Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Right outside my window, beyond the snow covered hills, I had fallen into your spell and now the story I'll tell. Love is awfully precious and magical as can be, it can soar a mountain and make reality from a dream. Teach lovers how to dance up in the heavens high and sing to the heart which I respond in a romantic sigh. Strolling through the moment which cast you by my side, I found a love that knows me from inside.

Right outside my window, beyond the time of day, I closed my eyes to listen to what my heart had to say. My heart spoke of treasures more precious than that of gold, it spoke of the greatest love the heart could ever hold. I listened closely to the words of my heart and again it spoke of your love like a mystic work of art. I knew from the very start that nothing creates such a fire as a love struck spark.


If oatmeal you'll be needing, if love is your request, if dreams are the answer than my arms are where you'll rest. I'll gather up the sun rays to warm your heart and kiss you each morning both near and from a far. I'll love you forever and forever will my gift and as I write these words our love will stand the test. Listen to the angels their aim is never wrong they led you to me and that's the joy of their song. If oatmeal you'll be needing, if love is your request, if dreams are the answer than my arms are where you'll rest.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Rocking Chair Dream

The rocking chair dream might mean something different to different people. I always thought of the rocking chair dream as a full sense of peace and contentment. What brings peace and contentment? I would say being understood allows a person to achieve with an unconditional acceptance and in that sense becoming one with nature, one with love,one with life.

What are my dreams? I would have to say that externally those dreams changed over my lifetime, from the simplistic desire to live in peace to the excitement that comes with the challenges each new day brings. Internally my soul seeks to find its place free of the restlessness and in the arms of love...
...to be loved as I love is the ultimate gift.

I am the flower that blooms atop the mountain,
the breath of air which reaches out with the power
of the wind to touch your soul...


To share each moment,
to hold you in my heart,
dream the dream of lovers
and dance under the stars.

To listen to the angels,
record their every word,
the plan of the heavens,
to leave no stone unturned.

My dreams are rather simple,
as simple as can be, a walk
hand in hand, heart to heart
and souls free.

I remember the vacation that I recently took, the dolphins were jumping in the water and I found it to be the most amazing experience, to be that close in the water and swim next to them. I ran to shore to reach for my camera and I ran up the shore line to see if I could follow them and get a good photograph. What amazed me most was when I turned back to see the people just sitting there nonchalant neglecting the beauty of the world around them. They seem to take it all in such stride, as to not let it interfere with their daily doldrum of sun bathing or reading as they blocked out the world around them.

Underneath the heaven's wondrous sky of blue,
I drifted to the dreams of loving you.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Day

I can soar like an eagle in flight,
high above the clouds where
dreams are all that's in sight.

We have each moment of a
new day and the tomorrow's
where memories are made.

I'm dancing on winters times, to songs played in my mind of you and I. I'm dreaming of a summer day, where you and I will have our way, under a summer blue. I'm singing silly songs, from my heart, a sing along with you and I.

I say it's possible, I know it to be true,
love has the ability to travel the blue.
It exist from the earth to the heavens high,
the magic of love that makes you mine.

Love... unconditional, indescribable energy.

I have seen it in the heavens as I gazed into the stars,
and felt its very power ignite the flame within my heart.
I didn't wish upon the moment or dream it to be so,
but along came the day and I was no longer alone.

There is no place for yesterday,
for today I lay claim. Smiles that
make you sing and dreams of
what tomorrow may bring.

Hold still I'm sending kisses,
don' t you move or they just
might miss ya. Hold still
I'm sending kisses to you.

Hold still and let the sky
surround, it's my hug to
let you know I'm around.
Hold still and let the sky
surround you.

Hold still and let the
wind blow, whispers of
how I love you so. Hold
still and let the wind
blow my love to you.

The Possiblities

Take my hand and you'll see the possibilities,
the roads we yet to travel as we take the
world by storm.

We'll make the sun shine brighter, make the
sky a brilliant blue, we'll make the world a
better place, just by letting our love shine

Take my hand and you'll see the possibilities,
the roads we yet to travel as we take the
world by storm.

