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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Days of Summer

Amazing the power of music,
it stirs both good and bad emotions,
the pleasure of holding you in my heart
and the distance of time and place.

Softly playing soothing to the soul,
and I drift somewhere between
the high of the mountains and
your most tender hold.

Sings > Volare, oh... cantare, oh...
Nel blu dipinto di blu, felice di stare lassu
E volavo, volavo felice piu in alto del sole ed ancora piu su
Mentre il mondo pian piano spariva lontano laggiu
Una musica dolce suonava soltanto per me

Sweet Days of Summer

When the wild rose cast a scent inviting to the soul and the sweet hot days of summer slowly begin to unfold, this begins the day when the memories are formed and recorded moment by moment and in the heart where they are stored. I lay across the bed with a smile upon my face and celebrate what in my heart was so gingerly placed. The room large and empty, positioned away from the sun, as if always cast in darkness, where hills of rock are spun. I felt my heart racing, though my body stood quite still, as if I had challenged the hollow and allowed the love to surface by will. I thought about our embrace which entwines us from a far and again about my desires that seem to dance upon the stars. Simplicity had spoken, there was nothing left to need, except to feel your tenderness that rattles my very knees. I gasped at the images that played with my mind, where we are lost in the moment and your body is next to mine. I felt the hunger of such flesh seeking desire, to lay my head upon your shoulder and dance in the blaze of and uncontrollable fire. My heart was yours for the taking and you tenderly held it so and in the story of life you had yet to let it go. My soul quickly responded" this is heaven at its best, lying there beside you, my head upon your chest. " I beckon you to believe in the possibilities that await as, you take my hand and soar beyond to the gateway of fate. There is nothing more important then the love two hearts can share ,as they look into the eye of destiny and view without slightest bit of fear. Love is awfully precious on dark days it surfaces with how much one can care and brings with it the magic that nothing can compare. As I lay across the bed, my mind is comforted so by the sweet days of summer and the love for you that continues to grow.

No longer focused on the moment, no longer battling each hour, my escape is into your arms rids life of the thorns and brier. Shouting in silence, can you hear me call, I'm needing you so badly, I want it all.

Imagine each morning, to awake to my kiss, a love so powerful its aim can't miss. Where dreams all come true and l partake in my love for you. That is how we will start each day with love we share in every way. Love is precious and it is yours and mine and it can only get better and better with time. I want to please you, to see your smile, to feel your arms and wipe your brow. I want nothing but love, day after day, in a blanket of warmth where our hearts gather to play. Imagine me with you, imagine the hold, the embrace of love that rids life of the cold. I'd do anything, anything for you, to make you happy,to reach out to the blue. The voice of the heavens sing unto thee of our love that is beautiful and free.

There is just one tear, I cannot stop its flow, it races down my cheek,fast and than real slow. I wiped it from my cheek and I could not believe its hold, it held all the days we spent together from sunlit summers to the winter cold.

It is just not my need for you, but my want of you.....
I want you now! I need you now.

Sings>Close your eyes, go on and close your eyes and you will see the love we share. Magically it brings your love to me, just close your eyes and in the dark you'll see, the images that form are energy.

The Picnic

I call them kimblake moments, it's when you conjure up a beautiful image in motion and stop action. Like creating a photograph with the mind. There with your eyes closed you can fill in the darkness with the magic of love. Imagining a picnic is a perfect image in motion. First we have to find a really nice location, where the grass is so green and the sun is shining, Underneath the apple tree might be a great location for our picnic. We can have a little shade from the high heat even though the sun glistens off the leaves, it still has a coolness. Maybe it is the most warm gentle wind and the way it has the leaves creating a fan over us. Yes, I think this location will do just fine, now take an end of the blanket and let's spread it over the grass. That looks pretty! by the way the blanket is blue, soft blue like the perfect sky that umbrellas over us. I packed a lunch basket and though I can't imagine eating, as all I want to do is stare into your eyes. Though I did pack traditional picnic food, I put in some fried chicken and I wasn't sure what kind of salad you would like so I made a variety for you from potato salad to pasta. I hope you like it, I thought of you as I prepared early in the morning. I also brewed fresh ice tea and I put a little lemon balm leaf in it. Looks pretty doesn't it? Let me share some tea with you, It is okay I don't mind sharing my glass of tea with you. I also baked a cherry pie from the tree out back, if I don't say so myself it really does look delicious, has a kind of carmel color to it. I am not really hungry right now, so this is part where we get ready for the stop action. Location, location that is really important, ahh there you are in your shorts and a t- shirt and of course you are looking comfortable and handsome as always. Now sit down on the blanket, that is okay, it's just us don't worry, it will be okay. Now it is my turn,I have on denim shorts and because it is such a hot day I have on my favorite red with white polka dot top, it's a v neck that ties like a halter dress around the neck, very summery. My hair is pulled up, but some of it has fallen out and it is curling with the humidity. I now snuggle real close to you and I feel your arms pull me even closer, my head on your shoulder and I smile as my head tilts back and I look into your eyes. I am so happy, I don't want to cry,but I can't help it, it is very emotional being here with you, a tear falls as if the tears flowed directly from the soul. I can almost feel your heart beat, just as I look up at you I can see that our lips accept the invitation to kiss. Not quite locked in a kiss,our lips almost there but not , now is the time for stop action. Click! Click! hold that picture in your mind, that is my love for you. Thank you for the picnic!

