Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I promise

I am intrigged by how limited our vocabulary is and the varied combinations to express love . A handful of words appearing as endless as the stars in the sky. I love you, I want you, I need you, I feel such desire, my heart is on fire, the passon in the wind, the magic in the air, the flesh trembles, the soul seeks, the heart knows, the dreams generate, the hollow holds, the hills sing , the wind whispers, the willow weeps, the stars glitter, the silence screams...........and I am in love with the magic of life.
I promise that each night before you close your eyes that a kiss will ascend from the star lit sky and tenderly land upon you as peacefully in bed you lie.

Miraculously I sent each kiss filled with love and joy and a little bit of laughter so that with your heart it toys.

A reminder of our yesterdays and the tomorrows that await and as I to close my eyes from the hollow I transcend, to land within your arms each night until the sun lit end.

A blanket weaved of lifes most precious thread, gently beds you down each night for those cold cold nights ahead.

High above the mountains, beyond the river edge to where love mingles on those soft white clouds ahead.

Challenging the Silence

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It could have been the darkness or the loneliness inside, or just another reason to dream you by myside.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The contrast of the heat of my body and the cool mountain stream caused a shiver creating a magic that you would have thought the hills could sing.I adjusted to the waters and my temperature became one and at that very moment I was blinded by something other then the sun. I could dance a thousand dances but I only want one with you, I could dream a million moments but they never compare to the few.
I closed my eyes like many times before and taking in a deep breath I allowed myself to explore. Beyond the highest mountains, above the many clouds, past the heavens and back to the earthly ground, everything I needed was simple to be found, as there you are embedded in my thoughts and in my dreams in my heart and memories. Embracing the moment forever will it be, the love that I feel is the part of you in me.
If I stop spinning , then I am standing still.

Da Da dum

I'll be here for you day and night,
wondering what your doing and
if your alright.

I'll be dreaming thoughts of you,
filled with magic bring the
love through.

Yes, we are dancing in the street, to
the song of love blowing in the breeze.

Some will call it crazy, others might thing it
amazing, but I know it's just simple love.

I'll be here waiting day and night, standing
at the station of life. Consuming the moment
I felt something land, falling kisses to the heart.

Sings>Da Da dum I love you... it is the simple truth,
life and living is surely here to tell each moment
holds all the proof.

Da da dum and the music sounds to a drum,
and the angels declare they must be in love.

Da da dum and it's more then fun, dancing in
the street with the one you love.

Da da dum singing and laughing with you, rising
above to those in the sky of blue. Make those
disappear, they don't understand what we have
here ... da da dum

Da sa dum I know I am on the clouds of love,
the sparkle in my eyes seem to share, the magic
of the day the way you make them twinkle say.
Da da dum.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Night

I'm gonna take the smiles you gave to me, quilt them in a blanket to cover tenderly.I'll close my eyes and go to sleep, so that I can meet you in my dreams. I'll hold you close and whisper words of love, magically they take us to the clouds above. I'm gonna take the smiles you gave to me and keep them every close for all eternity.

Good Night!!! When I lay my head on the pillow that await, I'll close my eyes and the darkness will take center stage and in the heavens where the stars twinkle so, you'll find me waiting your friend, the one who loves you so.

I'll be your teddy bear....

you are my love...

Smokey Robinson - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Love Story

More powerful then a steam engine as it control the rivers waves and calming as the sandy beach in our far off hideway.

At Heavens Gates

Soul Mate

Most people relate to the study of Greek mythology, the magical stories of the heavens and the gods that ruled them. Zeus the God of Gods, ruler of the universe struck bolts of thunder down upon mortal man. The myth that humans were combined of four arms and four legs and a single head made of two faces and struck fear into the Gods, causing Zeus to split them in half. Condemning them to spend eternity searching for the other half that would complete them giving them the energy and power.
In our modern day era there is all kinds of talk of searching for soul mates, a loosely used term for finding the person who has the perfect fit. Soul mates could be defined as very dear friends who have a strong bond, two people who walk in harmony, a life lasting connection, spiritual companions, twin flames that burn as one, one that has an extreme , positive influence over another or in a more romantic way some have referred to soul mates as the reuniting of
split souls.
There is no doubt in my mind that an energy does exist between people, on a scientific note, they would break it down to mere adrenaline. I believe soul mates are much deeper, it is the equilibrium that causes an inner balance of happiness.
In society there are the expected norms, dating marriage, love an life that we are somehow predestined to perform. As you look around you find that rarely do people find such a perfection connection. In my mind is a view of all the perfect weddings that I had attended to find that very few lasted the miles.
In the bonding of a soul mate, both must be standing on common ground, that which feels comfortable and in a state of normalcy. Each knows the others moments of weakness as well as days of strength and brings out the best in all situations. The positive conation from one partner to the next creates a platform of encouragement, promoting one to strive for better, to create a desire.
In a bond of two inner spirits there is no demand set upon the souls, but an understanding that speaks without words. Emotions rise up from the flames to possess the energy of desire and create lasting moments that lift and bond two into one.
What is the possiblity that two people will find such a positive energy of attraction, both in the spiritual and physical sense? I can addrss no formal number to the combination of a puzzle that interlocsk two souls.
Do I believe soul mates exist? I in every sense of the word believe there is a connection from one human to another that is above the normal expectation. The interaction of souls is rare and gifted with trust, respect, faith and love. The crucial ingredients must be met with self first before they can be shared with another human being. Standing at the gateway of self respect, allow faith and the trust in oneself guide you to Love.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Will Always Love You

