Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Paper Heart

I shall not allow time and distance to over shadow the treasure,
we have touched and created a life long pleasure .
Love like ours can never be measured, spans the heart to keep us
together. When sorrow visits the day,
I will grasp
to those of Joy we made.

When song birds sing of love in spring, and trees of
autumn dance in the breeze, I’ll have seen
your love growing, as the wind blows you to me.

I can’t stop thinking of the day and how you
made my heart feel this way. I don’t ever
want you to go away, I want you
in my heart stay.

I have felt the love inside me, I have seen
the love around me, I have danced with
love in the clouds, the day
you came around.


Today, I hold each moment shared with you,
as I can feel your touch in everything I do.

Today, our souls entwined together,
as my greatest fear is that time
would break the tether.

Today, I allowed the dreams control, as I
closed my eyes and allowed
your arms to hold.

Today, I cried for fates barricade,
no matter how close,
still invade.

Today, I viewed another side of love,
one with the ability, to send
the needy hugs.

Today, the laughter broke the silence of
the hollow, as my heart quickly
learned to follow.

Today, I said goodbye to the hazy green
days of summer,dizzy from the beat
I welcomed Autumns number.

Today, I loved you like no other,
when I met you underneath
the Autumn Covers.

A page from September creates a paper heart and you hold the scissors
cutting through the dark. In your hands, tattered and worn,
the fragile heart, clip clip reborn.The secrets of yesterday,
the hopes and the dreams, a scatter of confetti,
like seeds drifting in the stream.

All that separates one years season from the next is the memories accumulated. For without memories each season would dissipate in the wind, in its failure to document the wonders of life.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Da da da's .. La la la's

To you my dearest I place a gift from my heart, the kiss that travels
over mountains and proceeds through out the dark. Silent is the
kiss I place upon your pillow, soft and gentle and calmingly mellow.

When you lay your head tenderly to sleep tonight, the kiss will be
a reminder of my love that holds you tight. When darkness and silence gains
the upper hand the kiss of love will battle to make you understand.

The world became smaller the day we had met, we
removed the barriers of river and ocean tide, as we
closed the gaps of the canyons and hills of high.

Sleep well my sweet till the morn of blue, when the sunrises
and tomorrows love debuts. Greater, stronger, more beautiful
then today, as we teach the heart how to graciously obey

I Will

I will sing for you my love, I will dance to you my love.
I will feel for you my love, have touched my very soul.

Brace yourself as the wind and I, battle great distance
and time, to hold onto your memories the bond of
you and I.

Echo the sound of sweet harmony, the passion and
lust that I can only dream. The caress felt for all
eternity, as you are now in me.

Feel my breath day and night ,as I blow the tender kiss
of life. The energy you’ll feel is passion set free.

Swept up in the joy you bring, my hearts sings, as
my soul dances with the safe and gentle embrace.

I will sing for you my love,

I will dance to you my love,

I will feel for you my love,






Cantero per

Canterò per voi il mio amore, io ballerò a voi il mio amore. Riterrò per voi il mio amore, ho toccato la mia anima stessa. Rinforzisi come il vento e la I, distanza di battaglia e tempo grandi, tenere sulle vostre memorie che legano voi e la I.

Echeggi il suono di armonia dolce, della passione e del lust che posso sognare soltanto. Il caress ritenuto per tutto il eternity, come siete ora in me.

Ritenga che il miei giorno dell'alito e notte,as salto il bacio tenero di vita. L'energia che riterrete è libero stabilito di passione.

Profondo in su nella gioia portate, i miei cuori canta, poichè la mia anima balla con il sicuro e delicato abbracci.

Canterò per voi il mio amore.......... Ballerò a voi il mio amore.... Riterrò per voi il mio amore, ho toccato la mia anima stessa.........

Da de da de Da..... La La de La de La et font vous ont fait le mien. Jour et nuit d'hantise, émotions que je ne peux pas combattre.
Da de da de Da.... La La de La de La et font vous ont fait le mien. Les coeurs se heurtant, demeurer d'âmes et les rêves nous envoient glissant.
Da de da de Da... La La de La de La et font vous ont fait le mien. Un tenir le premier rôle est tombé, un arc-en-ciel commence, histoire de l'amour et vous mon ami.
La La de La de la La des da de da de Da... et font vous ont fait le mien. Après les collines noires, se lever haut me donne des froids que je ne peux pas nier.
Da de da de Da... La La de La de La et font vous ont fait le mien. Aimants à l'acier, l'attraction là et quand j'écoute la suffisance de mots l'air.
La La de La de la La des da de da de Da... et font vous ont fait le mien.
Da de da de Da... La La de La de La et font vous ont fait le mien........