We'll make the day a little better, make our
hearts beat a little faster, as we dream of the
day we'll be dancing under the blue.

Take my hand and you'll see the possibilities,
the roads we yet to travel as we take the
world by storm.

We'll make the seasons relinquish their power
at will, to the master of the moment and the
tenderness we feel.

Take my hand and you'll see the possibilities,
the roads we yet to travel as we take the
world by storm.

I am not confusing the moment,
I refuse to let the gray, dampen
my spirit and chase the sunshine

I don't see snow storms, I can't
feel the rain, all I know is what
came my way.

Love might make one tremendously
insane, as I find myself dancing
in the clouds night and day.


I stood by the river and I watched the water rise and as the rain was falling down, the current refused to subside. Oh! river you're awfully wide and to you I throw the secrets of my heart, soul and mind.

The river whispered "your secrets are safe with me and I know all about the love and the magic of your dreams. " Whether the season brings rain or snow, the rivers waters will carry my love as they flow.

Once more I gazed at the muddy waters ride and I wished for the moment when you would be standing here by my side. Oh! river you're awfully wide and to you I throw the secrets of my heart, soul and mind.

Sings> Oh! my love to you I sing, what can I give that will make you happy? I have no treasures of silver or gold, but all that I have you most certainly hold.

Oh! my love to you I sing, what can I give that will make you happy? I've whispered of love to the heavens high give to him all the love from deep inside.

Oh! my love to you I sing, what can I give that will make you happy? I've given my heart, my dreams and desire, I've given the moment to set afire.

Oh! my love to you I sing, what can I give that will make you happy? I'll give you the mountains, the sky of blue, I'll wrap it in passion and send it to you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

I am one of the fortunate ones, my son is on leave from the military and home for Christmas. There are men and women in the military who just may be separated from their family and who wont be home to share in the holiday in a safe and sound setting. To those who have sacrificed their lives to make ours a little more safer, my prayers for a peaceful holiday. As we don't know what tomorrow brings, I give special thanks that we live in a world where we can get up each morning and work magic with the miracles of life.

For a short period of time today I allowed the negativity of others to enter my world, to alter my peace and happiness and my joy in celebrating the birth of Jesus. Maybe it was a little self pity, a bit of being overwhelmed. I guess for me I have always been the sole source of creating the holiday atmosphere. and you could say I am a little bit behind schedule as I am between baking and cooking, I pass the living room and add a decoration to the tree. It is very easy to allow someone or something to dampen the spirits, to try and rob the soul of true happiness, but as I look not at what I don't have but what I do, my spirit is lifted and I feel a real sense of joy.

It was the silent screams, the ones you think no one can hear. When in reality people can hear them, because they to are sharing in them. Dusting off the negativity that surfaced this morning, I look to tomorrow and all that the future offers. It is like the rays of the sun that shine through the window and reflect upon my face, for that warmth of love I am blessed. I glanced up at the blue of the heavens and thanked the Lord that my children are well, that tomorrow will come and that no one can take away what is born in the heart at the souls request.

Love is not a man made creation, it is the warmth of spirit that has the ability to cross miles, to brings smiles, to create dreams. For the love you give and the love we share my deepest gratitude. Merry Christmas may the gift of love flourish throughout the year and may you find as I have that when you least expect it the most amazing things happen.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Kisses

My gift to you is all my love for you,
nothing else will do than to share
my heart with you.

From the morning you wake up until
your fast asleep I'll be there sending
no kisses in your dreams.

My gift to you is all my love for you,
nothing else will do than to share
my heart with you.
The Heart Of Lovers

The heart of lovers and mind filled dreams,
mix with winter to create a scene.
Frost laced branches and boughs of green,
blend with love for you and for me.

The cold had faded by the love in your heart,
sparkling glitter remains like a star. From the
moment you reached on out to me, my soul
exclaimed, " your love now resides in me. "

December sun a reminder as well, that love
is the answers to the depths of hell. I'll be
here waiting if it takes eternity, as your
heart erases all the misery.

