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Friday, December 18, 2009

Rainbow Snow

When I was I believe in kindergarten or maybe it was first grade, I couldn't wait to get to the painting easel in art class. Each time I would paint a variety of snow scenes, with various colors of snow. One day the teacher, said is that all you can do is paint polka dots on the canvas?I didn't think she was quite ready to hear my childhood theory on colored snow. So the next week when I returned to art class, I painted a rainbow of snowflakes. I would go home and mother always knew that the picture was another snowfall filled with color. She would say" ahhhhh beautiful red snow." I failed art class that year the teacher just didn't get colored snow.

My daughter came home from school excited and she had a candy dish that she painted, it was a rainbow Poinsettia. I was taken back by the variety of colors. She said " do you like it?" I said yes! she responded with" no you don't, I can tell by the look on your face." I really do love it, it is a little unusual for a Poinsettia, but it is a beautiful sentiment.

Colors, it's a little bit like life as the rainbow expresses and releases the mixed emotions from within. From my soul I give the blue of the sky to remind you that everything is possible under the heavens. The passionate power of red which allows you to absorb and display all the fiery emotions at once. The green like that of spring which again inspires a new day and the yellow of the sun that it may brighten your heart as you have brightened mine. These are a few of the colors that I have seen through the storms of life, each one has the ability to strengthen and give insight while holding on to the gift of love. I want to wish everyone a holiday filled with colors of the heart and as you gaze out the window this winter season may you enjoy the colors of rainbow snow.
Science looks at man in the obvious faction, our existence based on our chemical make up in the tree of elements. But the human form is much more complex than an oxygen based creature. What exactly sets us part and thus brings us together is the ever intriguing depth of the mind. We eat and exercise to nurture the body and at times starve our minds into a dark abyss, with very little understanding of own needs. There is again the obvious the need for companionship and passion which leads us to develop a deeper understanding of exactly who we are. It is the simplicity of life which is so over looked, a mere touch of the heart and soul can be as simple a smile or a warm gesture. Exactly what are our needs? That depends where we might be on that ever so winding journey.
I had read a series of books years back, the scene was set in a more nomadic or tribal period, one of the characters in the book searches desperately to find one of their own kind. If we are all human what is it we search for? That to would depend on the emptiness a person is trying to fill. The warmth of touch stimulates an excitement that can be both calming, loving and passionate. We are complex individuals especially when we deny our self the basic needs of both our earthly form and our spiritual hunger.

The outer shell reveals little of what is on the inside,
for we are capable of a portrait that to our own self denies.
I think every child knows it and every adult prepares for
life begins again once when you open your heart to share.


Love is the magic that prevails over all other emotions.


I am trapped in a snow globe

shake it up and watch it fall.

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