Da da da’s ..... La la la’s and do do do’s make you mine.
An obsession day and night, emotions I cannot fight.

Da da da’s .... La la la’s and do do do’s make you mine.
Hearts colliding, souls abiding and dreams send us gliding.

Da da da’s ... La la la’s and do do do’s make you mine.
A star has fallen, a rainbow begins, story of love
and you my friend.

Da da da’s ...La la la’s and do do do’s make you mine.
Past the black hills, rising high gives me chills I can’t deny.

Da da da’s ... La la la’s and do do do’s make you mine.
Magnets to steel, the attraction there and when I listen
the words fill the air.

Da da da’s ...La la la’s and do do do’s make you mine.
Da da da’s ... La la la’s and do do do’s make you mine........

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Someone else!

The beat of your heart

Waken to the beat of your heart, to smiles and dreams a jump start.

Racing to see sunrise, when your warmth and fire was already inside.
Loving you is what I do , every moment I think of you.

Waken to the beat of your heart, to smiles and dreams a jump start.
Always here with me, making all the seasons feel like the first of spring.
Fun and something new, when I dance on clouds with you.

Waken to the beat of your heart , to smile and dreams a jump start.

My Love

I saw your face in the sun’s reflection and
your signature all over those clouds.

Driving down the road, I looked to my heart,
to see that you were right there inside.
The phone gave a busy signal,
but your laughter went for the ride.

Traveling down the road, with a smile
to my face, my love was right by my side.


I met the little boy who laughs and has me skipping through the grass,
Oh! what a day when you found your way.

I met the man who held my hand and walked upon the sand,
Oh! what a dream when your here with me.

I met the friend who dared to share, a friendship so rare.
Oh! what a play when your heart conveys.

I met the love of my life, who to my soul revived.
Oh! what a dance , the dance of my life.

I met you one day and life is not the same,
Oh! how I love you my friend.

Singing> The song of rain enraptures my very soul, the touch of love so beautiful to my heart holds. The world staged the magic, not something to conceal in the attic.. hiding would be so tragic, your love and mine I parade for all to see. In the stars..... beyond the hills...Look my love, oh look everyone and see. The beauty that I found, when your love stumbled blindly in on me......Oh! look to the sun, Oh! look to the moon! Oh look to the world as it translates love to the music of autumn breeze.
Le chant de la chanson de la pluie ravit ma âme même, le contact de l'amour si beau à mes prises de coeur. Le monde a mis en scène la magie, pas quelque chose cacher dans le grenier. se cachant serait si tragique, votre défilé de l'amour I. Dans le mon amour tient le premier rôle..... au delà du regard de collines... mon amour, regard de l'OH chacun et voit. La beauté que j'ai trouvée, quand votre amour a trébuché dedans sur moi...... l'OH ! regardez au soleil, OH ! regardez à la lune ! Regard d'Oh au monde elle traduisent l'amour à la brise d'automne.

My mother’s favorite quote was “if you think you have it bad , someone else has it worse” . I grew up hearing that often, in some ways I understood that she did not want to allow self pity a platform. In many ways she was correct if we compare apples with oranges , someone indeed has it worse. I lived my life by those words. But as I aged and had more contact with people, I saw that we are all met with challenges and a glimpse of someone else’s life would indeed show us the trials of life, as we peer through our neighbors looking glass.
The more issues I had confronted in my own life, the heavier the weight, accumulative like radiation from x rays. I realized that it mattered little what someone else was dealing with , what their burden to carry was. What each person has to face is like the child’s set of Lincoln logs , one upon the other until you can no longer put another log upon the cabin without it collapsing. I felt those weights this morning, trivial to some , bizarre to others and outlandish to many. I believe that we are always comparing various times, places, people and things. What really matters is can you personally accept that which has taken the years of neglect and built walls of sorrow.
I look at the beauty of life, it is so simply wonderful, with respect for mother nature, even a storm becomes a beautiful display of power that enraptures the soul. Then where does all this deceit come from? Human greed, selfishness, self pity and anger, all cause people to make awful decisions. Love is the most pure of emotion, true love has neither greed, nor selfishness , anger and definitely not self pity. I gathered all my thoughts of both past and present. Age , time, weariness, to many buckets of tears or just the awareness of what you feel and believe and what you know truly exist.
I still see the hurt in eyes of others, the pain in their hearts and the trials with which people confront daily. I no longer put myself up for comparison. I know what is right, I know what is just , I know what is good, I know what God represents in my life. There fore I shall not allow sadness to dictate the chapters of my life.

