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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Love- revised, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness


As I think about how you entered my heart and created this wonderful place that is yours and mine alone, I feel a sense of joy that encompasses the moment. We have surfaced from our yesterdays and there is no denial that love had sent you to me and gave me to the smile. The darkness once controlling, the loneliness absurd, as only love had entered and only love survives when the heaviness of a darker realm is removed from the brow. Here is where we entered, here is where we survive, heart and heart together, your arms entwined with mine.


I Just Wanna Love You

Sings>I just wanna love you and feel your arms around me tight, wake up in the morning and again kiss you goodnight. I just wanna love you and know you love me to, spend the rest of my life making you happy in the dance under the magic blue. I just wanna love you till the rivers all run dry, till there is no stars to sparkle up in the heavens high. I just wanna love you each and everyday and share in this happiness that God has sent our way. I just wanna love you and love you I do, as I sit here dreaming, my dreams are of you. I just wanna love you and feel your arms around me tight, wake up in the morning and again kiss you goodnight.


I always thought there was a certain amount of irony to life. The way people can look at the same situation and interpret it in either a positive or negative way. Every morning I wake up to the beautiful sounds of the song birds, each day I can be caught glancing out the window to see which of the beautiful birds is now at the feeder. Now my sister on the other hand only views negative in our little feathered friends. Each morning she complains" Those birds never shut up, I can' t get any sleep, I had to tear the nest out, I can't believe they sit in my pine, the birds are dirty and etc." I think people have it all wrong, the birds aren't living in our backyard, we are living in theirs. I again laughed at those who strive for what they call mans weed free lawns as I harvest out of my lawn, plantain, dandelion, chickweed and many of the other native plants for their use in both my skin care and personal herbal recipes . As man over populates and the so called progress is made more and more rural land is destroyed due to as they say " for the greater good, or eminent domain" running power lines, wells, coal mines, utilities, roads, business, homes etc.
Sometimes we see the wrong and we don't feel it and until it affects us personally and than we feel closer to the situation and might react. Mankind will suffer greatly from his greed and foolish behavior and his inability to get along with mother nature. I use the birds and the lawn plants as an example, but there are the animals, the plants, the waterways, the trees and mother earth herself that will pay dearly for the destruction of man.
The lands are being stripped and depleted of their natural resources with little or any respect for what they leave behind. I believe it is not only man's greed but his ignorance for that which he does not understand nor does he seek to understand. I realized when I heard a medical doctor speaking at a conference on herbs and home remedies, as educated as he was in his medical field he did not know the chemical make up for a particular product or plant or its correct intended use. I saw that he was narrow minded in thought and had not done his homework before speaking or he would not have had so little respect for the plants of the earth. But of course I believe like government doctors prefer us to be dependent on them rather than ourselves.
I was saddened by the thought of the sewage company coming through and my land being destroyed, not just the natural rock formations but all the shrubs and plants that have been bought and grown over the last almost twenty years and the magical beauty of the native plants in natural layout of the land. The loss is not even in the rare plants that I have grown but in the native flowers and herbs that are becoming more and more difficult to find It also occurred to me those who are most ignorant and singularly focused have not only missed the beauty of the moment but the reality that we are only caretakers for the future generations. That we to will pass on just as those before us have. There are many who think that had we lived like the Native Americans we would not have the technology we have today, but I believe there can be a balance between man , technology and nature. The days that I have spent listening and watching the amazing culture of the Native Americans, I was taught much more about life and nature then you can ever learn from books or technology itself. I had been moved spiritually by their honesty and respect for the world around them and their love for mother earth.
I have heard said more times than enough that " man is his own worst enemy." I believe we were granted perfection and steadily we have been destroying the very air we breathe, the lands and the waters. There is the oil spill in the Atlantic, the destruction of rain forest which houses plants of distinction to loss of animals in the food chain. We only need look at the planets that are in our own solar system to see that we did win the lottery and that we like the average lottery winner are wasting our most precious gifts.
Here is the reality not one of us has been granted an eternal life on earth, we are born and we shall pass away. But what we do with the time we are here is so crucial for the many generations that are yet to come. I have such difficulty understanding war, war of man against man, man against nature, man against life. In reality as I have said we are short lived caretakers, what we sow will not only be our legacy, but the rise or downfall of mankind.
Whether we choose to look through Earth's looking glass on a spiritual level or a scientific level we can appreciate, enjoy on a platform of respect for all. I am enthralled as I look out over the hills, I can identify many of the trees and plants and their uses. There are many that I have yet to learn the benefits of as the little miracles that earth has bestowed upon us continue to grow despite the threats of man himself to destroy.

Live with love and allow the truth to lead you.

To educate is to see life from all sides and than make a choice.
It is a fool who thinks he can take it with him.
There are those who are documented in history for their
legacy of either good or evil, this in itself is proof
of the working of good and evil.

