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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

...the way that I love you.

I don't wanna wake up,
I don't wanna get out of bed,
I just want to lay here sweetheart,
in the arms of my friend.

I don't wanna wake up,
I don't wanna get out of bed,
I just wanna keep on dreaming,
dreaming with you my friend.

I don't wanna open my eyes,
I don't wanna see you disappear,
I just wanna hold you forever,
as you and I make a really good pair.

This early spring morning the clouds heavy and dark blocked all rays of sun from reaching down into the hollow. Lightening in the distance and the threat of another storm could be felt as the wind whipped the trees into a frenzy. Though warnings of a dark and gray day exhibit themselves throughout the hills, the rooster still wakes with its untimely crow and the tree frogs continue to sing their less than melodic tune.
Encompassed by the darkness, my soul felt the need to exit my surrounding via the gates of the heart into your ever waiting embrace. I felt a trembling of sort or you could think of it as a quiver that shook my spirit. In your arms there were no traces of judgment, a calm replaced any sign of restlessness that might have remained.
It was as if I were scanning my own body and mind and reviewing my own reaction to the experiences in the journey of life. I had questioned the willingness to forgive and it's similarities to the repetition of recurrent issues as a weakness. I wanted to deny my existence in the struggles of the day. Your acceptance of all of my being filled the moment with both warm images and thoughts.
Wake up in the morning and the first thing that I see is your love's invitation to be all that we can be. I moved a little closer and your heart beat I found and there I lay my head safely upon your chest and listen to it pound as to my soul a dreamers request. I felt your love, I knew it was true, you are my everything and I so love you. I wished upon the moment, that forever would take a stand and keep us safe in this dream like foreverland. Kisses of all my love I give to you, little reminders that will see this journey through. Pull me closer, don't ever let me go, for life without your existence is a hell to be known. Feel my heart beat, it beats for you my love, my flesh trembling from your most wonderful hugs. Softly singing, joyously for you, the magic of life that directed me to you. Follow me, don't let go, this song, we both know, the words from the heart where the music gets its start. Your the moment, sweet desire, your love that gives light to the hour, your my dreams come true, my one and only you.

Sings> I whisper like a song bird who at my window sings, I whisper child like nothings to you my darling. I'd lay upon the sand, I'd walk along the shore, I'd live this moment over from the moment our love was born. The Lord testing, he put distance in our path and through the devils crossing, we surfaced with the last laugh. The detour long, the road filled with wrath and as we traveled over them our hearts remained clasped. I whisper like a song bird who at my window sings, I whisper child like nothings to you my darling.

Feel my heart beat, it beats for you, pull it close and let my love infuse. Listen my darling, listen and hear, the sounds of love when I think of you here. View the images like a crescent moon and there all cradled is the love of two. Feel my heart beat, it beats for you, pull it close and let my love infuse.

I feel this overwhelming need to remain securely fixed in the arms of love... I shall not forget the kindness bestowed unto me and as you sowed the seeds of love, it grew massive as can be.

There are many,many chapters written in the heart, but only one remains my love and that's where heaven starts. It's the joy in the morning, the laughter and the smiles, the warmth of your presence that can be felt across the miles.

There are many,many songs we have yet to sing,as I listen to each and every dream, I hear the songs of love, played from memory. They fill my heart with the sweetness of your love, they touch my soul on the journey of the heavens above. Soothe and calm the spirit from whence the darkness had a hold and brings to me the light of a friendship of gold.

To kiss you every morning,
to hold you every night,
to whisper words of love
I'd battle to win the fight.

The kiss is my forever,
the embrace a seal of joy,
the whisper words of love,
on this endless voyage.

From my lips to yours,
my heart you'll feel race,
as the words of love will
never fade.

To kiss you every morning,
to hold you every night.
to whisper words of love,
I'd battle to win the fight.

What path lay before me? What journey now awaits? Am I at the beginning or is this the end that I partake? Once idle with my being, empty and aloof, mechanical at best, of myself a spoof. I spoke without reasoning and my conscience played the game and without much concern for my soul, I felt a tad bit insane. Respect made a partition and from the curtains my heart had claimed, a friendship so wonderful that it's the love I wouldn't trade. It all appeared senseless, no meaning within the frame, until I glanced through the glass and saw the triumph that was made. No silly steps, though some make think it so, each mounted the moment and gave to life a glow. It wasn't filled with expectation, I stumbled fearlessly ahead and there I stood in disbelief, where once my soul felt dead. I found your hands meticulous and kind reaching out with all your love like flowers of a garden whose blooms were strewn about my mind.
I couldn't see behind and I couldn't see ahead, but the images of the moment were to my soul embed.The darkness seem to vanish replaced by a ceremonial glow, as if the sun was there to beckon and from your heart the love bestowed. I perceived it as some warning or an awareness of sort, that time was quickly passing but the dialogue with the darkness had abort. Peace had surfaced and I recognized it well, it was exactly at the moment, your soul to mine a spell.
Released from me the passion an incredible desire to see beyond the moment and into the eyes of fire. The groan from the depth that only a soul may partake, as I felt the truth of love in the discovery neither ordinary or fake. I profess that you have my honour that forever shall we be two souls from the heavens, a treasure that fulfills our utmost needs.
I fed upon your spirit, I gathered strength as well as if the endurance of winter removed the path of hell. Not the ego filled lust of an aimless fool, the lustre shining from the spirit gave to life its glow. From my lips a story, from my heart a song, from my soul the script that the world will come to know.
I shook as if in fever, I trembled as if I were weak, but truly upon your shoulder I felt the love that the God's would seek. Amazed at your stature, kindness and ability to care that I reckoned with the devil just to keep you here.
Like a passage through the heart and through the matted brier, what seemed a difficult journey was worth challenging to reach beyond the fire. Nature out performs the seasons as they come and go and destroys the beast and allows only the love to grow. You can see it in your actions, it erupts and overflows like a volcano in the making to infuse the soul in the making of a journey in a bond that only lovers know.
The stars not only twinkle, they brief the heavens high with a message of our love that through the galaxy's you will find. I confess I have found it and through my heart you will too and the truth of love will spare the earth as it reaches out to you. This my resolution my word I give to you, that I shall love no other like the way that I love you.

The dreams but a subtle invitation to
embrace your love in the night.

No greater love, than that which peers
through the heart as it soars the heavens.
This not the love of the ordinaire, the love I cherish fills the air, paints the sky many shades and hues and in my heart removes the blues. Constant reminder, the voice so true, speaks of our love in all that we do. I treasure the moment and hold still the hour to statisfy the blazing fire. Common not a word I'll use, unique what comes to mind when I think of you. Wonderful and magica, amazed am I at loving you. I'll hold you close, I'll keep you near and in my heart without the fear. My promise I give to you of passion, desire and our love so true. I had given and to my surprise, I recieved beyond the mind. One thousands suns an ocean deep, a mountain high, no tears to weep, the senses reveal what's inside and challenges the spirit to abide. Descend the angels from above and take to him my endless love, surround him and fill with peace and we the day comes to an end, whisper gently to my friend. " I shall love you for all my day and when my body is swept away, our love will reign in the stars above as people remember our endless love.
This rainbow was created from colors of the soul and it spans across the mountains to connect my love to you. It is quite unsual it never fades away and only becomes more colorful with each passing day. It was created of trust and I resolve it to be true that our love became more powerful that it bridged across the blue. Enriched with the legacy,the details now left behind and everytime we gaze beyond the mountains high , we will see the treasure, the love of you and I.

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Mark said...

Beautiful writing. Love your use of the endless rainbow as a connection.