Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Light Up The Cloud

Light up the cloud,
the dance floor is ours,
if only to hold you
for a little while.

Your heart to mine,
rhythmic they beat,
spinning in circles
to memories.

Light up the cloud,
the dance floor is ours,
if only to hold you
for a little while.

Stars above us,
in the night of calm,
where we dance as one
all night long.

Light up the cloud,
the dance floor is ours,
if only to hold you
for  a little while.

Your lips of sweet,
pressed gently to mine,
sharing a moment
please stand still time.

Light up the cloud,
the dance floor is ours,
if only to hold you
for a little while.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Common Words for an Uncommon Love

I grew up in the over the rainbow era. Where you somehow think that like the song, " somewhere over the rainbow, way up high , there is dream." But of course that same movie reminds you that everything you need is right there around you. We have the ability to make our own happiness, create our own reality , live our own dreams. While driving down the road this morning, the sky was indeed a beautiful blue and the sun warm and bright and on a scale of one to ten, it was a twelve.
Love is a power house of emotion and positive experience that guides us through our life. I couldn't help but be thankful for all the opportunities I was granted. I noticed in the garden this week how quick the beautiful roses faded. It gives you a mix of emotions, it might be the one last hurrah for summers blooms and yet it brings with us a reminder of the end of a season and the start of a new one.

Many colors,
varied hues,
a bloom a day
life a new.

Season in passing,
hello and goodbye,
sprinkle with sorrow
and filled with delight.

Love is all around,
it touches the heart
and brings the heavens

Dance sweet love,
dance with me,
I am here waiting
in my nightly dream.


There are chapters on sorrow,
where sadness makes a play
and though I wish them a way
a bit of heartache remains.

But on a good note this
much I can say,
that love brought a joy
that never fades away.

I try to forget the darkness
not to give it a thought,
to replace it with happiness
that to my heart was taught.

Tears that fall slowly down the cheek and
smiles that remind me it wasn't all a dream.
Whispers of the heart that speak of love,
souls soaring up above.

I'll try to explain,
I'll tell you how I feel,
the words of love not spoken
can be heard like elephants
stampeding through a field.

Tears like storms in passing,
flood like a river from its bank,
flow through the heart and
skip from star to star.

I thought I was missing you
and that I was here all alone,
as the songs of love were haunting
like a nightmare where you let me go.

I faced the mountains,
I spoke to the wind,
whispered of our love
and the parting of souls a sin.
My heart keeps singing and I keep dreaming
of the love found in each of my smiles.
Between you and I a sunrise,
no matter where we go.
Your heart with mine is a
love that grows and grows.
No words between us,
only love to prevail,
of the meeting of souls
and unwritten tale.

Since I first met you...

Sings>I saw the sky bluer
and the sun brighter,
the night couldn't be finer,
since I first met you.

My heart beat so much faster,
there was tons of laughter,
we were writing our ever after,
while making dreams come true.

Whispers... I saw the sky bluer
and the sun brighter,
the night couldn't be finer,
since I first met you.

My heart beat so much faster,
there was tons of laughter,
we were writing our ever after,
while making dreams come true.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Words written for you...

From my lips a kiss,
to your heart my love,
from the moment we met
I danced on clouds above.

From my soul a dream,
to your life a memory
charted in the stars
where angels sing.


I go on believing,
wanting it to be so,
remembering the love
I'll never let go.

It taught my heart to sing,
my soul to dance and
gave the words of love
a tale of romance.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Gift of Love