I love your smile, your warmth, your arms that comfort
in the night and I love that you dared to care.
I'll Be

I'll be waiting in my bedroom tonight,
for your arms so tight,
to hold through the night.
I'll be waiting for you.

I'll be dreaming as the stars shine,
with you in my mind,
oh love so fine,
I'll be waiting for you.

I'll be holding my pillow tight,
you won't get a fight,
I'm loving you tonight.
I'll be waiting for you.....

Dodging those rain drops, dodging the grey.
Kiss of magic put sunshine in my day.
I’ll say, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Dodging those raindrops, dodging the grey.
Holding your hand , in the wind we sway.
I’ll say, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Dodging those raindrops, dodging the grey.
Strolling with you and my heart obeys.
I’ll say, I wouldn’t want it any other way.



Thursday, August 24, 2006



Chilled by the rain gently falling down,
mesmerized from the pitter patter
,as the drops hit the ground.
Amidst the fog and gloom visions can be found ,

those that awaken the soul,
to laughter of a clown.
Perhaps the whispers waft with the wind,
to stir memories of love , those embedded,
seat deep within.
Comforting, I mellow to all that surrounds,
when I opened up my heart, to embrace
the rain, as each drop was falling down.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I see....

I see ......

Who is chasing who said the seasons of life?


The petals of a rose, each moment unfolds within the hour,
to share the beauty of life in a ongoing metamorphose.
Like a aerial explosion, the display as mystical,
as each fun filled day I share with you.

In the kiss of the morning sun!

Where joy is found love flourishes,
where passion exist, desire thrives.

Through your eyes, I see the beauty as love would have it seen.
With the touch of your heart, I feel the embrace of a thousand
waves as they rush to empower the spirit.
He who can see the beauty in a dragonfly in flight, a tadpole
growing legs and the owl that who who's in the night. A
view of life simple in its form, all part of acceptance,
the rose with all its thorns.

Each morning I send, all of my love for you.
In the kiss of the morning sun, and the skies
of blue.
Close your eyes and feel the tenderness of
touch, to my love who means so much.
In the embrace of darkness, the moon and the
stars, a caress felt with the help of the
Good morning sweet song bird, a favor
from you, sing a song to my darling, of
a love that is true.
In the morning skyline or dark of night,
whisper softly, of love free and in flight.
Each morning I send, all of my love for you.
In the kiss of the morning sun, and the skies
of blue.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ten,Sixteen, Twenty One!

Ten, sixteen, twenty one or a hundred and five,
always in my heart and always by your side.
Seasons come and seasons go, but this much you
must know, what ever life deals us,
I'll always love you so.

Lay your body on the sand, rest your head gently in my hands.
Let me take you to the place, where hearts and souls embrace.
Honey sweet desire, pure love takes us higher, where only
lovers meet and you and I can feel complete.
Let me kiss away your pain and infuse my love and let it reign.
Emotions hidden deep , no longer do these feelings sleep.
Passion rules and overflows, breathing fire, just let it go.
Feel you body next to mine, relax and let it flow.
There’s no way of letting go, your a part of me,
your my heart and my dreams, the day your soul
met up with me.
My heaven is here and now, beauty we can see.
In the flowers, in the hills , on the beach or the Catskills.
Just hold me in your thoughts, every second of the day.
When your feeling lonely, I’ll chase those blues away.
Lay your body on the sand, rest your head gently in my hands.
Let me take you to the place, where hearts and souls embrace.

Friday, August 18, 2006

We Are


I have felt love so pure, no sadness can there be,
as the emotions strong and gentle can never be removed from me.
Distance may separate our mortal frame,

I have felt a deeper love that ignites the flame.
Whispers gently through the night, soul to soul we breathe,
the touch of pleasure surfacing, from the chapter memory.
Deeply ingrained the words like fire brands to steel,
the happiness that we have shared, is what makes our dreams so real.

Upon the Stars

The sunset cast shades of red and pink a top the horizon
and in the blinding glare of light I saw something so surprising.
Silhouette of two, hand and hand they walked, and with out
a single word, I could hear the whispers to the soul unlock.
Hearts race the waves to shore, the lure simply amazing, piercing
eyes of crystal sparkle, the view that held me gazing.
Silence followed darkness into the depth of the sea, until the
clouds parted and starlight switched a light to see.
Reappearing in the night, the grace and beauty flow.
Sweethearts mingled one to one as the iridescence

reflects of beauty, creates a lovers glow.
The dance upon the stars, sears a perfect vision in my mind.
The portrait that is painted, the masterpiece a one of a kind,
a display of our love, that stops the hands of time.


