Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Powers the Dream

It is my love for you
that powers the dreams,
places you in my arms
and haunts with memories.

Burning desire a bit cliché
this passion is overwhelming
as I hold  you in my heart
until this very day.

One glimpse at the stars
 provides us with many views.
I gave up questioning" the why?"
for we are entwined with our experiences.
The greatest lessons I have learned in life
are "trust and respect" to trust self and respect self.
Crying is like a good rain,
one cleanses the earth the other cleanses the soul.
I can say hello and goodbye to any season
as long as you are with me.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Happiness of Sweet

I give you my love,
my hopes and dreams,
for you had my heart
from hello it seems.

Smiles and laughter
happiness of sweet,
replaces the darkness
with warm memories.

My true forever,
if you haven't realized,
I couldn't stop loving
even if I tried.

It doesn't take effort,
this passion and desire,
it burns from inside
like a forest on fire.

Selfless love,
meant to be shared,
from you my love
who took the time
to care.

My promise eternal
an undying love,
stronger and stronger
soars above.


Waiting on the morning sun to rise,
consumed with dreamy thoughts of you.
It feels the void within my heart
with your love so wonderful and true.

Lying here in a semi awake state,
as the darkness is quickly replaced.
The light that shines so very bright
is the colliding of your heart to mine.

The song quickly breaks the silence
with words written expressively for you ,
in a warn and inviting melody which is
played in the heavens blue.
I take each morning to thank the Lord above
and celebrate the moment he sent your precious love.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Embrace of Souls

                                              Many people have touched my heart
                                                but you my love embrace my soul.


Sometimes it is a song or a word or two
that encounters a memory out of the blue.
Sends my heart to that magical place
where hearts come together and souls embrace.

I find that you're always with me,
from early morn and through the night,
the warmth of your sweet love is felt,
day after day for all of my life.

Sometimes it is a song or a word or two,
that encounters a memory out of the blue.
Sends my heart to that magical place
where hearts come together and souls embrace.

I've got You Under my Skin by Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra - I've Got The World On A String (lyrics on screen)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Heart and Soul

I am a strong believer that all we need to  know about life comes from nature it self. It gives us lessons on love, peace, respect as well as situations that are out of our control. As in caring for a flower we get to appreciate a bloom, respecting our surroundings we are granted a peaceful view.

The cool mornings of Autumn
allow us to appreciate the warm afternoons.
As I was walking along the stream caught between Molly catching a chipmunk and the minnows racing for cover, I found my self in awe of nature. The song came to mind and I began to sing" more than the greatest love the world has known" It was at this moment when the merging of souls and the sharing of a moment made all that much more sense. Love is the sharing of a moment, whether that be the nuthatch waiting its turn at the bird feeder or the squirrel jumping branches or the simple notion of one heart caring for another.
Our heart is indeed a puzzle
with various pieces interlocking to provide us with a view of life.
Love is simply appreciating
the magic of sharing heart and soul.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Deep In My Heart

There was a hole in my heart,
until you came along and
filled it quite generously
with the magic of song.

There will always be hope
and a  prayer for me and you
as I gaze at the night stars
and wish on the heavens blue.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When The Soul Speaks...

Caged in darkness,
filled with despair,
until the heavens
sent you here.

Song of substance,
love and desire,
kissed the heart
and lit a fire.
It is of neither want nor need or silly dreams,
for the merging of hearts bond closely.
Written in the heavens so all may see,
what was always in truth meant to be.
I ache that in your absence,
my heart grows in void of your love.
It is the heart that leads the soul
to the revelation of truth.
Shall my heart listen to my soul
or is it my soul that follows the heart?
                Walls of circumstance are the most difficult to remove,
                          difficult but not impossible.             

Monday, September 21, 2015

You've made me so very happy by Blood, Sweat and Tears with lyrics

Bridge of Love

I feel the bridge of love,
like a rainbow in the sky,
crossing rivers wide and
over mountains high.

I wanna love you,
where there is no adieu.
Only our forevermore
in the moment of truth.

I see the world anew,
like a day of autumn blue.
Perfect are you and I
sharing a moment in time.

I feel the bridge of love,
like a rainbow in the sky,
crossing rivers wide and
over mountains high.