Do I believe because it is real
or is it real because I believe?
I went into town shopping and bumped into a few people I knew and those that I had just met for the first time. Strangely enough, it was an unusual network as everyone seem to be connected in one way or another. They say there is a part of our brain that releases good and bad endorphins, depending on the people around us. The good and positive releases chemicals that create positive energy and keep a person happy and healthy and the opposite is true, when we place ourselves within negative company. Happiness is not based on whether we struggle or not, nor is it something that can be purchased. Happiness is actually a thought process. When we share happiness we create an aurora of positive energy that connects one person to another.
I have been known to over analyze. The reason being that there are so many ways to interpret and experience and each day one experience can provide us with different lessons. That might sound a bit off the wall but in reality there are not two sides to a story but many sides, with various doors and windows that brings about different views.
When I was very young, I would say around seven years old. I remember questioning, the statement " God is and always will be, without beginning nor end. That just didn't make any sense to me at the time and I wanted answers. All children want answer and sometimes adults just don't have the answers. It was a clear night and the stars were so bright. The mass was overwhelming and  at that moment knowing that earth is just a speck of sand in the heavens brought a closer look at reality. God must be the universe. The universe is and always will be, without beginning or end. God is everything and everywhere, light, matter and space. I thought of how man once thought earth was flat and finally realized it was round. We look at the universe and we think of only what we can see, when there is so much more beyond all that is.
There are times that my heart and mind battle for what is right. I tried to come to terms that I might never agree with my own thoughts and that questioning the what is factor is a part of my personality.
I will not search for happiness,
for happiness comes from inside
and whether we choose to share it,
is up to each of us to decide
Windows to peer out,
doors that remain locked
and the heavens above us
that keep time without a clock.
I challenge thoughts with action,
where to go and what to do and
take with the moment that pulled
love out of the blue.
If I had never chanced to love,
felt the joy that it can bring
nor savored the memories of sweet
that taught my heart to sing.
I would have remained in darkness,
stagnant and unawake,
troubled and all alone
and victim of fate.
The gift of love before me,
my heart recognize it so
and I felt it take a hold
and set my soul a glow.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Love's Rhyme

I never went looking
nor did I expect to find,
a love so wonderful
it's engrained heart,
soul and mind.

Triggered emotions
that play their part,
creating experiences
that take us to the

I can't explain it,
no matter how I try,
love that can't be defined,
the pleasure that exceeds
all rhyme.

I never went looking
nor did I expect to find
a love so wonderful
it's engrained heart,
soul and mind.


Friday, August 22, 2014

" In Love "

I was seventeen years old when I first heard " I love you Rachel, but I am not in love with you." I had no idea what that meant. I thought love is love, you either love someone or you don't. It was much later in life that I come to understand the variations of love. Caring and compassion are a form of love. We share that love with those around us, both friends and family. But in love is really quite magical.  Physical, emotional, spiritual, when we meet on that same plateau of life we are at the gateway of  being "in love."

When hearts come together
and souls bow one to one,
the experience of happiness
is in the truth of real love.

There is no concealing,
you can see it in the eyes
the magic of " in love"
flows out from inside.

Precious moments,
that forever remain,
like the stars in the heavens,
brightens with a smile a day.

It is skipping on the clouds,
dancing in your dreams,
the power of being in love
is in the joy it brings.

Inside Out

Inside out,
you will see,
your love is
a part of me

Wide awake
or in a dream,
I carry you

In my heart,
you'll remain,
entwined forever
and a day.


I don't wanna wake up,
I don't wanna get out of bed,
if waking up stops the dreams
and brings this magic to an end.


Decisions made by the heart
and carried out by the soul,
reveal the truth of character.


Leo Sayer - When i need you

One of my all time favorite songs. I do this so often, close my eyes and find you a thought away.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I was working in the garden tending to the fall flowers when I came across several caterpillars of the Monarch butterfly. I had added extra milkweed plants to the garden this year in hopes of attracting the Monarch. I have always been amazed at the different stages that butterflies go through. Though I think the Monarch is the most amazing because of its ability to migrate for winter.
When I was a child and attending camp, my father would write letters and refer to me as his little butterfly. It was one of the reasons I had a fondness for the beautiful free flying insects but surely not the only one.  There seemed to be something magical as you watch a butterfly break through a cocoon and reveal the various colors. I learned to appreciate all that the Monarch went through in its life cycle. I was nine years old when I saw my first Monarch migration. Even before I knew that Monarch migrated. The sky was darkened and for as far as I could see there was a blanket of what I thought were birds above me.  It wasn't until a few of the butterflies came closer down where I could view them, that I realized they were not birds at all, but butterflies.I can remember the exact location. In those days you could go pretty much anywhere as long as you were home before the street lights came on. It is odd how a moment freezes in time. I can see the buildings, the road I was on, feel the warmth of the sun and see the color of the sky as if it were yesterday and not almost fifty years ago. To this day I am still in awe of the simplicity of a beautiful part of nature,

One glimpse of a late summer day,
watching the butterflies find their way.
Free in flight and soaring ever so high,
like a ballet dancer performing in the sky.

