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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

I am one of the fortunate ones, my son is on leave from the military and home for Christmas. There are men and women in the military who just may be separated from their family and who wont be home to share in the holiday in a safe and sound setting. To those who have sacrificed their lives to make ours a little more safer, my prayers for a peaceful holiday. As we don't know what tomorrow brings, I give special thanks that we live in a world where we can get up each morning and work magic with the miracles of life.

For a short period of time today I allowed the negativity of others to enter my world, to alter my peace and happiness and my joy in celebrating the birth of Jesus. Maybe it was a little self pity, a bit of being overwhelmed. I guess for me I have always been the sole source of creating the holiday atmosphere. and you could say I am a little bit behind schedule as I am between baking and cooking, I pass the living room and add a decoration to the tree. It is very easy to allow someone or something to dampen the spirits, to try and rob the soul of true happiness, but as I look not at what I don't have but what I do, my spirit is lifted and I feel a real sense of joy.

It was the silent screams, the ones you think no one can hear. When in reality people can hear them, because they to are sharing in them. Dusting off the negativity that surfaced this morning, I look to tomorrow and all that the future offers. It is like the rays of the sun that shine through the window and reflect upon my face, for that warmth of love I am blessed. I glanced up at the blue of the heavens and thanked the Lord that my children are well, that tomorrow will come and that no one can take away what is born in the heart at the souls request.

Love is not a man made creation, it is the warmth of spirit that has the ability to cross miles, to brings smiles, to create dreams. For the love you give and the love we share my deepest gratitude. Merry Christmas may the gift of love flourish throughout the year and may you find as I have that when you least expect it the most amazing things happen.

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