Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, July 30, 2007

Overlooked .....moments of happiness!

Every wave that rushes to shore, shares in the love I have for you... energy, excitement wrapped in natures fury...for you are the beauty that creates the waves.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Whispers, whispers everywhere

Life is a blend of dreams, reality and faith in tomorrow, a sweet mix that strengthens, when the weakness of humanity sheds itself. For with you there are no mountains to high to climb and the river reflect our love as it stands in unity, joined at the soul, infused infused with each day of happiness and now stands strong to fight the darkness. With you there is no fear, no sadness , no grief.

Shed no tears my child I say,
for I am but a moon away.

In the night when tree frogs call
and crickets remind us of
a season's draw.

Not a trick of darkness play,
look a little harder, look my way.

I am here to hold you close, my
love, my life,in the wind that blows.

When all seems lost and tears
still fall, the secrets are in
the mountains tall.

Whispers, whispers everywhere,
chants of love, from my heart I

Just like yesterday

The distance between us had me feeling blue,
a simple day doing dishes and I thought of you.

Flowers in the garden, sunshine smiling through
and a humming bird a flying reminded me how true.

Life is but a circle, round and round it goes,
never does it stop, it always seems to know.

I ‘m loving you just like yesterday, nothing
changes but the season and the time of day.

Moon lit Magic

Moon lit magic sent a spell one day,
so powerful it brought you my way.
Bright as the early morn, I saw your
heart in the midnight storm.


Love ends when you place earthly conditions upon it, for true love enters through the heart ,to live in the soul, as it embraces life.


I Could See

Sings> The walls of brick parted and a vision I could see, in the waters reflection, you were standing next to me. I reached on over to kiss and feel your warmth in me and like the sun setting, you disappeared behind the trees.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Listen to your heart..

I walked along the riddled river bank,
the summer blooms created one wondrous
stage.. Waters awfully calm, yet calling, cast
your love to stand next to me.

Listen to your heart darling, listen to the
hills sing , listen to the love I sent you, it'
s not a classic wind blown dream.

I know somehow we are caught in the magic,
stronger then a weave of silk and wool, It
bonds you to me and creates our forever more.

Sun lit flowers in every hue, and a rainbow
of a season new. Stop and feel the moment
where ever you may be, release the love
within you and allow it to reach the stars
with me.

Hidden for many years, existing without
hopes and dreams, until you touched my
heart and forver did you become a
part of me.

Archived in the mountains, little smiles and
memories, joy and happiness and all that
you bring to me.

No erasing time and place, no denying
what has taken place, a miracle beyond
the madness as we created our own place.

Once I stood in darkness, lost of sight,
I could not see, until you unleashed
your love and the madness vanished
into nothing but a mere memory.

Petals infused in oil, your love infused in
me, a master combination with more
strength then a thousand powered

Found amongst the thicket of a lifetime
of tragedy, until recreated, a new path
for both of us to lead.

Hold not my hand, but take my heart, it's
yours I've given freely, a mystery in the
making that few will ever see.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bob Dylan - All I Have To Do Is Dream

Whenever I want you, all I had to do is dream.When I want you in the night, to hold me tight, all I have to do is dream.......

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Countless grains of sand

Lift me higher, set my soul free,
the child inside dances in the
summer time breeze.

Look at my heart, I give to you,
all my love sent from the hollow
direct to you.

Spin like a child, with youth and
glee and allow the magic to
create the most beautiful
of dreams.

Sing with the wren from her
house in the tree, sweet song
of love in the world beyond
make believe.

Reaching out, to hold your
hand, I felt your kindness
outnumber the countless
grains of sand.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

True love...

Lights up the stars and lowers the heavens, as close as a dream and sings to the heart...... true love, magical, wonderful and everlasting.

That's All - Michael Buble'

That's all......

Monday, July 16, 2007

Crazy Love - Van Morrison and Bob Dylan

Crazy, Crazy Love....



I wanted to feel love,
the Lord sent you to me.
I wanted to feel your embrace
the Lord gave us the sun.
I wanted to taste the sweetness of your lips ,
the Lord gave us the fruits of the heavens.
I wanted to see you in the darkness of
the night and the Lord gave me sight.
I wanted happiness and the Lord gave
me memories.
I wanted forever and the Lord bonded our
I wanted more and the Lord said you only
need to look into your heart to find it.

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

I Love You!!!!!!!!!

There's a Kind of Hush

Sunday, July 15, 2007

You are the Love....