The image imbedded within the mind,
stays close to last for all time.
Reminders of a childhood day and
the magic of nature that choreographs
a memory that never fades.


I saw the magic
and it took me by surprise,
touched my heart and
gave meaning to the sunrise.

The sky was bluer and
the stars shined so bright
as if they caught your smile
and lit up my life.

I saw the magic
and it took me by surprise,
touched my heart and
gave meaning to the sunrise.

Every moment of the day,
is filled with thoughts that never fade,
from the moment I wake up , until
I am fast asleep.

This is my heaven,
I'm right next to you,
dancing on the clouds
where dreams rule the blue.

I don't expect you to understand,
when I gave you my heart and you held my hand.
That was the moment I knew it to be true,
I met with love and love was you.

I remember when I was young and the older folks would say " the older you get the faster time goes." I can almost believe that as summer as ended before it began. Though rain is necessary, I found I could have done without as much. The skies in shades of gray and clouds that hover overhead.

You give the blue
to the skies above,
you share warmth
through your love.

In my heart forevermore,
you my sweet I adore.
Just the thought of you,
makes my skies blue.

You give the blue
to the skies above,
you share warmth
through your love.

Your hand in mine,
hearts entwined,
strolling along with
our hearts filled with song.

Heavens treat,
when souls meet
as we dance to

Your hand in mine,
hearts entwined
strolling along
with our hearts filled
with song.


The Dreams We Share

I spoke the words, that he might hear,
like whispers in the wind, to leave upon his heart
a remembrance of what we share.

Eternally scripted, written heavens high,
the love of two hearts forever entwined.

Passion or obsession,
a treasure to devour,
the gems of friendship
and the soul set a fire.

Mountains between us,
a twisted river or two
and yet the stars above
are a reminder what love
can do.

The heart a vessel,
that keeps you near,
memories of happiness
and the dreams we share.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dreams and Wishes

I tend to the flowers,
like running away
while trying to forget
and ease the pain.

The distance between us,
brings a tear to my eyes
and yet I know we are
as close as the stars to
the sky.

Dreams and wishes
to bring you to me
and that is the magic
I see in everything.

Stars in the night,
sun in my morn,
blue skies even
when it storms.

Dreams and wishes
to bring you to me
and that is the magic
I see in everything.

Rivers raging,
boats sail away
blue birds engaging
and a love that is
here to stay.

The sun in the morning
bright stars at night and
everything in between
reflects the love of my life.

Shields me from the darkness,
comforts in away that
touches my heart each
and everyday.

I see your smile
in the heavens blue
and I feel your warmth
of love in everything thing I do.

Blue bird at my window
a reminder of the day
when your heart met mine
and we were never quite the same.

Seasons come and go,
but the love I have for you
just grows and grows.

The combination of words on display
an infinite documentation day after day.
Celebration of the love in our hearts
and the joy that gave to life a jump start.

Dancing in the heavens on the passing clouds,
embrace of souls when true love was found.
Feel it all around , the warmth that it brings
and see it in the castle of our dreams.

You are my king of hearts,
my love from the start,
rejoice with the moment,
celebrate the day when our
souls came together and in my
heart you stayed.


The scent of heaven,
reminds me of the day,
when the angels sent a message
and my dreams led me your way.

Love is empowering,
magical indeed as it gives
to this life a meaning
that embraces all that time can bring.

Every promise I hold true
and so I write the words
that rule the heavens blue.

Words that speak of love
and the feelings I have for you,
when dreams , my reality
come true.

Every promise I hold true
and so I write the words
that rule the heavens blue.

Scripted by the heart
to celebrate the joy of life,
when hearts came together
and took to the stars.

The Garden of Love

It was a piece of sandstone,
a rock is what many would see,
but as I looked a little closer
it was a heart that appeared to me.
It took many years,
for the stream to erode away,
but for me it took a moment
to see the love in my day.
 The rose battled the rains,
it stood tall against the wind
and then there was the insects
that challenged the buds as
their petals opening began.

