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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Gift of Love

Do I believe because it is real
or is it real because I believe?
I went into town shopping and bumped into a few people I knew and those that I had just met for the first time. Strangely enough, it was an unusual network as everyone seem to be connected in one way or another. They say there is a part of our brain that releases good and bad endorphins, depending on the people around us. The good and positive releases chemicals that create positive energy and keep a person happy and healthy and the opposite is true, when we place ourselves within negative company. Happiness is not based on whether we struggle or not, nor is it something that can be purchased. Happiness is actually a thought process. When we share happiness we create an aurora of positive energy that connects one person to another.
I have been known to over analyze. The reason being that there are so many ways to interpret and experience and each day one experience can provide us with different lessons. That might sound a bit off the wall but in reality there are not two sides to a story but many sides, with various doors and windows that brings about different views.
When I was very young, I would say around seven years old. I remember questioning, the statement " God is and always will be, without beginning nor end. That just didn't make any sense to me at the time and I wanted answers. All children want answer and sometimes adults just don't have the answers. It was a clear night and the stars were so bright. The mass was overwhelming and  at that moment knowing that earth is just a speck of sand in the heavens brought a closer look at reality. God must be the universe. The universe is and always will be, without beginning or end. God is everything and everywhere, light, matter and space. I thought of how man once thought earth was flat and finally realized it was round. We look at the universe and we think of only what we can see, when there is so much more beyond all that is.
There are times that my heart and mind battle for what is right. I tried to come to terms that I might never agree with my own thoughts and that questioning the what is factor is a part of my personality.
I will not search for happiness,
for happiness comes from inside
and whether we choose to share it,
is up to each of us to decide
Windows to peer out,
doors that remain locked
and the heavens above us
that keep time without a clock.
I challenge thoughts with action,
where to go and what to do and
take with the moment that pulled
love out of the blue.
If I had never chanced to love,
felt the joy that it can bring
nor savored the memories of sweet
that taught my heart to sing.
I would have remained in darkness,
stagnant and unawake,
troubled and all alone
and victim of fate.
The gift of love before me,
my heart recognize it so
and I felt it take a hold
and set my soul a glow.

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