I wish not to relive the emotions of yesterday, nor recreate a moment of passion. A new bloom grows freely amongst the thorns of the day to display the faith in tomorrow. That which met with my soul lives on through the world around me. For you are..... the love that cradles my heart each night and embraces with a peace that comforts me till the rise of the early morn.

I Shan't Deny

To truly miss you.... would be to
deny the existence of your
love in my heart.

When the sun no longer rises beyond the mountains in the east and the stars no longer race the darkness to reflect upon the seas. Then the world will know the emptiness that restlessly resides, from the moment that our love was left to a untimely great divide.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Morning star

Your memory dances in the hollow,
your smile exudes from my heart.

The energy that soon follows,
ten times brighter then the
morning star.

Inside Laughs

I heard it through the hills, it was high above the trees, like the nighting gale swooping down in a hot summer breeze.Escape of passion, dreams set a fire, a little bitty giggle was released, giving meaning to the hour.
My fingers to my lips, no vibration did I feel, but like an earthquake the laughter shook me into a chill. Silence said another, music said the heart, joy said the the soul where a inside laugh first was sparked.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Time Rays

Deep in the hollow where it’s dark and gray, I view the sun in a whole new way. I see the smiles of yesterday and the warmth of your love in the summer time rays.

Our Love

Grass green,
tree's sing,
rays of sun,
dusted with
beams of love

No longer the barricades ....

Brick by brick we watched it tumble and fall,
no longer a barricade of mountains tall.

Bit by bit we watched the rays come through,
with my love and your love in a passionate

Brick by brick we watched it tumble and fall,
no longer a barricade of mountains tall.

Smile by smile we felt the glow set in,
warming up the heart from deep

Brick by brick we watched it tumble and fall,
no longer a barricade of mountains tall.

Dream by dream we made it all come
true ,with your faith and my faith some
thing new.

Brick by brick we watched it tumble and fall,
no longer a barricade of mountains tall.

Bridge to bridge we stood high, connecting
the clouds in the blue sky.

Brick by brick we watched it tumble and fall,
no longer a barricade of mountains tall.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Martina McBride

Take the ribbon from my hair, shake it lose and let it fall, lay it soft against your skin, like the shadows on the wall, come and lay down by myside, until the early morning light. All I'm taking is your time, help me make it through the night... I don't care what is right or wrong,I don't care to understand, let the devil take tomorrow, because tonight I need a friend..........

Love through my soul.....

The stream cut through the mountains like your love through my soul, the destination beyond the hardness of life to your heart of gold.

Doris Day, Donald O'Connor -

You can't lose me.... not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Let Me In !

I packed the joy of a thousand kisses and sent it in the morning sun to you.... to warm your heart my darling and guide my everlasting love to you.

I felt the sand sifting through my fingers, each grain a memory of old and new,I tossed a handful into the air and directed them to land upon you.

Oh my love, oh my darling.... Oh my love let me through , let my love inside you,let me in there with you.

Oh my love, oh my darling....Oh my love let me through, let my love inside you ,let me in there with you.

I watched the water trickle down the stream and redirected it back to you, I sent it the morning dew drops and each one includes all my love for you.

Awakened to a chill, one that shook my very soul, I was sure it had your imprint as I can still feel your hold.

Oh my lov , oh my darling..... Oh my love let me through, let my love inside you,let me in there with you.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

kenny g love song

I have felt death several times once from the emptiness inside and again from dark side of loneliness, not until I felt you inside me did I begin to live.

bad company feel like making love

I Still Love you

When touched within the deepest part of your being, there is no turning back for that love continues to grow.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah By Aly and Aj

To look back with fondness and ahead with passion....

Friday, July 06, 2007

The First

There is something special about the first time. Everyone has memories of the first secret crush, that first incredible kiss, the first dance, the first time your heart beat so fast that you thought it could jump out of your chest, and even the first time you knew what real love was. There are so many first times, that as long as you are living life, you are experiencing a new first, the first walk in the park, the first sound of laughter shared, the first time your heart was touched like never before, the first time you knew what a soul mate was.
I looked back over the years with fondness, there were some incredible first times. The first time you caught my tears, gently wiped them from my soul and replaced them with the warmth of a thousand suns. I watched in the garden as before my eyes the roses petals opened expanding their outreach and taking in the moment of the day. Each rose like a day sharing in its blooms.
I felt this incredible calm, it was the music, the peaceful atmosphere and the warm summer night that placed a blanket of comfort over me. The beautiful memories that flood from my heart, as eloquent as that first day that they were recorded by the soul through the mind to rest
I saw no yesterday nor tomorrow, for I was standing in the middle of the current moment and with eyes closed, I envisioned our world, where love graces every second with the magic so strong that I could almost feel your body centered around me. My lips pressed against yours and two hearts in unison beating rapidly.
The most wonderful first is the first time you held my hand allowed my head to rest upon shoulder and walked beside me beyond the mountains, beyond the chains that held me for so many years.
To appreciate a first you must set your soul free and all that you will experience is more then a dream.
As long as we wake to each new day, we will experience a new first.The first time you believed in me, the first time I knew you cared, the first time you told me you......