Natures revelation
the secrets in the day,
as the petals opened
life showed the way.

I spent my day out in the sun,
at first it was to ease my restless mind
and as I walked the gardens
I felt your hand in mine.

The storms had kept a distance,
the rains are a day away and
as I took to dreaming,
my heart was free of pain.


I felt a bit lonely,
till I looked up to the sky,
as I gazed unto the heavens,
your hand locked tight with mine.

Some things are for the moment,
but our love is for all time,
as you are never very far
you are always in this heart of mine.


In my garden there are flowers to see,
like rainbows that bridge you to me.
There is the sun in the morning,
moonlight at night and the dreams
that bring the romance to life.

Silk in white blows gentle in the wind
and you my sweet give a loving spin.
The blanket of love from you and I
warms this weary heart of mine.

Love is the gift
given from above,
like the stars in the night
and the moon shining bright,
your love is the gift that
I hold so dear,
it's each moment we
 made time toshare.


Through my heart I see,
through my heart I feel,
the sweetness of love
so pure and real .

The world takes on
a different view,
because of the love
me and you.

My morning was uneasy
and so I quickly escaped,
I took another journey
in the dreams that
lovers make.

From the mountains,
to the ocean,
to the forest and the hills,
searching the world over
found the moment surreal.

Love led you to me,
you held me close and tenderly.
There is nothing to replace it,
the love you gave to me,
as I hold it in my heart
for all eternity.

The poems bring you closer,
like a script from the heart
and played out in my dreams
bring light to the dark.

I know that you are listening
for I sent my love your way,
via the wind, I have sent
a kiss a day.

Love is powerful,
magical indeed
it can take nothing
and create a dream.

It erases the darkness,
gives light to the say,
so powerful our love
that led you my way.

It is rather  simple
to share a love so kind,
that is why I hold you
in my heart for all time.

Like a shield from the evil,
like  a doorway to the heavens high,
your love is so wonderful
it lights up my life.

There were those in passing,
more than just a few
a calendar man or two
that never understood the truth.

Love is not to be taken lightly,
it lives with in the heart,
gives meaning to the stars,
bridges soul to soul.

It takes one,
to hold on to love,
to never let it go,
sow and watch it grow.

It takes the love of you and I,
to give meaning to this life,
to journey forevermore
no matter what is in store.

There were those in passing,
more than just a few,
a calendar man or two
that never understood the truth.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

We Share

Sings > I took a chance on falling asleep,
in hopes that you were in my dreams.
Waiting patiently on the passing cloud,
hoping you would come around.

I would stay for eternity,
if it meant you would be next to me.
Time has no place here,
this is my forever we share.

I took a chance on falling asleep,
in hopes that you were in my dreams.
Waiting patiently on the passing cloud,
hoping you would come around.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Enchanted Meeting of the Heart

Is it a strength that has given me the sight
or are you my weakness that rules my night?
I listened to my heart , it never leads me wrong,
for you wrote the words and my heart sang the song.

Sentimental moments bring a tear down my cheek
as I reach into the darkness to rise above defeat.
I shall retain the magic and the way that I feel for you
as I know this is something special that has a way of
always feeling new.


Rising from my heart,
a quiver of the lips
as I hummed a tune
and thought of your kiss.

The silence was broken
as my heart spoke to me
and from that very moment
you unlocked the love in me.

The voice of my heart
speaks loud and clear,
as I accept the journey
that brings you near.

Yes, I love you,
that is awfully clear,
Yes, I need you
for a lifetime to share.

The voice of my heart,
speaks loud and clear,
as I accept the journey
that brings you near.

I reckon that I am living in a dream
and each moment is built on memory.
I felt the rapture that caught me by surprise,
when I met you on the clouds in the blue of the sky.

I wasn't mistaken and I knew it to be true,
my fingers were typing what my heart felt for you.
Chapter after chapter, page by page ,
the words of love record how I feel to this day.

There is nothing that can replace it,
it as wonderful as can be,
it spares me of loneliness as it
cast a spell down on me.