The scent of summer,
your arms so tight and
the love we share feels
so right.

I awake to your love each morning my dear, I awake to your love that erases all fear. Calms the heart and tickles my soul your love is the gem more precious gold. La la la my heart sings and la la la in all of my dreams and la la la you and I la la la under the blue sky. I awake to your love each morning my dear, I awake to your love that erases all fear.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Morning My Love

In accepting your love I have come to understand
the reality of an unselfish love.

Love is truly the energy that fuels the heart.


In your arms for a moment,
in your heart for life,
the dreams of love are such a delight.

Today, tomorrow and forever.
It is the heart that has spoken...


Each glimpse of the rays of sun upon the late spring fern
comes with a reminder of how truly warm and
wonderful your love really is.
One look into the heart reveals the meaning of a day.

I rejoice in the moment for love has indeed surfaced.
I spent the earlier part of the day working in the greenhouse, there is something amazing about taking a seed and nurturing it to maturity. I find it to not only be rewarding in the sense of an accomplishment with nature, but also a calm that comes with being one with the world around you.
The more I understood the amazing qualities of plants, the more it all seems to make sense, that all the gifts necessary for a life of and enrichment and fulfillment are at our fingertips. Today has the makings of an early day in summer, the sun has a brightness to it that shines down upon the plants that can only be seen and felt at this time of year. The wind almost mellow, tickled the leaves of the trees into a world of fantasia, almost as if like a hand held Asian fan they wave gently waving in the air.
The day reminded me much of that in childhood. It didn't seem as if there were many days when you weren't doing something, but when that happened it stuck with you. I am not sure why that is, a warm summer day, gentle winds, silence that almost sings to the soul and a unity with the moment. Ahhhh, I think I do recognize the moment as it is the embrace of contentment. No barriers to separate the souls as it is love which bridges one to another. In my acceptance of all that is, I stand in celebration of my hearts desire. There is a certain pleasure that can be had when hearts connect. I found that the beauty of life became even more so, as if we were the artist and the canvas of life awaited for our bit of artistry upon the moment.
I semi giggled as I remembered my very first experience on a canvas, the child who tried to bring colors to life. As I again viewed the many colors which reflect from the heart and soul, the variances become a representation of the beauty of life, the magic of the dreams and the chapters that have yet to be written. We relate to the colors early on as simple pleasures in which we have been introduced to. The yellow of the sun, warm wonderful and amazingly bright, the green of the trees on a summer day, the red of apples that reminds of growth, the blue of the sky which shares with us a view of infinity and the darkness that is revealed through the color of black. We call them primary colors, they are the platform from which all dreams will develop.

This is my canvas,
I paint it with love
and the sun shines
down on it from
high up above.

This is my dream,
to share it with you,
in hopes that we can
make them all come

This is my soul in
a revelation of sort,
to reveal all my love
with each day a
little bit more.

Every dream, every star in the sky,
every thought combines your heart
with mine.

I Love you!

The simplicity of life begins with the seeds of love.


Sings>Keep the sunshine in the morning and a smile on your face, keep the warmth between us in your heart where the intricate patterns of love are laced. A blue sky that keeps getting bluer and a dream that waits to come true, in the miracle of life that directed me to you. Keep the sunshine in the morning and a smile on your face, keep the warmth between us in your heart where the intricate patterns of love are laced.

I wake each morning to your sweet love, so very precious it must have been sent from God above. I hold it close, I have yet to let it go, wonderful this feeling that seems to just grow and grow. There in the morning, there all day long and when I close my eyes at night it's there like a midnight song. Soothing it relaxes, filled with peace and calm, your love has entered my heart, where it always belonged.

Sings>My first thoughts always turn me to you, for you are my sunshine,my skies of blue. I feel the happiness as it dust the darkest hold and reveals the love that daily unfolds. Love has spoken and the words are so ever true, that nothing could be more wonderful, than me and you.

Good Morning my love,good morning to you,
good morning my sweetheart I love you, I do.

Good Morning sunshine, good morning to you,
Good morning to the rays of sun that shine down
on you.

La la la a song or two, la la la my heart says I do.
La la la, the dreams I have of you, La la la all say
that I love you.

Good morning my love, good morning to you,
good morning my sweetheart, I love you, I do.


Here is the truth as the truth reveals,
your love so wonderful is what I feel.

Lifts me up on cloudy days to see
beyond the skies of gray.

It was my gift to give and easily I might say,
and as I opened up my heart you stepped into stay.

The ultimate experience like a birth of a new
star, brighter and brighter the flame of love was born.

The sky of crimson shadows, fire like and a blaze,
in the silhouette of my dreams, it is in your arms I lay.


Sings>Early in the morning when I first open up my eyes, it
is always you my love, in my heart and on my mind. The
magic almost impossible to describe as it took my soul completely
by surprise. The blanket of blue comforts with the clouds as
we embrace the love that we both found.