Listen closely and this you will find, the
day was pure pleasure when your heart
met mine. Each beat is to the steps of time
loves reminder that you'll always be mine.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rainbow Snow

When I was I believe in kindergarten or maybe it was first grade, I couldn't wait to get to the painting easel in art class. Each time I would paint a variety of snow scenes, with various colors of snow. One day the teacher, said is that all you can do is paint polka dots on the canvas?I didn't think she was quite ready to hear my childhood theory on colored snow. So the next week when I returned to art class, I painted a rainbow of snowflakes. I would go home and mother always knew that the picture was another snowfall filled with color. She would say" ahhhhh beautiful red snow." I failed art class that year the teacher just didn't get colored snow.

My daughter came home from school excited and she had a candy dish that she painted, it was a rainbow Poinsettia. I was taken back by the variety of colors. She said " do you like it?" I said yes! she responded with" no you don't, I can tell by the look on your face." I really do love it, it is a little unusual for a Poinsettia, but it is a beautiful sentiment.

Colors, it's a little bit like life as the rainbow expresses and releases the mixed emotions from within. From my soul I give the blue of the sky to remind you that everything is possible under the heavens. The passionate power of red which allows you to absorb and display all the fiery emotions at once. The green like that of spring which again inspires a new day and the yellow of the sun that it may brighten your heart as you have brightened mine. These are a few of the colors that I have seen through the storms of life, each one has the ability to strengthen and give insight while holding on to the gift of love. I want to wish everyone a holiday filled with colors of the heart and as you gaze out the window this winter season may you enjoy the colors of rainbow snow.
Science looks at man in the obvious faction, our existence based on our chemical make up in the tree of elements. But the human form is much more complex than an oxygen based creature. What exactly sets us part and thus brings us together is the ever intriguing depth of the mind. We eat and exercise to nurture the body and at times starve our minds into a dark abyss, with very little understanding of own needs. There is again the obvious the need for companionship and passion which leads us to develop a deeper understanding of exactly who we are. It is the simplicity of life which is so over looked, a mere touch of the heart and soul can be as simple a smile or a warm gesture. Exactly what are our needs? That depends where we might be on that ever so winding journey.
I had read a series of books years back, the scene was set in a more nomadic or tribal period, one of the characters in the book searches desperately to find one of their own kind. If we are all human what is it we search for? That to would depend on the emptiness a person is trying to fill. The warmth of touch stimulates an excitement that can be both calming, loving and passionate. We are complex individuals especially when we deny our self the basic needs of both our earthly form and our spiritual hunger.

The outer shell reveals little of what is on the inside,
for we are capable of a portrait that to our own self denies.
I think every child knows it and every adult prepares for
life begins again once when you open your heart to share.


Love is the magic that prevails over all other emotions.


I am trapped in a snow globe

shake it up and watch it fall.

Thinking of You

Everything that happens in our life does so to prepare us for a new day. How we embrace the challenges is as important as recognizing the signs which are sent to alert us along the journey. Sometimes I am not sure what it all means or the significants of the timing itself. What I am aware of is that there are many gifts in life that bring joy to the heart and a awakening of the soul.

When you can feel my love, like a sun ray warm to your heart, the magic that occurs is what ignites the spark. When the images of love like a dream appear, you'll know we crossed the barriers to touch what some may fear. We'll meet up in the heavens, we'll dance the night away and I promise to you my love, forever and a day.

When the words don't really matter and you can still hear the song, you'll know that you have reached my heart where you have always belonged. When the days seem a struggle and you know not where to go, remember you unlocked my heart and that's the end of the long road.

This story is a little different and yet it seems the same, the road to happiness is miraculously paved. It led me to your heart, guided me right to your soul, so that I may hold your hand as the day unfolds. We laugh a little and I've been known to cry, but on this road there is always the blue of the sky. This story is a little different and yet its seems the same, the road to happiness is miraculously paved.
It is awfully quiet to night and all that I can hear
are the moments we share, the laughter, the joy,
the magic, the dreams, the beauty of the day
when you are with me.
There is a tremendous amount of joy in being able to help or to do things for another person, to show appreciation and share in the love. I don't believe it is something you have to think about, it is just something you do, you do it from your heart and with your soul, that is the beauty of love.

