Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

..and I sang of my love for you.

The sunrise crests the skyline of autumn wind blown trees, with colors of life which enhance the memories. Warm shades of pink and comforting stills of blue; tempt the inner depth of my soul to embrace with all my love for you.

Down in the valley, silence played a game, but my heart was ready and the bells of love rang. Strike the cords of gold, this song I sing for you, with whispered words of love, meant only for lovers times two.

Angels take position, the celebration is now, and our souls shall rise to the heavens, to embrace what God sent down. Pleasuring cloud dancing, singing on a high, my heart and soul chancing, plays tricks with my mind.

One tear fallen, erased from memory, replaced with your love which I keep tucked away inside of me. We took the highest mountains, we turned them into grains of sand, and again we took the ocean and the waves we both command.

I've sent you all my love, allow it to flood your soul, to wash away the sadness and replace with stories still untold. Shared moments await the meeting of flesh, where my heart feels your heart beyond the measures of the earth.

The sunrise crests the skyline of autumn wind blown trees, with colors of life which enhance the memories. Warm shades of pink and comforting blue; tempt my soul to embrace with all my love of you.

I can't help falling in love with you

...must be love!

Monday, September 29, 2008

...when two hearts meld

Survival and the struggles we encompass are all dependent on how we choose to use the tools of life to expand the realms of reality and fantasy. Once again I placed my head upon the pillow and quickly I closed my eyes. Here in the land of daydreams is where everything is possible, to feel the flow of energy, to embrace kind thoughts and to allow the closeness of spirit to create the visuals of the warmth of love.
I’m in your arms forever and every vision surreal, from the flow of the river, to the ruffling of a quail. One leaf of gold to the earth spirals down, circling from the heavens its aim to the ground. The season approaches of treasures which alone, document a moment in every gust of wind that blows. Choreographed scenes miraculously transpire in a connection of two hearts which set the hour a fire.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Words in my head are spinning all around,
to find the combination with just the right sound.

I ask of thee, to remove the mask of darkness,so as to view the love of life. The Crystal reflects the sun rays through the window, as your spirit reflects sweet memories upon my heart.

Guest of the MInd

Raindrops are falling and in the attic I hear, the rhythmic sound of the season in the wind gust filled air. This moment, so beautiful it crest my very dream with mountain views and songs by memory.

The stream filled rivers overflow the banks and my soul inspired gives to you my thanks. Everything is more clearer, it make so much more sense, just the thought of your love, is life at its best.

The truth speaks loudly, in the roar of the sea, and sometimes it whispers, softly from your very heart to me. Yesterday we traveled and tomorrow awaits another chapter of our endless love.

Golden fields, once barren reveal with colors of life and what a heart truly feels. This I assure you, fantasy doesn't play and the love you're experiencing is more real with each day.

Unlocked mysteries to a new day arise, the wonders of life, with you by my side. Partners of spirits, guest of the mind and the joy of love has nothing to hide.

I don't plan a moment, I don't look to find nor do I know what comes with the tide. My body is shaken, my mind dreaming free and with your love beside me, my soul now believes.


The rose bud was waiting and soon I'd see it bloom,
but before I could view it, the petals faded to soon.

The fragrance so sweet,the flowers a delicate treat
and as the moment was passing your love was all
I could see.

Endless chapters of which the Lord writes, he lent
to me the pen to record through the night.

I saw the treasures of all of life, I was surrounded by
the visuals both day and night.

I said a little prayer, I dreamt your arms I'd lay and
I closed my eyes and new tomorrow was another day.


This is my kiss, I give to you my kiss, this kiss is a semblance of my appreciation for the joy we share. You can find my kiss all around you, for I have reckoned with the wind and I pleaded to the sky to send to you my love and lay my kisses upon you, through the heart,soul and mind.

This is my embrace, be it gentle, be it warm, it cradles you in the dark of night and comfort you each day. I sent it to hold you tight and to somehow let you know, that no matter where your journey leads, It will always be okay.