Inside Out

I'm walking all around and everyone
can see, that it is you my darling
in and out of dreams

Inside out and all can get a chance to
see the the love you have given that's
now a part of me.

My sunshine in the morning, my stars
at night, the joy that gives meaning to
this squirrely bit of life.

The rainbows we created, never fade
away, they are created of colors of
every hue and shade.

They bridge the mountains both day
and night, to bring to me your love
which feels so right.

Inside out and it reveals, the happiness
that your love instills.

The smile on my face a door way to
the heart and when you opened it,
I knew we'd never part.

Angels must have been working over
time, giving their consent, they made
the day yours and mine.

Monday, May 24, 2010

West Side Story-Somewhere

Years back you asked me "what movie do you see me in ?" I responded with the musical "West Side Story" and you said" I remind you of a New York Punk?" My interpretation of the movie was of course the love story that was evolving through out the movie. But also I saw your character in parallel with the movie as your strength of character, your willingness to make a difference and as your faith and courage surfaced. So as I think of what movie today best reflects you, I must again say " West Side Story" Because you are the bravest, most wonderful and loving person I have ever known. The song out of the movie that best reflects my thoughts is " Somewhere" There is a place for us!

There's a place for us,
Somewhere a place for us.
Peace and quiet and open air
Wait for us

There's a time for us,
Some day a time for us,
Time together with time spare,
Time to learn, time to care,
Some day!

We'll find a new way of living,
We'll find a way of forgiving
Somewhere . . .

There's a place for us,
A time and place for us.
Hold my hand and we're halfway there.
Hold my hand and I'll take you there
Some day,

From that time I met you, I felt like we have been trying to find that place and of course you never stopped holding my hand. So I give to you as my gift that place for us.

That Special Place

It was by special invitation that I welcomed you on in. You asked no questions and took my hand and simply jumped on in. Here in my heart, is where the journey begins and with love we step side by side from the beginning to the end.

This special place I have for you is in my heart where dreams come true. Those shared moments, my head upon shoulder, your arms around me tight, the wishing and the wanting to make our life right.

It was by special invitation that I welcomed you on in. You asked me no questions and took my hand and simply jumped on in . Here in my heart, is where the journey begins and with love we step side by side from the beginning to the end.

This place is like no other it was always here for you, something happened that day when your love came shining through. Peace and happiness is what you'll find, lined with love the soul is our guide to lead your love here to me.

It was by special invitation that I welcomed you on in. You asked me no questions and took my hand and simply jumped on in. Here in my heart, is where the journey begins and with love we step side by side from the beginning to the end.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Love- revised, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness


As I think about how you entered my heart and created this wonderful place that is yours and mine alone, I feel a sense of joy that encompasses the moment. We have surfaced from our yesterdays and there is no denial that love had sent you to me and gave me to the smile. The darkness once controlling, the loneliness absurd, as only love had entered and only love survives when the heaviness of a darker realm is removed from the brow. Here is where we entered, here is where we survive, heart and heart together, your arms entwined with mine.


I Just Wanna Love You

Sings>I just wanna love you and feel your arms around me tight, wake up in the morning and again kiss you goodnight. I just wanna love you and know you love me to, spend the rest of my life making you happy in the dance under the magic blue. I just wanna love you till the rivers all run dry, till there is no stars to sparkle up in the heavens high. I just wanna love you each and everyday and share in this happiness that God has sent our way. I just wanna love you and love you I do, as I sit here dreaming, my dreams are of you. I just wanna love you and feel your arms around me tight, wake up in the morning and again kiss you goodnight.


