Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Each Breath..

Hello morning dove,
how are you ?
Outside my window
she responded with a coo.

The sun has risen
and the skies are blue,
as I drift to happiness
it's always with you.

Hello morning dove,
how are you?
Outside my window
she responded with a coo.

There is no doubt I love music, from folk music to soft jazz, oldies to blues. One friend of the family Tom, liked sitting by the bond fire and singing his Irish songs. The children would delight in his merry way of reaching out and spreading a little happiness. Up beat and sweet with song the Irish melody comes to mind.

Sings >Flowers in the garden,
butterflies are there too
as I stumbled on a dream
and landed beside you.

My first thought each morn
as I carry you through the day
and I keep you in my heart so
you'll be each breath I take.

Flowers in the garden
butterflies are there too,
as I stumbled on a dream
and landed beside you.

I feel so amazing with the
tenderness of your touch,
locked in your embrace
I love you so very much.

Flowers in the garden,
butterflies are there too,
as I stumbled on a dream
and landed next to you.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Kitchen Dance

The mind has a way of overcoming the negative and all obstacles by remembering the positive and finding strength in their messages. My parents had a volatile relationship and yet I fondly look back and remember my parents dancing in the kitchen. Music has always been an integral part of my being or shall I say sounds in general. From my earliest memories my father would put his pocket watch under my pillow so I would fall asleep to the tic tock as if it were a lullaby and then to the sounds of the train passing by. That was sometimes replaced by the old transistor radio underneath my pillow.
I don't often have difficult days but today I feel just a bit melancholy. Flooded with memories and losses and my daily grunge I am a tad bit overwhelmed. With all I had to do, I instead went outside seeking solitude in my gardening. The gardening gives the quickest reward for the amount of work involved. It was one of those moments , I could hear the song that my parents use to play and dance to " dearest I love you and I shall always love you, I still belong to you."
Summer is quickly passing and I don't look forward to the fall season. The dark comes early and stays late and the sun deceiving as the trees will soon begin the changing of colors. I am a bit over emotional for that under my control,  I find completely opposite nothing is under my control.  The tears that were hidden behind my eyes for sometime slowly  rolled down my cheek.

The deep fog lifted
as the sun broke through
and at that very moment
I found myself thinking of you.

I thought about your arms
holding me gentle yet tight
and the kisses we would have
if you were with me tonight.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Michael Buble - That's All (lyrics on screen)

Upon the clouds,

waiting on your hand

to dance the night away.

Blah, blah , blah

When I reach for a memory wonderful and kind,
it is you my love that comes to mind. 


I wake with you in my heart
and carry you through the day,
till the stars take to the sky,
I fall to dreams of you and I. 

Surreal the visuals and
the magic that transpires,
as I feel your love 
set my soul on fire. 

Sweet fragrance fills the air,
Gardenia blooms everywhere.
Summer weather now in gear
a few more weaks for us
to share.

It is not that I look to see
the visuals with my mind,
the images secured within
my heart closely entwined.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Opening The Curtains

My heart whispers of love
first thing each morn 
and the more I think of you
the more of you I adore.

You are with me in my travels,
that I may never let you go, 
as I tucked you in my heart
and in my heart you grow.

It is not what I believe 
that makes so much sense to me, 
it's the beating of my heart
that whispers like a dream.

Words are but a catalyst 
between the hearts of two, 
recording the energy 
of how I feel for you.

Till the sun no longer shines
and the rain no longer falls, 
till dreams no longer work 
and you are in my arms. 

Till the clock no longer ticks, 
and the earth no longer spins, 
till time no longer rules
and you are in  my arms. 

I'll be here beside you
both day and night, 
the touch of sweet love 
is magic we can't fight.

Till the sun no longer shines
and the rain no longer falls,
till dreams no longer work 
and you are in my arms. 

Till the clock no longer ticks
and the earth no longer spins
till time no longer rules
and you are in my arms.

I'll be waiting for you
and that's a guarantee
for you are the love 
that rules my memories. 

These words are but a fraction of the recording of time, 
that a love grew in my heart, soul and mind. 

Early morning,
rain falling down
caught in the moment
swept up in your smile.

