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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, March 02, 2009

Capture the Moment

Limitation is the varied restraints,
consisting of fear and loneliness,
which are placed upon the soul.


My only request is within the acceptance of my love, feel it,
know it, as you allow your heart to experience
our heaven on earth.


One of love shall my hands write,

for the days of darkness,

have lost the fight.

When the heavens come together and our hearts meld as one, when the variables of love equal our moment in the sun, this will be the moment when love captures the dream and lays before us what few have ever seen.

One hand dealt and the cards reveal, there are many ways to play the deal. Hold them, pass them or lead them high, the challenge is to the mind. Reshuffle,through and through, same cards another view. The decisions are always ultimately mine, but the outcome belongs to time.
...does he know?

The words I write are interpreted so, does he love me, does he know? I feel the wind, the morning brisk, I feel it as it leaves his kiss.

The morning sun of a golden glow, brightly shines, on the frosted snow. Winter battling the first of spring, who shall surface, who shall sing? To the bitter cold I say, a warmth of love blankets the day.

The words I write are interpreted so, does he love me, does he know? Love is the mountains, they reach up high, touching and embracing the blue of the sky.

What Do I Seek? I seek to capture the moment!


Mark said...

Great writing! I love the use of the playing cards as an analogy!

Trust in the fact that he "knows"!

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Mark,
...thank you!

cordieb said...

What beautiful poetry, so full of wisom. Your poetry reads like a beautiful song. Thanks for creating and sharing!