I always thought there was a certain amount of irony to life. The way people can look at the same situation and interpret it in either a positive or negative way. Every morning I wake up to the beautiful sounds of the song birds, each day I can be caught glancing out the window to see which of the beautiful birds is now at the feeder. Now my sister on the other hand only views negative in our little feathered friends. Each morning she complains" Those birds never shut up, I can' t get any sleep, I had to tear the nest out, I can't believe they sit in my pine, the birds are dirty and etc." I think people have it all wrong, the birds aren't living in our backyard, we are living in theirs. I again laughed at those who strive for what they call mans weed free lawns as I harvest out of my lawn, plantain, dandelion, chickweed and many of the other native plants for their use in both my skin care and personal herbal recipes . As man over populates and the so called progress is made more and more rural land is destroyed due to as they say " for the greater good, or eminent domain" running power lines, wells, coal mines, utilities, roads, business, homes etc.
Sometimes we see the wrong and we don't feel it and until it affects us personally and than we feel closer to the situation and might react. Mankind will suffer greatly from his greed and foolish behavior and his inability to get along with mother nature. I use the birds and the lawn plants as an example, but there are the animals, the plants, the waterways, the trees and mother earth herself that will pay dearly for the destruction of man.
The lands are being stripped and depleted of their natural resources with little or any respect for what they leave behind. I believe it is not only man's greed but his ignorance for that which he does not understand nor does he seek to understand. I realized when I heard a medical doctor speaking at a conference on herbs and home remedies, as educated as he was in his medical field he did not know the chemical make up for a particular product or plant or its correct intended use. I saw that he was narrow minded in thought and had not done his homework before speaking or he would not have had so little respect for the plants of the earth. But of course I believe like government doctors prefer us to be dependent on them rather than ourselves.
I was saddened by the thought of the sewage company coming through and my land being destroyed, not just the natural rock formations but all the shrubs and plants that have been bought and grown over the last almost twenty years and the magical beauty of the native plants in natural layout of the land. The loss is not even in the rare plants that I have grown but in the native flowers and herbs that are becoming more and more difficult to find It also occurred to me those who are most ignorant and singularly focused have not only missed the beauty of the moment but the reality that we are only caretakers for the future generations. That we to will pass on just as those before us have. There are many who think that had we lived like the Native Americans we would not have the technology we have today, but I believe there can be a balance between man , technology and nature. The days that I have spent listening and watching the amazing culture of the Native Americans, I was taught much more about life and nature then you can ever learn from books or technology itself. I had been moved spiritually by their honesty and respect for the world around them and their love for mother earth.
I have heard said more times than enough that " man is his own worst enemy." I believe we were granted perfection and steadily we have been destroying the very air we breathe, the lands and the waters. There is the oil spill in the Atlantic, the destruction of rain forest which houses plants of distinction to loss of animals in the food chain. We only need look at the planets that are in our own solar system to see that we did win the lottery and that we like the average lottery winner are wasting our most precious gifts.
Here is the reality not one of us has been granted an eternal life on earth, we are born and we shall pass away. But what we do with the time we are here is so crucial for the many generations that are yet to come. I have such difficulty understanding war, war of man against man, man against nature, man against life. In reality as I have said we are short lived caretakers, what we sow will not only be our legacy, but the rise or downfall of mankind.
Whether we choose to look through Earth's looking glass on a spiritual level or a scientific level we can appreciate, enjoy on a platform of respect for all. I am enthralled as I look out over the hills, I can identify many of the trees and plants and their uses. There are many that I have yet to learn the benefits of as the little miracles that earth has bestowed upon us continue to grow despite the threats of man himself to destroy.

Live with love and allow the truth to lead you.

To educate is to see life from all sides and than make a choice.
It is a fool who thinks he can take it with him.
There are those who are documented in history for their
legacy of either good or evil, this in itself is proof
of the working of good and evil.

There are those who are believe they are superior to
the creatures and mother earth herself, when in reality
we are one with the creatures and mother earth.

We believe we are at the mercy of technology,
when it is nature who truly reigns.
I have watched a rain storm,
felt the rumble of an earth quake,
pleasured in the changing of the seasons
and surfaced with a greater respect for nature.

We are at the mercy of mother nature in her
gift of balance in which we still don' t understand
completely. She has the ability to give and to take

A few inches of snow brightens a winter,
a few feet of snow brings darkness down upon many.

The sun is force to be reckoned with, without the balance
we are either trapped in an ice age or roasting in a dessert.

Our soul flourishes on the seeds of love and yet
there are those who sow one to many seeds of hate.

When we give ourself respect, we easily find that
we can respect all that which exists around us,
for we are not separate from the earth, but one
of the earth.

There is no such thing as a weed in a garden,
just a misplaced plant.

I listened to the song bird like the days before and I felt ever blessed for all that I had explored. There is love in each moment, like a dream it reveals, that if you lead with your heart, your soul will heal. I listened to the tree frogs as they sang all night long, like the wind through the hollow they whip up their own songs.

It is only progress when it's happening to someone else,
when it is happening to us it's called destruction.

True Love

I took all your loving and
I held it in my heart and
this is where the story
magically gets a start.

Painted a rainbow,
to bridge the rainy days
and bring to me the
sunshine that never fades.

The skies keep getting bluer,
the clouds a puffy white and
as I step aboard, I do it
without a fight.

Love you in the morning,
love you in the night,
love you my darling,
because it feels so right.

I took all your loving and
I held it in my heart and
this is where the story
gets magically gets a start.

Chapter after chapter,
a story troubling long,
led me safely to your
most gentle arms.

My heart began singing,
my soul now knows each
and every step, all because
destiny made a bet.

I took all your loving,
I held in it in my heart and
this is where the story
magically gets a start.