There are those who are believe they are superior to
the creatures and mother earth herself, when in reality
we are one with the creatures and mother earth.

We believe we are at the mercy of technology,
when it is nature who truly reigns.
I have watched a rain storm,
felt the rumble of an earth quake,
pleasured in the changing of the seasons
and surfaced with a greater respect for nature.

We are at the mercy of mother nature in her
gift of balance in which we still don' t understand
completely. She has the ability to give and to take

A few inches of snow brightens a winter,
a few feet of snow brings darkness down upon many.

The sun is force to be reckoned with, without the balance
we are either trapped in an ice age or roasting in a dessert.

Our soul flourishes on the seeds of love and yet
there are those who sow one to many seeds of hate.

When we give ourself respect, we easily find that
we can respect all that which exists around us,
for we are not separate from the earth, but one
of the earth.

There is no such thing as a weed in a garden,
just a misplaced plant.

I listened to the song bird like the days before and I felt ever blessed for all that I had explored. There is love in each moment, like a dream it reveals, that if you lead with your heart, your soul will heal. I listened to the tree frogs as they sang all night long, like the wind through the hollow they whip up their own songs.

It is only progress when it's happening to someone else,
when it is happening to us it's called destruction.

True Love

I took all your loving and
I held it in my heart and
this is where the story
magically gets a start.

Painted a rainbow,
to bridge the rainy days
and bring to me the
sunshine that never fades.

The skies keep getting bluer,
the clouds a puffy white and
as I step aboard, I do it
without a fight.

Love you in the morning,
love you in the night,
love you my darling,
because it feels so right.

I took all your loving and
I held it in my heart and
this is where the story
gets magically gets a start.

Chapter after chapter,
a story troubling long,
led me safely to your
most gentle arms.

My heart began singing,
my soul now knows each
and every step, all because
destiny made a bet.

I took all your loving,
I held in it in my heart and
this is where the story
magically gets a start.

The rain falling and I heard the angels calling, as I found your love waiting with arms open and spirit free. Beneath the heavens, looking down from the sky, my heart trembled at the images cast to tease the mind. Dreams in the making and my heart was partaking in the love sent down to bond your soul to mine. In the love sent down to bond your soul to mine. In the love sent down to bond your soul to mine.~There is a star up in the sky engraved with your name etched next to mine. We were meant to be like the shore which embraces the powerful sea. You know the eternal truth appeared when my soul acknowledged you were here with me. You responded with the actions of love, when my heart was cast in the dreams sent from above. Cascading like a wild rose on the hill, your love from my heart overflows like a bucket twice filled. It brings light to the darkness and warmth to erase the chill, it is your love in my heart that I continuously feel. Sweet words a temptation to the soul to meet with my love and forever hold. I love you, I love you, the words I sing, morning and night and through all of my dreams. Simple they may sound but when they take to your heart than true love is found. I love you, I love you, the words I sing, morning and night through all of my dreams. ~Love places no judgment upon the moment,for its embrace brings to light the possibilities of a dream come true. As the sun set and the darkness reigned, I realized the reality of love is in a power greater then heaven or earth. That which brought us together cannot be separated by the mountainous terrain nor the river which continuously overflows. Though the flesh may hunger, the spirit celebrates the beauty of loves embrace. Hold me for I am the moment, kiss me and allow my love to infuse into your very soul. ~Inside OutIf you take my heart and reverse it you will see, that it was always filled with your love from day one to all eternity. If you take my hand and hold it to your heart, each beat will celebrate the light of the heavens that led us through the dark. If you accept the gift, the pleasure you will fine is simply your heart entwined with mine. True love finds its place within the heart and surfaces through the soul to breathe happiness into the moment.~I don't care what people think or what they do, all I ever dream of is to be there with you. Intrigued by the moment dressed in a disguise, it keeps you at a distance but as close as my mind.Sings> I just wanna love you and hold you all night long, whisper words of love to your heart they belong. I just wanna spend all my time with you, holding your hand and making dreams come true. I just wanna love you and hold you all night long, whisper words of love to your heart they belong. I just wanna spend all my time with you, holding your hand and making dreams come true.

Simply because we have not experienced,
does not give us proof of existence or not.
Each step away from love ,
is a step closer to hell.


Love is not a concept of man...love is merely
the seeds which are spewed from the soul.

Our responsibility begins with self and

overflows as an extension of love.

Allowing peace into your heart allows you to understand
that the power of change is not a
gift from another,
but the alteration of our own actions
the responsibility we take.
There are those who believe they are at the mercy of the powerful,and yet no one has more power than another person on earth, for power is just a concept of thought, given by those who believe they have none.
A weak thread breaks under pressure,
therefore we should tighten the weave with stronger threads.

Attaining knowledge means very little unless you share it.
I am missing you!!!!!


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