Quickly Captivated by your love,
together we soar the heavens above.
The meeting of hearts is magical,
when you reached out and took a hold.

Mesmerized and filled with delight,
taking the darkness and giving it light.
My days a little brighter and my nights
filled with desire as I fill the warmth
of a love blaze fire.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Poet of Love ... I like that Margie!

Love is rather simple,
pure as the fallen snow
and it is always in my heart,
wherever I may go.

Like clouds in passing
and the dreams that I adore,
for they always cast you the
lead in my forevermore.

It has been a busy day, I canned the too die for kosher pickles and pickled red beets. I worked in the garden, created a few terrariums for market and briefly weeded. The weather is rather pleasant, but almost bitter sweet. For temperatures which are moderate and comfortable, are completely out of character for August. I preferred to have really hot weather so I could complain oooooooooh how hot it is, yet I am able to get more done today.
When working my mind is rather busy and I rarely drift into the clouds, but the moment I am still my mind takes over. Some peoples say it is a gift, to have empathy, others define it as having a heart and a few have said I was overly sensitive. How one might describe it , I see it as walking through the garden gates of love.
In a world where we are surrounded by negativity, the thought that one can escape through the written word and find them self at peace and contentment is an amazing feat granted us by the earth and the heavens above us.
Many times I have found myself wanting things that are occasionally outside my reach.That is when I step back take another look around and review our vulnerabilities based on the limited time we have upon this earth. Circumstance can redirect a path that can seem at one time to be very matter of fact.  So I take a detour through the gardens gates of love and explore the beauty that life provides us with.

The moment I gazed at the trees on the hill,
the sun was shining and the wind was still
and at that moment it was no surprise that
you were beside me both day and night.

Wherever I travel, whatever I do,
I carry our love to see me through.
From the first hello , a love story
we found, written by the heavens
and scripted on the passing clouds.

Waking in Your Arms

I believe in a love true,
a rainbow from me to you
and a dream that awaits
the heart of lovers to partake.
La de da dum, I'm dancing with you,
heart to heart the whole night through.
In the heavens on our special cloud,
where dreams of happiness surround.
I believe in a love true,
a rainbow from me to you
and a dream that awaits
the heart of lovers to partake.
Stars of the heavens, shining so bright,
shower down a dream tonight.
In a field of Daisy,
yellow and white,
there is a joy and 
a summer delight.
Racing the moment,
running towards you,
with the gift of love,
I give you the blue.
Sunshine bright,
 a magical sight,
love and happiness
both day and night.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Million Ways To Say I Love You

Sail the sky blue,
hold on tight,
don't let go,
sail the sky blue.

Sail the sky blue,
cloud jumping,
sweet loving,
sail the sky blue.

Sail the sky blue,
heart to heart,
forever yours,
sail the sky blue.

I am as wealthy as can be,
I have love and I have dreams,
priceless is the day,
when you first came my way.

I am as happy as can be,
I have you and you have me,
friendship set on fire,
love that truly inspires.

I am as grateful as can be,
I have the fondest memories,
the moment you touched my heart
and brought joy from a far.

Fingers on lips,
vibrations hum of love,
haunting sounds
of the innocence above.

Dreams in the making,
reality conspires,
to ignite,
our hearts on fire.
I speak of love,
I whisper your name,
words of happiness
and I have never been the same.

Everything that happens,
is a path of desire,
that led me to you
and changed the very hour.


There is no room for sadness,
no heart break or fear,
for you are in my heart
and through the written word
I share.

Souls embraced as one,
no matter the journey,
nothing can stop
the magic of love.

I watched the rose blooming,
it opened up before my very eyes,
the fragrance was very haunting
and it caught and held the memories
in my mind.

I tried to hold still the moment,
to not let go of the day,
when your heart collided into mine
and merged in an auspicious kind of way.


Some write of beginnings
and a few write of ends,
but I write of eternity
where there is neither
a beginning nor and end.

The ship sails as sea,
the sun lights the sky,
the blue bird sings a song
and your love will always
be mine.

Dreams are the catalyst
that brings you to me,
I close my eyes and
your in my arms where
you were always meant to be.