Reach for your hand,
hold your heart,
whisper the words,
dance under the stars.

Straighten your tie,
my hands hold you tight,
in the early morn and
late at night.

Kiss you good morning,
wish you well,
cast the dreams,
that set the spell.

All of my love,
deep from my heart,
I give to you,
from a far.

The darkness fades,
as the sun shines away,
in the blue of sky on
a ordinary day.

Laughter and smiles,
where love is in style
and dreams close
the gap in the miles.


There is never any true silence, as I have heard the song of the heart,
as our souls embrace and dance to theme of love.

My spirit feels your energy, my heart absorbs your love
and when I close my eyes I view our souls as one.


I was walking in the moonlight and it was no surprise, my heart drifted to you and zap you were by my side. I felt your love infuse into my heart, the beauty of life under a blanket of stars.

I was walking in the moonlight and it was no surprise, my heart drifted to you and zap you were by my side. I smiled a smile the whole world could see, the people surrounded viewed love as it oozed from me.

I was walking in the moonlight and it was no surprise ,my heart drifted to you, because your always on my mind. Your the laughter that brings such joy to me, the warmth of spirit that creates my every dream

I was walking in the moonlight and it was no surprise, my heart drifted to you and zap you were by my side. My heart bracing, my soul can't deny that there is something awfully special when we are walking side by side.

My heart bracing, my soul can't deny that there is something awfully special when we are walking side by side.
There is something most amazing when you are with me,
like taking a dream and making it sing.I hear your love
call out to me, like an angel from the heavens who
sings of the possibilities.
No ache in my heart, no room for despair, my love for
you is something to revere, like coddling the moment with
dreams of you, your with me my darling in all that I do.
Listen as I whisper to you of a love so powerful it
scurries the heavens to bring happiness to you. So
beautiful the sounds, they are your love and my
love merging from the blue down.
No ache in my heart, no room for despair, my love for
you can not be compared, it binds your soul aimlessly
to mine, on a journey of love where dreams map the
heaven and you send the chills up my spine.
Sings>What's going on? my feet are dancing to a love song,
I can't stop smiling and dreaming of you.
What's goin on? I'm singing silly love songs,
I can't stop smiling and dreaming of you.
Ya gotta love...
Ya gotta love the Carolina Wren, she could have gone migrating but she stayed instead. She sings a song early each morn as she ruffles her feather for a snow storm. You gotta admire the northern trees as they face the winter in their dormancy, they could have died back but they are standing tallm while only a few branches fall. You gotta know when your with me, we will take the winter and make it feel like spring, a little sunshine with your smile it can last for a long long while. Ya gotta love a memory, it cast you in my dreams, dancing and singing all day long in your arms so strong.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Close enough to feel each beat of your heart
and taste your kisses sweet as I melt in
your arms.

Close enough to whisper the words of
love, to you my darling who was sent
from the heavens above.

Close enough that you will surely know,
how wonderful this love is and how
rapidly it has grown.

Close enough that in the dark of night
you'll see the images of love bonded
like stars to the night.

Close enough for you my love to
absorb each and every breath, from
early morn till the sunset comes
to rest.

Close enough to feel our flesh to
flesh and give our souls the peace
so they can gently rest.

Close enough that I can tell you
just how much I care and give
to you my heart with each moment
we share..

Sings>Whispers darling I love you,
love you more with each breath I take
and as I close my eyes I feel the
tenderness of your sweet embrace.

Whispers darling I love you, I love
you in the most wonderful of way,
from my heart and soul I give
you a love that surely won't fade.

Whispers darling I love you,
love you more and more each day,
that's the magic of our love as it
grows more beautiful with each day.

I raced the sun to shine down on you
and shower my love from the blue. My
heart felt the magic of our souls embrace,
where the moment is empowered by the
dreams heaven creates.

