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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, March 30, 2009

The words... till the ends of time.

My heart is the vessel in which my soul seeks passage.

What words have yet to be written and what songs are still left to sing? My soul responded quickly, " we have all eternity". My heart took unto singing ,the words joyously devised, to rewrite the wrongs of life and walk with you side by side.

No longer shall I close my eyes, my soul no longer needs to cry, visions of your love, have taken over my mind. Can you hear the words! my love ? Can you feel them inside?Release the chains of madness and reach out and pull me by your side.

Wordless vibrations feel the room, as I celebrate in dance with you. La la la my heart sings, la la la sings out loud, la la la with the heavens, la la la I shout. La la la my heart sings, la la la out loud, la la la with the heavens, la la la I shout.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kisses Good Night

A glimpse at yesterday a gentle
reminder of the beauty of our love.
If you ever ran through the rain and felt the chills that reaches deep into your bones and you can't shake it. Well that is the feeling I get as I feel the power of your love as it infuses my soul with a tribute to true passion. 
I can not tell my heart how to feel, nor my soul how to live, a river of thought proceeds the likely hood of my actions conquering the moment. Tonight when the clouds blanket the stars and there is no trace of the moon in the sky, I shall be waiting in the darkness to embrace with love, may the rain fall as a reminder of my love. 
If I wrote the script there would be no sadness, no tears, no heartache. 


Where there is love, there is peace, where peace, great joy!

...each day a little bluer.

This is the river, this is the river that moves down stream, this is the river that moves down stream to bring to you my love.

Here are the mountains, here are the mountains that surround the river, here are mountains that surround the river to hold close our love.

Gaze unto the sky of blue, gaze unto the sky of blue which ties our world, gaze unto the sky of blue to view our hearts as one.

Friday, March 27, 2009

One love, many emotions

We are born of love, from the time of conception, we begin the journey through love and desire. There are many different definition for that which is love. From the womb to our mothers arms to the world that awaits, all become part of the great journey, as we explore the emotions deep within us.
There is a great difference between, love, in love and desire, each reveals what we are capable of as we experience all that life has to offer. Oliver Wendell Holmes said that " Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness" Incredible that such a positive emotion can trigger such an ache when we feel it slip from our grasp. Love is acceptance, in love is passion and desire is the irresistible urge to share heart, soul and body. Together the above emotions are the fire that never dies, the eternal flame that rages deep inside.
Today I spent over an hour on the phone with a young woman who is suffering from the ache of a break up. I listened as she spoke, "I love him so much, even if he doesn't come back to me, I just want him to be happy." It was obvious she deeply cared for him, concerned with his well being and tearing as she spoke. My heart went out to her, as she shared with me the days she felt the deepest of devotion. She talked of her heaven and I felt her hell. I could understand in her young life, how she was planning for her future, to share the moments with someone she greatly cared for, some one she loved, was in love with and desired. I tried to bring her some peace in allowing her to know that I saw in him, the reflection of her love and what it was capable of . She thanked me as she said, I didn't think anyone could understand. Not to understand is not to have felt love and than had it stripped from you.
What is right or wrong or is there a right or wrong? Standing on the stage of truth, the first thing that catches most peoples attention is the physical and from there we get to know the person on the inside. I imagined this young couple were not balanced in their love. That one felt more passion, more desire, more love, more of a connection. Sometimes there is a rush that comes out of need, to love is to be loved. We all have voids that need to be filled. Love is the strings of the heart which play on the emotions of the soul.
The day had progressed quickly and I found myself dwelling on the conversation. In her young life she was on the path of experience. My head felt as if it were spinning, there was in my life a time where I loved without judgment, asked nothing and gave everything. Why is it that what once felt so perfect like a never ending winter fire, could be extinguished with just one breath?
Betrayal comes in many forms, for love always puts each other first, always understands and when the threads of love are severed, the fall finds a heart shattered in pieces.
The healing process comes with the ability to view love in its raw form. The unconditional love that mother earth showers on us. Where we thirst, we find water, where we hunger, food and the morning greets us with the rise of the sun and the night blankets us with the glory of the evening sky. So beautiful is this love that we become one with the world and become capable of sharing the treasures of life.
There were certainly no words that could set the mind at peace, no actions at this time that would speed the healing of a broken heart. Falling in love is and addiction, you crave, hunger and desire to share every conscious and unconscious moment. Just as we feel the adrenaline pump within our body, love sends a chemical to the brain, which in turn creates a sparkle in the eyes, a fire in the heart and a hunger that devours all that is and will be.

