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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I like color

To be loved as we ourself love...

You are the sun which shines, the moon that glows each night,
you are my love, who energized my life.

You are the waves at sea, rolling in the breeze, inviting me to
dance with your memory.

You are my everthing, my hopes and dreams, a road of love
which leads you to me.

You are my every smile, the warmth of love a fire, you are the
blaze that drives me insane.

It doesn't matter where the dance takes place, in the kitchen, the garden or the heavens above... dance with me...

Sings>I closed my eyes like a thousand times before, but this time more special and more was in store. In the darkness a light which shone on the sea and there in the darkness danced you and me.

I listened close to the beat of our hearts, to the rhythm of music where love gets its start. Entwined like Ivy, tight as can be,a vision of love, cast a new dream.

I felt our souls first warm embrace, more wondrous than anything that has ever taken place. More powerful than a train controlling the tracks and sweeter than honey is a simple fact.

I never imagined that for one moment that someone could love me in the full context of what love is. In the beauty of the morning, beyond the mountains high, with such warmth and respect to guide us throughout our life. Where a moment of embrace can last for all time, to shower us with the magic, like fire in the sky. On a blanket in the field or down by the sea, or out in the open or hidden beneath the trees. Where ever we travel, what ever we do the energy of love always comes through.

Vary the colors of life in all shades and hues, from the warmth of a yellow and the calm of the blue and the fire of red as it blazes on through. No sparkle of white, It just won't do, for my life is a rainbow when I share it with you.

No words, no song, nor images of desire, lead with as much passion as my heart lit a fire. There is the rush of the sea, the calm of the night and the entwining of souls which sparkle with light.

I laughed and I cried and I danced and I fell into the arms of my love who cast the spell. Pleasures so simple, treats for the mind, travel the distance and close the gap of all time.

A walk in the garden, sipping at tea or down by the waters, gazing into the stream. Beside you, around you, deep in your heart, I placed the first kiss to ignite the first spark.

I dream of the day when I stare into the lights of color and see your reflection beside me.

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