This is my love, it travels afar, it touch the tree tops, gives light to the stars. Anxious to share from depth of my soul, the kindness of life from a bond of gold.


I wanted to run, run far, run fast, so I ran to your arms and my soul saw a flash. Visions equated with the soul inside and the freedom of love, which tickles the mind.


I don't like the thunder storms, but the child likes the rain ,

and with my eyes closed, the memories play a game.


The worst sword is from an invisible blade,

no one sees it, but it hurts just the same.

Bridged by the Clouds

From the mountains to the blue skies, from the leaves on the trees, a semblance of love and what you mean to me. Strength unfaltering in a unending dream, life reoccuring through your memory.

No fear, no worry, no heartache allowed, in your arms the distance is bridged by the clouds. Happiness, dressed in a smile from morning through through the twilight your love is found.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love you

Your love is forever, a major part of me,
I tucked it in my heart, for safe keeping.

Some collect the treasures of the mighty
earth, but I am saving kisses from the
moment love was birthed.

No measure of what you mean to me, you
captured the blue sky and set our love free.

Somethings have and ending, some never find
a start, but your love is forever it lives within
my heart.


One moment in your arms justifies the struggles of the day,
soothes the heart and calms in the most amazing way.

Closing my eyes as I have many times before,
I viewed with my soul all that life had in store.

I slept like a baby, no dreaming for me,
I knew your love was the blanket over me.

Desire met with passion, mounting the clouds
and the warmth of love was felt from all around.

Contentment I found and precious were the sounds
of the whisper from your lips, to my heart the
words are found.

Your Memory

The presence of love can be felt with each step through life, this wonderous energy has the ability to place us high above the clouds, in a most magical of bond.

Sings> So gentle your embrace, so sweet a love I taste,
my body next to yours, such a joy to explore.

A moment in time, locked your heart and soul to mine,
the pleasure so Divine, places images in my mind.

I held you close, with the power I chose, to stir my
senses wild and calm this life for a while.

Bridges of my Mind

Distance built a gap, only time could see,
destiny placed the lock, but you had the key.

Walls of hopelessness, foolish thoughts of guilt,
I didn't see the bridge which love built.

Closed my eyes and unlocked through memory,
the warmth of a moment in a summer time breeze.

Felt your arms, holding me tight, there was something
awfully special about the dark of night.

Surfacing, sent down from up above, the Lord sent
the joys of love.

I smiled and I giggled, I sang a song and I couldn't
have done it with out you along.

No sorrow in the script, no room for regret, I took
your hand and I placed a life long bet.

You would be my sunshine, my sky of blue, the
one I turn to, to say I love you.

Dancing in the daylight, embraced in the night,
but the real magic is on this road called life.

I hummed a song of love for you,
it didn't need words for my love to come on through.
A scene on the lake reflects a fire, of the warmth of your love which ignites each hour. Crossing the bridge to the other side, your hand in my hand and your heart next to mine.

The cottage lit and smoke filled the sky and the images of life danced in my mind. There is heartache and sorrow, in yesterdays time, but your love surfaced like aged wine.

The ducks waddling and the dogs asleep and the hollow was silent except for the trees, wind blown whispers reached out to me and touched with the spirit of your memory.

You are my Sunshine

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The First Time I Loved Forever

A wind song...blowing through my soul

Here I stand before you, my heart and soul in view.
There is nothing to hide, my love belongs to you.

The vision is beauty and joy at it's best, the reflection of
our spirits have been put through the test.
We share each moment, companion with the sea, roll
upon the shore each and every memory.
The sun stays shining day and night, for this light of
love brightens up my life.