When one loves it is wonderful,
when both love it is magnificent.
As the day quickly comes to an end, I reviewed my own emotions. Love cannot be filed away to be pulled out at a given time. Love is with us always and is seen in all that we do and all that we are. It is ongoing and truly without an end, it can morph, grow stronger, or weaker,but it cannot die. Each experience is unique to that moment, each string played on the heart, sings it own tune. It is our hunger for more that places a sense of confusion within us. What more I beg you can the soul need, it loves, it lives, it sings from the heart and dances in the heavens. A tear falls, a heart weeps, a soul struggles to understand.
The heart never ages,
it knows nothing of time,
incredibly speaking it
works with the mind.


Memory Man

Can you love more with each breath of day?I love the rain as it falls, I love the sea , the sun and the wind when it calls. I love you more with each breath of day, I love you in this most amazing way.  I don't need to climb a mountain, to reach the sky of blue, I can feel it on the clouds when I'm dancing there with you. 

Sings> You caught me dancing, dancing in a dream, I slid across kitchen to your memory. You caught me dancing, yes dancing I am, dancing with my memory man. 

You built the stage, cast yourself the lead and your heart you gave to me. You caught me dancing, dancing in a dream, dancing with my memory man.

 You gave me a shoulder strong as can be and from the first that is where I lean.  Yes i'm dancing, dancing free, dancing to your memory. 

You caught me dancing, dancing in a dream, I slid across the kitchen to your memory. You caught me dancing, yes dancing I am, dancing with my memory man.

On the Clouds of Love, Where I Wait for You

The fog is lifting and the sun is shining through
and I so happy when I share it all with you.
I can think about tomorrow and leave behind the days of gray. Dream of your love and let it guide me on my way. So close and yet so far, my heart breaks everyday as I dream your love wafting gently my way.
I can think about tomorrow and let the time pass away. Close my eyes and see you dancing the night away. The clouds enchanting a dance floor they make and you my partner, my hand you take.
I can think about tomorrow and know we are in God's hand and everything that happens is according to his plan. The road before us, winds through the dark and gray to surface with the sunshine of a summer day.
I can think about tomorrow and leave yesterday behind, as long as I know my darling you are mine. I can think about tomorrow and leave yesterday behind as long as you are with me our hearts deeply entwine.
Sing heart sing, I know he will hear from the abyss, the music appears. Smile heart smile, I know he will see, just how much he means to me. Dance heart dance, into his embrace, forever my darling in our somewhere place.
Sing heart sing, sing of his love, sing of the warmth from the heavens above. Smile heart smile, is gift to you the warmth of his love from the soul exudes. Dance heart dance, to all that is, to the mountains of love that we still have to give.
Sing hear sing, I know he will hear from the abyss, the music appears. Smile heart smile, I know he will see, just how much he means to me. Dance heart dance, into his embrace, forever my darling in our somewhere place.

Reveal the sun's light upon the day

The sum of all facts reveals the unknown of tomorrow.


I fear as I watch each flower bloom for the day is gone to be quickly replaced by tomorrow. 


I wake to find a heaviness, sorrow has appeared, in the darkness lays the body, the spirit torn I fear.I tried to grasp the place where we find our hearts are one, except I felt the dagger severe, like the distance of the moon from the sun. Trickery has occured, I have felt this ache before, my emotions all but scrambled and my soul begging for more. 


I tore the chapter, page by page, I couldn't let it go, to savor the minutes, I reread it all so very,very slow. First came all the laughter it caught me by surprise, I never imagined such a love could tickle the mind. A few things were troubling, so I lay silent but awake to bathe within your happiness and absorb all that I could take. You gave to me a moment , I wanted  the eternal hour, so you gave to me a day and that started the fire. 


Take the darkness, take the hell release me from the devils spell.


My mind is racing so fast, my soul is having ahard time keeping up with it.


It is because I am a gear in motion, to the needs of others that I fail to take a chance on the needs of my soul.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Day The Starling Came To Visit

The starling caught me by surprise, his wings a flutter, he stops to see from the window above the kitchen sink.  I never saw a starling so close, as the day opens like a blooming rose. I smiled as I opened the window to set him free, he went as far as the sycamore tree. He turned around and it was a goodbye and then he flew off to the blue of the sky. I felt so very warm, so warm inside, the moment I told you what was on my mind. Like the bird now flying free, you and I sail through all of our dreams. 

