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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sings.. and have yourself a Merry Litlle Christmas Day!

The holidays actually bring really good memories as a child. From my father finding days after Christmas that Santa Claus actually did leave a gift for me, but it fell out of his bag and it was on the roof top all the time. We had a church that lit on the front lawn and it had a speaker attached and it played holiday songs all day till dark. We use to go door to door and sing holiday songs, seems like a lot of that doesn't happen as much anymore. Though we still make a day of it to cut down a Christmas tree. Which this year will be December 6th, which is actually St Nicholas day and my son's birthday. Which brings to mind the children putting their shoes out on St. Nicholas to see if they would get a small treat or gift.

My grandmother wasn't the usual rocking chair grandma and I believe she has the most amount of impact or influence on me. There was always a sense of a pride when we would visit her at work and the trips to downtown Pittsburgh were always so much fun, especially at the holidays. Crowd would line up in rows to watch the animated holidays windows, I can rememeber squeezing between the crowd of people to get a glimpse of the magical windows.
It is the ever important first that always seem to hold a special place in your heart. I thought that there was allot about childhood I didn't remember and than some of the most simplistic memories flowed through the cracks to create page after page of memories. As if like a cartoon book that is drawn one cell after another, the memories came back to life. From picking out my very first dress for kindergarten with my grandmother, to dining in the main resturant in the department store, to core current memories. Each day we are in the process of creating a first, that we will retain and store forever in our hearts. So this year I wish everyone a happy first moment, may each day be filled with dreams that do come true.

I like the first snowfall,
sparkling white,
a dusting upon the hills
to light up the night.

The cool crisp air,
that whips through
the air, to waken
the spirit and allow
dreams to appear.

I like the memories,
warm to my heart,
leads through the
morning, surfaces
in the dark.

The music inviting
and wonderful as
can be, speaks to
the heart and sets,
the soul free.

I love the moment
when I close my eyes
and your heart so
tender beats next
to mine.

Kindness bestowed from
the heavens above, sends
in a dream your unselfish

The waves of the ocean race to thes shore, speaks to me of the one I adore. You're the sun in my morning, the stars in my night, the love of my life that makes everything right.

The wind is known to us all, to whisper the song in its night call. Tell him I love and how much I care ,whispering wind tell him I am right there.

The moon so full and so bright looks down upon with a smile each night. The stars that shine in the sky over head are the stars out your window for you goodnight bed.

I am as close as a dream when you close your eyes and that my love is no surpise. Close your eyes and hold me close through the rest of the night.

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Mark said...

This is a magical time of year because we make it so. Full of memories of special moments with special people.