La la la I love you, La la la my dear,
la la la I need you, La la la right here.

Early in the morn before the sun has yet to rise,
the music of love caught me by surprise, Dancing
with you in a dream coming true, I sang with
out words of my love for you.
La la la I love you, La la la my dear,
la la la I need you, La la la right here.

Working the trade shows you always find someone is who looking to barter.
Kind of like the Native Americans Trading blanket where you trade one of
your items for what you think is of equal value. This is where you see the
differences in value are not always the price tag placed on an item. I have
seen that in life it is sometimes a trade off based on~
what we believe.
I bartered with the heavens,I'll give my soul for just one day, to feel his
arms so tender and embrace in a loving way. The heavens replied,
"everything comes in good time, you keep your soul and give to life
the beauty and the gift of love will be returned in the most amazing way."
It's the road before us, the mountains high,
the journey of life which alters the time.
The Rivers are frozen, no rainbows in the sky,
and still I can feel your love charm this soul of mine.
The hills stand in silence, listening is their game,
they patiently await the season, where they paint
the hills with the most colorful of shades.
The roots are buried deeply and the leaves are no
longer on the tree, dormant it waits for spring to
display the love of you and me.
The trees sway with the wind, their branches bow
to the ground, if you watch closely, it's as if they
are giving to us a smile.
The truth of love entwines, it knows the seasons
embrace all of time. You can hear if you dare to
listen,you'll hear the song of love meant for you
and I.
The twilight dance, in the dark of the heavens high,
sent to me your arms to hold me through the night.
I embark with you upon this journey, I accept the
willingness with heart soul and mind, to live as
life was meant to be,with my true love by myside.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I See

I see the sunshine brightly each morn,
the happiness that friendship has born.
I see the road that winds up ahead and
the hand to hand walk around each and
every bend.

I see the dreams each and every night,
simply by closing my eyes and giving
my heart sight. Dancing up on heavens
high, the embrace of love is gently

I see the stars as they twinkle for you
and I and the magic of stardust falling
down from the sky. The love you give
to me and the gift of forever where
our love meets eternity.

Listen to my heart,
rhythmic with desire,
each beat ignites a
bigger fire.

Listen to the song,
and the music of the
soul, whispers of love
a treasure to hold.

Listen to the moment,
as birds sing upon the vine
to the melody of love which
soothes my troubled mind.

Listen to the angels and the
words of love they speak,
their invitation is to you
and me.

How beautiful the moment sweetened by memories, and cast unto the heavens to recreate the dreams.
Time had simply spoken its magic now revealed, it replaced the abyss with a love that you can truly feel.
I spoke to the wind, I told it so, "wind, wind to him please go ." " Wake his spirit with whispers brief of a love so wonderful and sweet." The wind was anxious I could hear its howl as it gathered my kisses for the long, long miles. The journey farther than a man could walk, but as hearts would have it, it's a moments stop. I spoke to the wind, I told it so, " wind, wind to him please go. " Wake his spirit with whispers brief of a love so wonderful and sweet.
The trees no longer blossom nor
are they dressed in summer green.
Bare they stand darkened and only
their branches can be seen.
Dormant they rest for the day when
spring will again arrive and share in
the gifts of life, with fruits and a
image fine.
The World
I thought the world needed changing,
awake up call indeed, to drape from
the heavens the wonderous sweet
love of peace.

It seemed no one was listening and
in the darkness I heard a cry and
the angel whispered " darling, peace
comes from the inside. "


Many winters had passed and I wondered,
how I'd survive and God must have been
listening as he sent you to journey side by side.

We gathered the season and like smoke from a
fire, we tossed it to the wind and created a new
day, moment to hour.

We took to the heavens where only souls can
meet and in the morning we awaken from the
dance with memory.