Sweet intimate embrace,captures the day,
devours the night,enraptures the moment.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Angels Stopped To Smile...

I can't recall if the sun was shining,or if the day was cast in rain. All I know is that something happened and it just kept getting better everyday. The days became shorter and in the nights I danced to song and I knew that this was more than special, in your arms is where I belonged. I asked about the timing, why did it take so long? Why were the roads so winding and the barriers so tall and strong? The wind nipped the spirit, the sun cast away the gray and the angels stopped to smile down on us and to our hearts convey. Compare not to sorrow, let the darkness fade, the reflection from the heavens had chosen to shine on you and I that day.

I Welcome The Rain

I have always believed in a source of energy that is expelled from people and our surroundings. The energy can be from either a positive or a negative source and can bring harmony or a sense of disarray. I find that teetering between the various energy without the necessary balance can be disastrous. Balance the key crucial to our well being. With the positive barriers put in place we actually digest the negativity and creates a stage in which we can outperform the next moment. One of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quotes, " into each life a little rain must fall" can be interpreted in many ways. The falling of the rain can actually cleanse the spirit, inspire strength, renew, etc. Our own interpretation depends on our mind set, who and what we allow into our spiritual space. Weigh not in heaviness, for your love has lifted my soul. I find it incredible what we can absorb and spew when consumed with nature and her ability to educate, though the tongue remains in silence, the winds roar and the seasons sing, to the whispers of desire.
The placing of the scenery becomes almost as important as what we do within the scenery. The sky is always blue, behind the darkened clouds and the apparitions of gray, a blue, blue of the heavens has been placed and never shall it fade. The sun still rises with each break of day and whether we choose to see the light is the gift we have to gain. Darkened was the hand that grasped to hold us down, until the warmth of happiness brought to our life a smile. We call them storms, the thunder, snow and rain, but to the heart an awakening, with respect the day is claimed.
Imagine for the moment, the rain is falling down and each raindrop sizzles upon the body as the heat of love is found. The chill causes one to quiver, the power it conveys, reminds me how important life, the flame within the rain. My heart and your heart in unison beat as one and our souls so ever bonded for the sake of love.
Not a matter of grasping, hungry we devour, the grace of the heavens with each passing second of an hour. We laugh at the distance, it has no control, as it tries to separate the spirit, but the rivers are the fool. I see the waves as a way to send you all my love, to bridge the earth to the heavens above. The mountains not a wall, dissipate like sand, for all of nature knows our love is in command.

Each time you take my hand,
my soul dances to the song in my heart.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Reluctant was I

Reluctant was I to challenge the mind, to battle the day and allow my soul a say. I don't know the why, or how it all began, the mountains disappeared and all of a sudden you were there. My heart skipped a beat, oh! the sounds of love sweet, lost in your embrace, we are heaven graced.Reluctant was I to challenge the mind, to battle the day and allow my soul a say. I don't know the why, or how it all began...

A Captive Moment
The crocus brings to spring,
what your love brought to my heart.

Ice crystals blanket the hollow with a translucent glaze,
 eminent is the revelation of our vulnerability, as we 
fall to the mercy of mother nature. 
No tears fall yet my heart weeps. 
Imaging all the possibilities... smiles!

The season is quickly approaching. I'll be attending several events that have become regulars from the local ramp fest in April, the memorial day event in state college. I am looking forward to going to GFWC  it is a great organization that does volunteer work on both a local and international level. With this group you will find a wonderful group of women working towards the same goal to better our communities. 
I will be attending  the Pennsylvania conference on May 2nd and for more information check with your local chapter or go to www.GFWC.org. I enjoy working this event, as I find the women exude confidence and are a treasure to accompany. Interested in helping your community, I seriously urge you to research and consider joining a group of women who know that commitment will bring results and have been doing so for many years.  I added a little information of the history of the www.GFWC.org  website, for more information look up the website direct.

History and Mission 
The General Federation of Women's Clubs is an international women's organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. 