I'd be the song

If you'd be my prince,
I'd surely be your frog.
If you'd be the notes,
I'd surely be the song.
If my heart the strings,
then you played along.
If my soul dancing,
it's in your arms so strong.
If you'll be the moon, then
I'll be your sky, comfort
embrace, I'll be by your side.
If you are the stars that
sparkle all night long, then
I'll be the sun that welcomes
you along.

OH No! What I wouldn't do for you......

Running and jumping reached for the sky,up so high a bird flew by, Oh no what I woudn't do for you.

Running and jumping and I left out a sigh, almost felt you by myside, Oh no, what I wouldn't do for you.

Running and jumping I can't deny I have such energy from inside, Oh no , what I wouldn't do for you.


Free as wildflowers in spring and the blue bird as she sings, so free coming soaring with me. Happy as a child in holiday, or a walk on a summer day, with you hand and hand. Magical as life is the love that feels so nice with you next to me......
Today I chose to runaway, I packed laughter and joy and when I reached the mountain top, I was feeling awfully coy. I hid behind the hills of green to where the horizon met and there I waited patiently and cleverly at best. I left behind the sadness, I left behind the hurt and deep within the soil I left behind the dirt. I opened up a gate and to my heart it led and there in this special place a shadow of yesterday fled. I gasped at the
sounds musical with song that guided me to a paradise, where I was feeling awfully strong. The clouds met the earth and the earth quickly embraced and at that very moment there was nothing left to trace. I danced in the arms of love and wonderful were they as they held me tenderly there was nothing left to say.

All My Love To you ......

This is no promise, the words I give are from my heart, but in your's they'll live. Raging river, the current so swift, sends all my love aboard a memory ship.

Sail Away

Sail the mighty river blue,
across the waves to you.
Just to hold you in my arms,
make a dream come true.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another Rainy Day

I had forgotten some of the words I have written over the years and until some of it is pulled up by a reader or found in a search and then it reminds me of the emotions that continuosly move the heart and soul. I feel as if I 'm some how one with the weather, the cool chill felt deep within. The darkness, the winds, the power of nature toying with my spirit.I imagined that life would mellow and soften the memories, but they are as vivid as the day of happenings. My desk is surrounded with momentos that keep yesterday on today's stage and heighten my awarenss of the emotions that dance like a fallen leave trapped in the wind.

Under the blankets...
If there were no more tomorrows and yesterdays all blew away.That won’t stop the memories, they always find their way.I know that I have met with love and love cannot betray.For in my heart I hold it, even coal dust can’t make it gray.Under the blankets will never be the same, as I share my life with you every second of my day.Looking deep within, the soul makes a play, to honor you my friend, with my heart on display.It wasn’t any particular song or a prayer that people say.What I heard were the words of love, that in my heart will stay.

If I Could

If I could lay my head for a moment in a day,
I’d choose the arms of love to embrace and
hold the darkness at bay.

I’d close my eyes and listen to the beat of
your heart and allow the rhythm to calm
and infuse with a magical love induced

The rain in a continuous pattern falls
upon the trees and each leaf hit cast
a sound that stirs a memory.

Cool and dark and a chill settles in and
for a period of time I felt the sin of
distance moving in.

A vast amount of energy driven through
the night, bonds the souls of lovers and
weaves them very tight.

The Beauty of Love

I am so unorganized at times, and many times due to my procrastination. There was a poem that my daughter had found and I couldn't for the life of me find it in my files. She said I like it it is simple and pleasing to the ear.I searched for weeks and then well as I sifted through the mountain of papers and filed away the important ones. I found the poem.. dedicated to those who have stood by me in one way or another and to my daughter who is the strongest of influence in my life for If I fail to alter my path for the future, may I alter the path for her future.

Paint the River

I'm gonna paint the river a baby shade of blue,
I'm gonna make the waves send my love to you.

I'm gonna make the sky sizzle in pink , gonna
wake your heart up and make ya think.

I'm gonna build a mountiain form water and air,
gonna add happiness and tender care.

