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Friday, May 14, 2010

Precious Love

Negative Energy
I was thinking about the rain filled gloomy days that have been here lately and though I am not a Sun God Worshipper, I am very much in need of those bright sunny days. There is a source of energy that lifts you up and brings a glow to life as if it triggers the button called endurance. I found that people can be that way as well, a really dark cold being that drains you of all your positive energy. It is very difficult at times to rise above a negative energy field, especially when they are demeaning in character that they push the wrong buttons.This is where occasionally you begin to lose sight of the the canvas of positive vibes and fall victim in a vulnerable way to ignorance. But thankfully there is the the source of positive that you so gently infuse, the enthusiastic force field that is felt upon wakening and has me periodically dancing with my feet off the ground. You pulled on those drapes of darkness, removed the weight of fear, placed in my heart your love through each moment that we share. You are surely the rays of sunshine and with all sincerity, the voice of happiness spoke outloud and brought peaceful thoughts to me.
Thinking of you and your flesh with mine,
there is no doubt I thrive in your brine.
An infusion of pleasure sweet, a tease to
the heart and to my soul a relief.
From the silence emerges. the song of love
and there in the moment we become one.
When love is true and love is pure
it doesn't matter the distance
and it never keeps score.

You'll know you experienced it,
never goes away, it takes up
residence in the heart.
forever plus a day.

You plucked the chords of my heart and
the words didn't mean a thing, as the music
plays back the chords of love in me.

The interlocking of two souls is more then loves hold. The energy divine crosses all the barriers of place and time to swiftly tighten the hold with a love braid of twine.Cradles the heart, controls my every dream and if you listen closely you'll hear the whispers the soul sings.They say the eyes a window and through the heart a door and I have passed through each and heaven explored. Perfect the connection, I fit right in your arms and nothing else matters because I had fallen to your charm. It's our very existence, not a chapter in a day, the endless story brings to life happiness in many away. Desire had spoken and joy the remedy for there is no darkness when you are here with me.


I have a list of things and it becomes longer with each day and it includes my love for you, which will never fade away. There are simple little pleasures, feeling your hand in mine and the walk along the river under the nightly sky. To hear once again your laughter, gaze into your eyes, to fall weak into your arms and on your kisses dine.

I am never alone on this walk through life, for you my darling are here day and night. I carry you with me, you're here in my heart, you gave to my life a wonderful start.Like the green of summer in many a shade, I can see your love a rainbow a day.

Passion created the invitation and my heart it just said wow! each moment deep in thought brings to me a smile. Each day is filled with all my love for you, the world is awfully different looking down from the heavens blue.

The fire grows, your love does it feed and the magic of life is that you blaze inside of me. To share each moment, whether sandy shores or mountains high, the place makes no difference because I am your's and you are mine. It is all about the exchange, you gave to me your love and in return I give to you my faith and trust. It is not about a need, surely not my wants, for you are a part of me like the blue sky to the sun. Each day is awfully special, just knowing that you are here, for you are purely love and paradise is what we share.

Of course I have always had a few favorite songs as a child, but one when I was going away to summer camp, which always seem to be a favorite was " Staying on the sunny side, always on the the sunny side." Though many people are clouded by the exterior weight of negativity I found that it was not denial but choice that encouraged us to make a choice in a positive way and how and with whom we share the moment. The strength of evil succeeds if we wallow in darkness but the hand of love protruded through the darkness to bestow upon us the gift of strength.

It is not where the stroll takes us,
but how we take the stroll.
It takes courage and the dreams of a ten year old
to know that all is possible.
...again I repeat take my hand my heart is already yours.
There is no darkness with all that we share,
your love and mine illuminates with a touch of care.
...I am most happiest when I can feel
you beyond the dance above the clouds.

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