1868: GFWC's roots can be traced back to 1868 when Jane Cunningham Croly (1829-1901), a professional New York journalist who wrote under the pen name of Jennie June, attempted to attend a dinner at an all-male press club honoring British novelist Charles Dickens. Croly was denied admittance based upon her gender, and, in response, she formed a club for women. She chose the name Sorosis, a Greek word meaning "an aggregation; a sweet flavor of many fruits."

1890: Jane Croly, founder of Sorosis, extended an invitation to women's clubs throughout the United States to attend a ratification convention in New York City. Sixty-three clubs attended on April 23-25 and took action to form the General Federation of Women's Clubs. 

1898: GFWC unanimously passed a resolution against child labor. With the help of clubwoman Jane Addams (1860-1935), child labor became a major area of concern for the Federation. In 1901, Addams headed the Federation's Child Labor Committee to etc for more information or to join a chapter in your area, you can look it up on www.GFWC.org. Together we can make a difference. 
I'll be listing events as I secure dates and times, as always you can find me weekly at the local summer and fall market starting in May, 2009.
If already a member of GFWC, I hope to see you in may at GFWC Pennsylvania | May 1-2, 2009
Woodloch Pines Resort | RR1 Box 280 | Hawley, PA 18428
As a member of gfwc i urge you to at least educate yourself about GFWC as you will find it to be an enlightening experience. In giving you will find the rewards amazing. 

Strength in Numbers--GFWC's Accomplishments
One need look no further than their local woman's club to find the key to community improvement. The dedication of our more than 100,000 GFWC clubwomen have made it possible to achieve the following:
Generously contributed $180,000 for a fully-equipped ambulance to be used by the New York City Fire Department in response to the loss of equipment suffered as the result of 9/11
Fulfilled a commitment to America's Promise by raising and donating over $135 million in books and materials to public libraries and public school libraries through its Libraries 2000 Programs
Partnered with the President's Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History in an effort to increase awareness of the important role women have played in local communities since our country was founded
Sponsored a nationwide discussion on the changing roles of women through "Which Way Forward for Women?" forums
Initiated the annual Jane Cunningham Croly/GFWC Print Journalist Contest for Excellence in Covering Issues of Concern to Women
Attended a ceremony in Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1994 at which time GFWC founder Jane Cunningham Croly was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.
Initiated a Safety for Older Americans ProgramInstituted a Youth Suicide Prevention ProgramFounded the GFWC Women's History and Resource Center
Started an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education Program for women and children
Supported equal pay for equal work
Been recognized as the first women's organization to endorse the Peace Corps
Been recognized as the first women's organization to implement an AIDS education program.


Once water covered, a bed of stone lay ,
whispering rocks, my love they convey.
I could feel the magic, the love so sweet,
everlasting beyond belief.
Busy the colors a rainbow day, to brighten
your morning in a beautiful way.
Once water covered, a bed of stone lay,
whispering rocks, my love they convey.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


One window,
many views,
sky blue,
midnight stars,
and dreams of you.


Where once the creek overflowed its bank,
now lay a bed covered with silt and stone, with
water comes life.

Where sadness once darkened the day, now
the light of joy brightens the path, with love
comes happiness.

Where reality dampens the spirit, dreams
lead the way upon the clouds of faith, with
hope comes chance.

Where loneliness spoke of and end, fullilment
sang of a beginning, with combined hearts
comes strength.

Where once only tears could be found, now
replaced with the warmth of smiles, with
laughter comes friendship.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whispers in song, dances in the heavens

I didn't think it possible to miss you so... I miss you so!
I have learned many things, one is love doesn't hurt,
but it sure feels awfully when distance places a wedge.

March 21st the Official first of Spring

Temperatures dipped down into the brrrr below freezing cold, doesn't feel much like spring. The crocus which a few days a go were blooming are now tightly closed, standing tall against the fickle days of the new season. It is the typical time of year that we begin spring cleaning, ridding ourselves of the long winter. I looked back at the past few months as well sliding further back and viewing the last ten years of my life. My feelings were like that of a snowball rolling down hill, as it builds up, it moves into another season to melt under the rays of the sun. So many dreams and yet there are those around me who are capable of smothering the breath out of me. I need you, hold me close as we journey forward and like looking for the treause without a map , may we explore the gifts, like those hidden on a cool spring day.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Documented in the heavens,
strewn free in the wind,
the words of my love,
magically transcend.