The rain falling and I heard the angels calling, as I found your love waiting with arms open and spirit free. Beneath the heavens, looking down from the sky, my heart trembled at the images cast to tease the mind. Dreams in the making and my heart was partaking in the love sent down to bond your soul to mine. In the love sent down to bond your soul to mine. In the love sent down to bond your soul to mine.~There is a star up in the sky engraved with your name etched next to mine. We were meant to be like the shore which embraces the powerful sea. You know the eternal truth appeared when my soul acknowledged you were here with me. You responded with the actions of love, when my heart was cast in the dreams sent from above. Cascading like a wild rose on the hill, your love from my heart overflows like a bucket twice filled. It brings light to the darkness and warmth to erase the chill, it is your love in my heart that I continuously feel. Sweet words a temptation to the soul to meet with my love and forever hold. I love you, I love you, the words I sing, morning and night and through all of my dreams. Simple they may sound but when they take to your heart than true love is found. I love you, I love you, the words I sing, morning and night through all of my dreams. ~Love places no judgment upon the moment,for its embrace brings to light the possibilities of a dream come true. As the sun set and the darkness reigned, I realized the reality of love is in a power greater then heaven or earth. That which brought us together cannot be separated by the mountainous terrain nor the river which continuously overflows. Though the flesh may hunger, the spirit celebrates the beauty of loves embrace. Hold me for I am the moment, kiss me and allow my love to infuse into your very soul. ~Inside OutIf you take my heart and reverse it you will see, that it was always filled with your love from day one to all eternity. If you take my hand and hold it to your heart, each beat will celebrate the light of the heavens that led us through the dark. If you accept the gift, the pleasure you will fine is simply your heart entwined with mine. True love finds its place within the heart and surfaces through the soul to breathe happiness into the moment.~I don't care what people think or what they do, all I ever dream of is to be there with you. Intrigued by the moment dressed in a disguise, it keeps you at a distance but as close as my mind.Sings> I just wanna love you and hold you all night long, whisper words of love to your heart they belong. I just wanna spend all my time with you, holding your hand and making dreams come true. I just wanna love you and hold you all night long, whisper words of love to your heart they belong. I just wanna spend all my time with you, holding your hand and making dreams come true.

Simply because we have not experienced,
does not give us proof of existence or not.
Each step away from love ,
is a step closer to hell.


Love is not a concept of man...love is merely
the seeds which are spewed from the soul.

Our responsibility begins with self and

overflows as an extension of love.

Allowing peace into your heart allows you to understand
that the power of change is not a
gift from another,
but the alteration of our own actions
the responsibility we take.
There are those who believe they are at the mercy of the powerful,and yet no one has more power than another person on earth, for power is just a concept of thought, given by those who believe they have none.
A weak thread breaks under pressure,
therefore we should tighten the weave with stronger threads.

Attaining knowledge means very little unless you share it.
I am missing you!!!!!




Saturday, May 15, 2010

I love you because you are ...

There is something about a thunder storm that creates a feeling of vulnerability. In one way there is a draw to the display of energy that encompasses the blue skies and yet the darkness creates a ambiance in which the mind seeks a retreat. My nights restless as I lay awake trying to balance the upcoming events. Impossible to be at two places at one time, I ponder on the decision making process and how best to deal with it. I have come to understand more of the network process, as we entwine our lives both in business and personal we see how we are responsible for complicating the rather unique path. I call it simplicity, it is just that simplicity which is so much more, it is the priceless moments in which our desires are met. I imagine that the old adage "a busy mind is a healthy mind" wasn't actually referring to keeping busy with work, but busy with life. The balance of the heart and mind brings a certain amount of peace which to this point had not been attainable.
Those simple little pleasures,
a day with you, waking in your
arms, secure and subdue.
The pleasure of your love,
a treasure to unfold, simple
display of holding hands a
true gift from you.
Snuggle in your arms and
watch the rain fall, to block
out the thunder with the
song the heart will divulge.
To please you, to catch a
glimpse of your smile, to
feel your heart beat as we
battle the miles.
Not to race the moments,
have no place to go, just
you and me on our own
The Moment is Ours
In my heart I know that love
need not perform for it is the
mere touch of the soul that
reaveals the truth.
The love which resonates with my very soul is comparative to a bow as it is played upon the strings of a violin. One without the other is meaningless and together they harmonize to invoke a response to the endless strings of desire.
Denial hardens the heart,
acceptance softens it like
the clouds in which we dream.

One cannot measure the power of unconditional love as its very existence thrives on the virtues of trust and respect .Intrigued am I by the emotions which are endless chapters scripted from the heavens as they reveal them self through a state of peace and calm.

My soul responded to the entity of love which guided me to you.

In allowing your love its rightful place within my heart,
my soul feels the blanket of contentment, which places
me on a bed of tranquility.

I don’t love you because you stuck around, though it didn't hurt to know where your love can be found. It was not the charm of your voice but I declare I love your song of choice. Wonderful and magical a mystery, though why did time wait so long to bring your love to me? It’s not about how you make me laugh , tease me, excite me and having me doing the math. One plus one equals two, divided that by me and you total is the sum of all of our love.

I love you for being you and all that you do. Your touch is so fine and it drives me totally out of my mind. You have a way of making life fun, simple liking bathing in the summer sun. Hot and passionate the ultimate dream makes me grateful for this journey. The path I can’t describe but I know it is must be a heaven sent sign. Amazing are the moments when you are with me as if we're caught up in those nightly dreams. La la la la singing along la la la la it can’t be wrong la la la la me and you, la la la in a dream come true.

To define our love is to empower the heavens
to reveal that which is bound by truth.

I accept your love for all that is and as it flows through my
very existence
it divulges the intricate weave of one soul to another.


I am pleasured not only by the dreams which place you in my arms,
but by your very existence within my heart.

Ours is not the making of the Primrose,
though the journey comes with its own reward.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pure Simplicity

It's not your everyday morning ,
though there are those who believe,
the geese in the sky and the sun
on the rise are just and everday thing.

I heard the geese honk as they flew by
and as I looked out at the blue, blue sky.
I felt the treasure, one you can't measure,
as your love took hold of my heart and
tickled my mind.