I send to you my love,
sailed on every summer breeze
to leave a kiss upon your lips
as I embrace the dreams.

I invited the clouds
to script your name,
but the wind  blew
and it began a new day.

I took to the heavens,
to the stars up above,
to rearrange the order
to spell out our love.

Eternal messages
for all to see,
the meaning of true love
and what you mean to me.

I gathered the seasons,
each and everyone ,
from spring through winter
to embrace our love.

Spring brings renewal,
summer memories make,
fall a reminder of color
to keep us warm through
the winter days.
I strip down before you
and this is what you'll see,
in my heart a reflection
of the love as it should be.

The true revelation,
whispers your name
and nothing can change
what took my heart that day.

One or a million,
the words rearranged,
are all about you
and the love that
came our way.

Written in the heavens,
sent down from above,
redirecting hearts
down the path of love.

I love you,
as simple as that,
I love you,
as wonderful as can be,
 I love you.

I love you,
a dream in the making,
I love you,

Friday, August 08, 2014

Good Night My Love

I'll write the story,
script a movie or two,
take to dreaming my
life away with you.

You will always be the lead
with me in everything I do,
standing on the puffy clouds
while sharing a kiss with you.

You'll always have a place
here within my heart and when
I close my eyes to sleep you'll
never be very far.

I'll write the story,
script a movie or two,
take to dreaming my
live away with you.
Blue skies in the morning,
the sun peeking through the trees,
the river slowly moving as if
it stopped to grab my dreams.

You are the song the blue birds sing,
the magic that I find in everything
you are the world that comes alive
while stopping a moment in time.

You are the stars in the night,
that shine so ever bright,
the comfort that find when
you embrace with a love so kind.

I took to my pillow
and to my surprise,
you were waiting in
those dreams of mine.

I felt your embrace,
the meeting of souls,
the warmth of your love
in this eternal hold.

There need be no words,
this song that I sing,
from my heart to yours,
played out in a dream.

Comforting that I am not alone,
you are in my heart where ever I go.
Mountains or valleys, river or sea,
I carry your love deep within me.

Can't repeat a moment
nor go back in time,
but every where I go
I have you on my mind.

Roads that circle
back to you
little reminders what
love can do.
My Soul Partner

I must be honest and
I'll tell you why,
when souls come together
it is a meeting of both body and mind.

We share the dreams,
embrace true love,
when soul partners
join two into one.

I must be honest and I'll
tell you why, when souls
come together, it s a meeting
of both body and mind.


Every moment tells a story
of the love of you and I,
when you unlocked this
troubled heart of mine.

The world took on new meaning,
the seas were bridged by love,
when you unlocked this
troubled heart of mine.


It was written in the heavens
and it caught me by surprise,
when the angels conspired to
collide your heart with mine.

I didn't see it coming and
I failed to recognize the
moment when I let go
and your hand reached
out to mine.


I took to the heavens,
to the blue of the sky,
upon the summer clouds
that were slowly passing by.

I sang out in gratitude
for the mystical way,
that your love touched my
heart and erased any signs of gray.


It was early in the morning
and the sun had yet to rise
and I lay there awake with
you on my mind.

I desperately tried to comprehend
the distance that comes into play
when separated by the mountains
and our hearts and souls remain.

It was early in the morning and
the sun had yet to rise and I
lay here awake with you
on my mind.

What should I do and what
can I say? That will make you
understand how I feel for
you in this loving kind of way.

Two thoughts, sound as one,
your heart and my heart can't be
undone. Love was the first embrace,
that captured the moment and put
a smile on my face.

Whenever I am lonely and blue,
I close my eyes and I am there with you.
Singing and dancing and silly as can be,
just the two of us in my daydreams.

Two thoughts , sound as one,
your heart and  my heart can't be
undone. Love was the first embrace,
that captured the moment and put
a smile on my face.

Every second that passes,
records to the day,
the magic of love that
makes me feel this way.

I am but a vessel
my hands the tool
to leave the words
of love in the stories
yet untold.


You are the lead in my love story,
gentle, sweet, warm and kind,
and that is how I see you,
you are the blue in my sky.

We danced in the heavens,
we graced the stars high
and when they day is over
it is just you and I.