I can't ever imagine
anyone could understand
a love so incredible
it be must heavens plan.

I thought I walked in darkness,
to bring you close to me,
but when I closed my eyes
that is when I could really see.

So tender our embrace,
in a magical kind of way,
reaching for my pillow
made all the miles fade.


Thursday, August 11, 2016


The carp rise to the top
and a turtle is sunning on a log
a hot summer day to share
perfect if you were here.

Birds going about their day,
finding seed and gathering hay,
preparing to nest once more
as the weather has more sun
in store.

There is so much to do
 I just daydream here of you,
a smile upon your face and
a warm touch of your embrace.

The trees barely give shade
it is hot and hotter by the day,
sometimes I am feeling my age
until I look back and engage.

Blocking the trials of life
only allowing what feels right,
visions to compliment the day
you and I and a glass of lemonade.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just A Whisper In The Wind

Just a whisper in the wind,
direct to you and you alone,
may you feel the way I do
like a diamond and not a

My hearts gift for you
it's here to get us through,
days filled with clouds of gray
to the skies brilliant blue.

As long as we shall live,
my love to you is what I give,
from early morn when you awake
till the stars a blanket make.

Strenghten this union of love
as we dance in clouds above,
Precious moments on rewind
feel new each and every time.

Just a whisper in the wind,
direct to you and you alone,
may you feel the way I do,
like a diamond and not
a rhinestone.


Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Forevers Embrace

Deep in my heart
two entwined souls
captures the love
that never grows old.

Clear as the moment
you first said hello
and I took to the
clouds and have
yet to let go.

This is love
forevers embrace,
as I close my eyes
and my heart loses
its pace.

Feeling you close
as two can be,
in your arms I'll
always be.

Deep in my heart
two entwined souls,
captures the love
that never grows old.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Dearest Love

I don't need a silly rhyme
to reveal how much I care, 
I have all the memories 
of the times we shared. 

In the stars upon the heavens
moon light to the ground,
whispers of the wind 
and rain falling down. 

Magical to the senses, 
love fueled by dreams 
keeps you in my heart
as if the angels sing. 

Can't erased the treasure,
the gems of life are time
and I have captured the 
moments and to my 
life aligned. 

Wakes me in the morning
and gets me through the day
as I close my eyes at night
reveals your arms I lay. 

Powerful the emotions, 
passionately full of love
waits upon the clouds
for my dearest love.



Imagine no sunrise
or stars in the night
only puffs of gray clouds
without you in my life.

Flowers that never bloom
no birds or butterflies
only emptiness resides
without you by my side.

The river without water,
earth without the trees,
my heart without you
is like sailing without
a breeze.


Sunday, August 07, 2016

I Love You

Can't change the world
nor stop the time of day,
can't make a river flow
against the current of the

I can make a gray sky blue
just by thinking of me and you.
I can tell you from my heart
that I loved you from the start.

Can't stop the passing of seasons
nor time from moving on
nor play a passionate love song
on the heavens harp.

I can taking to dreaming
and fall asleep within your arms
just to find the sun rising
and wake with you in my heart.

...from my heart
I love you

Saturday, August 06, 2016


Except for an occassional bark from the dogs, the evening outdoors was near perfect. Temperatures slightly cooled and a gentle breeze allowed me to feel the ultimate sense of calm.  The sun appeared to set quicker than it had on previous evenings. It was almost as if someone was turning off the light switch , as it went from light to dark so quickly. No doubt we don't need a calendar to remind that fall will soon be here.  Grateful for all the times we shared and the time we have yet to share.

To hear your voice
and share in your day,
to follow the seasons
what comes our way.

To feel your heartbeat
and rest in your arms,
sleep in the comfort
of your sweet charm.