Blue birds took to migrating, no flowers now in
bloom and yet I can still see paradise through
the sky of blue.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Words To Your Dreams

Sings> I need the heavens,
like the sun needs the blue,
to direct the wind and carry
my love straight to you.
I need the blue bird,
like a dream needs a
start, to whisper of love
to you from afar.
I need to feel you, like the
embrace of waves to the shore,
a powerful moment that only
two souls can explore.
I need the heavens, like the
sun needs the blue, to direct
the wind and carry my
love straight to you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song - Virtual Fireplace

Warming You Up
My heart is open, my arms wide,
close your eyes and rest your mind.

I am here to keep you warm,to calm
the spirit through all life's storms.

My heart is open, my arms wide,
close your eyes tonight you're mine.

...and on fire it is.

Dreams are where the conscious meets with the subconscious. I woke up in the middle of a dream to what felt like a clip out of a movie. It seemed so very real, I could almost feel the moment and sense your being. My heart was racing as I reviewed the dream in my mind as I tried to hold still the moment in my desire to capture forever the magic that occurred.

I use to have this reoccurring dream of a little girl throughout my life, so much so that the character became very much a part of my thoughts. In the dream the closer I got to her, the quicker she disappeared, until I was always at the same window peering into a room void of a person, but perfect down to even the smallest details. It was very descriptive but in away kind of disturbing as I tried to understand the meaning of the dream.

There are various kinds of dreams, the ones where we are asleep and are very much out of our control and those which I quaintly describe as daydreams. Some are filled with hope for the future and the desire for the possibilities life grants us.

I dare to dream my hand gently placed in yours, to feel the
warmth of the moment without any existing demands.

I dare to feel your energy and allow your love to infuse,
and believe that on this journey we have nothing to lose.

I dare to stand at the gates of desire and to allow your
spirit to set my soul on fire.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Throughout our life we find ourselves making promises. Sometimes they are the once a year new years resolution and other times they are just a moment in the thought process. I promise to call, to pick something up, to obligate oneself to a person place or moment in time. I found that by adhering to the promises we expose our character as if we were turning ourselves inside out and providing the world a veiw of our innerself.
I think about how we are taught from early on to be as a good as our word. From the time we start kindergarten we have already learned the promise proccess. " I promise to be good, to learn well, to not get dirty" as we mature our promises expand from family to friends to our social and marital network.
It was seven years ago that I wrote " My Promise". I have lost track of how many pieces of My Promise has sold to date. Many people believed that this particular poem reflected their own life and somehow was written for them. It was written from the strongest of my emotions at the weakest time of my life. It was at the beginning of a new journey, one where the gates of life were opening and a new day was revealed. My Promise was a reminder that I shall never forget and how life is a network that branches out a it relies on each moment to reveal the next step.
Today I am much more aware of my capabities,what I can and cannot do and to those whom I owe great thanks. I promise to do my best and succeed in the alloted time given by life, to change the world in a positive way and to leave behind a legacy that will be as simplistic and uncomplicated as life should be. "My Promise, I shall never time deafen the sound of your voice on the darkest days laughter will replace tears."

The New Day

I promise you sunshine on cloudy days,
to warm your heart in the most wonderful way.

I promise you dreams, dreams that come true,
a lifetime of love for me and for you.

I promise you blue birds will sing of our love,
and celebrate from the heavens above.

I promise you to always be true, to live and
to love as God would have us do.

I promise you friendship unscathed by the cold,
a place in my heart as our story unfolds.

I promise the wind will reach out to you, with
all of my kisses to see the day through.

I promise to love you and love you I do, to
make your heart glad as your soul to soars in the blue.

I promise you laughter for the rest of your life,
a promise of forever that makes this journey right.

I promise you truth from deep inside and the words
of my love for the rest of my life.

I promise each morning to hold your hand and to
kiss you good night till your eyes are heavy with sand.

I promise these words in time will reveal, how
wonderous our love and how good it feels.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Heart and Soul

'Singing> I'm gonna catch me one of those snowflakes,
and hold it in my heart, feel your love as it slowly melts.

The wind might direct it, but this I know to be true, that
you sent the snowflakes via the sky of blue.

I'm gonna catch me one of those snowflakes and hold it
in my heart, feel your love as it slowly melts.

The road might be blinding and the sun a little shining,
but nothing melts a snowflake like the love of two.

