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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, August 06, 2016


Except for an occassional bark from the dogs, the evening outdoors was near perfect. Temperatures slightly cooled and a gentle breeze allowed me to feel the ultimate sense of calm.  The sun appeared to set quicker than it had on previous evenings. It was almost as if someone was turning off the light switch , as it went from light to dark so quickly. No doubt we don't need a calendar to remind that fall will soon be here.  Grateful for all the times we shared and the time we have yet to share.

To hear your voice
and share in your day,
to follow the seasons
what comes our way.

To feel your heartbeat
and rest in your arms,
sleep in the comfort
of your sweet charm.

To know your love
to carry it through,
forever and ever
that's what I'll do.

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