Etched on the mountains,
painted in the blue,
the words indelible,
are "I love you. "

You cannot erase what is ingrained to the soul,
for your love is the very fiber of my being.

you make me feel brand new Simply Red

couldnt decide which I liked better xox

Simply Red You Make Me Feel Brand New

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get On Your Running Shoes

                                                 ... looks ahead to the dreams of tomorrow.

                                               I know that today is nothing like yesterday 
and tomorrow will be nothing like today. 
Our vulnerability writes each chapter.
  The beauty is revealed on a daily basis,
     open your heart to train your eyes to see. 


We have all heard the catch phrase "to stop and smell the roses" as I was on my six mile adventure, I realized I was concentrating on finishing the trail than taking in my surroundings. I didn't literally stop at every bend, but I did allow my spirit to become one with the run. A pair of mated cardinals, a ground hog on the run and the hawk high in the blue sky soaring just for fun. The sun was so inviting, it's rays against my cheek reminded me of your love and how much you mean to me. Oh! the river a shade of  blue, reflects what love can do, as it flows downstream, it sends my love to you. 
Pull me close, hold me tight and say I love you.  
Pulls you close, holds you tight and says I love you.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet Interludes

Like a swallowtail emerging from the cocoon,
I anxiously anticipate tomorrow.
Fly with me!

A dream like intermission
, surreal as can be, removes the many mountain as it controls the rhythm of the sea.Whispers of the heart challenge the heavens high, to break the barriers which silence the mind. Pleasuring the moment, pleading with your soul, to look beyond all darkness and allow the beauty of your love to unfold.

There Are No Secrets

Reflection of the heavens, from the rivers to the sky,display the beauty of the heart through the hours we call time. Behold the rays of the morning sun, warm against the flesh, a reminder of our love, at the souls request.

Congratulate the seasons they reveal our love so well, from the first fallen snowflake to the song birds of spring all while summer races to the colors that autumn brings.

There are no secrets, our love is everywhere as each day documents how love shall persevere. You know it in your heart and you see it with your soul and still you can feel it as it has us kicking up our heels.
I tell my heart that to feed the hunger of desire,
one must embrace the moment and release
the weight of our yesterdays.

Why do I cry? Because I allowed my heart to feel the agitation
that comes when need battles with my wants.

Wooden petals never die,
they also have not yet lived.

Lost in his world or lost to his world?


The mind shatters like crystal, the fragments everywhere.
Some so small they splinter as a reminder that you're here.
Love has no boundaries, it knows nothing of fear,
the grace of the heavens makes the beauty so clear.
Lust is external, its needs will expire,
but love is eternal and there is our power.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beginning to End

At the top of the ravine, to the edge of the hill, beyond the trees, a barren field. Spring  in waiting for the canvas to change, with blue birds and butterflies making their way. The grass will be green and the water will flow and the leaves of yesterday,will be gone like the snow. I held to the dreams, I let you on in as we challenge the seasons from beginning to end. 

You Are MIne

 The first smile, and a new dream, 
on a day that makes life worth while. 
This is the smile, in the hollow shines, 
from you my friend for all of time.
A tear fell and you wiped away,
you left no trace of heartache. 

I begged the wind, to blow your way
and to you a kiss that will never fade.
The sun rays a tad bit shy, behind the 
clouds knows you are mine. 


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Touching Down In The Wind

Down by the gazebo, let your heart follow me, there I saved a seat, for you and I to dream. Hold on to the blue sky, let the sunshine on in and there you'll find our love touching down in the wind.
Yesterday is heavy it weighs upon the soul, 
and tomorrow the challenge to unlock 
what today has bolt.
Fate- 1. A fixed decree by which the order of things is prescribed; the immutable law of the universe; inevitable necessity; the force by which all existence is determined and conditioned. Can we alter the future by closely examining our choices and making a alternate decision ? 

Cause and effect, breaking barriers, bridging hearts are they predetermined or built strategically? Like a house of brick starting with a foundation and laying the blocks of experience along the way , each interlocked creating a tight bond in which we follow or purely serendipity.

 No end to a rainbow...


Walk With Me

Whimsical the moment, magical the hour,

precious the view, of a soul set a fire.

One glimpse of the heart, and a view of the soul,

one love and two lives, eternally spool.

Dance, I Say Dance!

Dance, I Say Dance

Mesmerized was I, by the blue of the sky, the clouds passing and the memories in my mind. Like glancing through a book, I stopped on the page, of the first day you brought me laughter and you made the skies of darkness fade. The moment brought such joy, it made my heart sing, as the music of love crashed my every dream. The trees dancing, the wind in control, is not much different than when you touched my soul.