When I need to runaway, I simply close my eyes
and there I find you waiting with those loving

arms so fine.
High above mountains, the hills loudly ring.
Deep within my soul, the song of love sings.
When I need to runaway, I simply close my eyes
and there I feel your grasp like a wild mountain vine.
Beyond the trials of life and the heaviness of heart,
I keep holding to the magic that gave this love a start.
When I need to runaway, I simply close my eyes
and in the clouds of happiness, I see you and I.


We Are!

We are the energy that fuels the flame, the fire that burns within our very soul.
Sweeping passionately through the heart, set desire uncontrollably a blaze.
No mountain a barrier make, no river can contain what we create.
The beauty rages through the fire, delegates to us the power,
to live, to be and to set free, the spirit of our inner being .
Ravaging moments of the hour, memories that we will never tire of.
Joy, happiness and glee, taught us what to believe.
Virgin emotions cast in breath, bare the touch to the breast.
Tender, whimsical dance of hearts, ignites the love with one small spark .


As I compared my childhood with the children of today, I see a remarkable difference. In the years of my childhood, even in some of the most complicated situations, children could be children, they could sing folk songs, laugh and play childhood games. There were many ways to escape the stress of a turbulent life. A fairy tale had away of creating dreams. Fantasy or reality, or is that there is just a bit of reality in all of fantasy? I was once told that even with a joke there is always a bit fact somewhere hidden in it.
Technology has robbed children of today of the innocence at such a young age, they are just so much more aware of their surrounding with less chance to escape.
Folklore is just that, fantasy and reality dancing on the same stage. As the curtain opens the tale begins.....

Close your eyes my sweet love, a story I’ll tell of the forgotten maiden, in the hollow she dwells.
Surrounded by flowers and the hills and the trees,a worldly bouquet to the soul teased.
The colors so cheerful on the canvas of life, created a platform to dance day and night.
Lost in the thicket the last teardrop fell, as the heart of the maiden fell under a spell.
A soul on collision, picked up her heart and the love of two bonded and will never part.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The escape over mountains, in the dark of night,
when I need to get away, it’s to you my love I write.
Each wind swept kiss blown gently through the day,
brings with it memories that will never fade away.
So heavenly a touch , soft and tender to the soul,
cradles the heart , when life can be so cruel .
A doorway to the majestic, high above the clouds,
where the dance of fantasia magically unfolds.
Soul to soul embrace that gathers beyond the storms,
to comfort and love and to the heart transform.
When clouds of darkness blanket heavily the mind,
your love and my love will strengthen as it entwines.


I have seen love, without color or form,
in the mystic of the moment such creation was born.


I have felt love, it grows from within and
in this mystery we call life, is the beauty of the thorns.


I have tasted love, like sweet wine upon my lips,
smooth and strong, leaves tenderly a kiss.

I have heard love, the song that fills the air,
embraces the silence, with the tune respect and care.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Midnight Madness

River raging, runs deepest , where blooms of friendship grow.
Over hills and many mountains, pioneering on a new plateau.
The expedition, is our mission, to explore what love defines.
The want , the need , the simplicity, a medley of gifts in time.
The sun brighter, glistens through the dance of leaves, to shadow
shades of magic, in the awakening of summer breeze.
Starlight appears at the birth of midnight madness and all the
dreams of beauty chase away any thought of sadness.
Moon glow creates the dance floor on the surface of the heart,
and there we court the moment, like the strings of love upon a harp.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ping on Crystal

As I started out on my morning run, I felt the cool air and with a deep breath took in the fragrance of a season. The edge of the hills christened with a abundance of Queen Anne’s Lace and traces of the golden blooms of evening primrose. The wildflowers timely appearance documented a season in passing.
Cluttered in thought I scrolled through the days of summer, each like a miniature script in the wind, quick in flight. A review of my accomplishments had me questioning why I stood on this platform of public proclamation. Flustered, I felt both a agitation and a excitement, as if the surrounding hills of the hollow were taking note of what I had attained in this brief passage of time.Minor in comparison to the woes of the world, yet there was a semblance of achievement struck upon the rock.
In my farewell to the gripping days gone by, those which anchored the spirit, I felt a uplifting charge of energy. I was moving forward, released from the restraints that once locked and chained my thoughts.
Standing high on the ravine, I glanced down the rock barren mountain side.The dry dusty soil shifting loosely under my feet, I quickly stepped back to balance, as my mind began to sift through clips of the past, present and future. I responded to the shadows of sadness that unveiled sorrow of a lost spirit . My mind began to spin, dizzy ,as if time raced the soul. Leaning my head back, and looking at the sky, I was blinded by the suns rays. The air warm and of a comfortable temperature, yet my body quivered, as I felt a chill. Quickly I closed my eyes, numb and empty with loneliness, I tried to rearrange and bring order to that which weighs heavily, like darkness upon a sun glazed morning.