Friday, August 01, 2014

It is what it is...another rainy day.

Love is not fleeting, forever is the day from
whence the moment of love arises
and life is never quite the same.
Maybe the object of the game
is to never fall in love and
than you are never hurt.
It is in the sphere of disbelief...
The script of love upon the heavens
is the eternal chapter of happiness.
I was cloud jumping and missed the passing cloud
and found myself falling into the path of reality.
True loneliness reveals itself when
you go through life misunderstood.
I hear the music
and it reminds me of you.
The dance of hearts
that rule the heavens blue.
I see the silhouette of lovers
in my dreams.
It seems to always bring you
back to me.
Everyone has experienced some form of loneliness in their lifetime. In the universe earth seems like a lonely planet. It is the emptiness within , the void that begs to be filled. Loving, understanding, supportive, believing and when the day is through embracing the moment.
I am walking through life with my eyes closed, in hopes of a glimpse of what my heart already knows. The air takes on a feeling that I can't quite explain but for one moment I know I am no the same. My heart belongs to you, my soul dances in the blue.
Go on and dream,
those dreams make you mine,
embracing all of life and
stopping the hands of time.
Go on and dream,
those dreams make you mine,
bring comfort to the moment,
you are in these arms of mine.
Go on and dream,
those dreams make you mine,
we have got forever and ever
till the stars fall from the sky.
Go on and dream,
those dreams make you mine,
they take away the loneliness
and fill this heart of mine.
I took a kiss
to blow away,
wind don't stop,
send his way.
To his heart
my love place
and my kiss
his lips lay.
I lay here wide awake,
in a daydream I partake.
Images of sweet embrace,
heart to heart, face to face.
Lights of love as the darkness fades,
guides the heart and leads the way,
where truth and happiness unfold,
a journey of friendship from days of ole.
Like the river to the sea,
our love flows freely.
Sun to sky, stars to night
and your heart to mine.
Like the wind to a storm,
my kiss upon your lips adorn.
Tender, sweet, precious love,
a gift from the heavens above.
My head upon the pillow
and my heart far away
for you my dear hold
the love day after day.
I gave it to you freely,
it wasn't out of need,
for our souls came together
to create the memories.
There are so many pages,
the chapters quite a few,
from the day our hearts
collided and we danced
the heavens blue.
Loneliness has no meaning,
the sky is yours and mine
and in the night I gaze
upon the love of you and I.
It is my heart that chatters,
it speaks of a love so true
from the day we first met and
a dream made the sky so blue.
Your love a comfort and your smile
rules the night, like a star that
shines in the sky, your love shines
throughout  my life.

Another rainy day
and I am here all alone,
gazing at the raindrops
while my mind roams.

The wind is blowing
and seems to call your name
but if it's my imagination
than it is my heart that is to

Another rainy day
and I am here all alone,
I can't stop thinking that
you might ring the phone.


My time is filled with thoughts of you,
I try to stay busy so I don't go getting blue.
The sun hid behind the clouds and soon
the darkness is all that will be around.

The La, la, la's the song from within,
no words necessary from my heart it begins
I'll hum with the birds, chirp with the frogs,
the sounds of love that can do no wrong.

Pictorial Prose

Imagine the moment,
I'm lying peacefully in your arms,
nothing can change the vision,
it is filled with love and void of harm.

The sky is forever blue,
there is sunshine each and everyday,
my dreams are all of you and
that is how love brings joy to my day.


Eternal Love

They say nothing is forever
and time will fade it away
but our love is  truly eternal
and the words are here to stay.

We will rest high above heavens,
we will dance on each and ever cloud,
we will love upon this earth and
when we are gone the story will still
be around.


Smiles in the stars,
love in my day,
warmth forever
that is what remains.

Souls together,
joined one to one,
nothing can separate
our most amazing love.

Smiles in the stars,
love in my day,
warmth forever
that is what remains.

Every moment is a poem,
every poem is thoughts of you,
starting with a dream and
ending with the truth.

The heart that speaks,
the song of the soul,
joining together it has
and everlasting hold.

Every moment is a poem,
every poem is thoughts of you,
starting with a dream and
ending with the truth.