Hold on to our Love

Sings>Here in my heart is where dreams begin, where love found a place, when you walked in. My life shall never be the same, as my soul feels the daily heat of the flame.
I gathered the moments and I quickly compiled , the laughter and joy from the very first smile. I reached out to hold you and you reached on back and that my love is based on fact.
Sing it loud, whisper low, the feelings won't go, minute by minute our love continues to grow.

Sing it loud, whisper low, the feelings won't go, minute by minute our love continues to grow.
Here in my heart is where dreams begin, where love found a place, when you walked in. My life shall never be the same, as my soul feels the daily heat of the flame.
I gathered the moments and I quickly compiled, the laughter and joy from the very first smile. I reached out to hold you and you reached back and that my love is based on fact.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to Spring!

My son and I were heavily into a debate, to when spring officially arrives. I quickly responded, the calendar is marked March 21 st and he said Spring arrives when nature speaks. The weather is filled with a mixed bag of tricks from, sunlit days, to the here today gone tomorrow snowflakes. He said do you hear them? Hear what? The frogs, the frogs are singing and the sounds are beautiful. It was indeed a wonderful sound, and one of the first but not the only signs that spring was quickly approaching. The pussy willow which had grown twice its size in just one season, the branches covered with soft fur like catkins reached high up into the sky. The Carolina wren who stayed the winter season, was gathering dried grass plumes and soft downy feathers from the ducks to line her new spring nest. The stream was moving faster than normal as most of the mountain ice and snow had melted and the remains flowed over the rock as it entered into the stream. Each year the the rising waters document this time of year as the spring thaw.  

Winter, the season is no longer than any other, yet the darkness and the cold always make it feel twice as long as any other time of the year. The changing of the clocks appear to work with mother nature as it  closes the door on days of darkness. It seemed shorter this year than most, I felt as if January flew by and February was a little more difficult but as soon as I was thinking the first of the month, I was already moving on to March. 

The seasons have not necessarily responded like I remember them so much as a kid. March was always the traditional windy season. The time where you needed a light jacket and you took to  the fields to see who could fly their kite the highest. April was the season of rain and of course this brought the ever so chanted quote, " April showers, brings May flowers" No matter what the weather is like and when, I welcome this time of year and the beauty as life begins again and seen through out the hills and valleys. The transformation of the hollow in itself is an amazing experience. I can't say that I will miss the gray of the thicket and the patches of grass which died back. I watch as it all awakens and the beauty begins to emerge. Like a bear that hibernates, I also felt the beauty of spring as it pulled at the strings of my heart and awakened my spirit. 


The crocus rising deep from the cool and crusted earth, breaking the soil, the green leaves initiate the birth. Spring has surfaced, signs are everywhere and I am so happy for each and every day you and I have to share. 

Monday, March 09, 2009

I Love You

This is the blue of the sky, and this is the road that cuts
through the blue of the sky. This is my heart, and this
is the love that embraces my heart.
I stopped to share the moment,
to engage in reality and dreams,
scripted to the heavens, our love
in its immortality.
The day was quickly passing, the
farmer knew it well, returning upon
his tractor, he waved his last farewell.
I glanced over my shoulder at the
long and winding road and I knew
how far we traveled and how much
further we had to go.
I teared at all the yesterdays we had
no chance to see and than as quickly
as they had fallen, they dried and to
my heart was disbelief.
I saw something magnificent, it was
in the skies of blue, indelible the writing,
were the words, I love you.

Follow Me

I gazed into the waters and it was no surpise,
the current gently moving on your spirit relies.
Captivated by the moment, reality to a dream,
the reflection of your love cast the magic onto me.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hold tight...tighter

The moment should have been special, as I anxiously waited to see the musical begin as the curtains faded away. The colors so vivid, song and dance within the play, and there I sat in body, while my spirit was miles away. The lights were distracting, I turned each time to see, but all that I had hoped was that you would walk in and sit down next to me. I couldn't stop the images, they altered the very night, I could have been anywhere, but I was in your arms so tight. The evening air was cool, I covered with my cape as I fought to keep my eyes open and stay awake. My mind slipped to the journey, the years were going fast and I wondered what was the meaning and at that moment I laughed. Memories were flooding, they flowed from the heart and soul and at that very second, I knew how much you had a hold.

