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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Rocking Chair Dream

The rocking chair dream might mean something different to different people. I always thought of the rocking chair dream as a full sense of peace and contentment. What brings peace and contentment? I would say being understood allows a person to achieve with an unconditional acceptance and in that sense becoming one with nature, one with love,one with life.

What are my dreams? I would have to say that externally those dreams changed over my lifetime, from the simplistic desire to live in peace to the excitement that comes with the challenges each new day brings. Internally my soul seeks to find its place free of the restlessness and in the arms of love...
...to be loved as I love is the ultimate gift.

I am the flower that blooms atop the mountain,
the breath of air which reaches out with the power
of the wind to touch your soul...


To share each moment,
to hold you in my heart,
dream the dream of lovers
and dance under the stars.

To listen to the angels,
record their every word,
the plan of the heavens,
to leave no stone unturned.

My dreams are rather simple,
as simple as can be, a walk
hand in hand, heart to heart
and souls free.

I remember the vacation that I recently took, the dolphins were jumping in the water and I found it to be the most amazing experience, to be that close in the water and swim next to them. I ran to shore to reach for my camera and I ran up the shore line to see if I could follow them and get a good photograph. What amazed me most was when I turned back to see the people just sitting there nonchalant neglecting the beauty of the world around them. They seem to take it all in such stride, as to not let it interfere with their daily doldrum of sun bathing or reading as they blocked out the world around them.

Underneath the heaven's wondrous sky of blue,
I drifted to the dreams of loving you.

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