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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, September 07, 2008

and yet I know...

The magic of memories, the power of the mind,
the warmth of your love, makes you forever mine.
The music softly plays and there with my eyes closed the doorway to the heart is opened. Stepping without caution, both heart and soul embrace your love. The beauty of the moment is multiplied a thousand times the stars in the sky to bring the most intricate of visions. I felt your hand reach out and clasp tightly mine, as I felt the magnetic pull of my heart next to yours. I viewed the magic of memory, as it recreated a day in time, where the meeting of hearts first took place.
I had the opportunity to meet several people who had met with and battled personal challenges both emotionally and physically. Those who were given a a second chance and their personal excitement with life. Everything from a heart transplant patient, to a woman who had spinal injury and beat the odds, to those who had personally challenged emotional disorders.
As they shared their stories, I felt my body quiver at those who medically were given a second chance. I thought about life, about those around me and myself and It occurred to me we are all given second chances every morning when we get out of bed. Each day we have a choice of what we are going to do with our life and how we are going to do it. Yet I realized there was still more, allowing that someone special into your heart, what an experience. I thought to myself, what if today were to be my last and the Lord had done his calling. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and I thanked the Lord for all that he had given me and again I felt the energy of your spirit and the love that you give me each day. I rejoiced from deep down within my soul, as if the music took on vision and we entwined for an embrace of love that broke all barriers, bonding a moment in time. I knew at that very second that there is no greater experience, than that of love, for if I did nothing and had gone nowhere, I had still tasted the sweetness of life's nectar.
Loneliness, it has no meaning as long as you know my kiss shall wake you each morning and my embrace shall hold you in warmth both day and night, for you and I are what love is, powerful, magical and warm.

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Mark said...

This is a truly beautiful thought process, one we should all engage in for it reconnects us with source and gives a clean perspective on who we are and why we are here.