I'ts not your everday morning,
though there are those who believe,
the geese in the sky and the sun
on the rise are just and everyday thing.

I am not in a everyday dream it's not
your everyday sing, I saw your love,
felt your love from the heavens to me.

I declare this moment special as can be
for all the barriers that were placed,
they cannot block the dreams.

I woke to love this morning it placed
me in a calm, except for the quiver of
of lying in those gentle arms.

Locked in your kisses, I was caught up in
a smile and at that very moment I knew
we were loving and ignoring it would be
This is my promise and to you I renew, that every morning when I wake up it
will be to loving you. Removing the distance, the mind now in control and with my
heart and my soul, I'm taking hold.

This is my promise each morning a kiss and it shall travel to where you are, its
aim is not to miss. I'll send sweet kisses each morning when you wake and if it's no
bother, I am getting hotter, I'll send them night and day.

Precious Love

Negative Energy
I was thinking about the rain filled gloomy days that have been here lately and though I am not a Sun God Worshipper, I am very much in need of those bright sunny days. There is a source of energy that lifts you up and brings a glow to life as if it triggers the button called endurance. I found that people can be that way as well, a really dark cold being that drains you of all your positive energy. It is very difficult at times to rise above a negative energy field, especially when they are demeaning in character that they push the wrong buttons.This is where occasionally you begin to lose sight of the the canvas of positive vibes and fall victim in a vulnerable way to ignorance. But thankfully there is the the source of positive that you so gently infuse, the enthusiastic force field that is felt upon wakening and has me periodically dancing with my feet off the ground. You pulled on those drapes of darkness, removed the weight of fear, placed in my heart your love through each moment that we share. You are surely the rays of sunshine and with all sincerity, the voice of happiness spoke outloud and brought peaceful thoughts to me.
Thinking of you and your flesh with mine,
there is no doubt I thrive in your brine.
An infusion of pleasure sweet, a tease to
the heart and to my soul a relief.
From the silence emerges. the song of love
and there in the moment we become one.
When love is true and love is pure
it doesn't matter the distance
and it never keeps score.

You'll know you experienced it,
never goes away, it takes up
residence in the heart.
forever plus a day.

You plucked the chords of my heart and
the words didn't mean a thing, as the music
plays back the chords of love in me.

The interlocking of two souls is more then loves hold. The energy divine crosses all the barriers of place and time to swiftly tighten the hold with a love braid of twine.Cradles the heart, controls my every dream and if you listen closely you'll hear the whispers the soul sings.They say the eyes a window and through the heart a door and I have passed through each and heaven explored. Perfect the connection, I fit right in your arms and nothing else matters because I had fallen to your charm. It's our very existence, not a chapter in a day, the endless story brings to life happiness in many away. Desire had spoken and joy the remedy for there is no darkness when you are here with me.


I have a list of things and it becomes longer with each day and it includes my love for you, which will never fade away. There are simple little pleasures, feeling your hand in mine and the walk along the river under the nightly sky. To hear once again your laughter, gaze into your eyes, to fall weak into your arms and on your kisses dine.

I am never alone on this walk through life, for you my darling are here day and night. I carry you with me, you're here in my heart, you gave to my life a wonderful start.Like the green of summer in many a shade, I can see your love a rainbow a day.

Passion created the invitation and my heart it just said wow! each moment deep in thought brings to me a smile. Each day is filled with all my love for you, the world is awfully different looking down from the heavens blue.

The fire grows, your love does it feed and the magic of life is that you blaze inside of me. To share each moment, whether sandy shores or mountains high, the place makes no difference because I am your's and you are mine. It is all about the exchange, you gave to me your love and in return I give to you my faith and trust. It is not about a need, surely not my wants, for you are a part of me like the blue sky to the sun. Each day is awfully special, just knowing that you are here, for you are purely love and paradise is what we share.

Of course I have always had a few favorite songs as a child, but one when I was going away to summer camp, which always seem to be a favorite was " Staying on the sunny side, always on the the sunny side." Though many people are clouded by the exterior weight of negativity I found that it was not denial but choice that encouraged us to make a choice in a positive way and how and with whom we share the moment. The strength of evil succeeds if we wallow in darkness but the hand of love protruded through the darkness to bestow upon us the gift of strength.

It is not where the stroll takes us,
but how we take the stroll.
It takes courage and the dreams of a ten year old
to know that all is possible.
...again I repeat take my hand my heart is already yours.
There is no darkness with all that we share,
your love and mine illuminates with a touch of care.
...I am most happiest when I can feel
you beyond the dance above the clouds.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's No Secret

One glimpse of the heart reveals there are no secrets.


He who complicates the simplicity of
life denies himself the joy of love.

Blue, blue...

Two souls

It seems that life had misdirected and sent us off course for awhile, until the heart was fully tested and there is where our souls bypassed the many miles. Our love is surely like no other, no comparison can be found for we now rule the heavens, two souls now merged into one.

I found the gateway was open,
I stepped inside to find you waiting
there and that is where eternity appeared.

Falling in love with a soul is unlike any other love,
for it is the most unconditional treasure, pure
and without judgment as we are led through
the gates of the eternal embrace.

I see in you the heart that holds me and
the dreams waiting to come true.