Shadowing a soul
reveals a love true,
touching my heart
with thoughts of you.

I can tell you this
the day is all so fine
for you are by my side
and always on my mind.

You are my sun in the morning and my stars at night,
you are the love of my life.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Behind The Gray

Behind the gray the skies are blue,
beyond the clouds the sun shines through.
In the darkness a light shines bright,
from your heart to mine holding tight.

From weariness and despair,
love and laughter we have yet to share.
Kindness of caring and bonding so,
that is how our love grows.

Worse than outside tears are inside tears,
because inside tears are carried for a lifetime.

The more I learn about the Monarch Butterfly, the more it relates to life. One that it is engrained in its DNA to complete the journey and that something so fragile can be strong enough to complete a three thousand mile journey against all odds. The caterpillars are just getting ready to complete their cycle and merge as a butterfly and begin their long journey. I am amazed at this gift of nature and the lessons of life they shower upon us.
As a small child I was always taken by the butterflies. That my father began to call me the little butterfly. In letters that I have from him in childhood. He would start with Dear Little Butterfly. The journey we take in life is longer than the three thousand miles the Monarch travels but never the less it to comes with the positive and negative that living life offers. Not always feeling so strong, yet always trying to remain in flight.

The journey long and hard,
with years of lessons to the heart.
Waiting for that special
that in your arms I will lay.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


As I look out into the garden, the hills, the sky, the sun rise and set and the moon, I see that we are just a small part of the mega galaxy. It is earths ability to sustain life, breathe and dance with the wind that brings souls together. We look at our life in the physical sense, that we are born of the earth and shall return to the earth. But in all reality we are the breath of energy that is one with our surroundings. It makes one wonder is our path predetermined , our souls meant to cross paths or are we just a product of circumstance and choice? I do know that to imagine my life without you in it would be like living in a galaxy void of substance.
Kind of like when my toes hurt for a moment when we danced. I feel your presence, though miles away. You're here beside me day after day, in this most special way. Our souls have met on this path we call life on a journey that passes like the stars flickering at night. Unaware what I was missing , till you came along and brought to my life the joy of song.  Distance can't keep us apart as you reside here deep in my heart.
Take to the wind,
follow it here,
we have a life
yet to share.

Look to the sunrise,
while holding my hand,
feel the warmth as
our love takes a stand.

The dance of eternity,
forms the sweet memories.
Started when you said hello
and became a part of me.

Swirling in circles,
around we go,
our love continues
to grow.

Take to the wind,
follow it here,
we have a life
yet to share.

Monday, September 14, 2015

\Next To Me

The stars took their place in the night sky
like a blanket in the night over you and I.
So close and so far
like a butterfly to a star,
yet I feel your love
next to me.
Lighting the darkness,
like the sun lights the morn,
that is what your sweet love
has in store.
So close and so far
like a butterfly to a star,
yet I feel your love
next to me.
In the music of life
the melody is just right
as you pluck on my
heart loves strings.
So close and so far
like a butterfly to a star,
yet I feel your love
next to me.
The season of fall
records it all
as the whispers of love
once more ignite a dream.
So close and so far
like a butterfly to a star,
yet I feel your love
next to me.

There is no one to share my pillow in the night,
but you my darling have my heart for life.

Mario Biondi & Duke Orkestra Live - "Close to You"

close to you...close to you. Let's dance! I know why birds suddenly appear every time you are near. Just like me they long to be close to you.
Why do stars fall down from the sky, you walk by. Just like me they long to be close to you.
On the day that you were born, the angels got together and decided to make a dream come true.

I love You, more than you will ever, ever , ever know.

I Truly Belong

If the wind should carry
and carry from afar
it is my love it shall take
to gently touch your heart.

The breath of happiness
a sweet touch of desire
to empower with love
in a soul blazing of fire.

Forever was written
in the heavens above,
the script of two souls
in an eternal love.

Time can't stop it,
distance all but gone,
for it is in your arms
that I truly belong.

and to you from afar,

Friday, September 11, 2015

I'd rather be there with you.

I'd rather spend one day
lying in your open arms,
than spending a lifetime
where we are kept a far.

I'd rather share a moment
doing absolutely nothing at all
than living in loneliness
with emptiness in my heart.

