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Friday, August 05, 2016

Waking in Your Heart

I am not sure if it was the way the wind danced through the trees or the stream as it flowed over the rocks that blocked out all yesterdays and thoughts of tomorrow.  I stood in the cool waters listening to the trickling sound as it made its way over the rocks. I reached down and felt the water splash against my body and somehow all the trials of a day or a lifetime disappeared.
It was an odd sort of day. I strolled through the gardens, gathered some tomato's and vegetables and everything should have felt okay. Yet there was an uneasiness that darkened the rest of the day. There was so much I could have been doing and instead I retreated to my bedroom and put on the fan and fell asleep to a movie that I probably saw several times.
I was wakened by a phone call from a customer who more than products needed someone to talk with. I found myself bagging the vegetables and telling the customer to meet me so I can help out with by sharing the fresh picked cucumbers , squash and tomato's. It is kind of instinct to pitch in when others are down, more rewarding than the few dollars I got selling them at the market.
There is a heaviness that comes with allowing those closest to use you as a sounding board. I needed to find away to let it all go. That is where writing comes into play. Shout, whisper, cry or just plain reaching out to touch you in anyway possible.

Mixed emotions,
like blue skies and gray,
I reached to the heavens
and you came my way.

My head on your shoulder
and your heart to mine,
broke all the barriers
of distance and time.

The wind thru the trees
seem to whisper your name
and in the trickling of water
brought the ten year old
out to play.

Slid upon the rocks
and landed in your arms
like falling in a dream
and waking in your heart.

I shouted in the hollow
as if the world could hear
and the hollow replied
through the means of
natures bit of cheer.

Take the weather
when the skies are blue
and save them for
the rainy days to see
us both through.

Surrounded by the trees
I gazed up at the sky
and I knew at that moment
all that mattered was
you and I.

I let out in a whisper
 all my love for you
and I begged the wind
to send my message to
via the blue

The next time you feel
a breeze and it crosses your
cheek, may it stop you in
the moment and make you

I sent my love and a kiss
or two to place the magic
in your heart of a lifetime
with you.

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