You and I are the magic of dreams,
you're the I love I need, true
happiness is with me, I love you so.

There's no barriers that can keep
you're love from me, an impossible
a feat, as I love you so.

It's no secret and there is nothing to hide,
you're in my heart and always on my mind.
Where ever I go and whatever I do, I'm
always daydreaming of my time with you.
It's no illusion and no surprise, I didn't
conjure up a story to soothe my mind.
Sun lit days in the middle of spring and
I feel so happy that I have to sing.
Sweet Sensation
It's the little pleasures I dream of everyday,
as I capture all your love in the most amazing way.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On The Other Side of The Moon

Your soul mirrors my love or
is it my love that mirrors your soul?

The song sung for only you my dear,
with the words of angels to your heart
a spear.

Listen closely and you will know that
faith crossed the threshold where
only love can go.

La la la I love you, La la la I care, La la la
my darling, la la la in the morning and
under the starry night, la la la forever
a love we can't deny.

Like a rose in bloom,
if you don't stop you'll loose
and nothing but sadness
will gain.

Fragrance sweet, there's
no defeat with the love
with you I share.

An Attraction To A Soul

When speaking of the inner attraction to another human being, we ask ourselves what is it that causes the magnetism? On the most common biological level people are obviously attracted to a physical being. But as my daughter keeps getting overly irritated when people tell her she is a picture of her mother and she quickly jumps to a defense but" I look nothing like you." It became obvious that people did see through an inner depth, the character, attitude, the way we respond and represent ourselves. Yes in my daughters case we have only a few physical similarities, but our close bond has allowed me to share my inner spirit with her and that reflects in her own actions.
I think of the people who are the closest to me and you wonder what exactly brings us closer together. It really does vary, sometimes it is the way we interact one soul with another and again it could be as simple as the common bond. But as I review my own personal experiences it was evident that we neither needed to walk the same walk nor experience the same journey to have empathy and understanding of another human beings plight. What exactly makes some people more aware that they connect soul to soul ? I thought hmmm define soul and these few definitions seem to most reflect of what we consider a soul. The animating and vital principle in humans, credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity.
  1. The spiritual nature of humans, regarded as immortal, separable from the body at death, and susceptible to happiness or misery in a future state.
  2. .The central or integral part; the vital core: "It saddens me that this network ... may lose its soul, which is after all the quest for news"(Marvin Kalb).
  3. A person considered as the perfect embodiment of an intangible quality; a personification: I am the very soul of discretion.
  4. A person's emotional or moral nature
It again occurred to me that we can without any material sense touch and feel the energy of another human being.That we can also be one with the spiritual being and explore the creation of the heart felt bond. Our very being allows us to connect on a level beyond the typical social network. I found as important as character is in a person, it was separate from the soul. Character is formed along the journey, it can be altered through experience and justified by the good and bad that surfaces. The soul is unique in that I believe each of us are a source of emotion , love and energy which reveals itself on a very unique level. It is the obvious reason why people who experience similar stories come away with very different advantages or disadvantages, " the lessons of life"

My eyes are fixed upon the images of my daydreams, where I am cast into your arms and you are cast my king. My head resting peacefully upon your chest and there I count each beat of your heart in a state of eternal bliss. The whispers of a memory, the words that time will reveal, the embracing of souls from atop the highest hills. My gift to you is simple as simple as can be, I give to you my love wrapped up in a dream. Just to feel you near me as I gaze into your eyes and I'll not take anything for-granted, I know this is heavens great surprise. I want to wake in your arms and tell you that I love you so and whisper to your soul no harm will you come to know. My needs are pleasantly simple, to love unconditionally and feel the magic returned from across the lands like wind flowing free. My love is for you and for you alone, the embraceable collision that causes me to moan.
The deep attraction is far from shallow speare and almost unexplainable can only be described by the love that we share. Sometimes it is the connection between two people that fuels the fire creating an excitement with each other or it could be completely the opposite and it is the love which brings the most wonderful peace and calm. Honesty and a pureness of heart allows us to easily view the soul, experience the magic of a being, an eternal bond which once again ignites the passion for life. There are many who are very insecure and this leaves them incapable of revealing the path of their inner soul. The sharing of the inner spirit becomes a threat which cast greater shadows of insecurity and fear on their very being. How can we view the core of a being, the very beginning of energy that flows into our bodies? One must realize that their is no beginning to the energy nor and end, that we are a part of a larger existence and that it is revealed to us through the pathway of love. When we least expect to cross the path of what we describe as a a kindred soul, we are in a sense completing the visual of true energy. That which we feel and see is the interlocking of energy. It is why it is so important to absorb the positive and allow it to guide us to a place of enlightenment.
Whether conscious or unconscious we are experiencing a creation that is continuously in the making, it is why emotionally and physically the joy of love becomes the map of the journey. The truth reveals the radiance of the merge and the interaction which heightens the experience. When we allow ourself the most ultimate of experience which is to stand before the heavens without judgement, than we have found the direction in which our soul shall lead. It is those who dare to harness the energy or redirect the flame that live within denial. It is like making a choice from the inner truth, following or listening to our own intuition. This intuition is based on simply what feels good or bad and it outlines what our soul already knows and our character questions.
If we are all created of energy than why do feel either a negative or positive source of energy from various souls? I believe it depends on whether or not we have accepted the reality of our being and the love in which we are a part of. Man has placed so many restrictions upon the soul his failure to live pure and from love has allowed for deception and the seeds of darkness to root.