I'd rather feel your lips
each night before I sleep
than spend my evening
caught up in a dream.

I'd rather wake each morning
to feel your heart beat
than wishing on a star
for all eternity.

I Just Want To Be Where You Are

For Your Love - Ed Townsend

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Taking the cloud on the right.

Though the farmers are celebrating the much needed rain fall, I am not all that anxious for the gloomy darkness that looms over the day. With so much going on I am more agitated than restless. As if nothing is actually coming together. The beauty of photography is that you can capture a moment and reserve it for those rainy days.

Take any passing cloud
and sail the skies of blue,
the last of summer is
shining down on you.

File in my heart
the memories of us,
where laughter and love
is just another plus.

Escaping the darkness,
like a ship that battles the sea
challenging the storms
by passing through the dreams.


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Garth Brooks - To Make You Feel My Love

This is one of those songs that just pops into your mind. u know when you find yourself singing it out of the blue...to make you feel my love. I am a lucky women, because I love and I am loved. That is truly special.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Between Summer and Fall

                                        Take a ribbon and to the wind set free,
                                             a reminder of love and how much
                                                         you mean to me.

We are never lost,
there is no road
that we can't cross,
as long as you are
by my side.

Traveling all around,
country roads and towns,
everything feels new
when I am with you.

The trees are turning colors,
so fall must be near and
like an Indian Summer
hot days are here to share.

Hello's and goodbyes
that is what life is all about,
some a little to soon
that is why I sometimes pout.


Good morning,
the sun is on the rise,
shining through the trees
appearing before my eyes.

Celebrate a day with you, rejoice in life and all we do.
Where hearts merge into one,
removing the pain and replacing
it with love.

Good morning,
the sun is on the rise,
shining through the trees
appearing before my eyes.

One to one about the day we'll go,
as we are never truly alone.
Side by side we'll challenge the day
as we go about it in this most unique

There is a stillness
that you rarely see,
it paints the hollow
out of memories.

Leaves are falling as a season now nears.
Documenting another day
of the time we shared.

Morning Shining Bright

Waiting on the sunrise to share my day with you,
the sun is always brighter and the skies a bluer blue.
These special times mean the world to me,
as I go about my morning caught up in  a dream.

From the darkness to the sunlight,
I find it all seems so surreal,
like the taking down of the mountains
so your arms are all I feel.

Can you see the sunlight through my eyes,
the sparkle from the heart, the magic from
this soul of mine?

I can see the sunlight through your eyes,
the sparkle from your heart, the magic
from that soul of yours.

Treasure upon treasure each day we share,
nothing in the world could ever compare.
Brings joy to the morning in a beautiful way,
that is the magic that carries me through the day.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Sweet Dreams

Like the eyes as they adjust to the darkness and are able to see, the heart is also given sight. It can view happiness in little pleasures, rejoice and celebrate in each new day. Pushing us beyond any sadness into a realm of peace. Where our blue sky is indeed majestic as we wait upon the passing of clouds.

Loving you is the easiest thing
as my heart reached out to you.
You bring me so much happiness,
with your precious love so true.

Your love is brighter than any star,
like a moon dust shower on the heart.
My every thought is of you
the visuals are of a bond of two.

and so it is written anothe page of life.

Freedom ...when your soul soars
 and your heart follows...I am free.
The leaves are falling
as autumn is here.
I am driving the road
without a care.
Sharing in some laughter
a smile or two,
you are my everything
and I love you.
Simple little chores mean nothing to me,
as long as you are here each day feels like spring.

Trigger the Emotion

There is a song in my heart of sweet melody,
on the chords of love written in a dream.
I am certain that we weren't meant to be,
that life is magical and you are a part of me.
It is not what we say but all that we do,
for you touched my heart and soared my soul to the blue.
Every moment shared is a dream come true,
the more I know you , the more I love you.
Believe in the whispers of the heart,
recorded by the stars in the heavens. .
There is no distance between us,
miles cannot keep us a part
for you are with me
you are here in
my heart.

Look deep into your soul
and see all life has to offer.
Explore within yourself
and allow the love to flow.

Channel all the energy from
all that is locked inside,
the precious treasure of life
with you by my side.