Embrace the moment

The bluest of skies reflect the power of love.
I shall not allow distance to burn the bridge of love, nor heartache to brand in melancholy the shadows of sorrow. The heart speaks in words of love, that ring out in song, to be heard by the inner depth of the soul.
The leaves of the trees are choreographed
by the gentle wind of an autumn day.
My spirit devours your energy from
the fields of earth, to the night sky.

Simple treasures... various pleasures

Tiger lily

Monday, September 22, 2008

To defy my love is to challenge the will of the heavens.
I ask only that love bridge the moment in my
desperate attempt to close the gap of distance.

... and I speak of love.

When the chill of loneliness drapes over the meadows of despair,
is when I desperatly race to your side to feel the embrace of love.
What do I ask of your love ? I ask only that you command the heavens to embrace the night and allow the stars to shine brightly as a reminder of the power of our union.

What do I expect of your love ? I expect only that on the darkest of days the joy of life which you have infused upon my soul will cradle the moment between the earth and the never ending sky.

What do I desire of your love? I desire only to rest peacefully within your arms, rest my head against the warmth of your body and listen as the beat of your heart breaks all silence.

I accept only that the passage long
and winding leads to your heart.

... tears of joy!

A pillow fight like children, in your arms a kiss or two,
another thousand dreams and it’s always me loving you.

A stroll through the park, I’ll share my lunch with you,
hand in hand through life, it’s what friends do.

A memory in the making, a moment of time,
aging through the years, leaving nothing
left behind.
Phenotypic plasticity is the concept where organisms evolve in an adaptation of environmental changes. I find our individual abilities are also capable of evolving as we adapt to our surrounding through educational experiences and the exposure to the ever changing world around us. Knowledge has always been key to growth and yet it is up to the individual to interpret each experience and allow it to transform the mind in a magnitude of ways. The weekend was powerful, in that it opened doorways down roads yet not traveled. I found an acceptance of my peers and a warm welcome from many to be an encompassing experience that had me exploring options yet not developed.
To feed the hunger, one must be open to the fact that the hunger exist.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two spirits...One Love

It doesn't take a wise man to see the world through the eyes of another, it takes one with enough love to infuse the heart with compassion. Understanding the trials and tribulations of life are nothing compared to opening the heart to embrace the trials and tribulations of life.
The bonding of two spirits, is the affirmation of true love.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

...and in the silence.

It is not the gifts you boxed that I treasure the most,
It is those which grow from my heart to entwine my
soul with the showy blooms of your love.

He who fears the the tightness of our bond,
hangs from the broken weave of disappear.
When shadows darken the evening sky and fear finds its way next to my soul, this is when I most feel the closeness of your love in a warm and wonderful embrace, one which brings pleasure from the night sky to my heart.

I am only at a loss from the boundaries set in mortar, by the fool who fails to understand.

My greatest advantage is in knowing love, experiencing love, dancing with love, devouring love, hold hands day by day with love.

Each word defines a moment,
each moment breathes life into my soul.
...for I have not felt the hands of love, until I felt your embrace.

I am troubled most by the voice of my own heart,
for it speaks the truth.

..and in the silence, falls the tears that distance placed and the restless of spirit which only desires that of your love.

.. and today, I give to you, my love.

I have felt the surging bond of hearts,
the connection of spirit and the satisfaction
which comes from feeding my hunger with your love.
My comfort comes not from merely your acceptance of my being, but from your devotion to my spirit which encourages my heart to explore and enjoy the beauty of your love.
There are no seeds of jealousy to be sowed within the range of the heart for no two experiences shadow in comparison that which crosses barriers to strengthen our love with the energy of the soul.
I envisioned your love before my eyes met with darkness and I again felt the pleasure of your love as I celebrated the rise of the sun.
Stand beside me, gaze into the stars, the universe awaits our presence. Challenge the moment as our friendship grows stronger with each moment of desire. A place in time has brought us together, the eternal bond strenthened as we step forward. Love me as I love you, want me as I want you, need me as I need you.
I wiped so the tears would not stain my soul.