If no one hears, but one,
let it be your heart, that beats
to the sounds of love.

If no one can see beyond the
mountains, allow your soul the
sight of the heavens.

Troubling are my thoughts,
they rejoice and cry within the same breath.

Friday, March 06, 2009

...the night

Here is my hand, I give to you my hand,
it is a sign of my trust in your willingness
to walk beside me with blind faith.
Here is my heart, I give to you my heart,
as a reminder of how deep and
passionate my love is for you.
Here is my desire, I give to you my desire,
it dances in the heavens and reflects
down upon the earth.
Here are my dreams, I give to you my dreams.
it is the visions of all that we can be
and all that we are.
Here is my world, I give to you my world,
the moon to blanket you in the night
and the sun to wake you
with my kiss.
Here is my love, I give to you my love,
to embrace every moment and
to lock in eternity.
Here are my tears, I give to you my tears.
to awaken your soul with the sweetness of life
and the bitterness of distance.
As the stars kiss the night sky,
I hunger for your sweet embrace.
I knew as we danced in the moment,
the embrace of sweet love
held tight my heart.

Breathe deeply and allow the infusion of love
to flow from my heart to yours.

The dreams are an extension of our love.
... you'll know I feel it to.

I marvel at such perfection as the distance of the sun, the timing of the willow as it begins its leaveless bud. The power of the stream as it cuts through the mountains high and continues onward to flow one with the rivers wide.

Captivated by the battle of the seasons in change, as the signs of spring are surfacing and winter still makes a play. My spirit awakens to feel the rush of desire,the power of the wind the love which to the heart empowers.

I stepped away from the perimeter placed by space and time, to find that I was adjoined, heart, soul and mind. No division of the spirit, no separation from the blue, as long as you can feel it, you'll know I feel it to.


In displaying my soul, I validate my love.


My needs and wants are in an agreement...you!

As the drapes of winter fall,
the revelation of my hunger appears.

I am trapped between two worlds,
one of destiny another of my desire.
When my soul feels the restlessness of the moment,
is when I race the wind, going nowhere.

...as wonderful the moment,
my mind was a drift to where you are.

Rainbow High

I so wanted to get my soap making done yesterday, unfortunately you can' t find lye in any of the local stores and my shipment won't be in for sometime. It is not as much as I am impatient as the curing time for soap is three to four weeks and I wanted the product ready for the spring season. I decided to map quest shops in the neighboring state. One by one I called each little shop to inquire as to whether they stock the lye. One little place deep in the hills carried a good supply of lye.

The children have the next couple days off from school, in service day for the teachers. More than willing to go for a drive, we set off into the hills of West Virginia. The sun's rays warm and bright reflected off rocky West Virginia hills as they created a heightened view,which brought the canvas to life. My only regret was I didn't take my camera as I wanted to share every moment with you.

We left late morning and it seemed as if time was passing by so quickly. I kept watching the clock as I knew I had to be back by 6 pm for a meeting. It was 2 in the afternoon when we finally arrived in this little town that sat deep in the hills, as if were cut out and pasted right there in the center of the woods. It was a mere few minutes to run in and pick up my supplies and start our track back home. We stopped along the way had lunch and did a little window shopping in the quaint little shops strewn through the valley. I can't tell you how many times, I said aloud, I wish I had my camera. Snap went the moment as I secured the pictures in my mind.

I would usually not be impressed by the hills dressed in their winter gray, except that the sun gave the hills a completely different view. The roads sometimes hard and than periods where they became gravel and dirt, were so narrow. I kept feeling like if we didn't slow, we would drive off them into the mountainous streams that flowed below. The children absorbing the view, from the great owl that swooped down to catch a field mouse, to the squirrel running across the road. You could clearly see where the rock had been cut through to make room for a road. Each section looked like an art form in itself as the rock moved in formation to create a natural sculpture of the hills. The deeper into the hills we traveled the more I felt as one with the scenery. I had the music playing softly, it complimented the drive and the songs a warm reminder of your love, seem to bring you even closer. Coming to a stop at a one lane bridge, I quickly took in the view. The streams twisting and turning, rough and raging hit up against the rock. The water was a mixture of calm and powerful as it spun off in different directions, from pools of crystal clear water, where you could see the stony layers of rock, to the fast paced waters that raced to meet the river. From the rivers, to the blue sky, to the sun rays on my face, from the beginning to the end and there a rainbow was set in place. The colors were so vivid, they bowed from east to west creating a vision to the memory a test.

