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Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Great Paradox

The weakness of a man in fear, is his inability to accept the journey of truth. The quest is not to follow the dreams of another, but to allow self to guide decisively with heart through the spirit of freedom in the release of the soul.


So close the memories that light the sky,
warm the heart and trick the mind.

So gentle a love of kisses warm, to pleasure
the sharing and to void the storms.

So strong the hand, which pulled to shore,
embraced the moment and begged for more.

So daring a friendship, climbed the mountains
and bridged the sea to create a vision for you
and me.

I felt the challenge of spirit as I confronted
the fantasy and the reality of the moment.
I fear that if I stand still for to long,
my legs will tremble and fall shall I.
I have never been frightened of failure, I have been frightened that I wouldn't make it to shore. I have worn the weights of insecurity which were used to secure my spirit to the earth.
If I the chance to your arms rest and your love feel, I will have met with the great paradox for I have rested in your arms and I have felt your love. To define the energy that ignites the spirits in a bond of the souls, one must only believe when looking into the blue sky that all is as one, as the earth revolves within a limitless boundary called the universe.

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