Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Friday, September 12, 2008


Your kiss each morning, your voice a delight,
your love a blanket, warms the night.

Shooo! those raindrops, remove those clouds,
all I want is blue skies to gently surround.

Partnered with your embrace, in the dance of
love, my heart races to see from above.

Hand and hand, in this stroll through life,
nothing can replace what feels so right.


The rain had fallen and stirred emotions in me,
I feel the darkness of the mountains and the
deepness of the sea.

Distance separates the flesth with walls of land,
but the soul is awfully power its energy can't be
held to command.

Wipe away those tears, my kiss I send to thee,
to warm your spirit and set it free.

Follow the lead of my heart, It travels both
day and night, to brighten up the moment
and to give my love a life.

More it begs, more I need, more I want
you, the more I believe.

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