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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Enchanted Meeting of the Heart

Is it a strength that has given me the sight
or are you my weakness that rules my night?
I listened to my heart , it never leads me wrong,
for you wrote the words and my heart sang the song.

Sentimental moments bring a tear down my cheek
as I reach into the darkness to rise above defeat.
I shall retain the magic and the way that I feel for you
as I know this is something special that has a way of
always feeling new.


Rising from my heart,
a quiver of the lips
as I hummed a tune
and thought of your kiss.

The silence was broken
as my heart spoke to me
and from that very moment
you unlocked the love in me.

The voice of my heart
speaks loud and clear,
as I accept the journey
that brings you near.

Yes, I love you,
that is awfully clear,
Yes, I need you
for a lifetime to share.

The voice of my heart,
speaks loud and clear,
as I accept the journey
that brings you near.

I reckon that I am living in a dream
and each moment is built on memory.
I felt the rapture that caught me by surprise,
when I met you on the clouds in the blue of the sky.

I wasn't mistaken and I knew it to be true,
my fingers were typing what my heart felt for you.
Chapter after chapter, page by page ,
the words of love record how I feel to this day.

There is nothing that can replace it,
it as wonderful as can be,
it spares me of loneliness as it
cast a spell down on me.

Quickly Captivated by your love,
together we soar the heavens above.
The meeting of hearts is magical,
when you reached out and took a hold.

Mesmerized and filled with delight,
taking the darkness and giving it light.
My days a little brighter and my nights
filled with desire as I fill the warmth
of a love blaze fire.

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