I close my eyes each day...

To line the path with heavenly desire, of love and faith enough see us through the hour. I'd choose for you my sweet to be the one I meet, up above the cloud and down to my earthly feet. ~

I close my eyes each day and I thank the Lord each night for guiding me and giving me sight. Into your arms I lay as all sadness fades away, replaced by the smile from your face.

I close my eyes each day and I thank the Lord each night for the treasures all around that reflect the love I've found. Wonderful as can be, a touch of memory, beautifully kind reminds me that your mine.

I close my eyes each day and I thank the Lord each night for a chance to command the dance, with my partner of life. Over mountains we go, around the bend summer through snow, taking control of what the seasons normally hold.

I close my eyes each day and I thank the Lord each night, for you my friend who anchors my life. Everything I do and everywhere I go, reflects my love for you.

Cara mia ti voglio bene.. more than you will ever know.

First Morning Dream

Sings> I woke this morning to a dream with you, your arms a comfort under the sky of blue. I rolled over twice to feel you tenderly and to beg the heavens to not dissipate the dream. I tasted the sweetness of each and every kiss, so lasting, forever on my lips. The clouds of love blanket over me, to hold close my first morning dream.

September 16th

Summer silenced by the autumn scene,
flowers fading and the mountains colors scream.

The river rages, the waters mighty high, carrying
my love through heart, soul and mind.

Feel gentle the energy of so precious a desire,
it dances in the heavens and sets the stars afire.

Magnetic the pull that brings you to me, zap and
there I found I was living in a dream.


Today is the unbirthday, birthday party, I feel like I'm in romper room and what is it I see... looks through the looking glass.

I didn't see the physical, but I surely felt the fire, it melts the strongest of hearts and created such desire. The window to your eyes was bolted lock and key, but I saw something else, from your heart I saw the dream.

I hungered for so long to feel your embrace, the more you gave, the more I chased. Simple pleasures was all that I desired, a walk in the park and a kiss after hours.

Daylight Moon

It's a daylight moon cast for all to see, it shines in the blue sky and is full with our dreams. Take my hand and stroll along the earthly shore and than take my heart and dance on heavens floor.

Breaking all silence, listen to every note, my love for you is beating as my spirit you stroke. The rhythm is simple, the melody is fine and no words are needed, because you know your mine.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Sky Of Blue

No roads of gold, nor clouds of gray,
just heart filled gladness in my heart to stay.

No sorrow, nor sadness in the dark of day, I'm
holding your hand as you guide the way.

Songs of many and a dance or two, finds your
love and my love embraced like glue.

A blanket on the island of love, awaits your
presence from up above.

My head on your shoulder, your sweetness
I taste and a vision of love can't be erased.

I'm not comparing, it just happens to be true,
you love me and I love you.

A basket of treasures from river to sea,
around in circles and returns to me.

Embroidered memories are a delicate weave,
entwining your heart and soul to me.

Forever my darling, I'll be here for you,
painting those rainbows in our sky of blue.

With A Different view

Same old window with a different view, the day I said hello to you. The tree's greener and the sun bright and every thing from there on felt so right.

Same old window with a different view, the day I said hello to you. Song birds singing, I love you and my heart racing to the skies of blue.

Same old window with a different view, happiness and love shines on through. The mountains faded and the stream went dry and the reflection showed the sparkle in my eyes.

Same old window with a different view, season by season with you. Hand and hand we walk, smiling friend only hearts need talk.

Friday, September 12, 2008

.. and the sun challenges the storm.

Poetry is merely a combination of written words, until found by the heart. In the collision beyond the celestial heavens, a breath of life is breathed into each word. There beyond all space and time, poetry lives. I hunger to feel the sweetness of life, to know your love and feel it each night. Far from the mountains, across all the seas, I'd travel the desert, I'd challenge the dream.

...as my daughter would say," other poems are merely words on paper, yours are emotions which come to life. " I Love you Sweety.