I'm gonna pray the wind blowes my kisses your way,
I'm gonna pray in your is where they'll stay.


Emotion filled heart impels a love, rendering my soul to your command. Masterfully positioned between the light of day and the dark of night, I balance between a phsyical loniness and a spritual embrace that places a kiss of desire upon the moment. I seek only to understand that which ignites the eternal flame, the power of vision that creates the beauty of love.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cher After All

Where We Belong

I was driving down the mountain and the sky called me on, to look into the clouds and see where we both belong.I knew at that moment, as the sun began to set, that somethings are inseparable and joined are at their best.

Pick A Cloud

Earth built walls between us,
mountain, rivers and farmed fields.
Sensitive to my surroundings,
I could sense that you were
somehow here.
Seizing the moment, a bit confused,
I danced on the clouds where passion
and love infused.
A summer sun, a mask of dreams,
a paved road, to you it leads.
Another day, another time,
we'll meet up on heaven's time.
I'll take down the mountains, the
rivers I'll drain, and as for those fields,
it is close to harvest day.
Deep in my heart, when you first took
my hand, we danced each day to a new
set of love commands.
Smiles the custom, and laughter prevails
as I dance each morning to the magic
of the Catskill.

In Silence

Swallowed up in silence, an emptiness resides, to impinge upon the heart and then to say goodbye. The invasion of the mind takes the memories of old to manipulate the heart and leave vulnerable the soul.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


My heart a keyboard and you played every note,
stroking the soul on the clouds of love we float.

My arms empty beg to feel you near, embrace
of the heavens sent your spirit here.

Love Dusted Dream

A song in the air and lyrics everywhere,
a true path of friendship through a love
dusted dream.

In the darkness of the hollow a bright
light is found, leading beyond the trees
gives to silence a sound.

Hello my love, I am waiting here for you,
dancing under rainbows with my memory
of you.

I love you just the way you are


- (You are my special Angel)

The Lord smiled down on me and sent and angel to love...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Twilight Love

The sky draws near, twilight love, and when the stars reappear the magic transpires and in the darkness a light comes shining through and there in the sky is our love infused.

Stop that Wind

High in the clouds a dream came true and there I met my love in the skies of blue. No rain falling, the sun perfectly beams down and there on the bed of life your heart I found.

Stop that wind from blowing, don’t take my cloud away. I haven’ t finished dancing and I have some more to say.

Stop that wind from blowing, don’t take my cloud away. I can’t stop the feeling of being in your arms each day.

Stop that wind from blowing, don’t take my cloud away. The invitation standing , directed you my way.

Stop that wind from blowing, don’t take my cloud away. I couldn’t stop from crying if you went away.

What Game My Ears Play

What game my ears play, in silence I hear,
the song of love rushing upstream to the
hollow near.

Thistle to seed, a flock of golden finch, cast
the stage in sunshine of a dream I wouldn’t

Maple seeds pirouette to the grass so green and
the closer I looked a silhouette could be seen.

Hearts embracing dance as one and for a special
moment we met up under the sun.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I understand

I understand the value of fond memories. The dance upon the clouds, circling the world with you. High above where the love birds fly, you can see the trail left by you and I.

I understand the what love can do, it can close the gap on the sky of blue, bring you close into my arms each night and tenderly kiss with the stars so bright.

I understand the path we take, it doesn't always guide us to the heavens gate. Sometimes wobbly, occasionally lost, it always seems to lead us beyond the mountain tops.

I understand forever with you, as my heart from the first day knew. Love like this doesn't come and go, it branded in my heart with your name ya know.

I understand where ever we walk, we won't need to have any words to talk, the message from me to you, is written clouds with the sky of blue.

Standing still, I look on back, to see that I am still on track. No limit for you and me, a lifetime of happiness is waiting in the next dream.

Stray Dog

Could it be the stray dog weakness, the smile they bring to your face, the laughter that I feel when I can't help but listen to the squeal.. of another stray dog.
I've got that stray dog weakness, the jumping all over the place and everytime I think of that first blink, one nibble or a bite and and I just can't fight that stray dog.
Could it be the stray dog weakness, soft and cuddly too and by the the time I realize what I just dragged on in, it's just alittle to late.
I've go that stray dog weakness, licking and loving all over the place. Gullilble they say ,is the heart that plays with the dog in you.

Monday, August 13, 2007

nothing is gonna change my love for you

Make Someone Happy

Come away with me in the night.... come away with me...

JUDY GARLAND - 'When You're Smiling'

If I haven't said it...I love you!

I Dream Of Jeannie

There is something to be said for
fantasy. I believe todays children are smothered in so many reality tv shoes... where is the laughter and the escape? Closing my eyes and falling into your arms...

Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea

Needy List

I felt the distance between us, the tears were welling behind my eyes. My heart began to race and panic took place, as I raced to make a call.