Trigger all the emotion
so that you may truly feel,
all that belongs to you and I
until the night stands still.

Look deep into your soul
and all that we can be.
The gift most certainly
is the love that sets souls



Snuggle close,
as close as two can be,
your head on my pillow
as we begin to dream.

Place your heart to mine,
one to one for all time.
Set your soul free,
we are making memories.

Snuggle close,
as close as two can be,
your head on my pillow
as we begin to dream.

I fit in your arms,
like you fit in my heart,
perfect as it can be,
as you're a part of me.

Snuggle close,
as close as two can be,
your head on my pillow
as we begin to dream.

Hold the moment still,
let your heart truly feel.
With you night and day,
enjoying what no one
can take away.

Unsilenced Soul

There is a difference between words and words injected with emotion. The first one hundred poems have a place, as it seems separate from the rest of my writings' With the various new pieces on display the same pieces still draw the most attention. My promise, cup between 2 friends, where dreams begin. There is no doubt that a person who had so little interaction with people saw the world differently than the woman who can now drive into town, meet a friend for lunch, etc writes a little differently. Am I different? I like to think I have grown as a person and a writer.
We try and keep the various emotions intact through hope, faith and love.  I believe our journey spiritually and physically take various paths. Souls that connect and interact on a spiritual level see the world and the experience through the inner window of the heart. I found life troubling as the chapters of life have a way of merging together into a blur, with no real beginning ending to each one.

Cracking the combination of the heart,
reveals truth in each click.


Teardrops like rain
quickly flood the soul
while cleansing the heart
to remove the old.

No sorrow or sadness,
no dark skies of gray,
this canvas of life is
blue skies all the way.


Close your eyes,
open your heart,
you are here in my arms
snuggling for life.

You are the love
in my mornings
and there in my night,
holding you close is
a true delight.

Close your eyes,
open your heart,
you are here in my arms
snuggling for life.

Feel the heart
it beats for you
on this cloud of dreams
that waits to come true.

I rarely sleep through the nights anymore.
Which just reinforces the fact that the mind
 never truly shuts down. You are my morning,
daily and nightly thoughts.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

" I love you"

Sings >That sunshine in my step,
says "I love you, "
like the sparkle in my eyes
reveals it too.

Every step I take,
can't be a mistake
because every step
is closer to you.

That sunshine in my step,
says "I love you,"
like the sparkle in my eyes
reveals it too.

You know it to be true,
I am dancing under heavens blue,
through my heart and soul
flows my love for you.

That sunshine in my step,
says "I love you,"
like the sparkle in my eyes
reveals it too.

...its petals unfold.

You're the song in my morning,
comforting and  quite fine.
You're the dance in each step I take,
I'm dancing on cloud nine.

You're the magic that lifts my soul,
high beyond this earthly hold.
Soaring like a butterfly
in a story still untold.

Close Your Eyes

Spin in circles
with your eyes closed,
feel my love
through you flow.

I am spinning in circles,
my eyes closed,
I feel your love
through me flow.

One to one hearts,
souls adjoined,
like a rose in the garden
as its petals unfold.

Spin in circles
with your eyes closed,
feel my love
through you flow.

I am spinning in circles,
my eyes closed,
I feel your love
through me flow.

Heavens Work of Love

If you look unto the night sky, you realize how meaningless our worries in the grand scheme of things. What matters, what doesn't matter in our daily reality. Waking up early in the morn and gazing out the window at the apparent star lit sky, I feel freedom from the heaviness that can and usually does weigh down the soul. The feeling can only be compared to that of peering out another window of life. The heart to heart connection is packed full of emotion, heavy and overwhelming,. the soul to soul connection is filled with the essence of purity. We stand one to one and bare all that we are, we are the reflection of a bright shining star.

No heavy or emotion,
just truth and pure joy,
soar high, sweet love
I'm there by your side.

First thing in the morn
and through out the day,
the connection we make
is the souls serenade.


Don't question tomorrow,
just set your soul free,
soar my sweet love
beyond your dreams.

No tears in the eyes
nor darkness for me,
hold my hand and
set your soul free.