From the mountains to the river, from the flock of birds to the rainbow high, the road between us, has nothing on the mind. I knew you were here beside me, the embrace of life I felt, as you took my heart darling and it began to melt.

From the mountains to the river, from the flock of birds to the rainbow high, the road between us, has nothing on the mind. Heart to heart locked, my hand you hold on the road of happiness paved of gold.

From the mountains to the river, from the flock of birds to the rainbow high, the road between us, has nothing on the mind. The day became a chapter and the story soon to be told is from the moment you said hello and revealed a treasure of jewels.

The Song of My Heart
Sings>I whispered the song of my heart to the blue, and the sun and the stars shared it with the moon. Day and night, night and day, my love is on display, sharing, all my love for you.
I whispered the song of my heart to the blue,to keep the secrets of how much I love you, but the wind took a hold and masterfully unfold, all my love for you.
I whispered the song of my heart to the blue, trapped in the mountains the echo still came through, sweet desire, now in power, releases by the hour, all my for you.
I whispered the song of my heart to the blue, I whispered the song of my heart to the blue, I whispered the song of my heart to the blue and the whispers echoed back I love you.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

With Every Beat Of My Heart

Love paints the mountains with colors of green and gives to the sun the rays of spring. It gathers the stars in a strategic move, to shine my love down on you. 

Dancing and singing to a silly tune, this song of love is written for you. High in the heavens, where dreams begin and on every cloud that goes passing. 

La la la la la la la went the dream la la la la la la from memory la la la la la la to you I sing, la la la la la la your my every thing.

Love paints the mountains with colors of green and gives to the sun the rays of spring. It gathers the stars in a strategic move, to shine my love down on you.

Dancing and singing to a silly tune, this song of love is written for you. High in the heavens, where dreams begin and on every cloud that goes passing. 

In capturing the blue, 
one must allow the infusion of love.
 to give sight to the heart.

I shall always love you,
 with every beat of my heart.

Everyday of the year

The endless combination, soul released, heaven inspired, dreams.
I woke up this morning feeling like I was in the middle of a James Brown song. Sings, shouts, dances in silliness around the kitchen... 

Wo! I feel good, I knew that I would now 
I feel good, I knew that I wouldn't of 
So good, so good, I got you 

Wo! I feel nice, like sugar and spice 
I feel nice, like sugar and spice 
So nice, so nice, I got you 

When I hold you in my arms 
I know that I can do no wrong 
and when I hold you in my arms 
My love won't do you no harm 

and I feel nice, like sugar and spice 
I feel nice, like sugar and spice 
So nice, so nice, I got you 


 Just outside my window, the little bird stopped to sing, whistling good morning, she put a smile on me. The day bright as the sun came shining through and here is where I wake up to spend some time with you. 


Idle the body and restless the soul
as the heart searches for your love to hold.
From the earth to the heavens, celestial sky,
from universe to universe, till the ends of time. 

Man made sin, God made love.

Etched on the heart, fused to the soul, 
forever and ever my love shall you hold. 

Monday, March 02, 2009

Capture the Moment

Limitation is the varied restraints,
consisting of fear and loneliness,
which are placed upon the soul.


My only request is within the acceptance of my love, feel it,
know it, as you allow your heart to experience
our heaven on earth.


One of love shall my hands write,

for the days of darkness,

have lost the fight.

When the heavens come together and our hearts meld as one, when the variables of love equal our moment in the sun, this will be the moment when love captures the dream and lays before us what few have ever seen.

One hand dealt and the cards reveal, there are many ways to play the deal. Hold them, pass them or lead them high, the challenge is to the mind. Reshuffle,through and through, same cards another view. The decisions are always ultimately mine, but the outcome belongs to time.
...does he know?

The words I write are interpreted so, does he love me, does he know? I feel the wind, the morning brisk, I feel it as it leaves his kiss.

The morning sun of a golden glow, brightly shines, on the frosted snow. Winter battling the first of spring, who shall surface, who shall sing? To the bitter cold I say, a warmth of love blankets the day.

The words I write are interpreted so, does he love me, does he know? Love is the mountains, they reach up high, touching and embracing the blue of the sky.

What Do I Seek? I seek to capture the moment!