I needed to hear your voice once more, to sense your love in all I do. A moment in time when you are mine and I sigh at the thought of you.

Running up and the down the mountain, stretching left and right, silly as it sounds a connection was found with enough reception to hear your voice.

I needed to hear your voice once more, to sense your love in all I do.A moment in time, when you are mine and I sigh at the thought of you.

Just a few tender words, soothed with a peacefulness to the day . I closed my eyes and I felt no fear as I held on to the magic that brought you near.

I needed to hear your voice once more, to sense your love in all I do. A moment in time when you are mine and I sigh at the thought of you.

Needy List

I need the the sound of your voice each day, warm with laughter makes everything okay.The touch of love to the heart, morning, night and all through the dark.
I need the sunshine that your smiles bring, tickles inside what some only can dream.The hand that gently leads, to happiness and wellness and fond memories.
I need the song that the hills sing and only if you duet with me, songs in the hollow to the dance on the clouds, you and me are only allowed.
I need to believe in childish hopes, that someday we will walk and cut those harshly tied ropes. To live and love in harmony in a world of wonder brought to me through a dream.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Flowers from the garden

Flowers from the garden, memories from the heart,love from the first moment, you caused that little spark.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Powerful as Horses......

A Lazy Summer Day!

I can't wait to close my eyes and again begin to dream,and repetitious as the night, I placed you next to me.

I dreamt my arms embraced your body, warm with love and there we lay upon the clouds with only the stars above.

Calm as a sea after a rage of storm and yet firey as a forest blaze at the entry of the mountain door.

A curtain draped of darkness over the last bit of light, shadows a spell of which I cannot fight.

Powerful as horses running hard and free and still I felt a gentlness of what it means to have your love in me.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Silhoutte

The sun outlined the clouds creating a summer silhouette, a piercing blow of energy that penetrates the sky, reaches deep into the soul with a mystical dream like surprise.

The magnitude of the world is little in compare, to the love I felt that moment, as if you truly were right here.

Briefly a smile eased its way from between my lips and the beat of my heart with out rhythm seemed to skip.

Embracing a image created by the heart, I gently turned to kiss you, when suddenly I felt a spark.

More energy then lightening, more power then the sea, more daring then a heard of horses crossing the dessert dry, in a place that only you and I can see.

Somewhere Anita Baker and Dave Koz

A view with the heart,
the reflection on my soul,
of the warmth of your love.
To live with out love would me a mere existence!
If what I feel is crazy, then I welcome insanity....
hold your breath as we share the straight jacket.

Morning Kiss

I'm here to wake you with my morning kiss,
from my heart to land upon your lips.

Move on over and I'll snuggle in, just one
more moment before the day begins.

My head upon your shoulders strong and
no doubts it's where I belong.

I'm here to wake you with my morning kiss,
from my heart to land upon your lips.

Your Heart

Ten in your sandbox,
sixteen in your arms,
and ageless in your heart.

Betty Boops Grampy is the Honky Tonk Man

Want to dance in the kitchen? I need a partner....

Thats amore Dean Martin

For your ears only.....

Kylie Minogue - What Do I Have To Do

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Arms OF Love

Through threats of a storm my stance strengtens, for you bring the power of dreams. The meeting of souls upon the clouds, for the blue of the sky encourages us to believe,as the clouds of white invites us to lay in the arms of love.
Closing my eyes I get a clear view of the magic of love. Shadowed in the darkness I see the energy that excites me, a movement that explores and penetrates deep into my very soul. Strong enough to pull me close as ivy to an oak tree and as delicate as the petals of a poppy. Aroused were my emotions by the gentleness of your mystical embrace. A height beyond all human perception to a higher awareness and appreciation for the eternal flame lit the moment our paths became one.

If You Dare

The magic of recreating a moment in play,
the feel to the heart each night and the day


Before the sun found its place in the sky,
or even knew how to shine, I saw a reflection
so bright and clear, it was written with the
words I love you dear.

Before the birds started to sing, I still
heard the sound of a symphony, played
on the strings of my heart, it had the
makings of love from the start.

Before you open up your eyes , I sent for
you a big surprise, all my love in the
morning breeze, just waiting to give
you a great big squeeze
Words ....the endless combination of the
magic of love.

If you dare

If you dare to look in the morning you’ll see,
the beautiful image of you and me.

Cast on the mountain top high, reaching up
to the blue sky.

Hearts of marshmallow, mushy and soft
placed on the clouds, created their only

Next to you morning and night, nothing
can’t separate, we are molded tight.

The world moving mighty fast, stopped
for a moment and one last laugh,

Nothing can separate the trees from the
hill, nor erase the love that I feel.

If you dare to look in the morning you’ll see,
the beautiful image of you and me.