Inhales your love,
exhales a dream.
Touch a heart and a soul,
like thread on a spool,
weave joy and happiness
while we grow old.
The stitches of life,
are not always nice,
that is of course
until I met you.
Dry Tears
I held the tears of a lifetime,
filled with darkness and despair,
they weighed heavily on this life,
fueled by loneness and fear.
No more tears inside me,
there is nothing left to reveal,
for I clearly opened my heart
where only tears are left behind.
It is the sweetness of your voice,
your love exits deep from inside
and this is how we will be remembered
for the love that soared to the heavens high.
Breathe and fill your heart with joy ,
this moment is a note of heavens work of love.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Maroon 5 - Sugar (Lyrics)

Your heart the destination

It's not like I don't have plenty of work to do, but I spent the better part of my day taking virtual tours of Louver museum in France, Sistine Chapel  and again visiting the Smithsonian. My son said" why are you doing that its just panoramic views of the museums." I said" yeah but I control what room I visit how long I stay and look at it etc" He said " but you can't experience the smell, feel and actual contact with people" Never the less I enjoy taking the virtual tours and it leaves me with the feeling that I have been there.
From my youth there were several people that made and impact on how I feel today as an adult. One moment was an older couple holding hands and interacting and another was a couple touring the museum hand in hand as they view the art on the walls of the Carnegie and every now and than sharing in a kiss. Simple pleasures that become extraordinary moments.
There is a part of me that still holds to hope and faith and another part of my being that is just darn tired. It is the great escape. I remember how the computer brought access to the world, libraries, museums and more than I could have dreamed visiting.

Tour the world ,
journey with me,
as we stroll,
right out of a dream.

Feel my heart
it beats for you,
moment by moment
night and day through.

Words of Love

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Unforgattable - Nat king Cole - The kiss of classic films

Romatic Dance

Meet me in the kitchen
for a romantic dance,
spinning in a circle
till your arms I land.

Hold me tenderly,
all through the night.
While our hearts
soar like a dove in flight.

Put your hands on my hips
and feel as they coyly sway,
the steps don't matter,
let's just keep it this way.

Meet me in the kitchen
for a romantic dance,
spinning in a circle
till your arms I land.

Nothing else matters,
when I am here with you,
there is no right and wrong
when our love comes shining

I have been waiting
here all day long,
to place my head on shoulder
and listen to the songs.

Loving You Brings Me Joy

Loving you brings me joy
I can't fight what is true,
you touch me in away
that makes every day new.

I hunger to be there with you
sharing happiness and skies blue,
to share the simplicity of life
in away that makes everything feel


Yesterdays poem and a story or two,
tales of love and a dream come true.
There is sunshine and blue skies
and so very much more, bringing
happiness like never before.

This is a truly perfect moment
as real as it could ever be,
where hearts come together
and build upon the dreams.

Yesterdays poem and a story or two,
tales of love and a dream come true.
There is sunshine and blue skies
and so very much more, bringing
 happiness like never before.


This feeling is incredible
it's as magical as it can be,
soothes this troubled heart
and sets the soul free.

I find comfort in loving you,
from the moment my eyes
open , I see and feel the
your love shining through.

I looked to the stars,
gazed at the moon
knowing you were

I danced like a fool,
spinning around ,
knowing you were
holding me.

I sung out loud,
words of love
that you might
hear me.


Compassion understands
the needs of the heart,
sharing the energy
connects us from a far.

Our love is resilient,
forever will it be,
easing the tension
that built up inside of me.

I feel your warmth,
like a blanket in the night,
comforting my spirit
like a kiss good night.

We share all that life brings,
traveling together as we
strengthen the soul and at
the same time we set it free.

The kindness I have come to know,
toppled with patience sets my soul aglow.
I lay here thinking of you and I
and the peace of your love flows
out from inside.

Life is but a puzzle,
with pieces in disarray.
solving the puzzle
brings a vision of love
my way.

You fit into my heart,
there where you belong,
the connection so perfect
your love so clear and strong.
As cliché as the term soul mates sounds. There is a strong connection between souls. As if we spend our life looking for them in all the wrong places. The accompaniment on a journey.

It was the child within me,
who knew that one day,
on the journey of life
our souls would find
their way.

Years between us
and miles apart,
until the collision
of two loving hearts.