Do I seek to challenge happiness or battle sadness? I seek to feel the experience through life. I have watched the tears fall and the smiles surface.

Check Spelling


Your kiss each morning, your voice a delight,
your love a blanket, warms the night.

Shooo! those raindrops, remove those clouds,
all I want is blue skies to gently surround.

Partnered with your embrace, in the dance of
love, my heart races to see from above.

Hand and hand, in this stroll through life,
nothing can replace what feels so right.


The rain had fallen and stirred emotions in me,
I feel the darkness of the mountains and the
deepness of the sea.

Distance separates the flesth with walls of land,
but the soul is awfully power its energy can't be
held to command.

Wipe away those tears, my kiss I send to thee,
to warm your spirit and set it free.

Follow the lead of my heart, It travels both
day and night, to brighten up the moment
and to give my love a life.

More it begs, more I need, more I want
you, the more I believe.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


A Slice of Autumn

Autumn Pink

I love you

I can hear the hum of the training coming through and
all I can do is think of you and how much I love you.

...holding and hands and making dreams come true.

...turning the page of a dream

I can't shake this feeling that has come over me, trembling heart right down to shaky knees. The blue sky inviting, the clouds wait for us to aboard and dance the dance of lovers like no one has ever danced before.

nat king cole - the very thought of you

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nature speaks and the heart listens...

To feel my love is to know my love and
to hold still the kiss blowing in the breeze.


...with you!

No matter the season from winter through fall, as long as your with me, we can challenge it all. The beauty is not in the beginning or end, all the pleasure that's felt is from the joy that you send.
Autumn on the Edge

Walking down by the stream, autumn said hello,
the quince to harvest and the barberry in show.

Mountain waters drip over cliff like rocks and the
ducks prepare to leave in record numbered flocks.

I felt a little sorrow as summer fades away, but there
is something special about sharing each and everyday.

...from the earth to the blue

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Two hearts, One Love

I question neither the moment nor the experience...
for the beauty of expression is in the conquest of love.

Cheek to cheek

I can't help falling in love with you

I like color

To be loved as we ourself love...

You are the sun which shines, the moon that glows each night,
you are my love, who energized my life.

You are the waves at sea, rolling in the breeze, inviting me to
dance with your memory.

You are my everthing, my hopes and dreams, a road of love
which leads you to me.

You are my every smile, the warmth of love a fire, you are the
blaze that drives me insane.

It doesn't matter where the dance takes place, in the kitchen, the garden or the heavens above... dance with me...

Sings>I closed my eyes like a thousand times before, but this time more special and more was in store. In the darkness a light which shone on the sea and there in the darkness danced you and me.

I listened close to the beat of our hearts, to the rhythm of music where love gets its start. Entwined like Ivy, tight as can be,a vision of love, cast a new dream.

I felt our souls first warm embrace, more wondrous than anything that has ever taken place. More powerful than a train controlling the tracks and sweeter than honey is a simple fact.

I never imagined that for one moment that someone could love me in the full context of what love is. In the beauty of the morning, beyond the mountains high, with such warmth and respect to guide us throughout our life. Where a moment of embrace can last for all time, to shower us with the magic, like fire in the sky. On a blanket in the field or down by the sea, or out in the open or hidden beneath the trees. Where ever we travel, what ever we do the energy of love always comes through.

Vary the colors of life in all shades and hues, from the warmth of a yellow and the calm of the blue and the fire of red as it blazes on through. No sparkle of white, It just won't do, for my life is a rainbow when I share it with you.

No words, no song, nor images of desire, lead with as much passion as my heart lit a fire. There is the rush of the sea, the calm of the night and the entwining of souls which sparkle with light.

I laughed and I cried and I danced and I fell into the arms of my love who cast the spell. Pleasures so simple, treats for the mind, travel the distance and close the gap of all time.

