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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hold tight...tighter

The moment should have been special, as I anxiously waited to see the musical begin as the curtains faded away. The colors so vivid, song and dance within the play, and there I sat in body, while my spirit was miles away. The lights were distracting, I turned each time to see, but all that I had hoped was that you would walk in and sit down next to me. I couldn't stop the images, they altered the very night, I could have been anywhere, but I was in your arms so tight. The evening air was cool, I covered with my cape as I fought to keep my eyes open and stay awake. My mind slipped to the journey, the years were going fast and I wondered what was the meaning and at that moment I laughed. Memories were flooding, they flowed from the heart and soul and at that very second, I knew how much you had a hold.

If no one hears, but one,
let it be your heart, that beats
to the sounds of love.

If no one can see beyond the
mountains, allow your soul the
sight of the heavens.

Troubling are my thoughts,
they rejoice and cry within the same breath.

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Mark said...

I enjoy every word, every thought.