The earth, the trees,
the stars in the sky ,
my heart, your heart
and our souls entwined.

Fueled by love, fed by
desire, our very existence
uncontrolled and free, is
naturally what it should be.

There are those who allow a weakness to grip their very soul will never know that in the bigger picture it is love which guides us so. They may fail to remove the greed and ignorance and the braids of hate and a loss will surface and they shall never be truly free. They have painfully written the ending and this time will reveal, that they could have flourished in happiness and instead they chose despair. For only with love can we seed the the energy in which the soul equates that we are on the same plateau leading to the celestial gates. It is all rather simple when you listen to the soul, for love leads with truth and truth patiently commands and there you'll find respect with love to always goes hand in hand. It leads us to an equality where our energy will flow and there is where we will make a difference as our love continues to grow.

In reality it was because my soul gave sight to the heart
that I saw the love in its true form, free of judgment.

Sings>I gathered all the memories and released them to the blue as it acknowledges our love and all that it can do. The mountains to sand, the ocean bed dry and when you gaze into the heavens the stars are renamed for you and I. I see precious and cherish, passion and desire and when the night has fallen, I see the midnight fire. I gathered all the memories and released them to the blue, as it acknowledges our love and all that it can do.

Once through the gates of the blue above, you'll find the path leads us on the road of respect and love. There is no denying, it led me to you, on the other side of the moon, where our most precious dreams come true. The power is not worked by the ordinary hands, the magic of this love is from where the heart commands. It taught me the lessons , which humor best describes, as a gentle moment where laughter subsides.

Companion of love, unstoppable the hugs, I feel them everyday, whether your near or far away. Impatient am I, the absence can make the spirit cry, but I know through heart and mind, you're always here with me. No fantasy nor images of dreams, supported by the heart I'll sing of the love you given to me.

Merely words if deaf ears they fall,
but when they landed in your heart
it was start of it all.

Once when I was thirsty and needing
of love, now overflows like a river
where happiness is spun.
The pleasure of the moment is when I'm with you,
as nothing can replace the magic of love times two.
Since my love poems have been selling well and I am fighting a stomach virus, I thought what better time to dwell on that which brings me the most happiness...love.


Along the path of trial and err, I found the experiences to be true, for all the sorrow that rained down, your love came shining through. You gave me strength and courage through the rays of your love and there is no questioning that you have my undying love.
Forever Love

This love so precious, magical and kind, everlasting is the love of you and I.The sun began shining that day long ago and it keeps getting brighter on the once darkened road. You pulled me closer, my hand you held and like a summer day you cast your spell. There was no stumbling though my legs were weak, as I fell to my knees and rejoiced in disbelief. The love that you and I share, just keeps getting better and better each year.

The struggles seem to lesson, the heaviness was gone, the day you took my heart and gave to it a song. The words of love unchallenged, my honor I bestow and as each moment passes from my soul the melody flows. Where once our souls were parted, together they now remain and growing ever stronger ignites the passion into a flame.

Many speaks of treasures filled of silver and gold,
but more precious is the gem which in my heart I hold.

The Chords of Love

This isn't your typical love song, you'll hear no words from my lips, the music played from my heart, the very day when you stroke the chords of love. Nothing has ever been the same, your love surrounds me day and night and when I wake up in the morning, I shake from the love that held me tight.

This isn't your typical love song, you'll hear no words from my lips, the music played from my heart the very day, when you stroke the chords of love. Sounds all around me, the music softly plays, a haunting in the making, a joy that never fades away.

This isn't your typical love song, you'll hear no words from my lips, the music played from my heart the very day, when you stroke the chords of love. I reached out into the darkness, I grasped to feel nothing but the air and when I opened up my eyes it verified that you were not here.

This isn't your typical love song, you'll hear no words from my lips, the music played from my heart th very day, when you stroke the chords of my heart.When you stroke the chords of my heart.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Time plays a game, a wedge in the heart
with miles of darkness to keep us apart.
Begging the heavens to listen to me and
send all my love in your very next dream.

The taste of my kiss I leave on your lips,
with each breath leaving us in a state of bliss.
I savor the memories that hold you near
from the moment I wake up and feel your
love here.

Each day better than before,
amazed I wonder what life has in store.
You taught me how to love again. as you
allowed my spirit to magically transcend.

Happiness I keep deep inside, as a gentle
reminder of where your love lies.
With you I dance and with you I sing, in
the most ecstatic state of embracing.

Separate we are a spirit of two,
together we are one and ruling the blue.
On a journey guided by faith and love, I
savor what fell from the heavens above.

The gift of love is here in my heart and
overflows like the stars in the dark.
Some dreams are meant to come true,
like the one where I'm in your arms
and loving you.

Poetry little sparks that ignite the moment as they breathe life into the day. Documenting the magic of a soul on a restless journey from earth to the heavens.