A walk in the garden, sipping at tea or down by the waters, gazing into the stream. Beside you, around you, deep in your heart, I placed the first kiss to ignite the first spark.

I dream of the day when I stare into the lights of color and see your reflection beside me.

The Great Escape

...is from the first moment I close my eyes and step into your arms.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

and yet I know...

The magic of memories, the power of the mind,
the warmth of your love, makes you forever mine.
The music softly plays and there with my eyes closed the doorway to the heart is opened. Stepping without caution, both heart and soul embrace your love. The beauty of the moment is multiplied a thousand times the stars in the sky to bring the most intricate of visions. I felt your hand reach out and clasp tightly mine, as I felt the magnetic pull of my heart next to yours. I viewed the magic of memory, as it recreated a day in time, where the meeting of hearts first took place.
I had the opportunity to meet several people who had met with and battled personal challenges both emotionally and physically. Those who were given a a second chance and their personal excitement with life. Everything from a heart transplant patient, to a woman who had spinal injury and beat the odds, to those who had personally challenged emotional disorders.
As they shared their stories, I felt my body quiver at those who medically were given a second chance. I thought about life, about those around me and myself and It occurred to me we are all given second chances every morning when we get out of bed. Each day we have a choice of what we are going to do with our life and how we are going to do it. Yet I realized there was still more, allowing that someone special into your heart, what an experience. I thought to myself, what if today were to be my last and the Lord had done his calling. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and I thanked the Lord for all that he had given me and again I felt the energy of your spirit and the love that you give me each day. I rejoiced from deep down within my soul, as if the music took on vision and we entwined for an embrace of love that broke all barriers, bonding a moment in time. I knew at that very second that there is no greater experience, than that of love, for if I did nothing and had gone nowhere, I had still tasted the sweetness of life's nectar.
Loneliness, it has no meaning as long as you know my kiss shall wake you each morning and my embrace shall hold you in warmth both day and night, for you and I are what love is, powerful, magical and warm.

And I Love You So - Helen Reddy

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Great Paradox

The weakness of a man in fear, is his inability to accept the journey of truth. The quest is not to follow the dreams of another, but to allow self to guide decisively with heart through the spirit of freedom in the release of the soul.


So close the memories that light the sky,
warm the heart and trick the mind.

So gentle a love of kisses warm, to pleasure
the sharing and to void the storms.

So strong the hand, which pulled to shore,
embraced the moment and begged for more.

So daring a friendship, climbed the mountains
and bridged the sea to create a vision for you
and me.

I felt the challenge of spirit as I confronted
the fantasy and the reality of the moment.
I fear that if I stand still for to long,
my legs will tremble and fall shall I.
I have never been frightened of failure, I have been frightened that I wouldn't make it to shore. I have worn the weights of insecurity which were used to secure my spirit to the earth.
If I the chance to your arms rest and your love feel, I will have met with the great paradox for I have rested in your arms and I have felt your love. To define the energy that ignites the spirits in a bond of the souls, one must only believe when looking into the blue sky that all is as one, as the earth revolves within a limitless boundary called the universe.

Friday, September 05, 2008

La la ... the joy of the song, is singing with you.

Distance only hampers the ability of love to climb mountains, hand in hand in thought, heart to heart in love, soul to soul in spirit, challenges one mountain after another to dance in the skies of blue... and I love you so.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

...as you warm mine.

The possibilities are endless when the gates of love, faith and respect are unlatched. The treading on untraveled paths leads the soul to experience the unimaginable. The touch of spirit to spirit, the embrace of hearts and a absorption of energy which is infused from sources unseen. Feel my love, earth is its playground, pleasure my desire it cradles the wind to breathe life into your soul ,as I embrace with the sun to warm your heart.
The words of love are from the infusion
of your spirit to my soul.

Breathe deeply...and devour my love as I have tasted the sweetness of the nectar of life and placed the pleasure of desire upon your lips.