I'm gonna catch me one of those snowflakes and hold it
in my heart, feel your love as the slowly melts.

The world might not see it, but the image is clear, it melted
in my hands to my heart reappear.

I'm gonna catch me of those snowflakes and hold it in
heart, feel your love as it slowly melts.

To slow the hands of time you have,
to share as much as possible,thus
recording the chapters we bring
to life the dreams.
Sharing my heart and soul on the
ever winding journey that leads
from the core of our dreams to
the heavens.
I'm up before the sunrise, it's early in the morn,
raindrops are falling so much for the snowstorm.

I won't be building snowmen, no angels in the
snow and still I can't let the images of love go.

I think about our hands locked as one, on
the journey of life and the rails of our love.

I don't know what the Lord was thinking,
to keep you from me, on the road of life,
its your love that sets me free.

I know sometimes I'm childish and I want
you so, the child in me never wants to let go.

I'm up before the sunrise, it's early in the morn,
daydreaming about the moment our love first born.

There's a song I sing and a vision I dream , of a perfect world where you're dancing with me. The kiss of life has not always been so sweet until I felt the warmth of your love to my cheek.

I'm taking the darkness, I am in control this choreographed daydream cast you to hold. Hold my heart, my love and my dreams and hold this moment for all eternity.

The smile that only love can bring, has my heart on the clouds singing. Sings of happiness in the most magical way, like the wind to the ocean it directs you my way.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Side by Side

I have begun to have a greater appreciation for the various musicians as I find myself exposed to both older and newer styles of music. Whether we search out music to fit our mood or the music actually creates the moment is to be seen. Each morning I wake up to the music of the heart that celebrates in the joy of life and the love that we feel for one another. It brings a smile to my face as I lay back and daydream. The internet has offered a chance to view many people singing and you begin realize that many songs have been sung over and over come with a history. Sings>
When you're smiling, when you're smiling the whole world smiles with you. When your laughing ooooooh when your laughing the sun comes shining through.
For me the holidays were a true time of peace from as early on as I can remember there was and is something special, music in the air and a dance with the magical side of life that pulls at the strings of the heart.
I think people let negativity to close to them and forget the meaning and the magic of the holidays, it really isn't about what we wrap up. I can remember my mother wrapping one of our old toys and putting it under the tree so that we would have a gift to open, but what stands out more is the music, the song, the board games we gathered to play and the magic that makes a holiday.
My children press on some very unusual topics when it comes to religion, Christmas and holidays in general. As I look back an remember gazing under the Christmas tree at the figurines of baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary, I am reminded of what exactly the Christmas holiday is about. The birth of Jesus, the peace that we pray the holiday will bring the world and the power that each of us has in bringing Joy into another persons life.
At this time of year people misinterpret the message of the holiday and they allow the pressure and the negativity a doorway into their life. I think from the moment we celebrate Thanksgiving till the bells ring on Christmas morn, I am ever thankful for the beauty of life which reveals itself in the most magical of ways. The Christmas season is not one day of celebration nor does it end on the twenty fifth of December. The true gift that we give and receive is in the touching of souls, the embrace of hearts and yes that ever so powerful smile. Sings> When your smiling.....oh when your smiling the whole world smiles with you and when your laughing oh! when your laughing the sun comes shining through.

I love the song, Sings>"Oh the weather outside is frightful and the snow is so delightful and if you know place to go, let it snow! let it snow! let it snow."

Let's watch the snowfall from the window of your heart
and feel the sweetness of your love which gave the day its start.
Your arms tenderly holding, the embrace such a delight, the
warmth of your love melts all the storms of life.

Snuggling close as two souls can be, that is truly the magic
of this winter scene. From your lips a kiss that woke the
love in me and from your heart the dreams that only
lovers can see.

Every snowflake from heaven down comes with a reminder
of the love that we both found. We are the the first of the
morning and the mystery that tomorrow brings, we are
the love in winter that makes the world sing .