The surrounding mountains stood in concert with the spirit of love. Suddenly and without formal declaration, I accepted the embrace, as your hand and mine interlocked, erasing all fear and doubt.The impression that seared my inner self elevated me to a natural high. In the clearing appeared," barefoot in the park, sharing a hotdog, laying in the grass, staring at the clouds, one bowl two gold fish ,heart in heart, soul in soul. "

"The child laughed, a woman emerged, a soul released."
Heart in heart, soul in soul, no words can express love lost , love found, love felt.
The emotions that dance to heavens song, sing loudly on the most silent of days.
For it is my love for you that so embraces today, leaving yesterday to light
the dreams of night and tomorrow to lay a new path,
leading to the seduction of the moment.


Silence dawned a new cloak, the day you weren’t here.
Muffled sounds of yesterday, when memories were very clear.

Absence triggered visions, teased the sunflowers to dance, as
they bowed their heads, I fell into a trance.

Dazed and bewildered, I shook to chance, that as the
flowers disappear, our souls replaced the plants.

Entwined like ivy spiraling the garden gates, your heart and
my heart, forever one embrace

Field covered in rolled bail hay, hawk hovering, over a sun blistering day.
Rabbit darts quickly and to his dismay, he found there’s no getting away.
Sometimes we call it chance, sometimes we call it choice, sometimes
we call it destiny, the little bunny without a voice.

Ping on crystal, ping on glass, love so genuine it’s bound to last.
Full of joy and full of laughter, a moment like this is a ever after.
Ping on crystal, ping on glass, love so genuine it’s bound to last.
Overflowing from within, the magic that exudes is over the rim.

Ping on crystal, ping on glass, love so genuine it’s bound to last.
Delicate to hold, the exterior tempered, resembles gold.

Ping on crystal, ping on glass, love so genuine it’s bound to last.
Authentic, and not of glitz , has the quality to excite the lips.

Ping on crystal, ping on glass, love so genuine.....................

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Rooster sunning and the dogs asleep, the silence of the hollow makes the heart weep.
Black Eye Susan’s canvas of gold , reflection of your friendship through my very soul.

Wind gusting , lifts me to a height, to dance with my lover each moon lit night.
Beautiful the music to my ear, concert of love, in a grand premier.

Shaky and uneasy with those dreaded butterflies,
if you could step inside, a glimpse of the mind.
Immersed in thought, ample space and time,
no emptiness, what overflows divine.
Your love a blessing in a charmed disguise,
exudes from the heart, a musical chime.
I believe the magic is in the hour, where
the mingling of thoughts, lit my heart a fire.

I shall never let my surroundings control my thought,
trust and respect shall never be forgot.
You held my hand each second of the day,
I promise that I will never let that grip fade away.
I thank you for your patience, you ability to care,
more then anything, I thank you for being here.
To you my love who awakens me each morning with the breath of life,
challenges all that surrounds us, the anger and the strife.
To you my love who embraces the darkness of the night, when my eyes
struggle, the brilliance of the glow, reflect from your heart, to cast a light.
To you my love, who dares to believe and stroll upon the seasons of many
fallen leaves, raking through the old, to allow the beauty to reseed.
To you my love, whose kiss is felt in all I do, searing the surface
with a beauty to see us through.
To you my love, I give my heart and my soul, gentle the embrace,
powerful unfolds, whispers magically of the merging jewel.
I Love You!

À vous mon amour qui me réveille chaque matin avec le souffle de la vie, défie le tout ce qui nous entoure, la colère et le de différends
A vous mon amour qui embrasse l'obscurité de la nuit, quand mes yeux luttent, le brillant de la lueur, se reflètent de votre coeur, pour mouler un léger
à vous mon amour, qui ose croire et flâner sur les saisons de beaucoup de feuilles tombées, ratissant par le vieux, pour permettre à la beauté au de reseed.
A vous mon amour, dont le baiser est senti en tout que je , desséchant la surface avec une beauté pour nous voir à travers le
à vous mon amour, Je donne mon coeur et mon âme, adoucissent l'embrassement, puissant dévoile, chuchote comme par magie du

De fusionnement de bijou je t'aime !

Today’s bitchiness was comparative to a day in the labor room giving birth,
I bet your glad you wern't in the labor room, we survived.