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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I love you because you are ...

There is something about a thunder storm that creates a feeling of vulnerability. In one way there is a draw to the display of energy that encompasses the blue skies and yet the darkness creates a ambiance in which the mind seeks a retreat. My nights restless as I lay awake trying to balance the upcoming events. Impossible to be at two places at one time, I ponder on the decision making process and how best to deal with it. I have come to understand more of the network process, as we entwine our lives both in business and personal we see how we are responsible for complicating the rather unique path. I call it simplicity, it is just that simplicity which is so much more, it is the priceless moments in which our desires are met. I imagine that the old adage "a busy mind is a healthy mind" wasn't actually referring to keeping busy with work, but busy with life. The balance of the heart and mind brings a certain amount of peace which to this point had not been attainable.
Those simple little pleasures,
a day with you, waking in your
arms, secure and subdue.
The pleasure of your love,
a treasure to unfold, simple
display of holding hands a
true gift from you.
Snuggle in your arms and
watch the rain fall, to block
out the thunder with the
song the heart will divulge.
To please you, to catch a
glimpse of your smile, to
feel your heart beat as we
battle the miles.
Not to race the moments,
have no place to go, just
you and me on our own
The Moment is Ours
In my heart I know that love
need not perform for it is the
mere touch of the soul that
reaveals the truth.
The love which resonates with my very soul is comparative to a bow as it is played upon the strings of a violin. One without the other is meaningless and together they harmonize to invoke a response to the endless strings of desire.
Denial hardens the heart,
acceptance softens it like
the clouds in which we dream.

One cannot measure the power of unconditional love as its very existence thrives on the virtues of trust and respect .Intrigued am I by the emotions which are endless chapters scripted from the heavens as they reveal them self through a state of peace and calm.

My soul responded to the entity of love which guided me to you.

In allowing your love its rightful place within my heart,
my soul feels the blanket of contentment, which places
me on a bed of tranquility.

I don’t love you because you stuck around, though it didn't hurt to know where your love can be found. It was not the charm of your voice but I declare I love your song of choice. Wonderful and magical a mystery, though why did time wait so long to bring your love to me? It’s not about how you make me laugh , tease me, excite me and having me doing the math. One plus one equals two, divided that by me and you total is the sum of all of our love.

I love you for being you and all that you do. Your touch is so fine and it drives me totally out of my mind. You have a way of making life fun, simple liking bathing in the summer sun. Hot and passionate the ultimate dream makes me grateful for this journey. The path I can’t describe but I know it is must be a heaven sent sign. Amazing are the moments when you are with me as if we're caught up in those nightly dreams. La la la la singing along la la la la it can’t be wrong la la la la me and you, la la la in a dream come true.

To define our love is to empower the heavens
to reveal that which is bound by truth.

I accept your love for all that is and as it flows through my
very existence
it divulges the intricate weave of one soul to another.


I am pleasured not only by the dreams which place you in my arms,
but by your very existence within my heart.

Ours is not the making of the Primrose,
though the journey comes with its own reward.

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