Come here a little closer and lay right next to me
and we can watch the snow fall as we create our
own dreams. You my king and I your queen
dancing in the snow storm creating memories.

Today is a new day where dreams come true,
I'm living and loving each moment with you.
We've taken a mountain turned it to sand,
and the rivers are bridged by a magical land.
Deep in my heart is where you'll always be,
and in the heavens our souls will fly free.
United in song we'll sing of the love,
and the joy sent down from up above.
You are one with me, day and night
through all of my dreams.

Reindeers Time Out

It could be the season,
might be the time of day,
but we all need a break,
so my arms here for you to lay.
It could be the dreams,
could be that I adore you so,
or maybe its the reason why
I can't let you go.
It could be the clouds that
linger up above, inviting us
to board on the wings of
a white dove.
It could be the angels singing,
the celebration of our bond,
when our souls came together,
where they truly belong.

Sings of your love...

Yesterday's memories, today's dreams,
tomorrow's happenings are the magic that you see.

The days is beautiful, it all seems a bit surreal,
but I was holding your hand and your heart I could feel.

Yesterday's memories, today's dreams,
tomorrow's happenings are the love you bring.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

One Snowy December Morn

It's a really cold morning and I'm snuggled in fleece,
I gazed out the window at the cold snowy scene.
The bare trees are waving hello and the hills
sparkling with a blanket of December snow.

Icicles form on the cliff like rock, they would tell
a story if they could talk. They'd tell you how much
I love you as they glisten in the sunshine, the ice
crystal sparkles like your love does in my mind.

Winter has suddenly arrived and with its storms
it brings a sign. The magic of its powers are surely
defined, like the flurry of snowflakes and the
winds cry the touch upon the spirit moves me
from inside.

When I wake up the very first thing I do,
is give my thanks for the love of you.

When I smile its of no surprise that it's
you that's always on my mind.

When I sing it's from the heart, the
words of love that celebrate the spark.

When I dream the heavens are my guide
and on the clouds we dance so fine.

When I count my blessings at the top of
the list you'll find the dreams that make
you mine.

The first snowfall finally made its way,
the crystal white on the evergreens lay.

Like a dream the magic scene brings
your love to me, in the dance where
hearts sing.

The window,sunlight,snowfall and dreams
,all are dusted with sweet memories.

I made a stop while in the city to see my dear friend Olga. I have known her more than half of my life. She played an instrumental part, both her and her family in my life. They were my summers, my holidays and a big part of the good memories that I hold closest to my heart. Time has taken its toll, at eighty five years of age, she hasn't excepted the changes that aging has played upon her life. I found the few hours with her both warming and a bit sad.
Olga is the last surviving member of her intermediate family and as with my own grandmother, I could never imagine how difficult it must be to watch those you love pass on. Because of her unwillingness to accept the changes and welcome a new day, the loneliness which she suffers eats away at her spirit. I tried to tell her that is what memories are for through the millions of photographs she attained over the years. She said it is not enough.
I gave her the lecture on the holiday story, " it's a wonderful life" and reminded of what she has done for so many people. She cried, I cried with her. She mentioned after her parents had died that she wished to see them in a dream. She said they have been gone almost fifty years and it wasn't till this week that she had a dream of her mother. She said she couldn't remember much other than her mother saying Olga hasn't come home yet. She than looked at me and said "I am not afraid. "
It really is about excepting change and for Olga she stood still while the world around her moves on. Each day brings something new, it's always a moment waiting to happen. New people, places faces and rarely is it what we think it will be like. Gifts, the most precious gifts are those you least expect that come in most unique packaging, the colorful joy of life.It is not that she has aged that is so sad, it is that she believes she has aged that is difficult to watch.

Aging is the willingness to give in and
the difference between living and existing.
It's not what we can't do in life
but we can do.

In reality the ten year old dominates
for through the eyes of a child I am
reminded that anything is possible.


Allow the heart the depth of emotion to view the world in most simplistic state.

I am as all that have gone before me,
a spirit in the wind.

Love is so grand that it lights the darkest of night
as it brings a sense of warmth to the soul.