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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Days of Summer

Amazing the power of music,
it stirs both good and bad emotions,
the pleasure of holding you in my heart
and the distance of time and place.

Softly playing soothing to the soul,
and I drift somewhere between
the high of the mountains and
your most tender hold.

Sings > Volare, oh... cantare, oh...
Nel blu dipinto di blu, felice di stare lassu
E volavo, volavo felice piu in alto del sole ed ancora piu su
Mentre il mondo pian piano spariva lontano laggiu
Una musica dolce suonava soltanto per me

Sweet Days of Summer

When the wild rose cast a scent inviting to the soul and the sweet hot days of summer slowly begin to unfold, this begins the day when the memories are formed and recorded moment by moment and in the heart where they are stored. I lay across the bed with a smile upon my face and celebrate what in my heart was so gingerly placed. The room large and empty, positioned away from the sun, as if always cast in darkness, where hills of rock are spun. I felt my heart racing, though my body stood quite still, as if I had challenged the hollow and allowed the love to surface by will. I thought about our embrace which entwines us from a far and again about my desires that seem to dance upon the stars. Simplicity had spoken, there was nothing left to need, except to feel your tenderness that rattles my very knees. I gasped at the images that played with my mind, where we are lost in the moment and your body is next to mine. I felt the hunger of such flesh seeking desire, to lay my head upon your shoulder and dance in the blaze of and uncontrollable fire. My heart was yours for the taking and you tenderly held it so and in the story of life you had yet to let it go. My soul quickly responded" this is heaven at its best, lying there beside you, my head upon your chest. " I beckon you to believe in the possibilities that await as, you take my hand and soar beyond to the gateway of fate. There is nothing more important then the love two hearts can share ,as they look into the eye of destiny and view without slightest bit of fear. Love is awfully precious on dark days it surfaces with how much one can care and brings with it the magic that nothing can compare. As I lay across the bed, my mind is comforted so by the sweet days of summer and the love for you that continues to grow.

No longer focused on the moment, no longer battling each hour, my escape is into your arms rids life of the thorns and brier. Shouting in silence, can you hear me call, I'm needing you so badly, I want it all.

Imagine each morning, to awake to my kiss, a love so powerful its aim can't miss. Where dreams all come true and l partake in my love for you. That is how we will start each day with love we share in every way. Love is precious and it is yours and mine and it can only get better and better with time. I want to please you, to see your smile, to feel your arms and wipe your brow. I want nothing but love, day after day, in a blanket of warmth where our hearts gather to play. Imagine me with you, imagine the hold, the embrace of love that rids life of the cold. I'd do anything, anything for you, to make you happy,to reach out to the blue. The voice of the heavens sing unto thee of our love that is beautiful and free.

There is just one tear, I cannot stop its flow, it races down my cheek,fast and than real slow. I wiped it from my cheek and I could not believe its hold, it held all the days we spent together from sunlit summers to the winter cold.

It is just not my need for you, but my want of you.....
I want you now! I need you now.

Sings>Close your eyes, go on and close your eyes and you will see the love we share. Magically it brings your love to me, just close your eyes and in the dark you'll see, the images that form are energy.

The Picnic

I call them kimblake moments, it's when you conjure up a beautiful image in motion and stop action. Like creating a photograph with the mind. There with your eyes closed you can fill in the darkness with the magic of love. Imagining a picnic is a perfect image in motion. First we have to find a really nice location, where the grass is so green and the sun is shining, Underneath the apple tree might be a great location for our picnic. We can have a little shade from the high heat even though the sun glistens off the leaves, it still has a coolness. Maybe it is the most warm gentle wind and the way it has the leaves creating a fan over us. Yes, I think this location will do just fine, now take an end of the blanket and let's spread it over the grass. That looks pretty! by the way the blanket is blue, soft blue like the perfect sky that umbrellas over us. I packed a lunch basket and though I can't imagine eating, as all I want to do is stare into your eyes. Though I did pack traditional picnic food, I put in some fried chicken and I wasn't sure what kind of salad you would like so I made a variety for you from potato salad to pasta. I hope you like it, I thought of you as I prepared early in the morning. I also brewed fresh ice tea and I put a little lemon balm leaf in it. Looks pretty doesn't it? Let me share some tea with you, It is okay I don't mind sharing my glass of tea with you. I also baked a cherry pie from the tree out back, if I don't say so myself it really does look delicious, has a kind of carmel color to it. I am not really hungry right now, so this is part where we get ready for the stop action. Location, location that is really important, ahh there you are in your shorts and a t- shirt and of course you are looking comfortable and handsome as always. Now sit down on the blanket, that is okay, it's just us don't worry, it will be okay. Now it is my turn,I have on denim shorts and because it is such a hot day I have on my favorite red with white polka dot top, it's a v neck that ties like a halter dress around the neck, very summery. My hair is pulled up, but some of it has fallen out and it is curling with the humidity. I now snuggle real close to you and I feel your arms pull me even closer, my head on your shoulder and I smile as my head tilts back and I look into your eyes. I am so happy, I don't want to cry,but I can't help it, it is very emotional being here with you, a tear falls as if the tears flowed directly from the soul. I can almost feel your heart beat, just as I look up at you I can see that our lips accept the invitation to kiss. Not quite locked in a kiss,our lips almost there but not , now is the time for stop action. Click! Click! hold that picture in your mind, that is my love for you. Thank you for the picnic!

The scent of summer,
your arms so tight and
the love we share feels
so right.

I awake to your love each morning my dear, I awake to your love that erases all fear. Calms the heart and tickles my soul your love is the gem more precious gold. La la la my heart sings and la la la in all of my dreams and la la la you and I la la la under the blue sky. I awake to your love each morning my dear, I awake to your love that erases all fear.



Mark said...

That was a most wonderful picnic. I was right there with you. Lucky is the person who is there with you in real time. You are so very romantic. Thanks for a wonderful moment in time.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Mark,
You are welcome, I always pack more then enough food in case someone stops by.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful scene. Two lovers having a picnic. Your words are so vivid I see you being held with a beautiful smile on your face. Have a wonderful Memorial Day and an amazing way to start summer.

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank you and you have a wonderful memorial day as well.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Play it, Sam. Play 'As Time Goes By.'

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