suffering so , that I know he is at peace and yet I cry for myself, for my loss" It is the second sibling  that has passed away and it never seems to get any easier. Five children grew up in a very troubled time each walking away with a very different view.
Sitting in front of the fan , I feel both warm and  a cool chill, scanning my memories I feel both happiness and sadness. There are so many things I wanted to do and so many things I will never get a chance to do... So in case tomorrow never comes... I just want to say I love you, I love you with all my heart.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I watched as the flowers withered, 
knowing quite well that another season was in passing.


Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Runs Into Your Arms!

The day started off early as being quite sunny and hot and with my intentions redirected, I found myself laying a little longer in nothing but my silk slip in front of the fan. As morning made way for the heat of the afternoon I knew that I had to go about checking on the chickens and making my way down to the greenhouse. The green house was like a sauna and the air heavy. I looked around at some of the plants which begged to find their place within the garden. Little by little I turned the soil, pulled a few weeds and planted the florescent like Dahlia's around my ornamental plum tree. The cherry fly landed on my arm and I quickly reached to shoo it away, but not before it cut my skin. I usually have a reaction to the sting and it quickly swells. The heat the irritation and the humidity made the mountain streams all that more appealing.
I walked down by stream and the hills seem to have taken on a different view. It was nature painting a new landscape as the spring floods redesigned the waterways and the sun making its way through the trees cast shadows upon the water like a Picasso. The leaves  of the black locust tree swayed gentle like a fan creating a dancing affect that brought a dreamy like calm to the moment. I glanced quickly at the crystal clear water so in hopes not to find any water snakes or snapping turtles, with the water seemingly clear, I stepped slowly into the water. The water felt refreshing and as I moved into deeper water I slipped and the water splashed up onto my clothing. The coolness was inviting and as one strap fell from my shoulder, I gently removed the other strap and allowed  the slip to slide down my body and float upon the water. I splashed the water on my face and bathed in the water as I felt the temperature of by body cool. Here I was standing  under the trees in the mountain stream and acknowledging that summer is indeed upon us.
The late spring floods had brought with them all kinds of surprises and as the water table dropped you could see what remained in the small pools of water. You could see some some sun fish and small bass duck for cover in the roots of the Pond Iris and a school of minnow race about as they tried to keep their distance. It was as if a switch was turned on and we went from spring to summer. I want to absorb as much as possible as the season passes so quickly. I reached for my slip which was now completely wet and rubbed the wet silk  and lace over the rest of by body. Shaking the bulk of the water from the fabric, I placed the slip again over by body and returned to the greenhouse. I put away the gardening shovel and seeds and made my way towards the house. There was no fighting the moment, I was neither in the past, nor could I see what lay ahead, in all reality I stood one with the moment.
Once back in the house I thought about the journey and where it was I stood in it and how much further had I to go. Was I on the right path? The answer was still  to be seen. To follow the heart or the soul would take me in different directions and yet I wondered what it was that stopped me from following through. Could it be I feared my own quest or was it the barriers that blinded my view? My heart asked " was it you want ?" Quickly I felt the answer surface from within " peace with love in a aurora of comfort" My soul asked " how shall  you attain this peace, love and aurora of comfort?" This seemed to be a little more complicated but from inside the answer was brief, "listen to your inner being and allow it to guide you through" The path in the clearing the one that I shall walk through will be awfully lonely, unless I walk with you. Hold my hand ...my heart is yours.