With experience comes a wider understanding of what is Love....for love is the strength that walks up through darkness and leads up to the light.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

When Weeds

When weeds become flowers,
stars become home, and the
clouds the raft where dreams
freely roam.

When mountains turn to fields
and a river to a pond, we will
have challenged the journey
standing so strong.

When tears but a memory
and laughter the reward,
and life filled with happiness
breaks down the barriers
for us to explore.

When rain becomes sunshine,
and skies remain blue and all
of the darkness no longer
sifts through.

When sounds become music,
and the birds chirp a song,
then truly the love has
made a heart to heart

and as I gazed into the darkness I saw........

I looked with my heart ,
to feel with my mind,
to see what my
hands had


Free me from this body, release my soul from earthly chains, beyond the walls of sadness, heartache and despair. Meet me in the clouds my love for one more dance my dear.


Slide show - flowers and song - (You are my special Angel)

I love you!

The Casinos - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

Tell me you Love me....

Atlanta Rhythm Section-Imaginary lovers

Your mine all the time.....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Welcome Home

There are several old adages that have been repeated over the year and have survived the test of time. “Home is where you hang your hat,” “ leave your heart” or “ place your boots.” What is home? A refuge of security and happiness, a warmth of acceptance and a comfort that you find no where else.

Welcome Home

Beyond the raging river, across the mighty sea, your deep within my heart, your always home with me.

Where simple smiles are born and laughter sings out loud and joy is our ever after, your always home with me.

Love the fuel that keeps the day warm and soothes and calms to the center of our core,your always home with me.

Dreams in motion, surreal as can be, the dance of two embraced silhouettes, your always home with me.

Acceptance at the doorway, no fear of right or wrong, you know that when you enter it’s where you belong, your always home with me.

No matter how far the travels, no matter how long or why, all you need to remember is ,your always home with me.

Nourishment to feed the heart, my arms to hold you tight and the end of every journey is the beginning of each new flight. Your always home with me.....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Love, love, love

I won’t allow the sadness to find a way, nor allow the tears from my heart to make a play. The years of loneliness and despair, have met with disappointment to finally disappear.I have found the special place in the arms of the man who stands strong to my heart a brace.A smile each and everyday, with a warmth that only lovers make.

Gaze Deeply
Gaze deeply into the sky dressed in a teal of blue, the clouds puffy and moving through, sun setting and dreams arise and there you are right before my eyes.
Birds prepare to sing a song, a mix of good night and come on along, as the darkness overcomes the light, I know that the evening is staged with you in mind.
Meeting with you beyond the hollows trees, up in the sky sailing on a summer breeze, destination my cloud, where only you and I are allowed.
So Goes My heart

Love is the energy that creates universes, wonderful, powerful and most amazing...... you are my love, for where ever your travels take you, so goes my heart...

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Perfect Wind Blown Cloud

I'll go cloud jumping with you, not on any ordinary cloud in the blue. Lined with love and a puff of respect , snag the perfect wind blown cloud for two.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

From My Lips

My mind is running so fast,
my body is having a hard time keeping up with it.


Roses of wood, balsa carved
whisper in silence as the
secrets unfold.

My heart to your heart,
as story tells, a love so
strong it conquered hell.

The taste of sweetness not of
lips, the succulent juices the
soul can't resist.

Destroys the walls that distance
built with a bridge of love and
a life long kiss.

Feel me walking by your side,
hold my hand as we move the
hands of time.

A journey new as each day begins,
with a stroll through life beyond the
countless sins.

Rising high above the clouds we are
where true love can be found. Free,
and beautiful, magical and safe, we
are in the arms of Love's embrace.


The words are not of a story, nor of love lost or found, what you see appearing, in every sky of blue and written in the hillside with the rays of sun penetrating through. This is the energy given to desire, to create a flame of passion that ignites the very hour. Feel the warmth inside you, don't deny that it exist and when you close your eyes tonight, you'll know it's from my lips.