To know your love
to carry it through,
forever and ever
that's what I'll do.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Waking in Your Heart

I am not sure if it was the way the wind danced through the trees or the stream as it flowed over the rocks that blocked out all yesterdays and thoughts of tomorrow.  I stood in the cool waters listening to the trickling sound as it made its way over the rocks. I reached down and felt the water splash against my body and somehow all the trials of a day or a lifetime disappeared.
It was an odd sort of day. I strolled through the gardens, gathered some tomato's and vegetables and everything should have felt okay. Yet there was an uneasiness that darkened the rest of the day. There was so much I could have been doing and instead I retreated to my bedroom and put on the fan and fell asleep to a movie that I probably saw several times.
I was wakened by a phone call from a customer who more than products needed someone to talk with. I found myself bagging the vegetables and telling the customer to meet me so I can help out with by sharing the fresh picked cucumbers , squash and tomato's. It is kind of instinct to pitch in when others are down, more rewarding than the few dollars I got selling them at the market.
There is a heaviness that comes with allowing those closest to use you as a sounding board. I needed to find away to let it all go. That is where writing comes into play. Shout, whisper, cry or just plain reaching out to touch you in anyway possible.

Mixed emotions,
like blue skies and gray,
I reached to the heavens
and you came my way.

My head on your shoulder
and your heart to mine,
broke all the barriers
of distance and time.

The wind thru the trees
seem to whisper your name
and in the trickling of water
brought the ten year old
out to play.

Slid upon the rocks
and landed in your arms
like falling in a dream
and waking in your heart.

I shouted in the hollow
as if the world could hear
and the hollow replied
through the means of
natures bit of cheer.

Take the weather
when the skies are blue
and save them for
the rainy days to see
us both through.

Surrounded by the trees
I gazed up at the sky
and I knew at that moment
all that mattered was
you and I.

I let out in a whisper
 all my love for you
and I begged the wind
to send my message to
via the blue

The next time you feel
a breeze and it crosses your
cheek, may it stop you in
the moment and make you

I sent my love and a kiss
or two to place the magic
in your heart of a lifetime
with you.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Your heart to mine
forever entwined,
stronger and stronger
with time.

The bond unbroken
better each day,
makes every moment
feel like the first of May.

Sunshine and blue skies,
to warm the soul and
your kindness that
slowly unfolds.

Your heart to mine
forever entwined,
stronger and stronger
with time.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Martina McBride - Help Me Make it Through the Night (LIVE)


The wind took to the trees
as the leaves cascaded down
and the sun began rising as my
mind drifted with the sound.

The birds went about singing
and the world seemed so small
as if no distance was between
us and your heart and mine
were at awe.

 I froze quickly in the frame
of a past moment in time
when loved lifted my spirit
and only good could be found.

I felt the connection
like that very first day
and a calm came over me
in a most unique and special way.

There were no signs of sadness
only happy filled memories
as you erased all traces
of clouds dark and gray.

Suddenly like a Picasso
a beautiful mural appeared
from one end to the other
our hearts we now shared.

Just Another Day

It is one of those days where my thoughts are bouncing around. From family to friends and all that encompass us on this ever so short journey. I can't believe we are into the month of August. Like windows in the mountain, the higher you climb the more trials that appear. Kind of reminds me of a horse straddling barriers or jumping over a hurdle. It seems as if everyone is in a survival mode. I find that I have always been a sponge to my surroundings, absorbing all the energy around me. Whether the energy is positive or negative it becomes a part of who I am. Sometimes I can put it all in context as if filing it accordingly to importance. I become ever aware of our capabilities to change or not the circumstances that be fall us.
Call it mind exercise or therapy or the great escape as I take a deep breath close my eyes and imagine life free of the pitfalls. Maybe I just need a few days away or  a lifetime away. Race ya to the clouds

There is place I visit
where peace is all around,
I simply close my eyes
and my heart pounds.

You are there in my memories
in my heart and in my soul,
you're a part of life
in this forever hold.

There is a place I visit
where happiness is found,
I wake up in your arms and
my head is spinning round.


Keep on smiling
no tears today,
you're in my heart
each and every day.

You're the sunrise
that greats me each morn
and the blue of the heavens
where our souls soar.

Keep on believing
no heartache today,
for I love you in
this special way.

You're the stars
that blanket the night
keeping me safe
in your arms for life.

Keep on loving
no sadness here
for I'll keep on loving
that is how much I care.


Unlock my heart
and you will see,
just how much
you mean to me.

Hold my hand,
tighter please
walk through
life with me.

Share a kiss
under skies blue,
announcing all my
love for you.

Unlock my heart
and you will see,
just how much
you mean to me.